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     Win Lotsa Cash with Brain Battle!

Brain Battle is an all new Canadian Quiz Show that airs from 11 A.M. to Noon across the country, yes, that’s National, on the CanWest Global Television network. Brain Battle tests studio contestants on their skills and speed in answering a variety of entertaining word games. Every day we see 2 contestants compete with each other in order to determine who wins $1000!

This is how Brain Battle works: the 2 studio contestants play 2 game rounds of 90 seconds each. The winner then goes on to play the thrilling “Prize Round” to determine the cash prize by answering a number of fast questions within 60 seconds!

On top of all that, you at home can also win money! All you do is pick up your phone and enter into our Viewer's quiz competition, called CALL FOR CASH. When you enter our system (each method of Entry is separately counted) you will hear an automated voice message (if Entrant makes a Phone Entry) or as an emailed message (if Entrant makes a Web Entry) or a text message (if Entrant makes a text entry). That message will tell the Entrant if he/she was selected to be a potential contestant. At the end of the game, the computer randomly selects who will be called back to answer the CALL FOR CASH game and win the amount that is mentioned on tv!

So, watch Brain Battle every day and call us for a chance to win lots and lots of money!