About the studio

the facilities

Sundlaugin is located in a small converted swimming pool, built by an Icelandic enterpreneur in the 1930s. The house has been completely refurbished to accommodate its new purpose.

The working area is divided into a large studio with two iso-booths and a control room. The main studio floor is approximtely 60 sqm (180 sqf) with a high ceiling, roughly 5 meters above the floor. The two iso-booths are 3 and 6 sqm plus an additional room of 10 sqm which can be used in the same purpose.

The control room is 35 sqm with a view overlooking the main recording area on one side and five large windows on the other that provide a nice, relaxing working environment.


the location

Sundlaugin is ideally located about a 15 minutes drive from the Reykjavik centrum, in one of the most beautiful spots you can find in the capital's area. Although such a short distance from the lively part of the city, the studio is surrounded by a picturesque and inspiring landscape with Iceland's countryside within a walking distance.