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New Packaging Whipped Up for Indy
October 10, 2007

[ New Packaging Whipped Up for Indy ]
[ New Packaging Whipped Up for Indy ]
A little over a year ago, Star Wars fans got their first taste of what to expect from 2007 product packaging when starwars.com showcased the cool new look that is now seen everywhere, from action figure packs to LEGO set boxes. The design firm that came up with that successful look -- Pilot -- has just come through again with new designs for that other fan-favorite franchise, Indiana Jones, in preparation for the saga's fourth installment to be released next May.

For a brand that hasn't been widely merchandised in nearly 20 years, there was certainly an effort to bring a fresh new look to the Indy brand, one that preserved the feel of the classic films while stoking excitement for the new.

"Of course there is an expectation to do something great if not greater," says Bill Concannon of Pilot. "It is about understanding change. How has the appreciation for [Indy] changed in that time? One hundred years from now Indiana Jones will still be a hero and his universe visually stunning."

While designing for Star Wars gave Pilot the run of an entire galaxy to choose from, Indy required them to focus on a more defined space and time -- which isn't to say that made the job any easier.

"Packaging requires us to tell many stories in a very small and often busy space," explains Concannon. "In many cases, illustration conforms in a way a photo can't. The illustrated textures and backgrounds compliment the photo illustrated imagery."

Resurrecting Drew Struzan's iconic depiction of Indy from the Last Crusade ad campaign, Pilot successfully merged a classic image with a fresh new look, which showcases the whip, a map, and exotic hieroglyphic patterns.

"It was very intentional to recognize Indy as an icon," continues Concannon. "This packaging program was designed to celebrate and reintroduce classic Indiana Jones. Honoring Drew's illustration and understanding of the character is classic."

Fans will see the first appearance of this new packaging on shelves sometime in January with the arrival of a classic Indiana Jones LEGO line. All other product lines sporting the new Indy look will be on sale next May with the release of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

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