X-Files Stories by Anna S,  
aka A. Leigh-Anne Childe 

The Getaway  Night Visitor 
The Fourth Day With the Night
Celebration Pyrolagnia
The Hustler There and Back
Fatherland Thai, Game, Beginning
Fragments of a Man on Paper Little Lost Fox
A Little Vamp Tale Mulder En Brochette
Devil in a New Dress
In a Dark Time, Part 1 In a Dark Time, Part 2 Interlude
In a Dark Time, Part 3 In a Dark Time, Part 4 IDT: Ascension

New thingy 11/29/00 -- I finally dredged the aborted beginning of the sequel to IDT:A out of my files and decided to put it up. It's very short, it's not a story, and I have no plans to work on it.

Unfinished Beginning

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