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Vanscoy Potash Operations
Mine Site, Guardhouse, General Delivery
Vanscoy, SK   S0L 3J0
Phone: (306) 668-4343
Fax: (306) 668-2003
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Vanscoy, Saskatchewan

The Vanscoy Potash Operations, located 32 km southwest of Saskatoon, produces four sizes of high-quality potash for shipment to markets around the world. The orebody is 1 km below the surface. An extensive network of underground roads takes workers to the mine faces and various shops. The operation directly employs over 400 people.

Environmental Stewardship
In 1966, air and water emission regulations did not exist for prairie potash mining, so Agrium set its own high standards for pollution control measures and environmental monitoring programs, and integrated them in the design of the Mine and Mill. Today, Agrium Potash Operations continues to meet or exceed government environmental standards and regulations.

Impact on Local Economy
The Vanscoy Potash Operations is one of Saskatchewan's 10 potash mines. Collectively these mines produce about 14 million tonnes of potash a year, valued at approximately $1.7 billion. This makes potash the province's second leading natural resource. Since mining began in the 1960's, potash has become a vital contributor to the provincial economy.

In an average year, the potash industry directly employs over 3,600 people and pays about $260 million in wages and benefits. It spends more than $290 million on goods and services, and an additional $150 million on new machinery, equipment and construction. The industry also pays over $250 million in royalties to the provincial government, as well as Federal and Provincial income tax, and municipal and school taxes of over $100 million.

Every year, the Vanscoy Potash Operations pays over $700,000 in municipal taxes and $1,600,000 in school taxes. These funds are shared by rural municipalities and school districts, and provide a stable tax base for local communities. (These figures are based upon 1998 results).

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