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Grand Opening and Dedication of New Temple

At a time when most lodges and other Masonic bodies are declining and selling their temples and combining their members, we are growing and building new ones. Freemasonry isn't dead, it was merely sleeping - waiting to be re-awakened by those who seek the true spirit of Masonic brotherhood. We are not divided by race, creed or Masonic politics - we are one brotherhood united in the spirit of the Craft. What we have accomplished here is only the beginning. Freemasons are now truly free - they are free to advance into the light. It can be done - it is being done! The days of talking and dreaming of a better Freemasonry are over. It is alive and thriving across the United States.

The Rite of the Rose Cross of Gold is growing and thriving because we are devoted to the preservation of Masonic brotherhood. There are no gold chains or fancy aprons in this temple, only good men interested in bettering themselves and the rest of humanity. This is a place where all brothers can come together and meet upon the same Level and speak what is on their hearts and minds while knowing that they will always be respected and treated like a brother.

This temple is a symbol of the never ending struggle between good and evil. It was raised in direct opposition to the evil forces at work within our beloved Freemasonry. It is the stronghold of liberty, fraternity, equality, and freedom of conscience. It is an eternal reminder of the power of the human spirit over oppression.

The new Masonic temple of the Rite of the Rose Cross of Gold will be dedicated and opened on Saturday the 3rd of November, 2007. It will begin early in the morning at the Rosicrucian Guidestones where the sacred Masonic flame will be reignited within a circle of three golden broached thurnels symbolically transmuted with salt, sulfur and mercury . The flame will then be carried back to the new temple and utilized to dedicate the temple and light the three lesser lights of the temple. The celebration will include the entering of three new Apprentice Masons, plenty of food, beer and wine. The sacred flame of true Masonic brotherhood in Georgia will be reignited as a living testament to the Masonic world.

It is the beginning of a new Masonic age in the United States and a return to the true principles of the Craft.

The Rite of the Rose Cross of Gold is the fastest growing Masonic organization in the United States, with members in thirty-five states. We promote absolute freedom of conscience and the value of true brotherhood. Each lodge is independent and free to act as its members dictate. We are dedicated to the happiness and success of every brother as is illustrated by our success and growth.

The new temple of the Rite of the Rose Cross of Gold is designed to be more than just a lodge building. It will act as a community center for the brothers and has wireless Internet access, dining, and office facilities available. Here brothers can get away from the office anytime but still be connected. The new building also features an entertainment room with HD satellite TV and video games. The lodge room area features a Dolby Digital surround system, digital projector, and chamber of reflection.  Below are some images of the construction that is under way.



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