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Jake Hendriks
Monday 28th January

Father Kieron arrived in HOLLYOAKS ready to spread the word of God in the village, and has already settled in nicely with the McQueens in spite of Michaela's persistent flirting! We caught up with Jake Hendriks who plays Kieron to find out about his new role...

Tell us about when you found out you had the part?
I was at work at the time so it was quite exciting to find out that I was going somewhere new. I was working at the Queen's Theatre in London, I actually had to take the day off sick to go to the audition, and I had to give four hours notice to leaving which was a bit harsh but my manager was really made up for me. I literally had to be on set the next day!

What have you done before HOLLYOAKS?
People might recognise me from Down to Earth or Ultimate Force. I've done bits and pieces on Casualty and Dead Ringers as well. I actually worked with Stuart Manning, who plays Russ, on my first job which was a Pepsi advert, many years ago now.

How did you get into acting?
I've been acting for most of my life really, but I got into professional acting when I was working at Tesco. I got chatting to a customer who was an acting agent and he got me my first job in the Pepsi advert.

Jake Hendriks
How did you feel on your first day on set?
I really enjoyed it, I already knew Claire Cooper (Jacqui McQueen) so I wasn't too nervous. I think I actually knocked a vase over and broke it on my first day while I was filming in the McQueen's house with Nicole Barber-Lane (Myra) and Hollie Jay Bowes (Michaela). It was pretty embarrassing!

Are you enjoying the new role so far?
I am enjoying it very much; it's a wonderful opportunity to play someone like Kieron on this show.

Which of the cast have you become closest to?
It has to be the McQueens, especially Nicole (Barber Lane) who plays Myra. I get on with Barry (Sloane) who plays Niall too, because we started around the same time and we were the new boys together, so that was good.

Can you tell us anything about Kieron's upcoming storylines?
I don't want to say too much, but we will see Kieron battling between his head and his heart.

What can you tell us about Kieron's personality and character?
Well he eats a lot for some reason! I seem to be wolfing down food in most of my scenes. Apart from that he seems to be a calm guy, with quite a calming influence in a manic household like the McQueen's.

How is Kieron's role as a priest going to feature in his storylines and will it be relevant?
We are going to see him in his vocation a lot. I'm actually going to do some research and visit some people who can help me with that aspect so that I can make it real. It's interesting to look at the role of a priest in the community and the reaction of the characters in HOLLYOAKS towards Kieron will be quite split. There will be people who are religious and see him as a respected and authoritative figure, and others who are quite the opposite and aren't religious, who will want to prove the others wrong.

Do you watch yourself on screen?
I watched a bit of the omnibus when I first started, to get it all over with in one go! I'd already seen the rough cuts so I knew what to expect but it's still strange to see yourself on screen. I'm my biggest critic so it's interesting to watch, just to see what works and what doesn't.

Stay tuned to HOLLYOAKS for Kieron's upcoming storyline. Expect high drama as Kieron's morals are tested in the face of temptation...

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