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Friday, October 6, 2006

"Secrets of Your Favorite Child Stars"

Written by Diana from California

Tyra welcomed former child stars from favorite movies and television shows to set the record straight on rumors, scandals and shocking developments in their lives. You might have remembered him as Screech from Saved by the Bell, but Dustin Diamond was all grown up and making his way as a standup comic. Dustin appeared on the show during his teenage years, and admitted to hooking up with many of the extras on set. Now that he was older, he put his wilder ways behind him and found an amazing woman to settle down with. Dustin also revealed he was in jeopardy of losing his house in Wisconsin if he didn’t pay off the loan of $250,000. As a solution, Dustin came up with an idea to sell shirts that said, “I paid $15.00 to save Screech’s House.” Tyra surprised Dustin by writing out a check for $3,000 to purchase 150 autographed shirts that were given out to the audience.

Tyra writes a check for Dustin’s house fund

Danielle Fishel of Boys Meets World strutted down the catwalk and sat down with Tyra to share her experiences playing hippie character Topanga. It was during a taping, that Danielle received her first kiss with onscreen boyfriend, Ben Savage, whom she briefly dated in real life too! Danielle also addressed rumors that she cheated on former boyfriend Lance Bass with band mate Justin Timberlake. Danielle admitted she had no idea Lance was gay while they were dating, and was glad that he was free to be happy and live life openly. After losing twenty pounds with help from the NutriSystem program, Danielle she believed in the program so much – she wanted to be their spokesperson. Tyra directed Danielle to talk into the camera and audition for the part.

Danielle Fishel

Tom Cruise’s adorable little sidekick in Jerry Maguire lost the glasses and transformed into a young man. Jonathan Lipnicki shared memories from working with Tom Cruise at the young age of 5, and said a lot of the things mentioned in the press about Tom weren’t true. Tyra gushed about how grown up Jonathan looked and labeled him a hunk! Jonathan revealed he was actually very shy when it came to dealing with the ladies, so Tyra gave him tips to feel more confident approaching girls. She role-played with him, making Jonathan demonstrate his skills in asking a girl out. Tyra’s number one tip was to remain persistent in getting that date, no matter how uninterested the girls seemed.

Tyra gives Jonathan dating advice


Family Matters star Jaimee Foxworth opened up about how she went from child star to adult film star. After beating out thousands of girls for the role of Judy Winslow on the show, Jaimee’s character was written off in the fourth season. Jaimee struggled with financial hardships and feelings of rejection haunted her as she attempted to get other roles. Desperate for work, Jaimee turned to adult films, where she worked under the alias, “Crave.” Jaimee confessed she felt degraded and embarrassed by her work in pornographic films, and quickly realized the adult industry was not for her.

Jaimee discusses what drove her to appear in adult films


It was 16 years ago that Beverly Hills 90210 created major buzz in the television industry, as viewers tuned in each week to find out about the glamorous lives of the young elite. Ian Ziering, who played rich jock Steve Sanders, showed that he still had the moves as he danced his way towards Tyra on stage. Tyra and Ian chatted about bumping into each other during separate blind dates as the same restaurant, and both confessed they didn’t get called back. Maybe he didn’t get a second date, but Ian was taking the leap onto the silver screen with his first film, Man Vs. Monday. Not only did Ian star in the film, but he also directed and produced the project.

Ian cracks Tyra up


She was the pretentious spoiled brat Hilary Banks on the hit sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, but now Karyn Parsons was working her talents behind the camera. Her new production company, Sweet Blackberry, created educational books and DVD’s for children based on stories from the African American culture. The ladies also shared personal memories of working with Will Smith before he broke out in the film industry, and Tyra recalled Karen’s thoughtful gestures when she first started on Fresh Prince.

Karyn recalls working with Trya



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