12.17.04 2:02 PM - The Punisher - IGN Hands-on Preview
"The Punisher is exceedingly violent, excessively profane, and highly disturbing. It's also hilarious, challenging, and exciting."

IGN has a new Hands-On Preview of The Punisher.

12.17.04 1:58 PM - The Punisher featured in January's Maxim Magazine
"Filled with more horrific acts of violence than you can shake a severed, meaty limb at, the new Punisher game makes the Grand Theft Auto series look like Super Mario Kart."

The Punisher will be featured in the upcoming January issue of Maxim magazine.

12.17.04 1:52 PM - The Punisher - Gamespot Hands-On Preview
"As fans of the comic books will know, the brand of justice that The Punisher deals out to criminals is anything but subtle, and Volition appears to be going out of its way to be as faithful to the source material as possible."

Gamespot has a new Hands-On Preview of The Punisher.

12.17.04 12:33 PM - The Punisher PC Demo - v1.10
An update for the Punisher PC Demo (v 1.10) is now available. The update is available through the Update feature in the Punisher Demo Launcher. This patch addresses the following issues:
  • Addition of mouse sensitivity slider
  • Fixed framerate stuttering problem that occurred on some video cards
  • Fixed various graphics issues on graphics cards that do not support pixel shader 1.1
  • other graphics/framerate enhancements

9.13.04 7:04 AM - QA Tester Update
Thanks to everyone who applied for the QA Tester position. We have currently filled all of these positions.

7.21.04 12:21 PM - Quality Assurance Testers
New quality assurance positions will be opening at the end of August and the beginning of September. If you have previously appplied for a QA position, your application will be considered for these new openings.

4.5.04 9:32 AM - Tester Hiring Update
Due to changes in our schedule testers will be hired in June/July instead of being earlier. Anyone who's already applied does not need to do so again, your information will be kept on file and reviewed at a more appropriate time. If this new time frame does not work out for you and you would no longer like to be considered for the tester position please send an email to QAjobs@volition-inc.com to be removed from the applicant database. We apologize for any inconvenience.

11.1.01 7:48 AM - Volition Hiring!
Volition is interested in hiring a full-time Character Animator. We are still seeking to hire a full-time Concept Artist as well. For more information and instructions for applying, please visit our Job Board.

9.5.01 7:25 AM - PXO Downtime
PXO is undergoing regular maintenance and we expect it to be down for an undetermined amount of time. We will post an item when the maintenance is complete and regular PXO play can continue. Sorry for the inconvenience.

7.30.01 8:03 AM - Volition Hiring
Volition is currently seeking to hire a full-time Concept Artist to work on exciting new games. Relocation to Champaign, IL is required. For more information about this position, and instructions for applying, please visit our Job Board.

7.23.01 2:02 PM - VBB Back Up
The Volition Bulletin Board is now back up and in working order. Thanks for your patience while we dealt with maintenance and related issues.

2.9.01 2:15 PM - Volition Job Openings
Volition is still interested in filling the following positions with talented individuals interested in the game industry: If you are interested in applying for any of these positions, please visit our Job Board and follow the directions there for applying!

1.10.01 3:10 PM - Volition Hiring
Volition is still seeking to fill employment positions as soon as possible! We are interested in hiring for these positions:
  • 3D Artist/Modeler
  • Concept Artist
  • Entry-Level Programmer
  • Red Faction Level Designer
  • Senior Programmer
  • Texture Artist
If you are interested in applying for any of these positions, please visit our employment page and follow the directions there!

11.15.00 2:24 PM - Possible Downtime
Last night our ISP switch-over took place. We don't expect any downtime whatsoever, however DNS entries may take up to a week to update. This means you might have problems accessing our websites or accessing PXO until your DNS is updated. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but its worth it!

11.14.00 11:47 AM - Mike Kulas Interview
What exactly is it that you do at Volition?

I used to say I talked on the phone, but I don't have to do quite as much of that anymore. Since the THQ acquisition, we've been so busy finishing Summoner and doing various planning that I haven't really settled into my role. I'll check my employment contract and get back to you.

Volition Watch recently posted an interview with Mike Kulas to commemorate their full redesign of the main site!

10.26.00 10:51 AM - Job Openings!
Volition is still accepting applications for the following positions:
  • 3D Artist/Modeler
  • Concept Artist
  • Entry-Level Programmer
  • Hardware Technician
  • Red Faction Level Designer
  • Senior Programmer
  • Texture Artist
  • Writer
Relocation to the Champaign, IL area is required.

Visit our employment page for more information on applying for a position!

10.25.00 11:52 AM - Upcoming Down-Time
This week Volition is switching to a new provider. This means that there will be a short down-time this week for all of our online services, including PXO. We do not anticipate being offline for very long. However, DNS entries will have to update, and that may take a few days. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

10.18.00 4:38 PM - New Job Opening
A new job opening has been added to the Job Board! Along with all of our other openings, Volition is seeking to hire a part time Hardware Technician. If you are interested in applying, check the Job Board for more information on the positions available.

10.16.00 6:07 PM - New Job Openings
Volition is hiring! We are currently looking to fill several positions:
  • 3D Artist/Modeler
  • Concept Artist
  • Entry-Level Programmer
  • Red Faction Level Designer
  • Senior Programmer
  • Texture Artist
  • Writer
Relocation to the Champaign, IL area is required.

Visit our employment page for more information on applying for a position!

10.3.00 4:49 PM - FS2 a Modern Classic
FreeSpace 2 was named in Day One of Daily Radar's Modern Classics Week!

9.11.00 10:29 AM - Ground FreeSpace Returns
Jennings sends word that Ground FreeSpace has returned and is available again at its new host.

9.8.00 4:06 PM - Volition and THQ Unite!
As most of you know, on August 31, Volition was acquired by THQ. This is great for all of us here at Volition. It allows us to be more focused on product development and we know it will result in better games. While we're extremely happy to fully join forces with THQ, customers of Descent and FreeSpace have raised concerns about the future of these franchises. People who have been looking forward to Summoner and Red Faction have asked what it means for these titles.

As to Summoner and Red Faction, I see no changes. These titles remain in development with THQ. We believe they will be completed in time for their scheduled release dates. Our hope for all our projects is that they will merit sequels. I hope that's true of both Summoner and Red Faction. As to what other platforms we might support, I can't say.

Regarding Descent sequels, it's very unlikely that Volition would ever be involved in one. Interplay owns the sequel rights to Descent. It's possible Outrage will develop another Descent sequel, but I don't know what their plans are. I also don't know what Interplay's plans are for the franchise.

Regarding FreeSpace sequels, I don't know what Interplay's plans are. As with Descent, they own the sequel rights. Interplay could elect to have someone else develop a FreeSpace sequel. I can't say any more about FreeSpace at this time.

Regarding Parallax Online, THQ has acquired Parallax Online in conjunction with its acquisition of Volition. PXO will continue to support all current titles indefinitely. We expect PXO will be better as a result of the acquisition. I'm not sure what Outrage's involvement with PXO will be going forward, but they were a key part of it in the past.

As to what kind of projects we might work on in the future, we have no public announcements to make at this time. However, I don't think the kind of project we will do will change as a result of the acquisition. Prior to the acquisition we had talked to THQ and other publishers about a variety of projects, some very different than anything we had done before. We have always tried to work on things that we find interesting and haven't tried to focus on one genre. I expect this will continue. The one thing for certain is that new projects will be published by THQ.

We're extremely happy to be a part of THQ. We've gotten to know them very well over the past 20 months since we first showed them Summoner. I have every confidence that our games will be better as a result of the acquisition.

I hope to be able to make public more details in the next few weeks. For now, we're completely busy with getting Summoner and Red Faction done, just like we were before the acquisition.

Mike Kulas
President, Volition

8.1.00 5:45 PM - SquadWar Leagues
The scheduled update for SquadWar occurred today.
  • The three previous SquadWar leagues have been closed and deactived but data and ratings have been maintained for historical purposes.
  • Three new leagues have been created.
  • All squads who have failed to participate in a match were removed from the database to clean up the number of squads.
Please send any inquiries to squadwar@pxo.net or post a message on the VBB.

UPDATE: you can now claim entry node sectors on the new maps.

7.17.00 4:53 PM - Volition Watch
Today we are pleased to pass on to you probably the most important news event in the history of Volition fan sites. Today, the Volition Watch Network launched! Congratulations to the entire staff!

"For the past few months a large number of webmasters within the FreeSpace community have been working on a a secret project. Although the existance of such a project has been spread throughout the community the exact details of what it was had not been revealed and up until today, has probably been the single greatest secret kept in this community.

Secrets have been revealed and we are pleased to announce the official launch of the Volition Watch Network (http://www.volitionwatch.com/)! The networks aim is to bring upto date news, information, screen shots, and media to people interested in games being produced by Volition, a company best known for their award winning FreeSpace games.

Our network is broken down into several hub sites. Currently we have FreeSpace Watch, Summoner Watch, and Red Faction Watch.

FreeSpace Watch (http://freespace.volitionwatch.com/) has been in operation for almost 2 years now (formerly Planet FreeSpace) and has gathered the FreeSpace communities respect as a top news source. FSW has also merged with the former Descent Chronicles and Restricted Access bringing together the three staffs and content into one combined source.

Summoner Watch (http://summoner.volitionwatch.com/) which was formerly called Summoner Homeland launched shortly after the first Summoner press release and like FreeSpace Watch, has become one of the leading websites in the Summoner community.

Red Faction Watch (http://redfaction.volitionwatch.com/) is a brand new site that we've also just launched which will be focusing on the new upcoming first person shooter title called Red Faction. Red Faction promises to be something different than other FPS titles by introducing drivable vehicles and full geometry modification capabilities that allow players to blast holes in walls and destroy buildings in a more realistic fashion than ever before. Red Faction Watch plans to carry the quality level and hopes to achieve what FreeSpace and Summoner Watch have already.

Finally, due to the imminent closing of the Descent Chronicles, we've moved the FreeSpace Mission Archive to our new Archives (http://archives.volitionwatch.com/) section with areas for FreeSpace, FreeSpace 2, and the upcoming Red Faction.

We look forward to the next few months with anticipation of expanding our network to its full potential. The revolution has begun, Volition Watch is here!"

7.7.00 11:44 AM - SquadWar League Reset

All SquadWar leagues - Inaugural, Winter, and European - will be reset on Tuesday, August 1st, 2000. Though power ratings and other squad statistics may be reset also, no other significant changes or additions will be made. After the reset, all squads will need to sign up for the leagues they'd like to participate in.

The recording of current league statistics for posterity will be decided upon at a later date.

5.2.00 10:15 AM - PC Gamer Graphical Design Award Nominee
FreeSpace 2 has been nominated for PC Gamer's (UK) Game of Achievement - Graphical Design award for PC Gamer's Top 100 Awards 2000 on May 2nd.

4.21.00 1:43 PM - New Multiplayer Mission Available
There is a new FreeSpace 2 multiplayer mission available for download. This mission was created by Randy "RN-Vader" Anthony, and is validated for online play. Simply extract the mission file into your freespace2\data\missions folder and revalidate all your missions once connecting to PXO! If you see Randy on line, thank him for creating such a good mission.

4.18.00 5:27 PM - VBB Returns!
The Volition Bulletin Board has a new home at: http://vbb.volition-inc.com/cgi-bin/Ultimate.cgi. Update your links and bookmarks!

4.18.00 11:24 AM - VBB Temporarily Disabled
The VBB has been temporarily disabled as we move it to another machine. We cannot guarantee that any posts created today will be available once it has been moved to the new machine. We do not expect there to be any problems with accounts or passwords. We thank you for your patience in this matter.

4.17.00 9:59 AM - Level Design Position Available
Volition is currently looking for a talented level designer to join our ranks in creating a groundbreaking FPS title. You will be using one of the most powerful and user-friendly editors the industry has seen. If you are intestested in this position, you can find more information in the job description. Visit the Job Board for a complete listing of available positions and detailed application instructions.

4.14.00 10:27 AM - FreeSpace 2 Named As AIAS Nominee
FreeSpace 2 has been nominated for the AIAS Simulation Game of the Year (PC) by the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences Interactive for their yearly Achievement Awards. Winners will be announced during a special awards ceremony at E3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo, next month.

4.10.00 3:39 PM - 3dfx Gamers FreeSpace 2 Review
"This is Game of the Year material."

"You hear EVERYTHING. From engines to weapons fire, explosions to shockwaves. Even the intership communications is well acted, with some of the speech tied into the plot."

"In summary, if you liked X-wing and enjoyed Wing Commander, you should know that there is a new genre leader in space simulations - this game surpasses ALL other. I have consigned my X-wing Alliance and Wing Commander Prophecy to the cupboard."

Duncan Bradley from 3dfx Gamers posted a glowing review of FreeSpace 2. FreeSpace 2 received a 10 out of 10!

3.23.00 12:01 PM - New Multiplayer PXO Missions
There are two new missions validated for multiplayer play with FreeSpace 2 on PXO. Download the .zip file at http://www.pxo.net/files/fs2_pxo_missions1.zip and extract them into your FreeSpace2\data\missions directory. The two new missions are X_Cold_Sword.fs2 and X_Shivan_Incursion.fs2.

UPDATE 5:30PM - The missions are now validated!

3.20.00 5:09 PM - Computer Games Magazine
The April 2000 issue of Computer Games Magazine named FreeSpace 2 their choice for Sci-Fi Simulation of the Year!

3.3.00 5:11 PM - Descent Network
The Descent Network Team recently completed a major overhaul of all of their domains! New designs were created for all of the DNet sites including www.descent-network.com, www.descent2.com, www.descent-3.com, www.descent-4.com, www.descent-freespace.com, and www.freespace-2.com! Surprisingly, Dnet has added http://www.summoner.org for our upcoming RPG, Summoner!

3.3.00 7:19 AM - Ground FreeSpace
Ground FreeSpace has finally completed their redesign. Their new look provides a more user friendly navigational system, a much more interesting design scheme, and better organization. You can easily get to any catagory without having to first visit the homepage. Be sure to visit them and get the full scoop!

2.29.00 11:18 AM - FreeSpace Watch
Icefire sent an email over the weekend with a special announcement:

"Planet FreeSpace has officially closed its doors at Gamespy and moved to a new host with a new name.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to present to you all, FreeSpace Watch!! We'll be looking to provide an even better service for news, information, and of course, your daily dosages of insanity!"

We extend our sincerest wishes that the staff at FreeSpace Watch contines with the same great success they had with Planet FreeSpace!

2.26.00 10:22 AM - GameSpot's 1999 Reader's Choice Awards

2.23.00 3:44 PM - FreeSpace 2: Sci-Fi Sim of the Year Edition
We are excited to announce that Interplay plans to release FreeSpace 2: Sci-Fi Sim of the Year Edition. This release will include numerous extras not found on the original FreeSpace 2 CD. Included are 10 user-created FreeSpace 2 missions, converted Descent: FreeSpace - The Great War missions, and many of the files originally available for download from www.freespace2.com. The extras include Artwork, desktop wallpapers, MTS ship models, hi-resolution images of ships found in the FreeSpace 2 Ship Gallery, MP3 music, and behind-the-scenes sound clips. Combine these extra files to create your own ultimate FreeSpace 2 fan site and have it added to our FreeSpace 2 community page!
  • Over 10 new user-created missions
  • Single Player Templar Campaign
  • Single Player Gauntlet Missions
  • New multiplayer missions originally released on the web
  • Missions originally from the FreeSpace 2 demo
We would like to extend special recognition to the creators of the new user-created missions, and thank everyone who submitted missions for our contest.

John Crowdis - Rites of Passage
Paul Desjardins - To Destroy or Not to Destory
Michael Diedrich - The Queen, Shivan Incursion
Peter Drake - Boomerang
Kurt Heiner - The Cold Sword
Steven Holgate - Third Coming
Nathan Hoying - Third Watch
Alex Kirkwood - One Step Too Far
Simon London - The Trap
Curtis Luk - Sirius X
Michael Pureka - Excellence Under Fire
Solrazor - Nekhbet

2.23.00 3:41 PM - New FreeSpace 2 MP3
There is a new MP3, Ancients, available on the FreeSpace 2 Downloads page. Additional MP3s will be released over the upcoming weeks.

2.23.00 3:39 PM - FreeSpace 2 Ship Gallery
Two new ships have been added to the FreeSpace 2 Ship Gallery. The two new ships are the GTVA Colossus and the GVS Nephtys.

2.10.00 2:53 PM - PCPlayer Best Space Combat Game of 1999
FreeSpace 2 has been named as PC Player's Best Space Combat Game of 1999!

2.7.00 5:15 PM - Intelligamer 1999 Sim Game of the Year
"Another year, another Game of the Year award for Volition and the Freespace franchise. In 1998 we named Descent: Freespace our Simulation Game of the Year... this year Freespace 2 gets the nod. It's combination of solid story, intense and fast paced action, stunning visuals and finally worthwhile online play make it a stand-out game."

We are very excited to announce that FreeSpace 2 is the Intelligamer 1999 Simulation Game of the Year!

2.4.00 10:45 AM - Descent Chronicles
The guys over at Descent Chronicles have relaunched their FreeSpace 2 Mission Archive to use a new user based review system. They hope this will deter spamming of reviews and provide a more accurate representation of actual scores. If you want to play some great user created missions, the FreeSpace 2 Mission Archive is the place to go!

1.31.00 3:05 PM - FS2 Community Updated
The Galactic Terran Fleet has been added to the FreeSpace 2 Community. The Galactic Terran Fleet used to be known as the Gaming Task Force Squadron Command. They've done some reorganizing and would like to announce their return to the FreeSpace Community!

1.27.00 3:05 PM - FS2 Community Updated
The TCA Squad HomePage has been added to the FreeSpace 2 Community.

1.26.00 10:36 AM - PC Gameworld FS2 Review
"Space combat sims are obviously inspired by the carrier battles of World War II, where capital ships were the prize and smaller ships and aircraft were just a buffer to keep the enemy away. Freespace 2 has finally achieved a sense that the capital ships are the point of the battle. It's done this partly by giving them stronger and more varied defenses, but mainly by making them active and visible participants in the combat. When two huge ships start slicing away at each other with massive beams, it's like an overscale slo-mo lightsaber duel, one word can describe the power and force of these beams: truly awesome. That's actually two words but anyway... There's a sense of majesty and destructive power. There's a sense that you're just a tiny player in a supporting role. In this regard, Freespace 2 is a downright Copernican revolution in space combat sims."

"Some of the later missions take place in increasingly angry parts of the nebula, flashing with lightning and electronic interference that create one of the most disconcerting and tense effects since the flickering fluorescent light in Doom. I wondered why my eyes hurt after playing until I realized I was afraid to blink."

Quinton Evans from PC Gameworld has posted his review of FreeSpace 2. Quinton gave FreeSpace 2 a very high 96%!!

1.26.00 7:56 AM - FS2 and New Voodoo 3 Drivers
Orange, from Descent Chronicles posted this yesterday in the Descent Chronicles news:

"3DFX has just released new drivers for their Voodoo 3 chipset over at 3DFX Gamers! If you are a Voodoo 3 owner, I muchos suggestes that you download these drivers NOW! I have been getting slowdowns in FS2 from day one, and now I am cured due to this shining light of my day! I am SOOOO happy! I can play FS2 and whoop up on my fellow staffers soooo much easier now! =) =) =)"

This report has been unconfirmed by Volition, but if you have been experiencing problems similar to what Orange describes, perhaps you should try downloading the new drivers from the 3dfx site. We cannot confirm that these drivers will increase performance in all cases, nor can we provide support for their use.

1.25.00 4:30 PM - FS2 - CGW Premier Award Winner!
One of Volition's writers, Jason Scott, recently attended the Computer Gaming World 2000 Premier Awards Ceremony in San Francisco, CA. At the ceremony, FreeSpace 2 was named as "Science Fiction Simulation of the Year"! We have taken a picture of the award which now sits in our trophy case!

1.24.00 9:28 AM - New FS2 Community Links Added
Links to Triton Dynamics, Squad Technomages, GTD-Hellven DeathAngel Squadron, Team Darkness, and a FreeSpace 2 guide have been added to the FreeSpace 2 Community page.

1.21.00 10:19 AM - Gamezilla! 1999 Readers Choice
Gamezilla! is conducting their 1999 Readers' Choice Awards Voting. FreeSpace 2 has been nominated for the categories of Action, Simulation, and PC Game of the Year! Silent Threat has been nominated for the category of Add-Ons/Expansion Pack of the Year! Vote Today!

1.20.00 10:07 AM - GamesXTREME
"Freespace 2 is a bloody good game, the best space combat sim for ages, gives you a chance every now and again but the enemy AI will keep you on your toes while the graphics & sound simply blow you away. This game simply oozes action and if that�s what you�re after then step right up and take on the world!"

GamesXTREME recently reviewed FreeSpace 2. FreeSpace 2 received a 95%!

1.10.00 4:26 PM - GameSpot Sci-Fi Simulation of the Year!
"While there are only a few science-fiction simulations released each year, the quality of these games remains almost universally high. And though the mouse-driven gameplay popularized by real-time strategy games and first-person shooters has made these predominately joystick-driven games less popular among gamers, the actual quality of candidates in this genre has never been higher. In 1998 Volition created Descent: FreeSpace, a technically solid but very derivative space sim that had the potential to be even better. In 1999 that potential was fully realized with FreeSpace 2, one of the best space-combat simulations ever.

There have been great stories in space sims before, but FreeSpace 2's plot is deeper and darker. Adeptly expanding on the mythology generated by the first game in the series, FreeSpace 2 fully fleshes out a complex gaming world stocked with different alien and human factions, each with its own mysterious but logical objectives. While the plot is linear, it avoids the analytical shortcomings typical of games of the genre and conveys developments through an effective combination of mission briefings, cutscenes, and, most impressively, events depicted using the game engine during the course of missions.

The immense capital ships are graphically impressive and equipped with truly formidable and beautiful flak cannons, beam weapons, missiles, and lasers. While other games relegate capital ships to exotic targets, FreeSpace 2 features capital ships prominently in almost every mission, and watching those dreadnoughts battle it out is a unique experience. It also features an outstanding customizable interface, great graphics, smooth gameplay in both single and multiplayer battles, and improved mission design. Even if Totally Games had not effectively abandoned its X-Wing franchise earlier this year, and Origin Systems had not decided to focus solely on multiplayer games, there'd be no doubt that there's a new king in this genre. FreeSpace 2 is one of the best space sims ever made."

We are proud to announce that FreeSpace 2 was awarded GameSpot's Science-Fiction Simulation of the Year award! FreeSpace 2 was also nominated in the categories of Best Graphics: Technical Excellence, Best Story, and Best Game No One Played, and Game of the Year!

1.10.00 4:00 PM - Web Server Outage
The web server was temporarily down or behaving oddly from late Sunday through Monday morning. The problem was quickly corrected when I returned to work this morning. This service outage caused some problems with PXO logins, patches, the VBB, and accessing web sites. We apologize for any temporary inconvience this may have caused.

1.5.00 3:12 PM - CGW Premier Award Nominees
"This was also a year of great surprises. Games that we had not much hope for at all--Outcast, FreeSpace 2, even Unreal Tournament-- turned out to be awesome experiences. Each are strong contenders in their categories, and are easily among the best games of the year."

We are pleased to announce that FreeSpace 2 has been named as a nominee for Computer Gaming World's Sci-Fi Sim of the Year! Other nominees in the same category include Heavy Gear II, MechWarrior 3, and X-Wing Alliance. All nominees in all categories are also contenders for Game of the Year honors. The results and winners are going to be published in next month's issue.

Also, you can vote for Computer Gaming World's Top 40 Games on their Top 40 game poll. Select your favorite games, 10 or less, and submit them. The results will be printed in next month's CGW! Descent: FreeSpace - Silent Threat has been on the polls for some time now. If you like FreeSpace 2, this is a good way to voice your opinion to their editors!

1.5.00 2:24 PM - 3DGaming.Net FS2 Review
"Freespace 2 is leaps ahead of the original or any other space sim out there. The battles are epic, the explosions wonderful, and the capital ships huge. No other space sim has been done this well when it comes to battles. You will be going up against dozens of bogeys, corvettes, destroyers, bombers, stealth fighters... and the list goes on."

"When all is said and done, this game is tops. There is nothing better out there when it comes to this genre. My recommendation is to get this game and enjoy it like I know you will. And even once the single player game is done, there is multiplayer, not to mention the Freespace community producing quality missions for everyone. Who knows, maybe you can try your hand at the editor yourself.

After I played the first game, I didn't think it could get any better, and frankly I was scared that this sequel would just be more of the same. I was pleasantly surprised by this game.

Go get it.

You'll thank me later. " Don Blackman from 3DGaming.Net recently posted a review of FreeSpace 2. FreeSpace 2 received an A!

1.5.00 2:16 PM - ActiveWindows FS2 Review
ActiveWindows posted a review of FreeSpace 2. In the review, FreeSpace 2 receives an 89%!

1.5.00 2:04 PM - Thresh's Firing Squad
"How can you not love this game? It's the heir-apparent to the great line of space combat sims dating all the way back to Wing Commander. FreeSpace 2 has a good plot that keeps up with the action and the absolute best space fighting ever seen on the computer. A game that has all the best parts of the classic space games (WC, TIE Fighter) while bringing in all the perks of today's technology. Imagine that the big ships actually, finally, fight back! No longer are they slow-moving proverbial broad sides of a barn. Now they fire intense beams at you and your wingmates, decimating your attack force within minutes unless you're careful. Your regular weapons are next to useless against these hulking behemoths, so you have to count on your bombers to do the job.

Of course, counting on the bombers means counting on their AI. FreeSpace 2's AI was top-notch. You could choose to command individual ships, wings or the entire squadron and they'd obey capably and with commendable determination, yet they were also smart enough to handle most situations on their own. Let's not forget the excellent mission scripting within the game. Thanks to the boys at Volition, 1999 brought some of the most intense space combat ever seen on a PC."

Thresh's Firing Squad named FreeSpace 2 as one of the Action games in their list of The Best Games of 1999!

1.5.00 1:51 PM - 3D Spotlight FS2 Review
"FreeSpace 2 was a very enjoyable game to play and gave me the same feeling of wanting more to play after finishing the game just like the original FreeSpace did."

3D Spotlight recently reviewed FreeSpace 2. The review gave FreeSpace 2 a score of 9.4 out of a possible 10!

12.21.99 3:23 PM - 100,000 PXO Users!
Parallax Software is pleased to announce it just reached 100,000 registered users of its online service, PXO. PXO offers free online play for Descent 3, FreeSpace and FreeSpace 2. PXO tracks statistics, including player rankings for all supported games. In addition, it is the place for players to go to get the latest Descent and FreeSpace news, patches and third party levels and missions.

Visit http://www.pxo.net for more details. Visit http://www.squadwar.com for a look at SquadWar, PXO's free squad-based game for FreeSpace 2 players.

12.20.99 3:20 PM - FS2 Mission Contest
Obviously, when Volition included the FRED2 editor with FreeSpace 2 we expected players to get a lot of mileage out of it and, in the absence of an expansion pack, to use it to satisfy their desires for new missions to keep the game fresh and fun. Because response has been overwhelmingly positive, we want to recognize the most prolific designers amongst the gamers and also give the entire FreeSpace 2 community a chance to play new missions that are officially endorsed by Volition.

-James Tsai
-Volition, Inc.

More information can be found at the FreeSpace 2 Missions section of the FreeSpace 2 site.

12.20.99 1:53 PM - FS2 Extras!
We have a surprise for you today... we are finally releasing the codes which unlock the "extras" in FreeSpace 2! The codes will remain on the Codes page of the FreeSpace 2 site.

  • arrrrwalktheplank - in mission - Call in the Volition pirate ship!
  • tooledworkedowned - in mission - Jim Boone or Alan Lawrance pop into the screen!
  • vasudanswuvfishes - enter at player select screen when at Vasudan Main Hall - Fish Tank!
  • humanheadsinside - enter at player select screen when at Vasudan Main Hall - eww!

12.15.99 4:41 PM - Descent II Source Available!
Here, finally, is the source for Descent II. We've been so busy with Descent 3, Mercenary, FreeSpace, FreeSpace 2, and several other projects that we haven't given much thought to this old code. But we know that many of you are eager to get it, so here you go.

We were amazed and impressed at the cool things people did with the Descent source we released a few years ago. It touches us deeply how devoted some people are to the Descent series, and we look forward to seeing what people can do with this Descent II source.

Matt Toschlog
Mike Kulas
Outrage Entertainment
Volition, Inc.

12.14.99 3:19 PM - Recent Magazine Reviews
NextGen and PCGamer both have reviews of FreeSpace 2 in their January issues. PCGamer also contains a strategy guide for FreeSpace 2 on page 83. The mini-strategy guide contains strategies for several FreeSpace 2 missions.


"With FreeSpace: The Great War, Volition showed it was more than ready to take on the Wing Commander series with a game that featured incredible graphics, a great storyline, and some of the best space action anywhere. And you'll be glad to know that this time around Volition has upped the ante even more and built the best playing and looking space combat game ever."

"Bottom Line: No self-respecting space-combat junkie should live without it"

In NextGen on page 102, FreeSpace 2 receives their elusive 5-star award!


"Thanks to some subtle improvements, FreeSpace 2 is free to rule the cosmos as the best space combat game yet to hit the PC."

"Highs: Good mission scripting and story; large-scale action and great graphics.
Lows: Nothing really worth moaning about.
Bottom Line: Breathtaking action, atmosphere, story, and graphics come together to create a truly compelling combat experience."

In PCGamer on pages 172 and 173, FreeSpace 2 receives a 93% and their Editor's Choice award!

12.14.99 2:38 PM - GameSpy.com Sim Game of the Year
"While the story for Freespace picks up a mere 32 years after the original ended, the game itself goes light years beyond the original both in scope and play. Offering a wider variety of ships and weapons, the game still feels comfortable because of the same HUD in the original. The graphics and sounds are phenomenal, giving you the feel of being in the cockpit of a starfighter during all-out war. There is even realistic chatter with your wingmen and voiceovers by well-known actors. Read the GameSpy Review of Freespace.

The missions provide a good variety and can change at a moment's notice. Add strong multi-player and on-line possibilities, and the ability to customize your ships depending on your missions and the game has extended life. Freespace II provides an excellent game experience and one that goes well beyond the original. All reasons to be names GameSpy's Sim Game of the Year."

We are pleased to announce that FreeSpace 2 has been named GameSpy.com's Sim Game of the Year! We are very honored to receive such an outstanding award.

12.14.99 1:43 PM - FreeSpace 2 Debug Codes
There is a new section on www.freespace2.com dedicated to Codes and Easter Eggs. This week we have released the debug codes which are very useful while testing user created missions. You can also use these debug codes in the single-player game, but they are not "cheats" and will not allow you to pass the mission. Keep checking the site periodically as we plan to release more information on this page in the near future.

12.13.99 1:17 PM - New FreeSpace 2 Multiplayer Missions
There are new FreeSpace 2 multiplayer missions available for download. These missions have been validated for play on PXO. Unzip locally and place the following files into the data/missions directory of your FreeSpace 2 folder:
  • M-01b.fs2
  • M-02b.fs2
  • M-04b.fs2
  • M-05.fs2
  • M-06.fs2
  • M-07.fs2
Enhanced Missions
  • M-01b (All Alone 2) - Players: 8. Alpha wing must destroy the Nosferatu, a Moloch class Shivan Corvette. Max respawns 12.
  • M-02b (Forward Edge Battle Area 2) - Players: 8. The GTVA must prevent the Shivans from using a jump node. Max respawns 10.
  • M-04b (Rebel Intercept) - Players: 8. Alpha Wing tries to hold off a rebel incursion at the Regulus Jump Node. Max respawns 10.
  • M-05 (Initiation) - Alpha and Beta must destroy the Belphegor and its fighter escort. Max respawns 10.
Original Missions:
  • M-06 (Corvette Rescue) - Players: 4. Rescue a damaged GTVA corvette in the nebula in the face of stiff Shivan opposition. Max respawns 10.
  • M-07 (Vasudan Assult 2) - Players: 8. As members of an NTF battle group, you encounter a Vasudan destroyer and must destroy it. Max respawns 5. Recommended respawns 3.
All text is present in these missions, though some messages and briefings or debriefings do not have an accompanying .wav file.

Missions M-01b, M-02b, and M-04b are enhanced versions of multiplayer missions originally included in the game. The overall difficulty level of each has been increased and each of them now includes several new twists.

Mission M-05 is an enhanced version of the cooperative multiplayer mission originally available with the FreeSpace 2 demo.

Missions M-06 and M-07 are new multiplayer missions featuring original content by Brad Johnson of Volition, Inc.

12.10.99 3:05 PM - Mission Concerns
The release of the 1.2 patch and German version of FreeSpace means you should no longer play using the SWR missions. The SWR missions are invalid. The original MT missions have been patched to their SWR equivalent. The MT missions will only be validated by the PXO database if you have patched to the 1.2 version.

12.10.99 2:28 PM - European SquadWar League
I've add a new league to SquadWar. The new league is the SquadWar European League. This league will also run until the first day of Spring, 2000. Please only sign up for the league if you are located in Europe. If you are in Europe and are signed up for the Winter or Inaugural Leagues, I encourage you to email me and request that you be removed from those leagues. Lately there has been scheduling difficulties between US and European players in those leagues. This new league should solve those problems by allowing European squads to play with other squads in similar time zones.

-Nathan Camarillo
-SquadWar Administrator

12.8.99 5:53 PM - New SquadWar League
I've add a new league to SquadWar. The new league is the SquadWar Winter League. This league will run until the first day of Spring, 2000. I will open more leagues before then, but that's the basic premise behind the Winter league.

As I open new leagues, I'll need names for the leagues. If you'd like to submit a potential name, please email to squadwar@pxo.net. If I choose an original name you've recommmended, your squad will get a medal when that league opens, as well as credit for the name! Please keep in mind that the name should fit as a link on the left side of the SquadWar page as either the complete title or an acronym. Obvious league names such as GTVA won't be considered "original". Thanks to everyone who is participating in the Inaugural League and offering feedback to make future leagues better. The Inaugural League will continue to run and will be the primary testing ground for new ideas.

-Nathan Camarillo
-SquadWar Administrator

12.8.99 11:10 AM - MSNBC FS2 Mini-Review
"...it is a full-featured, arcade-style flight simulation with some of the most beautiful graphics of outer space I have seen and the most frenetic space battles I have flown." FreeSpace gets 5 stars out of 5 and a brief review in MSNBC's December games: Dissecting winners. The reviewer mentions some of the perils involved in installing PC games these days, but don't worry we guarantee FreeSpace 2 is worth it!

12.8.99 11:00 AM - Daily Radar Holiday Buyer's Guide
"There are some members of the Daily Radar staff who don't have the iron stomach to play a real space combat game. All the rolling and spinning causes them to spew their lunch on the keyboard and then bang their head on the monitors when they pass out. The rest of us, however, couldn't get enough of Freespace 2. The manic action, loads of weapons and colossal ships kept us on the stick until we wore out the force feedback. If you're intimidated by asteroid-sized opponents, or you don't know how to control a wingman, then maybe you should stick to Asteroids. But if you've always wanted to die in space screaming, then this is your game."

FreeSpace made the Daily Radar Holiday Buyer's Guide!

12.8.99 10:51 AM - GameSpy Holiday Buyer's Guide
"Descent: FreeSpace was an unlikely success. The space-sim genre had been dominated by the X-Wing series and Wing Commander series for most of this decade. Descent: FreeSpace was successful in capturing the best elements of the genre and capitalizing upon the Descent franchise. The game was well received, but few were prepared for the outstanding sequel: FreeSpace 2. The quality of this game is succinctly summarized by this sentence from the GameSpot review: 'FreeSpace 2 is one of the best space sims ever made and is a solid candidate for game of the year.'"

FreeSpace 2 made GameSpy's Holiday Buyer's Guide! The page includes links to the GameSpot review, community links, files, and a link to order the title online.

12.8.99 10:47 AM - Voodoo Extreme FS2 Review
"The single player is engaging and enthralling, with many plot twists and turns, and best of all, multiple endings!"

"For fans of the series and the genre, you owe it to yourself to check this puppy out. "

Manveer "Eidolon" Heir of Voodoo Extreme posted their review of FreeSpace 2. FreeSpace 2 received an 89%, and a special award from Voodoo Extreme. Be warned, the comments and language in the review are slightly risque, the style which Vooodoo Extreme has made famous!

12.8.99 10:06 AM - Game Forces - FS2 Review
"The storyline was obviously a large focus during the development of Freespace 2. It is integrated extremely well into the game, making every victory meaningful. It also doesn't hurt that the game boasts some of the finest graphics seen in a space flight sim to date."

"There are over 30 missions that make up the Freespace 2 compaign. And with different difficulty levels, the game can last for weeks. Additionally, FRED2 is easy to use and is capable of constructing very interesting missions for you to play out."

Aaron "Diego" Dahlen from Game Forces recently reviewed FreeSpace 2. Overall, FreeSpace 2 received 5 out 5 stars!

12.3.99 5:24 PM - FreeSpace 2 Patch Version 1.20
The FreeSpace 2 version 1.20 patch is now available in both auto-update and self-extracting formats.

You can download the self-extracting version (1.04MB) from the PXO website at the following address: http://www.pxo.net/files/fs21x-12.exe.

You can also update FreeSpace 2 automatically by clicking "Update" in your FreeSpace 2 launcher if you are connected to the Internet.

This patch will upgrade both version 1.0 and 1.01 to the latest version, 1.20. If you have any problems with the patching process, feel free to write support@pxo.net

The following items have been addressed by this patch:

  • Glide texture stretching fix
  • Standalone server CD checking fix
  • Jump Node placement in Fred2
  • Pilot's score added to multiplayer debriefing
  • Technical database does not show duplicates of each weapon
  • Intro movie no longer shows up twice in cutscene player after campaign
  • Objectives in Templar campaign assigned points
  • Wingmen now receive a score bonus when large ships are destroyed
  • Mission 3-4 conversation added
  • Templar 3 mission objective text altered
  • M-02 debriefing /Return to base issues fixed
  • Mission 3-7 messages changed to accurately reflect mission occurrences
  • Loop 2-1 directives issue resolved
  • Mission 1-4 failure debriefing added
  • Loop 1-2 message timing optimized
  • Loop 2-2 directives cleaned up
  • Agrippa persona fixed in mission 3-5
  • Loop 1-3 mission outcome for blowing up civilians fixed
  • Loop 1-3 in mission messaging fixed
  • Mission 1-8 briefing icons fixed
  • Mission 1-9 debriefing typos fixed
  • Mission 1-5 Discovery/Trinity personas fixed
  • Training 5 directives cleared up
  • Mission 3-1 message timing optimized
  • Mission 3-6 directives corrected
  • Mission 3-8 briefing icons corrected
  • Mission 3-9 alternate names removed from ships
  • Mission 3-9 weapons loadout fixed
  • Cyclops bomb names fixed
  • Mission 2-7 directives fixed

12.2.99 1:44 PM - FS2 - GamePower's Best Sim of '99
FreeSpace 2 received GamePower's Best Sim of '99 Award as voted by their panel of reviewers! You can check it out for yourself in the GamePower Gift Guide '99.

12.2.99 1:19 PM - Federation HQ FS2 Review
"When it comes to capital ship engagements, Freespace 2 simply sets new standards."

"...this is probably the most remarkable space combat simulator of the year and a technical yardstick future games will be measured with that won�t be easily surpassed."

Federation HQ posted their review of FreeSpace 2. FreeSpace 2 received a 9 out of 10!

12.2.99 11:52 AM - Quantum9 FS2 Review
"...if you love space simulations, you can't find a better simulation then FreeSpace 2."

"FRED. Free space mission editor. Nothing is quite like it. Many games include bundled software to create maps, missions and campaigns for the owner enjoyment. StarCraft, for one, also boost a sophisticated trigger system, that allow programming of complex missions. Unreal, Half-life, all those 3D shooters allow for map design. But none come close to the shear depth of FRED. This editor allows amazing control and programming. Events can be described by any serious of requirements, from the distance between two ships, the damage level of the hull or ship sub-system, the amount of missiles left in the banks, what�s the current goal of the ship, her location, and what not. You can create, destroy, move, heal and set new goals. The control is amazing. You can do ANYTHING."

Harel Eilam of Quantum9.com recently posted a review of FreeSpace 2. FreeSpace 2 received a 90%!

12.2.99 11:26 AM - PCXL FS2 Review
PC Accelerator had a recent review of FreeSpace 2 on page 51 of their December 99 edition. In their review they awarded FreeSpace 2 an 8 out of 10!

12.2.99 10:39 AM - Games Domain FS2 Review
James Kay from Games Domain posted a review of FreeSpace 2. FreeSpace 2 received their "Silver" award as a highly recommended game.

12.2.99 10:26 AM - Total Video Games FS2 Review
"Battling it out in space has never looked so good. As you fly about you are surrounded by detail, asteroids, planets, nebulae clouds, fierce ion storms, massive freighters, cruisers, destroyers and many fighter craft surround you at all times."

"Freespace 2 does everything very well. The graphics, sound and gameplay are excellent. Add to that the great multiplayer and mission editor and they're just icing on the cake. Take my word for it, when you stop at your local software store, don't hesitate when debating whether or not to spend your hard earned money on Freespace. It's well worth it."

from Total Video Games posted a review of FreeSpace 2. FreeSpace 2 received a score of 97%!

12.2.99 9:56 AM - EP FS2 Review
"For those of you disappointed with the Independence War expansion pack or the last X-Wing and Wing Commander sims, take refuge in the latest creation from Volition and Interplay � FreeSpace 2. It wonderfully combines a tight story, incredible graphics, and robust, white-knuckle gameplay to create one of the most well-rounded space sims of the year�and perhaps, ever."

"The opponent AI is quite cunning, as with the FreeSpace � The Great War, but if multiplayer is your bag, then forget about the highly-publicized shortcomings with its predecessor -- FreeSpace 2 features smooth and relatively lag-free gameplay over a LAN or Internet, hosted by Parallax Online (PXO), a free matchmaking service."

Marc Saltzman from Electric Playground posted a recent review of FreeSpace 2. FreeSpace 2 received a 9.4!

12.2.99 9:52 AM - Future Gamer - Conflict: FS2 Review
"Freespace 2's storyline is, in many respects, just as important as its actions sequences. It's not a script of Emmy-winning calibre, but it is markedly more immersive than the standard videogame fare."

"There's a scene right at the end of Blade Runner where Rutger Hauer's character, acknowledging his imminent death, relates cryptic, almost lyrical soundbites that allude to fantastical sights and experiences. Freespace 2 is those moments, given the gift of polygon flesh."

James Price from Future Gamer posted a review of Conflict: FreeSpace 2. Conflict: FreeSpace 2 is the name given to the UK release of the US release, FreeSpace 2. So don't worry, they're the same game:) Conflict: FreeSpace 2 received an 87%!

11.22.99 10:13 AM - Maximizing FS2 Performance
Zarathud from The Descent Chronicles has posted an article, Maximizing Your FreeSpace 2 Performance. The editoral discusses and reveals some interesting tips which may increase the performance of FreeSpace 2 on your machine.

11.19.99 10:22 AM - FreeSpace 2 Frenzy!
The FreeSpace 2 Community will be holding the first FreeSpace 2 Freny this Sunday, November 21st on PXO. There will be many events scheduled including a dogfight tournament, chatting, cameo appearances by members of the FreeSpace 2 development team, and of course multiplayer FreeSpace 2! The event will be held from 2:30pm EST until around 7:30pm EST. For more information, read the FreeSpace 2 Freny Information hosted at Planet FreeSpace. We hope to see you there!

11.17.99 3:28 PM - IGNPC's 1999 Holiday Buying Guide
IGNPC recently released their 1999 Holiday Buying Guide. FreeSpace 2 is considered one of the 12 best picks of this holiday season. If you don't own FreeSpace 2, and are considering it, here's what the folks at IGNPC had to say:

The Lowdown: This is a hardcore space combat game in the Wing Commander tradition, complete with high-tech weapons, mysterious aliens, and nail biting plot twists. In each of the game's missions, you create a pilot, receive your fighting orders and then head out into the void to accomplish assigned objectives that include capital ship defense, space superiority and search and destroy.

Who It's For: Anyone who loves space combat games, movies or books. Freespace 2's plot line shows an unusual amount of depth for a video game and will keep even the most jaded gamers on the edge of their seats. Since the game doesn't use real space physics (although it does boast an amazing space flight model) it's pretty accessible to just about anyone who can push a joystick button.

The Pitch: Freespace 2 is one of the closest things we've seen so far to playing a movie. Not only is the story great, but the game looks incredible with loads of breath-taking special effects and plot animations. An excellent choice for just about anyone who's got the machine to run it.

11.17.99 3:24 PM - Gameplayer FS2 Review
Gameplayer posted their recent review of FreeSpace 2. FreeSpace 2 received a score of 9!

11.17.99 3:21 PM - ISROnline FS2 Review
ISROnline recently posted their review of FreeSpace 2. FreeSpace 2 received their "Wow! Award for Excellence" and an overall rating of 5 out of 5!

11.17.99 3:19 PM - Adrenaline Vault FreeSpace 2 Review
The Adrenaline Vault recently posted their review of . FreeSpace 2 received their "Reviewer's Choice Award" and 4.5 stars out of 5 overall!

11.17.99 3:13 PM - GameZilla FS2 Review
Gamezilla recently posted a review of FreeSpace 2. FreeSpace 2 received a 97%!!

11.17.99 3:11 PM - GameSpot UK FS2 Review
GameSpot UK recently posted their review of FreeSpace 2. FreeSpace 2 received a 9/10!

11.17.99 3:09 PM - TechReview FS2 Review
TechReview recently reviewed FreeSpace 2 giving it a high rating of 9/10.

11.17.99 3:07 PM - GamesFirst! FS2 Review
GamesFirst! recently reviewed FreeSpace 2 giving it 5 stars out of 5!

11.5.99 2:57 PM - Web Server Upgraded
The web server was successfully upgraded earlier today. We appreciate your patience in this matter.

11.4.99 2:57 PM - Web Server Upgrade
All Volition Inc., Volition product, and PXO-related web sites will be temporarily unavailable for a brief period of time tomorrow morning while we perform a hardware upgrade. We will post a news item after the upgrade is complete. We apologize for any temporary inconvenience this may cause.

11.3.99 2:26 PM - New FS2 MP3
Freespace2.com is pleased to release another FreeSpace 2 MP3. The eleventh release is the Ending Score. Visit the FreeSpace 2 downloads page for more MP3s.

11.2.99 5:33 PM - ZDNet and GameSpot's Holiday Gift Guide
Following on the heels of the recent GameSpot review which awarded FreeSpace 2 a 9.4/10, FreeSpace 2 is listed at the top of GameSpot's Holiday Gift Guide for Sims and Space Sims!

11.2.99 5:30 PM - Sharky Extreme FS2 Review
"FreeSpace 2's greatest strength lies in its atmosphere. Titanic capital ships exchange volleys of fire as fighters buzz like angry hornets around them, com-chatter fills the cockpit as warning claxons try to keep your attention on the volley of incoming missiles, and beam weapons cleave through even the mightiest of the behemoths like a hot knife through butter. Missiles seem to hover away from your ship for just a moment, as if considering the situation, before streaking off toward their intended targets. When they hit, you're treated to nice blossom of fire and shrapnel. When they miss� well, at least you'll have a few seconds to admire the gorgeous backdrop before being blown to smithereens. "

"The ships and weapons of all the species in the game are unique and well rendered. That, coupled with the eye-catching scenic backdrop and creative lighting effects, will give you more than your fill of Halloween eye-candy."

"...if you're even a casual fan of the genre or just looking to be an armchair Luke Skywalker (without the licensing problems), you can't do much better than FreeSpace 2."

Edward "grendel" Zybul at Sharky Extreme posted a review of FreeSpace 2. FreeSpace 2 received an overall score of 9!

11.2.99 5:19 PM - TUGI.Net FS2 Review
"Freespace 2 is an extremely well done, well thought out, and well developed game. It is well worth every cent you will pay to get it. I have also chosen to give Freespace 2 The Ultimate Gamer's Choice Award. This is the first of these awards to be given out, and I�m sure it won�t be the last. I will only give this award out to games that really impress me, and Freespace 2 has done just that. With its outstanding graphics, unbeatable and intensely fun gameplay, and absolute perfect soundtrack which adds to the feel of the game, and some great multiplayer fun, I see no reason to deprive Freespace 2 of this award. Congratulations to Volition for an outstanding product. If you like flight sims or space flight sims, GET THIS GAME. You will not be disappointed."

Andrew "OdiN" Stiff of TUGI.Net posted a review of FreeSpace 2. FreeSpace 2 received 5 stars in four categories, and 5 stars out of 5 overall!

11.2.99 5:12 PM - HappyPuppy FS2 Review
"...in the last year, I've played and reviewed several sims in this genre, including X-Com Interceptor and X-Wing Alliance--the de facto champ in this genre, and let me tell you none of them hold a candle to FreeSpace 2. Everything about this new space combat sim is simply wonderful. "

"If you've played the original Descent: FreeSpace, Wing Commander, X-Wing Alliance, X-Com Interceptor or any other space combat sim, my advice is to run, don't walk, to your nearest store or website and buy this game at once. If you don't like it, I'll eat my motherboard."

"Volition has bettered the genre and created an immersive, entertaining and immensely replayable game. You'll run out of adrenaline before you run out of interest. This game is simply irresistible"

T-Bone from HappyPuppy has posted a review of FreeSpace 2. FreeSpace 2 received an average score of 9.4 out of 10 across 5 categories.

11.2.99 3:16 PM - PC Arena FS2 Review
"Interplay's smashing sequel to the original Descent : Freespace is more than just a mere add-on or expansion pack over the original. It is a work of art - complete in a box!"

"I'll just come out and say it. Freespace 2 has the best graphics in the space-sim industry. Period. Nothing has come close EVER."

"Sure, the other space sims were great too . They all had something good or other, but FS 2, with bigger, badder capital ships, furious action, fantastic multi-player opportunities and involving storyline, what more can anyone ask for?"

PC Arena posted their review of FreeSpace 2. FreeSpace 2 received 4.6 out of 5 stars!

11.2.99 11:09 AM - PXO and VBB Notice
The use of profanity or derogatory, abusive, or otherwise offensive language is strictly prohibited from all public forums on PXO or Volition's buletin boards. Volition reserves the right to determine what is offensive and reserves the right to delete accounts, ban IP addresses, edit public posts, or any other action deemed necessary to prevent the use of offensive language. Volition also reserves the right to change this policy at any time without notice.

In addition, we will be policing:

  • the use of excessive profanity
  • threatening or slandering other groups or individuals
  • users who maliciously degrade performance for others
  • individuals who misrepresent themselves as a Volition, Interplay, or PXO employee

Recently there were several members of the FreeSpace 2 community who logged on to PXO and misrepresented themselves as PXO employees. The actions of these individuals resulted in the permanent suspension of their accounts. Since two of these individuals were members of a SquadWar squad and one was the Squad Leader, this resulted in the squad's permanent suspension from SquadWar. All pending challenges with the AF squad have been deleted and their sectors have been cleared of ownership.

We apologize to anyone who was offended by the incidents.

Please read the full Parallax Software, Inc. Online License Agreement.

10.29.99 3:05 PM - Two FreeSpace 2 Reviews
"...Freespace 2's multiplayer options and playability is something of a benchmark, and thus far extremely singular in its genre."

"The actual gameplay in FreeSpace 2 is exceptional. With an expansive set of controls, Volition has done a solid job of making sure that the commands are still easy to get into. Despite having a full array of system control options, all the main controls are intuitive and in easy reach."

"The biggest improvement in the single player game is the focus on the story and plot development. Where the first game paid only lip service to giving its story any sense of depth, Volition actually hired two writers this time around to make sure the story was always moving and developing. The results are apparent."

Jason D'Aprile from Computer Games Online posted a review of FreeSpace 2. FreeSpace 2 received 4.5 stars out of five!

"Invariably the action is fast paced and non-stop. Mission design is mostly quite good, with believable objectives and force balance that is generally workable on all difficulty settings. The huge ships you attack and defend are impressive, with rotating turrets and awesome weapons that you can attack or just look at in wonder as you fly by for minutes at a time."

"Unlike any other game in the genre, Freespace 2 delivers a fully functional mission editor called FRED 2. And while it isn't for the faint of heart, it provides everything you could ever need to build missions every bit as good, or better, than those included in the game. The original FRED was used to create a huge array of missions, greatly extending the lifespan of Descent: Freespace for aficionados than there is no doubt the same will be the case for Freespace 2."

"The new Squad Wars simulates a full scale war with squadrons taking sides. Results of missions flown by squadron mates against other squadrons have an impact on the overall course of the war. It's a neat idea and helps to extend the life of the game and the interest in playing online. Every online game should have support from the developer that is this deep and well thought out."

Christian Schock at Inteliigamer posted also posted a review of FreeSpace 2. FreeSpace 2 also received 4.5 stars out of five, and received their "Intelligamer Intelligent Choice".

10.29.99 2:27 PM - Temporary Outage
Our upstream provider notified us today that they will be doing a system upgrade tomorrow morning 10/29/99 at 2:30am. Connectivity will be down for 5 minutes to an hour.

10.29.99 11:40 AM - Multiplayer Mission Instructions
Lately there has been some confusion about the multiplayer missions re-released for use with SquadWar. Please follow the instructions below to ensure you are doing things correctly.
  1. Download the Multiplayer Missions from the FreeSpace 2 Downloads page.
  2. Unzip the contents of the file into your FreeSpace2\data\missions directory.
  3. When entering the game creation screen below, click "refresh" to revalidate your missions. This step is very important.
  4. Make sure you only choose to play missions with the "checkmark" shown by the blue column in this picture.
  5. You can also verify you have chosen the proper mission by checking the mission file name in the column on the right, the orange column in this picture.
  6. If you continue to have problems, please write SquadWar@pxo.net

10.28.99 4:10 PM - Major SquadWar Update
I have just made a major change in the SquadWar rules. The role of entry nodes has been changed. Now, all teams without a sector can claim one unclaimed sector with no pending challenges from the SquadWar map. This will happen until the map fills up. After the map is filled, entry nodes will resume their role as the only point of entry on the map. This change is in response to recent concerns that the current map sturcture was too difficult to join. With only 16 entry nodes, many teams have been unable to pose a challenge to get onto the current map. This should really make SquadWar a more active place. If we feel this rule change has had a positive result on SquadWar, we will carry it over to future league maps. I will be updating the FAQ and rules pages shortly to reflect this change.

Squads with pending challenges on entry nodes who successfully claim an open sector will have their current entry node challenge wiped.

-Nathan Camarillo
-SquadWar Administrator

10.28.99 3:22 PM - Happy Halloween
We had a pumpkin carving event last Sunday and here's how they turned out!

10.27.99 4:11 PM - Want to Work in the Game Industry?
Volition, Inc. has several job openings.

All positions are full-time, salaried with full benefits. Residence in the Champaign, IL area is required. Outstanding international candidates will be considered. If you're interested in applying, visit the application instructions on our Job Board page.

Click on the links to see more information on the positions, and what we're looking for:
Character Animator: Summoner
Next Generation Console Artist: Summoner
Programmer: Summoner for PC

10.27.99 2:06 PM - MPOG FS2 Review
"Wait until the first time that you find yourself chasing over the surface of a 10km long Shivan spaceship, frantically chasing another fighter, being chased by another one, and ducking in and out of the massive yellow lasers which keep zooming from its turrets. Then one hits you. Kiss goodbye to your controls! Your ship shakes, turns and is blasted out into space. You grapple to regain control of it, point at the target, slam on the afterburner, plant a missile directly into the middle of the beam, and pull up just before you slam into the ship. Don�t let anybody tell you that the beam weapons aren�t cool. "

"Most of Freespace 2 can be summed up in the phrase "as good or better than any of the competition."

"...these ships EXPLODE. Particles, shockwaves, explosions, when one of these goes up in smoke for the first time I guarantee that Mr. Jaw will make a short, unexpected journey to Mr. Floor."

"OK, this is going to sound like a quote on the box, but what else can I say? 'I�ve played just about every space combat simulator that been released on the PC, and I�ll put it simply : Freespace 2 is the best. Buy it. Buy it now.'"

Multi-Player Online Gaming (www.mpog.com) just posted a FreeSpace 2 Review by Richard Cobbett. FreeSpace 2 receives their highest rating of 5 stars out of 5!

10.26.99 4:15 PM - Re-Released Multiplayer Missions
We recently discovered several multiplayer balance issues in the Team vs. Team missions used for SquadWar. Unzip the contents of the file into your FreeSpace2\data\missions directory. The missions have been fixed, and are available for download:


Multiplayer Mission Changes:

Ships: The Erinyes was available to Team 2 but not available to Team 1.

Ships: The Ursa, Boanerges, Seth, Horus, Thoth, Serapis, Tauret, Sekhmet, Osiris, and Bakha were available to Team 1 but not available to Team 2. The Erinyes was available to Team 2 but not Team 1.
Weapons: The Piranha was available to Team 1 but not to team 2. The Stiletto II was available to team 2 but not to team 1. The Helios was available to Team 1 but not to team 2.

Weapons: The Prometheus R was available to Team 1 but not to team 2. The Cyclops available to Team 1 was Cyclops#short, but the Cyclops available to Team 2 was simply the Cyclops.

Ships: The Ulysses was available to Team 2 but not to Team 1.
Weapons: The Mekhu HL-7 was available to team 1 but not to team 2.

Ships: The Ulysses was available to team 2 but not to team 1.

Ships: The Ulysses was available to Team 2 but not to team 1.

Loadouts have been made equal for both teams on the missions listed above.

Time limits on MT-06, MT-07, MT-08, MT-09, and MT-10 have been increased to 6 minutes before the bonus is awarded.

Missions mt-01.fs2, mt-03.fs2, mt-05.fs2, mt-06.fs2, mt-07.fs2, mt-08.fs2, mt-09.fs2, and mt-10.fs2 have been invalidated on PXO meaning that stats won't store while playing the old missions. The MT missions will be patched in the next FreeSpace 2 patch, and these SWR- releases will be made invalid.

10.26.99 11:16 AM - New FS2 MP3
Freespace2.com is pleased to release another FreeSpace 2 MP3. The tenth release is Numbers Chapter III. This is the third part of a three part release. Visit the FreeSpace 2 downloads page for more MP3s.

10.25.99 2:53 PM - FS2 on A3D Featured Reviews
FreeSpace 2 is featured on A3D's Featured Reviews page.

10.21.99 10:49 AM - Game Revolution FS2 Review
"Freespace 2, follow up to last year's excellent Descent Freespace: The Great War, continues the series tradition. The excellent gameplay is based on a slick combination of X-Wing and Wing Commander with a near perfect interface and a totally distinct style. Although at its core Freespace 2 remains almost identical to the original, the enhancements made to the gameplay, along with a killer single player campaign and extensive multiplayer options, make Freespace 2 one of the very best space combat games ever made. "

"The plot is, I must add, strictly first rate even for a game in a genre famous for well-developed stories. It builds through several different conflicts into an unforgettable climax, and just when you think it's all over... you ain't seen nothing yet. "

"Every missile you fire, every time a Shivan fighter streaks by, every time you fly through a cloud of flak, and every time a cap-ship beam powers up and barely misses the side of your ship, your ears become completely immersed in the extremely intense world of Freespace 2. Don't cheat yourself - play this one with the volume way up."

Johnny B. at Game Revolution has posted a review of FreeSpace 2.

10.21.99 10:40 AM - DailyRadar.com FS2 Review
"Back in black and bigger than ever, Freespace 2 is just about everything you'd want in a hard-core 3D space combat sim."

"Simply put, the graphics are some of the most beautiful we have seen this year, and have certainly raised the bar for space combat sims. The weapon effects are gorgeous and varied, and can be mesmerizing when your ship turns to face a massive dogfight with dozens of oncoming Shivan fighters. The environmental graphics are lush and colorful, with purple nebulae and golden suns looking photo-real. The enormous corvette and capital class ships are detailed nicely to add to the sense of physical presence when they come rumbling into view. "

"There really is nothing lacking in Freespace 2. On the right machine it's fast, beautiful and fun."

Jim Preston at DailyRadar.com has posted a review of FreeSpace 2. FreeSpace 2 receives their highest rating of "Direct Hit"!

10.20.99 5:56 PM - GameSpy FS2 Review
"Space Sims are fairly rooted in their devices; big capital ships, sleek fighters, slower but heavily armed bombers, flashing lasers, smoking missiles, and large explosions. Freespace 2 takes all of those elements and turns them up to eleven."

"Graphically, the game sparkles. Each cannon blast, missile launch, and explosion fill your eyes with a sense of awe. The starfield in the background blurs accordingly when you turn your ship, and coupled with the dizzying array of other effects in the game, you find yourself feeling as if you were a part of some expensive blockbuster movie."

"Overall, Freespace 2 is one slick package. The quality of the graphics, sound, and control contribute to the illusion that you're really part of a large-scale stellar conflict. From beginning to end, the involving storyline and varying mission types will keep you wanting more, which is provided by the sufficient multiplayer capabilities, and the interesting SquadWar ladder system. You'll be playing Freespace 2 for quite a while."

Matt 'Mix' Fox from GameSpy.com has posted a review of FreeSpace 2 where the game receives a 92%!

10.20.99 5:26 PM - Gaming Age FS2 Review
"The most important thing about this title seems to be the overall focus on presentation, and creating an experience. Not only do the graphics excel in current terms of 3D representation, but the sound lends a hand to the thrill-ride as well."

"So this was Freespace 2's big chance to stand out on its own. It certainly has accomplished that, and even more than that Volition has shown even with the passage of time they can embrace the ability to create even bigger and more graphically impressive titles, without sacrificing the single most important thing that drives this series; gameplay."

Ryan Thompson of Gaming Age has posted a review of FreeSpace 2.

10.19.99 5:45 PM - Games Overdose FreeSpace 2 Review
"I can easily describe Freespace 2 as the best space combat simulator ever released. After all the Overall Rating is one of the biggest ever given in a game since Freespace 2 is almost perfect."

"Concluding, Freespace 2 is one of the most interesting games I have ever played. Up to this point X-Wing Alliance was my category favorite but Freespace 2 is by far better. Nowadays, a game will rarely impress you, not to mention a reviewer that plays tens of games per month. Freespace is one of the games that make me happy I am a reviewer. It really worth the money spent."

Costas Barakitis at Games Overdose posted a review of FreeSpace 2. In this review, FreeSpace 2 receives a 97% rating!

10.19.99 5:28 PM - SquadWar Mission List
There is now a Mission List available on the SquadWar site. Hopefully this list will clarify some of the recent confusion about mission objectives, scorings and respawns. Teams must decide the time and place of the match, the number of respawns and the location of the game server. For all team versus team missions the difficulty level is forced to "medium". Therefore difficulty level has no affect on score or bonuses. If there are still issues which need clarification, please write the SquadWar Administrator at squadwar@pxo.net.

Special thanks to pilots Eclipse, Kniff, Ice-Wolf, DemonKnight, and Century for participating in the screenshots.

10.19.99 1:35 PM - Game-Over.Net FreeSpace 2 Review
"Freespace 2 carries an adrenaline-packed storyline, spectacular graphics, great music track, and otherwise a great ambiance - making it one of the best games to come out this year. "

Pseudo Nim at Game-Over.Net recently completed his review of FreeSpace 2. Game-Over.Net gave FreeSpace 2 a very high 97% rating! There are also numerous screenshots of FreeSpace 2 available with the review.

10.16.99 6:38 PM - FS2 Gets 9.4 in GameSpot Review
"FreeSpace 2 is one of the best space sims ever made and is a solid candidate for game of the year."

"The complex plot of FreeSpace 2 is often surprising and consistently captivating."

"FreeSpace 2 is the first space sim to depict epic capital-ship battles in a manner that both plausibly reflects their importance and demonstrates their raw power in an entertaining fashion."

"You can find plenty of games to join on the free Parallax Online servers, which also maintain comprehensive pilot statistics records. (Volition actually threw a couple of the pilots who had racked up the most impressive records with Descent: Freespace into one FreeSpace 2 campaign mission.) Even more interesting is the addition of Squad War, another free multiplayer service that lets squads of pilots conquer other squads' territories, ultimately giving you the opportunity to dynamically change the gameworld in a way that massively multiplayer games have yet to permit."

"FreeSpace 2 is an outstanding game. It retains the outstanding customizability and interface of the original game and presents a more involving story and the best graphics seen in the genre to date."

"FreeSpace 2 is a true classic of the genre and one of the best games to be released this year."

Desslock at GameSpot posted their FreeSpace 2 Review. FreeSpace 2 received a very high overall rating of 9.4, one of the highest SpotScores ever. We are very excited and pleased to receive such a great review for FreeSpace 2.

GameSpot is also conducting an Instant Poll "Which of these space combat simulations is the best?". FreeSpace 2 is currently leading the votes with 37% of over 4,200 votes taken thus far.

The individual review scores follow:
Gameplay: 9
Graphics: 10
Sound: 10
Value: 10
Reviewer's Tilt: 9

10.16.99 6:34 PM - Current SquadWar Standings
Congratulations to [TS] Terra Squadron, Planet FreeSpace, USS, and V_Summoner who are all tied for first place in the SquadWar Inaugural League. These four teams each hold three sectors, and [TS] Terra Squadron is the first team to move into the third tier of nodes on the map. If you would like to play SquadWar, join a Squad, or start a new Squad, read the SquadWar FAQ for details.

10.16.99 5:58 PM - FreeSpace 2 Rankings
Captain apollo and Captain DE_Sleepwalker are in a heated race for first place on the PXO FreeSpace 2 Rankings Charts. They both have over two days of flight time and over 150,000 points. With over 1,700 active FreeSpace 2 players, you'll easily find a other players to start a game with while playing via PXO. FreeSpace 2's multiplayer options include missions for dogfights, cooperative, and team vs. team play. All results are stored in this ranking system while playing on PXO. Get connected today!

10.12.99 11:55 AM - Next Generation Console Artist
Volition, Inc. is currently looking for a Next Generation Console Artist to work on Volition's upcoming game, Summoner.

If you're interested in applying, visit the job description on our Job Board page.

10.12.99 11:43 AM - Thresh's FiringSquad Editor's Choice
"FreeSpace 2 is an amazing experience. Combining excellent single- and multiplayer gameplay with great graphics and excellent sound effects, it seems like the culmination of years of space combat sim evolution. If you've never owned a game in the genre before but are interested in it, this is a great start. If, on the other hand, you are an experienced and hardcore space sim buff, with your own ideas of what makes a game good or bad, be prepared to have it meet your expectations and then some."

"Just wait until you see the Colossus. Dozens of anti-ship beams, anti-fighter beams, laser turrets and missile turrets all packed on a 6 kilometer long hull. The Colossus is just insanely big. In fact, all the ships are huge. The sense of scale you get is astonishing. You are a speck, a fly, nothing more � I'm just amazed that this graphics engine can display 3 or 4 big ships and dozens of fighters, missiles and lasers on screen, all active �"

"Multiplayer action is insanely fun. You can play against other people in dogfights, or against the computer in scripted missions, etc. There are assaults or defenses of capital ships, various dogfight settings and even the Squad War option which is like an official Clan match. Ubercool."

Jakub "Warspite" Wojnarowicz from Thresh's FiringSquad has posted an extraordinary ten page review of FreeSpace 2. Warspite liked FreeSpace 2 so much that he gave FreeSpace 2 his first ever Editor's Choice Award!

10.11.99 3:28 PM - SquadWar Colors
If you're a SquadWar admin you would probably like to change your SquadWar colors or set your SquadWar color for the first time. There is now a linked page available in the "Admin Squad" page.

10.11.99 2:07 PM - New FS2 MP3's
Freespace2.com is pleased to release another FreeSpace 2 MP3. The ninth release is Numbers Chapter II. This is the second part of a three part release. Visit the FreeSpace 2 downloads page for more MP3s.

But where is the ship of the week?
Until I can confirm that FS2 is available in Europe, I won't be posting the Colossus. I would hate to spoil it for everyone.

10.8.99 10:40 AM - Character Animator Wanted
Volition, Inc. is currently looking for a Character Animator to work on Volition's upcoming game, Summoner.

If you're interested in applying, visit the job description on our Job Board page.

10.6.99 3:09 PM - FreeSpace 2 Leads Interview
John Callaham from S T O M P E D has posted an interview with FreeSpace 2 Leads Mike Kulas, Adam Pletcher, Jasen Whiteside, Dave Baranec, Jason Scott.

10.6.99 2:00 PM - FS2 Voice Actors
There are some familiar celebrity voices in FreeSpace 2. The actors are also listed on the Credits page in the manual, but I have included some detailed information for those who are curious:

Robert Loggia (Admiral Petrarch)

  • Independence Day (General William Grey)
  • Lost Highway (Dick Laurent, Mr. Ed)
  • Prizzi's Honor (Eduardo Prizzi)
  • Scarface (Frank Lopez)
Stephen Baldwin (intro narration)
  • The Usual Suspects (McMannis)
Ronny Cox (Admiral Bosch)
  • Robocop (Dick Jones)
  • Total Recall (Vilos Cohaagen)
  • Beverly Hills Cop (Lieutenant Bogomil)
Kurtwood Smith (narrator of Colossus scene)
  • "That 70's Show" (Red)
  • Broken Arrow (Secretary of Defense Baird)
  • Dead Poets Society (Mr. Perry/Neil Perry's Father)
  • Star Trek VI (Federation President)
  • Robocop (Clarence Boddicker)

10.5.99 2:55 PM - PXO Rankings
The PXO rankings for FreeSpace 2 went live last Friday. Congratulations are in order for the current leader, Lt.Cmdr. StrayKat-4th who is also in the US Navy. The current leader among Volition players is Ensign ancientone.

On a related note, SquadWar also went live last Friday. If you are a Squad Admin, be sure to sign up for the SquadWar Inaugural League and join the map. If you need help with SquadWar, be sure to read the SquadWar FAQ.

10.5.99 2:48 PM - AGN FreeSpace 2 Review
"Freespace 2 surpasses the original offering in every conceivable way. The graphics are better, the missions and story continue their tradition of excellence and thoughtful design, and its the only game in town for multiplayer-starved space simulation junkies like myself. :) If there is only one space combat simulation you can afford on the remainder of the year, make sure its Freespace 2. I know you won't regret it."

"...my pick for Space Combat simulation of the year!"

AGN has posted their review of FreeSpace 2. Reviewer Jose Ayala gave FreeSpace 2 a 9.6 out of 10!

10.5.99 2:40 PM - First FreeSpace 2 Review
"Volition's latest opus takes the space fighter sim to the next level."

"If you're a fan of space combat games, you owe it to yourself to grab a copy of this game. Very highly recommended."

PC.IGN.COM had the honor of releasing the first FreeSpace 2 review on the planet. The reviewer Trent Ward gave FreeSpace 2 a very favorable 8.9 out of 10.

10.5.99 2:37 PM - New FS2 MP3's
Freespace2.com is pleased to release another FreeSpace 2 MP3. The eighth release is Numbers Chapter I. This is the first part of a three part release. Visit the FreeSpace 2 downloads page for more MP3s.

10.5.99 10:56 AM - Downloadable FS2 Patch 1.01
We now have a downloadable version of the FS2 1.01 patch available. If you'd like to manually patch your version of the FreeSpace 2 Demo, you can find the file at:

http://www.pxo.net/files/fs2101.exe - PXO.NET Illinois, USA

10.1.99 10:41 AM - New Ships of the Week
Two new ships have been added to the FreeSpace 2 Ship Gallery, the GVB Sekhmet and the GVA Setekh.

10.1.99 8:40 AM - FreeSpace 2 Patch 1.01
Unfortunately we have encountered a problem with the original shipment of Freespace 2 on some Windows95a or Windows95OSR2 systems. The problem causes the title to repeatedly ask for CD#2, even with the correct CD in the drive. This does not mean that your CD is damaged or needs replacement. We regret that the problem was discovered after the product had been shipped, but we were able to pinpoint and correct this problem immediately, and have already made an update available for the title, which can be installed by simply clicking the 'update' button, located on the Freespace launcher. If the title did not originally install, click on your 'Start' button, then on 'Run', and type D:\SETUP, with 'D' representing your CD-ROM drive letter. After installation, you will then be prompted with the option to update your title via the games launcher. The launcher can also be accessed (after the title has been successfully installed) by:


The new version will be automatically downloaded to your system. Any future updates for the title will also be available via the update button, and we recommend that you check it periodically to assure that you are running the newest version of Freespace 2.

Note for Windows98 Users: Although we have not encountered the problem in tests with Windows98 systems, installation of the patch will in no way be detrimental to your operation of the title, and is recommended.

Again, we do apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause. We do our best to verify that our products go out as clean as possible, and hope that you understand that we are working to resolve this situation immediately. We hope that you enjoy playing Freespace 2 as much as we enjoyed creating it for you.

If you need additional assistance, please feel free to contact our support department at support@interplay.com.

9.28.99 5:27 PM - GameSpyder Site of the Day

Pharcyde here, I'm the site director for GameSpyder.com , the largest gaming-specific search engine on the net. Your site was chosen to be site of the day on GameSpyder! Every day sites are chosen from around the net to be GameSpyder's "Featured Site" on our front page. FreeSpace2.com was chosen because of good design, regular updates, overall content, and because I think you kick ___. =) Keep up the good work!

You can find GameSpyder at: http://www.gamespyder.com

FreeSpace2.Com was chosen today as GameSpyder's site of the day!

9.28.99 1:57 PM - FreeSpace 2 in UGO GameFLASH Daily
The best space combat sim of 1999 is about to enter our atmosphere. PC Accelerator says, "In space, no one can hear our giggles of anticipatory joy." PC Gamer says, "This could be our last, best hope for an interstellar shoot-'em-up before 2000." Thresh's Firing Squad says, "What I can tell you about FreeSpace 2 is that it features some of the coolest plot immersion we've ever seen." And, Strategy Plus sums it up nicely with, "Hope you haven't spent too much time planning retirement." Download the interactive demo for FreeSpace 2 now at www.freespace2.com and start losing track of time.

FreeSpace 2 was recently mentioned in the September 24th UGO's GameFLASH Daily.

9.28.99 8:14 AM - New FreeSpace 2 Demo Review

9.27.99 12:00 PM - Composer/Sound Designer Wanted
Volition, Inc. is currently looking for a Composer/Sound Designer to work on Volition's upcoming games.

If you're interested in applying, visit the job description on our Job Board page.

9.22.99 5:35 PM - Party People
I almost forgot to post these pictures. These pictures are from our FreeSpace 2 celebration last Friday at Volition, Inc. Sorry, but no clever captions this time :)

9.22.99 5:14 PM - SquadWar Rules
There's a working version of the SquadWar rules available on the SquadWar site.

The basis for Squad War is that organized squadrons should be able to conquer and defend regions of space. Squad War allows multiplayer squadrons to challenge other squadrons for control of territory in the universe. Squad War is an organized form of team vs. team multiplayer gameplay. PXO servers will maintain a list of registered squadrons (each has a name, a password, and a list of members) which will be managed by users through a web page. Squadrons will fight it out (via team vs. team missions) for control of sectors. The PXO database will keep track of which squadron controls each sector.

9.22.99 4:36 PM - VOX Inaugural Newsletter
The first issue of VOX went out via email today to everyone who is subscribed. I apologize if you receive multiple copies. This will be corrected for the next run of VOX. Enjoy!

If you still haven't signed up for VOX, just fill out this form.

9.22.99 4:11 PM - FreeSpace 2's Finaling Process
One of the hardest things to do in the world is ship a game on time. FS2 shipped one month early. The entire team put in a monster performance to accomplish this.

Jason Scott and Mike Breault, our writers, had a hard deadline of September 1 to complete the game's entire script. They worked insane hours to get this done. Jason spent 7 days in recording studios in Champaign and Chicago to oversee the voice recording (there are over 50,000 words in this game). Dan Wentz added the last voice files to SourceSafe on September 11. We finaled six days later.

Our esteemed producer from Interplay, Jim Boone, moved out to Champaign for the final two and a half months to lend a hand with mission design and to ensure he did everything he could to make FS2 a success. Jim, a married man, sacrificed his personal life to help the project succeed.

The mission designers, Brad Johnson and James Agay, were critical path going way back to early days on the project. They did an outstanding job building all of the single-player missions, putting in long hours under unpleasant pressure from me.

Mike Kulas, president and owner of Volition, was here in the wee hours of the morning in the final month, working out the balance for all the single player missions. There is nothing like scheduled meetings at 11pm. Mike even got to write some code for FS2 and managed not to break too much.

Jasen Whiteside, lead artist on the project, kept the troops in line throughout the project. With tons of new ships, cutscenes, command briefs, and hi-rez interface work, the art team did an outstanding job. The game looks amazing and five of these guys were right out of college.

The programmers, Dave Baranec, Dave Andsager, and Jeff Farris, did an amazing job, as well. The game was super stable all the way through the development cycle. Even several weeks out from shipping, we saw very few crash bugs. These guys just flat out worked like dogs. Baranec had obviously run out of clean clothes and proudly sported the "playoff hair". Andsager got a little crusty with week-old beard growth and frazzled hair. Interestingly, the stress level of the entire project was measurable by the frequency of Andsager's use of colorful metaphors. Poor Farris joined the team in July after graduation from Ohio State. "Hey Jeff, help us final this game, and by the way, don't break anything."

Dan Wentz did an outstanding job with the music and sound for the game. Even with a few unexpected schedule changes and plenty of critique from me, Dan rallied to put together a great sound track for the game.

Anoop Shekar lead our QA effort at Volition. Anoop was here many a night doing CD builds and FTPing data back to Interplay. Anoop did a great job coordinating our QA efforts with the Interplay testers, and more importantly, Anoop had a big hand in the final balancing of the missions.

Four Interplay testers packed up and shipped out to Champaign to help us final the game. Mike Motoda, Harold Kim, Erik Hernandez, and John Palmero all made the trek. Erik turned 21 out here and the guys learned who makes the best pizza in the world.

Finaling a game is an amazing experience. You work like mad, you don't get much sleep, you cope with a huge amount of stress, you see your family very little, simple things like paying bills and doing laundry are amazingly hard to get done, and you ride one heck of an emotional roller-coaster. The lows are pretty low, but the highs are indeed very high. There is a certain kind of high that you experience as a group when everything comes together and you are able to stand back and marvel at the sheer quantity and quality of your work. Going gold is a big smile.

-Philip Holt
-Director of Product Development

9.22.99 3:43 PM - Behind the Scenes
Last Thursday night, we had a pretty good feeling we had a gold candidate on our hands. We went out a little early to a local establishment for a pre-celebration!

9.22.99 3:17 PM - New Ships of the Week
Two new ships have been added to the FreeSpace 2 Ship Gallery, the GTT Argo and the GTSC Mjolnir.

9.22.99 2:45 PM - New FS2 MP3's
Freespace2.com is pleased to release another FreeSpace 2 MP3. This will continue from now until I run out of MP3's. The seventh release is Joshua Chapter III. This is the third part of a three part release. Visit the FreeSpace 2 downloads page for more MP3s.

9.22.99 2:42 PM - FreeSpace 2 Goes Gold!
Lisa Bucek, our PR Manager at Interplay, has given us the go ahead to announce FreeSpace 2 has gone gold! Normally, we are to remain silent until a press release hits the wire. However, due to the numerous rumors, and speculations surrounding FreeSpace 2 status, Interplay gave us permission to address these rumors and confirm FreeSpace 2's gold status! Interplay will release a press release in the coming weeks, likely to coincide with FS2 shipping into stores.

9.22.99 9:15 AM - Big News Today
There is big news in store for FreeSpace 2 fans today...
  • Another MP3's from Dan Wentz
  • New Ships of the Week
  • Our first issue of VOX
  • More behind the scenes pictures
  • A posting of rules of SquadWar.Com
  • Links to the latest community news
  • And very special announcement...
If you haven't signed up for VOX, sign up!

9.21.99 12:23 PM - SquadWar Pre-Registration
We are currently taking pre-registration for SquadWar Squads. Please fill out this form. You simply need a valid email address and a PXO account. You will be contacted as soon as we are ready for the next phase of SquadWar.

9.20.99 3:39 PM - Womengamers.Com FS2 Preview
The beautiful graphics are not isolated to one or two special effects, but can be seen throughought the entire game.

Strider has a new preview of FreeSpace 2 at Womengamers.Com.

9.20.99 8:45 AM - New FS2 Community Sites
The Freespace 2 Community Page has been updated. We are pleased to welcome FSWC - FreeSpace Writers Coalition, GTXD Excalibur, and Roughneck Squadron.

FSWC - The FSWC is dedicated to the writing community of FreeSpace Fan-Fiction. They are a valuable member of the FreeSpace Community, bringing the same action seen in any FRED Designed Mission.

GTXD Excalibur - The GTXD Excalibur mission's guild and pilot's alliance homepage is home to one of the largest newsletters in the FreeSpace community. The newsletter covers the latest FreeSpace mission projects. The pilot's alliance is one of the largest group of squadrons presently in the FreeSpace community and welcomes all to become of a member of it, even if they are a member of another squadron or clan. The site also includes basic technical data about the FreeSpace universe, notably a chronological timeline of the FreeSpace Writer Coalition's FreeSpace Expanded Universe.

Roughneck Squadron - This is a Freespace 1 and 2 squadron, formed in March of 1999.

If you would like your site listed on this page, please send the title of your site, the address your site, and a brief description to webmaster@volition-inc.com.

9.19.99 1:46 PM - FreeSpace 2 Community Page
The Freespace 2 Community Page has been completed! The purpose of the page is to provide community and fan site links for fans of FreeSpace 2. If you would like your site listed on this page, please send the title of your site, the address your site, and a brief description to webmaster@volition-inc.com.

9.19.99 12:05 PM - Planet FreeSpace Interview
Once again Planet FreeSpace posted a new interview. For this interview they chose Jason Scott. Jason Scott is one of our two writers at Volition. If you want to read the funniest interview so far, you have to check this one out. Posting this completely slipped my mind. I was looking foward to reading the interview so much that I read it right away instead of posting the news item. I recently remembered that I needed to post it. Oops!

9.18.99 2:40 PM - New Ships of the Week
Two new ships have been added to the FreeSpace 2 Ship Gallery, the GTF Erinyes and the GTD Hecate.

9.15.99 7:17 PM - Inside Volition...

9.14.99 4:42 PM - MP3's - a little early, a little late...
Freespace2.com is pleased to release two more FreeSpace 2 MP3s. This will continue from now until the game ships. The fifth and sixth releases are Joshua Chapter I and Joshua Chapter II. These are the first two parts of a three part release. Visit the FreeSpace 2 downloads page for more MP3s.

A trip to Chicago for the Game Developer's Conference at the end of last week delayed the release of Chapter I. I thought I'd be nice and release Chapter II a few days early to make it up to everyone:)

9.11.99 4:16 PM - Well Rounded Entertainment FS2 Preview
"Even in beta form, FreeSpace 2 has blown past our highest expectations. Volition has created an absorbing, and more importantly, entertaining game that kept you interested while it fuels repeated adrenaline rushes. The Wing Commander series could be about to lose its throne."

"The year's most eagerly awaited space sim will surpass your wildest expectations."

Chris Morris has a new preview of FreeSpace 2 at Well Rounded Entertainment.

9.9.99 5:37 PM - New Ships of the Week
Two new ships have been added to the FreeSpace 2 Ship Gallery, the GTS Hygeia and the GTA Charybdis.

9.7.99 9:33 AM - Create a Race Contest
The crew over at Ground FreeSpace are hosting a create-a-race contest. The prize is a free copy of FreeSpace 2. The object of the contest is to create a race that could coincide within the Freespace universe.

9.6.99 11:29 AM - FiringSquad FS2 Demo Review
The FreeSpace 2 demo is an absolutely splendid use of technology without sending requirements through the roof. Everything about it looks right at the moment. From the graphics to the sound, it's all top-notch.

The gameplay is a truly elite effort, with a promising single- and multi-player experience, combined with an intuitive interface. With time, you can learn the additional commands and enjoy all the intricacies of space combat.

If you've played space games before, think of Wing Commander like Quake, X-Wing: Alliance like Quake II, so that makes FreeSpace 2 into a Half-Life.

Jakub "Warspite" Wojnarowicz from Thresh's FiringSquad has posted a review of the FreeSpace 2 Demo. If you have to choose any review of the FreeSpace 2 Demo to read, read this one.

9.6.99 11:19 AM - FreeSpace 2 Frenzy
I'd just like to thank everyone who showed up at the FreeSpace 2 Frenzy on Sunday, September 5th. It was by far one of the most successful PXO events I have seen thus far. We had an amazing turnout. I say amazing because this was for a multiplayer demo, not even the full game! If this is any indication, the gatherings after FreeSpace 2 is released will be even bigger and better:) Everyone had a blast, and we can't wait to do it again. Here are some screenshots from yesterday's event:

9.3.99 2:49 PM - Planet FreeSpace Interview
Planet FreeSpace posted a new interview today. For this interview they asked Philip Holt, Director of Product Development, for the bottom line. Philip talks about FreeSpace 2, Volition, and of course the great Champaign Pizza Debate.

9.2.99 11:38 AM - New Ships of the Week
Two new ships have been added to the FreeSpace 2 Ship Gallery, the GVCv Sobek and the GTC Aeolus.

9.2.99 7:39 AM - FreeSpace 2 MP3's
Freespace2.com is pleased to release another FreeSpace 2 MP3. This will continue from now until the game ships. The fourth release is Revelation Chapter III. This is the final part of a three part release. Chapters I and II were released during the two weeks prior to this release. Visit the FreeSpace 2 downloads page for more information.

Revelation is currently the last song in the game.

8.30.99 1:21 PM - FreeSpace 2 Pre-Orders
The Interplay Store found at www.interplay-store.com is accepting pre-orders for FreeSpace 2. Their current price is $49.95 with $6.95 shipping and handling. If you order now, you can get a free FreeSpace 2 Keyboard Control Cover with your purchase.

The Cockpit Collection's Keyboard Control Cover is a soft elastomer plastic skin that fits over regular shaped keyboards (a Top Secret patented mold was used to create the skins). The skin is printed with highly detailed text and graphics which are fitting exactly above the appropriate keys. Flipping through game manuals or templates to find key commands is now a thing of the past. Just place it on top of your keyboard and you're ready to play in seconds.

Order your copy of FreeSpace 2 today!

8.30.99 1:20 PM - Chat Rant Recap
Ground FreeSpace put up last Friday's Chat Rant with Nathan Camarillo. If you're interested in FreeSpace 2 and Squad War, check it out!

8.27.99 5:09 PM - FreeSpace 2 MP3's
Freespace2.com is pleased to release another FreeSpace 2 MP3. This will continue from now until the game ships. The third release is Revelation Chapter II. This is the second part of a three part release. Expect Chapter III next week.

Revelation is currently the last song in the game. If you missed the first chapter of Revelation, you can still download Revelation Chapter I.

8.27.99 12:08 PM - New FreeSpace 2 Desktop Image
We're pleased to release a new FreeSpace 2 desktop on our FreeSpace 2 Downloads Page.

Just download the .ZIP file that corresponds to your monitor's resolution and extract the file contents into your Windows directory. Right click on your desktop and choose the new background from the wallpaper list. The name of the file you are looking for in the list will contain "fs2_bosch_".

8.27.99 9:25 AM - Chat Rant Tonight
Tonight at 7:00PM EST, 6:00PM VST (Volition Standard Time), I, Nathan Camarillo, will be a guest on Ground Freespace's Chat Rant.

For more information on how to listen to the event and get the necessary software, visit the Chat Rant Homepage. Tonight's topics will be Squad War and FreeSpace 2.

8.27.99 9:16 AM - FreeSpace 2 Preview
"[Capital ships] simply dwarf fighters, instilling a palpable sense of awe and fear in pilots that must approach them. Even the friendlies intimidated me. Must be the 50 or more gun turrets that bristle around the edges."

GamePen has posted a new preview of FreeSpace 2. Thanks to Eric Eckstein of UGO and Annex from freespace2.net for informing me about this preview.

8.26.99 5:59 PM - New Ships of the Week
We've added two new ships to the FreeSpace 2 Ship Gallery, the GVB Bakha and the GTI Ganymede.

8.23.99 10:46 AM - News, Interviews, and Previews
This week will be another big week on the FreeSpace 2 web site. You can expect to see the latest Bug Fix of the Day, Ship of the Week, new MP3's from Dan Wentz, a new desktop image, and news about the latest happenings in the FreeSpace 2 community.

Over the weekend Speedy 3D released an interview with Interplay's Lisa Bucek.

Also, Tane "Zer0" Piper posted a brief but concise preview of FreeSpace 2 on Game Forces.

8.20.99 4:08 PM - Interview with Dave Baranec
Ed "It's funny that everyone calls me Coj... You can just call me Ed" Finkler from FreeSpace2.Org just posted an interview with Dave Baranec, lead programmer on FreeSpace 2. Read the interview and find out why Dave is the high-seas pirate everyone loves.

8.20.99 2:39 PM - Adrenaline Vault Preview
"It provides the same blistering, fast-paced interstellar action as its predecessor, but this time with a lot more backing it up in the way of story. Even in the game's early stages, I'm impressed at how well this is integrated, not only in the structure of missions, but in the design and functionality of ships and armaments as well. And, of course, it doesn't hurt when there's a whole heaping pile of eye candy on top of it. "

Adrenaline Vault has a new preview of FreeSpace 2 by Adam Swiderski.

8.19.99 5:21 PM - New Ships of the Week
It's Thursday and that means it's time to add two new ships to the FreeSpace 2 Ship Gallery, the GTM Hippocrates and the GVD Hatshepsut.

8.19.99 2:08 PM - Planet FreeSpace Interview
Planet FreeSpace posted a new interview today. For their initial interview, they decided to talk to Volition's Web Designer. For those of you keeping score at home, that's me. I'm Nathan Camarillo!

8.19.99 11:10 AM - FreeSpace 2 MP3's
Freespace2.com is pleased to release another FreeSpace 2 MP3. This will continue from now until the game ships. The second release is Revelation Chapter I. This is the first part of a three part release. Expect Chapters II and III over the next two weeks.

Revelation is currently the last song in the game.

8.18.99 2:30 PM - New Look for www.volition-inc.com
There has been a redesign of the Volition, Inc. homepage. Stop by and check it out!

8.17.99 11:52 AM - FreeSpace 2 Demo Patch 1.10
The latest patch for the FreeSpace 2 Demo is now active. Changes include:
  • Desktop resolution vs. gameplay resolution. Previous versions of the FS2 demo had a problem when people would have a desktop resolution lower than the resolution they were playing with. When a region outside the valid desktop area was clicked while ingame, the game would minimize. This version should eliminate this problem.
  • Dedicated server stops sending updates during netplay. There was a bug (most often seen during dogfight missions) where clients would see all ships in the game stop moving and float in whatever direction they were heading.
  • Similar to the dedicated server problem, clients would often not realize when they had timed-out or been disconnected from the server. This should be properly detected now.
  • Dedicated server ghost process. There was a problem where the dedicated server would not properly shut itself down when the "shutdown" button was pressed. It would stay wedged in the process table.
You can automatically update your version of the FreeSpace 2 Demo by clicking on "update" in the FreeSpace 2 demo launcher. If you enter the game without patching and attempt to play via PXO, you will be informed that there is an update available. Clicking "cancel" will put you in the games list of games local to your machine. This will not be the PXO lobby. In order to update properly, you must hit "update now". This will return you to your desktop. From here you must load the FreeSpace launcher and click "update" to begin the automatic update. Alternatively, if you'd like to manually patch your version of the FreeSpace 2 Demo, you can find the file at:

8.13.99 4:56 PM - New FreeSpace 2 Desktop Image
We're pleased to release a new FreeSpace 2 desktop on our FreeSpace 2 Downloads Page.

Just download the .ZIP file that corresponds to your monitor's resolution and extract the file contents into your Windows directory. Right click on your desktop and choose the new background from the wallpaper list. The name of the file you are looking for in the list will contain "cap_construct_".

8.13.99 2:03 PM - Radio FreeSpace
Tomorrow night at 8:00pm EST Producer Jim Boone and Lead Programmer Dave Baranec will be doing a live interview on 106.7 WJFK's Tech Radio. WJFK is broadcast through most of Virginia. If you're in that area, tune in!

8.12.99 5:11 PM - New Ships of the Week
We've added two new ships to the FreeSpace 2 Ship Gallery, the GVFr Bes and the GTF Myrmidon.

8.12.99 9:53 AM - Gamespot FreeSpace 2 Preview
"... the attention to story and mission design potentially could take it to a place that no space combat sim has gone before. "

There is a new, 6 page preview of FreeSpace 2 on GameSpot. The article details many of FreeSpace 2's features and includes several screenshots.

8.11.99 1:11 PM - Got FreeSpace 2 Demo?
Orange from the Descent Chronicles has created a button to promote the FreeSpace 2 Demo. Do you want to help promote downloads of the demo? Visit the Descent Chronicles for the button and for more information. Thanks again to Orange for putting this together.

8.10.99 2:20 PM - FreeSpace 2 MP3's
As promised, freespace2.com will be releasing weekly FreeSpace 2 MP3's from now until the game ships. The first release is Ambience I. Here's an excerpt from the text file written by Dan Wentz which is included with the MP3.

Freespace 2, like it's predecessor, utilizes event driven music. Unlike the original, nearly all focus is placed on actual battles. Depending on how the player is doing and how long it takes him, the music will gradually switch to the higher, more intense tracks. During uneventful parts of a mission, typically at the beginning, general ambience is used. The idea was to make the music compliment the action better. The benefit of using less tracks also meant we could get by with higher fidelity samples and stereo streams.

Composer notes:
I used Biblical names to keep in tune with the original "Exodus" subtitle, which was dropped, and for inspiration. Plus let's face it, some of the books have awfully cool names. : ) All scores composed and produced by Dan Wentz/Volition 1999.

8.10.99 1:58 PM - FreeSpace 2 Outpost
The FreeSpace 2 Outpost recently went live. Add it to the list of sites you visit when you find yourself searching for quality FreeSpace 2 news.

8.10.99 11:10 AM - FreeSpace 2 Demo and TNT Cards
TNT users who are experiencing slowdowns or instability should try upgrading to the lastest TNT Detonator Drivers. Visit the drivers link at the bottom of the page to find the files. The new 2.08 drivers offer more performance and better stability. These drivers can be used for RIVA TNT, RIVA TNT2 and NVIDIA Vanta based products.

8.7.99 3:04 AM - FreeSpace 2 Demo Released!
Volition and Interplay are proud to announce the release of the FreeSpace 2 Demo!

Key features of the demo include:

  • stunning realtime in-nebula missions with sensor interference and electrical storms
  • fantastic capital ship battles, including the new beam weapons and anti-fighter flak cannons
  • 12 new ship classes, including the Corvette-class capital ships
  • two single player missions, plus one training mission
  • two multiplayer missions, including the new 12-player Dogfight mode!
  • full PXO support for multiplayer, including chatrooms, game lists, and pilot stats rankings
For a list of U.S. and overseas mirror sites, visit the FreeSpace 2 Downloads page. As this is going up in the middle of the night, some sites on the list may not be active yet.

More information on FreeSpace 2, including screenshots, Ships of the Week Gallery, and the Bug Fix of the Day, visit www.freespace2.com.

8.5.99 8:13 PM - New Ships of the Week
We've added two more new ships to the FreeSpace 2 Ship Gallery, the GTVc Deimos and the elusive SF Mara.

8.4.99 5:08 PM - FreeSpace 2 Screenshots
Today freespace2.com is releasing 10 screenshots from test versions of our FreeSpace 2 Demo which we hope to release very soon. Visit the screenshots page to see FreeSpace 2 in full 1024x768 glory.

8.4.99 2:52 PM - Next Generation Magazine
Volition dominates the August PC Alphas section of Next Generation Magazine. The Alphas section contains previews of both FreeSpace 2 and Summoner.

We would like to correct two technical errors in the Summoner preview. One incorrectly states Summoner's release date as "Q1 2000". The actual anticpated release date is Fall 2000. The other correction is that Mike Kulas is the president of Volition, Inc. and Mark Allender is the lead programmer on Summoner.

The FreeSpace 2 preview refers to the game being 'as short on plot as the original'. We'll leave it up to the player to decide that upon release. We would like to point out that we have two full-time writers working on FreeSpace 2. That's two more than we had on FreeSpace 1. :)

8.3.99 11:04 AM - New FreeSpace 2 Desktop Image
We're pleased to release a new FreeSpace 2 desktop on our FreeSpace 2 Downloads Page.

Just download the .ZIP file that corresponds to your monitor's resolution and extract the file contents into your Windows directory. Right click on your desktop and choose the new background from the wallpaper list. The name of the file you are looking for in the list will contain "shivan1_".

8.2.99 5:18 PM - FreeSpace 2 Bug Fix of the Day
Today we opened the Bug Fix of the Day page on the FreeSpace 2 site. Every Monday through Friday you can expect to see one new bug fix added per day until the day when FreeSpace 2 goes gold!

7.26.99 5:10 PM - PC Gamer Online - FreeSpace 2 Preview
"Unprecedented graphics, enterprising multiplayer support, and a great single-player plot could make this the space combat sim to beat."

Jeremy Williams of PC Gamer Online has posted a preview of FreeSpace 2. The preview contains new screenshots and comments from FreeSpace 2 producer, Jim Boone.

7.22.99 10:07 PM - www.freespace2.com Relaunched!
The FreeSpace 2 web site, www.freespace2.com has been relaunched!

We have released two new ships for the ship gallery, the GVC Mentu and the GTF Perseus. We are also reinstating the "Ship of the Week" feature which was very popular on the original FreeSpace site. As an added bonus, we plan on releasing two ships every week until FreeSpace 2 releases!

Another returning feature from the original FreeSpace site will be the "Bug Fix of the Day". You can expect to hear more about this next week.

Volition has always been extremely pleased with our fans in the FreeSpace 2 community. We encourage all FreeSpace 2 fan site operaters to email webmaster@volition-inc.com so you can be added to our list of community links.

We're also pleased to announce the launch of the Volition Bulletin Board. Fans are encouraged to actively participate and post on this board. Volition employees will also be participating!

As a personal side note, I hope everyone enjoys the FreeSpace 2 site as much as I enjoyed creating it. I hope to deliver only the highest quality content before, and after, FreeSpace 2 is released.

Nathan Camarillo
Web Designer

7.22.99 2:46 PM - FreeSpace 2 on CNN interactive
There is a glowing preview of FreeSpace2 written by Thomas Crymes today on CNN interactive.

On a related note, we're hard at work preparing the new FreeSpace 2 website. Hopefully it will be up late thursday or early friday. Keep checking www.freespace2.com for the latest in FreeSpace 2 information.

7.19.99 9:30 AM - Another FreeSpace 2 Preview
Mike Mengler's FreeSpace 2 preview is available at exxtreme3D.

7.16.99 1:00 PM - Interview With Jim Boone
There is an interview with FreeSpace 2's producer, Jim Boone, on PC Paradox.

7.6.99 10:19 AM - IGN Preview
"To say that this game is visually stunning would be like saying that Catherine Zeta-Jones is cute ... what an understatement. There's just too much visual stimulation to even approach describing it in words."

"From what we've seen, this could very well be one of the best games of the year, and it's certainly the best looking space shooter we've ever seen."

"... this game has the best sense of scale we've ever since in a space shooter to date."

FreeSpace 2 is currently the feature preview at PC.IGN.COM. The preview has information about FreeSpace 2's features, ships, and also has numerous screenshots.

6.25.99 9:35 AM - FS Frenzy and FreeSpace 2 Shirts
This weekend on PXO there will be another FreeSpace Frenzy held by the FreeSpace community.

As an added incentive to participate in this weekend's FreeSpace Frenzy, Volition has donated three FreeSpace 2 shirts to be awarded at the event. Be sure to visit Planet FreeSpace's site and their page about FreeSpace Frenzy for information on how to join in the event.

When: June 27th. from approximately 2:30 pm EST to 7:30 pm EST.

Want a FreeSpace 2 shirt of your very own? Read the specifc rules for the T-shirt giveaway.

6.14.99 12:49 PM - FreeSpace 2 Sneak Peeks
CNET Gamecenter.com recently posted a Sneak Peek of FreeSpace 2 written by Jeff Sengstack.

6.8.99 1:27 PM - FreeSpace Ranked 20th
FreeSpace received recognition in both the June 1999 issue of PC Gamer UK and the July 1999 issue of Computer Gaming World.

In the June 1999 issue of PC Gamer UK, Conflict FreeSpace - The Great War which is the international release of Descent: FreeSpace - The Great War, placed 20th in "The Top 100 Awards". "The Top 100 Awards" is a list of the best 100 PC games of all-time.

FreeSpace: Silent Threat was also recognized by Computer Gaming World's Monthly Reader's Poll. FreeSpace: Silent Threat ranked 9th in the Top Simulation/Space Combat category and 56th overall in the July 1999 issue.

6.8.99 7:49 AM - PC Game of the Show
We are proud to announce that Gaming Age named FreeSpace 2 PC Game of the Show in their E3 coverage. Visit Gaming Age to read the full story.

"The PC Game of the Show award is always a tough one to choose. When all was said and done, though, Interplay's awesome looking followup to last year's hit just squeaked ahead of the competition."

6.4.99 9:31 AM - Gamespot 's Ones to Watch
FreeSpace 2 recently received high praise in Gamespot's feature coverage of E3. FreeSpace 2 was named in the Editor's Choice Notable Sims category.

"Although Freespace 2 may look like the original at first glance, the sequel features several new additions that are sure to please fans of the series as well as entice gamers not familiar with Volition's original."

Read the full story for more Gamespot coverage of FreeSpace 2.

5.26.99 5:24 PM - FreeSpace 2 Trailer Released
We're proud to announce the release of the FreeSpace 2 Trailer. It shows realtime footage from the upcoming FreeSpace 2, as well as a glimpse at the intro cutscene. Some gameplay highlights include shots of the amazing nebulae missions, new ship classes & weapons, defensive flak cannons, and beam weapon combat between capital ships.

Several download sites are available, and there are high- and low-res versions of the Trailer to choose from. Visit the FS2 Downloads page for details.

5.24.99 2:15 PM - FreeSpace 1.06 ROW Patch
We have posted a new FreeSpace 1.06 updater for the Rest of World (ROW) release of FreeSpace. The previous updater contained a bug that could make the single player campaign unplayable. If you have the ROW release and have already updated to 1.05 or 1.06 using the old updater, you will need to reinstall FreeSpace and use the new 1.06 ROW updater. You may download it here. Anyone not using the ROW release of FreeSpace is not effected.

5.19.99 8:51 AM - Descent Chronicles
Zarathud at the Descent Chronicles has put up a revised FreeSpace 2 Game Info section. The section contains a general overview about all the new features in FreeSpace 2 and answers to some of the most common questions they receive.

4.28.99 2:48 PM - FreeSpace 2 Site Update & IRC Chat
There are some very important updates to the FreeSpace 2 site today at www.freespace2.com. We are pleased to unveil a revolutionary ship gallery, 19 new screenshots, and a dedicated news page.

Just as a reminder, Volition, Inc. & Interplay will be holding an IRC chat tonight Wednesday, April 28th. It will be a moderated chat to discuss FreeSpace 2. Members of the development team will be on hand to answer your questions. We hope to see everyone there!

Time: Wed. April 28th, 8:00pm CST
Server: chat.annex.com, port 6667
Channel: #interplay

4.26.99 2:19 PM - Downtime Expected
The Volition web site and PXO services will be temporarily unavailable for a brief period of time on Tuesday April 27th during a rescheduled router upgrade. Service should return to normal after approximately fifteen minutes.

4.23.99 5:23 PM - FreeSpace 2 IRC Chat
Volition, Inc. & Interplay will be holding an IRC chat on Wednesday, April 28th. It will be a moderated chat to discuss FreeSpace 2. Members of the development team will be on hand to answer your questions. We hope to see everyone there!

Time: Wed. April 28th, 8:00pm CST
Server: chat.annex.com, port 6667
Channel: #interplay

4.20.99 11:03 AM - FreeSpace 2 News
The last 24 hours have been filled with FreeSpace 2 news and information. There was an Interplay press release yesterday officially announcing the upcoming title FreeSpace 2 (see below). Also, there has been extensive coverage on several internet news sites: Remember to frequently check our own FreeSpace 2 site, www.freespace2.com, for the latest FreeSpace 2 information. You can expect to see many great things from our site as the project continues.

4.19.99 11:51 AM - FreeSpace 2 Press Release
"Interplay officially annouced the plan to release the sequel to the highly acclaimed Descent FreeSpace: The Great War(TM); entitled FreeSpace 2(TM)."

Read the full press release for further information.

4.13.99 10:20 AM - Job Opportunities
Volition, Inc. has several job openings. Check the job board for further information about the following positions:
  • Descent 4 Level Designer
  • Descent 4 Texture Artist
  • Quality Assurance Tester
  • Senior Programmer

3.28.99 6:09 PM - Downtime Expected
The Volition web site and PXO will be temporarily unavailable for a brief period of time on Tuesday March 30th during a rescheduled router upgrade. Service should return to normal after approximately fifteen minutes.

3.22.99 4:42 PM - Shattered Star Confederation
The SSC FreeSpace Division is a divisional member of the Shattered Star Confederation. Their site is dedicated to the FreeSpace members of the SSC, and can be found at http://www.shatteredstar.org/freespace. Also, the creators of SSC Radio have been working hard to create radio shows about FreeSpace. Thank you SSC!

3.11.99 2:10 PM - FreeSpace Pilot Listing
Now you can look up all the FreeSpace pilot information attached to your PXO account. You must enter your login and password in the form located on link available on the FreeSpace Rankings page located at www.pxo.net. It will show you the pilots' scores, kills, and other information for that particular PXO login.

3.10.99 11:37 AM - FreeSpace Chat
The Descent Chronicles will be hosting a moderated chat with several Volition employees on Thursday, March 11 from 7:00pm CST to 9:00pm CST on IRC using DALnet in the #Volition-chat channel. We hope to see you there!

3.8.99 3:28 PM - Vice Admiral Zero
Congratulations to FreeSpace Pilot Zero who recently achieved the rank of Vice Admiral on the FreeSpace Rankings Charts!

For those who haven't seen the charts before, they reflect the current Top 500 FreeSpace pilots of over twenty-one thousand pilots on Parallax Online. The charts are automatically updated every 30 minutes.

2.26.99 4:37 PM - PXO
Parallax Online is now available. Account registration and validation is also available once again. If you continue to have problems playing FreeSpace, read the news announcements at: www.pxo.net

2.26.99 3:17 AM - WWW.PXO.NET
Parallax Online is pleased to announce the creation of WWW.PXO.NET in conjunction with the relocation of the PXO servers. The web address http://www.pxo.net is already active and should be available throughout the move. WWW.PXO.NET will be the new internet address for the Parallax Online web site.

Once the servers are back on-line, we will announce that PXO is again available.

FreeSpace users who experience difficulty following the announcement should download the following file, pxo.cfg and place it in their FreeSpace/Data folder.

2.24.99 3:40 PM - CNET Gamecenter.com Reader's Choice
"Gamecenter readers didn't have trouble choosing their favorite: Descent FreeSpace captured a full 65 percent of the vote..."

The CNET Gamecenter.com Readers' Choice Award for 1998's Best Space Combat Sim was recently awarded to Descent FreeSpace: The Great War. Volition would like to thank the FreeSpace community for voting us into the victory circle once again!

2.23.99 11:09 AM - PXO Downtime
The PXO gaming service and Parallax Online will be temporarily unavailable beginning Friday morning, February 26th. We will be relocating the PXO gaming servers at this time. FreeSpace users will need to update certain files with the new PXO information. Descent 3 Demo users do not need to update their files. Please check the Parallax Online web site, and the Volition, Inc. web site for further instructions later this week.

2.18.99 4:09 PM - Descent 4 Texture Artist
Volition is now hiring at least one Texture Artist for Descent 4. If you or anyone you know has what it takes, check out our Employment page for details on the position and how to apply.

2.17.99 11:04 AM - FreeSpace EAX Support
FreeSpace now has support for EAX. This patch is only necessary if you have an EAX-capable device such as the SB Live! Download the patch for version 1.06 at:

NOTE: Patching to Version 1.06eax requires a normal FreeSpace installation, updated to version 1.06. This patch will not update you to 1.06. You cannot obtain this EAX upgrade through the FreeSpace launcher.

2.15.99 11:56 AM - GameSpot Reader's Choice Award
"I can't say enough about the good qualities of this game. If you are a fan of space combat sims then you must have this game. It really is the best one currently on the market." - Matt DeMatteo, GameSpot Player Review

We are pleased to announce that FreeSpace was named as GameSpot's 1998 Reader's Choice: Space Simulation of the Year. Volition would like to thank everyone who voted for us in this category.

2.12.99 1:38 AM - FreeSpace 2 Beta Signup is Closed
The application page is now officially closed. Thanks to everyone who participated in our beta signup. As you may have noticed, the beta signup was an overwhelming success. We will contact all potential beta testers in a couple of weeks. Thank you to everyone who applied.

2.11.99 9:48 AM - Beta Sign-Up Reminder
Sign-ups for FreeSpace 2 Multiplayer Beta Testers will begin today at 7:00pm CST. Please visit http://www.freespace2.com/betasignup.cfm after that time. We will choose testers based on a variety of properties so we'll have a good mix of talent, machine configuration, location, etc. Please only enter once. Entering more than once won't change anything, except to create more work for us. Thanks!

2.10.99 5:22 PM - FreeSpace 2 Beta Signup
We will have open sign-ups for FreeSpace 2 Multiplayer Beta Testers tomorrow at http://www.freespace2.com/betasignup.cfm at 7:00pm CST. This is not a random drawing, so you only need to enter once.

2.10.99 11:45 AM - The Definition of Volition
Gamcenter.com posted a lengthy article, "The Definition of Volition" today. The article profiles Volition and its upcoming titles. New screenshots from Summoner are featured, as well as ship pictures from FreeSpace 2.

2.9.99 11:46 AM - FreeSpace 2 Mission Survey
In order to be sure we create the best possible missions for FreeSpace 2, we'd like to know what missions were most popular in FreeSpace 1. Please take the time to go through this poll and rate your favorite missions. You do not have to vote for every mission -- just rate the ones you have an opinion about. While we'll be adding new mission types to FreeSpace 2, knowing what people liked in Descent: FreeSpace - The Great War will be very useful.

The survey is available at:

2.1.99 10:08 AM - GameSpot Awards
FreeSpace has been nominated for Space Simulation Game of the Year in GameSpot's Best & Worst of 1998 Reader's Choice Awards. If you enjoyed FreeSpace, vote!

1.25.99 4:50 PM - 1998 Simulation Game of the Year
"In the biggest voting landslide of the year, Descent: Freespace crushed its competion to be named 1998 Simulation Game of the Year."

We are pleased to announce that FreeSpace was named as Intelligamer's 1998 Simulation Game of the Year. Volition would like to thank everyone who voted for us in this category.

With this victory, FreeSpace is now in the running for Intelligamer's 1998 Game of the Year. Be sure to vote for FreeSpace and spam the ballot box again at: http://www.intelligamer.com/features/igoy98/igoy98gy.html

1.21.99 3:20 PM - CGW 1998 Premier Awards
FreeSpace is a finalist in CGW's 1998 Premier Awards. It is nominated for the Space Simulation category. Winners will be announced in the April issue which will be available on March 2nd. Winners will also be posted online February 10th at computergamingworld.com.

1.21.99 11:49 AM - Volition is on the Move!
Volition will be moving offices on Thursday, January 21st and Friday, January 22nd. We will be unavailable by phone and email for brief periods during the move. Our phone number and email addresses will not change. Our new address is:

Volition, Inc.
2004 Fox Drive
Suite B
Champaign, IL 61820

1.20.99 4:57 PM - FreeSpace & Silent Threat review
"All in all Descent: FreeSpace - The Great War and the Silent Threat campaign give a detailed and dynamic universe, taking space combat simulations to new levels of action and realism."

Read the in-depth review of FreeSpace and Silent Threat at 3D Audio Immersion.

1.19.99 1:32 PM - Milia d'Or Awards On-line Vote
As a follow up to yesterday's story, Milla will also have a "People's Choice Award" based on all voting which occurs before February 3rd. We encourage you to vote for FreeSpace at the People's Choice Award voting. Thanks to Zarathud at The Descent Chronicles for the scoop.

1.18.99 4:06 PM - Milla '99 & Silent Threat review
Milia '99, the international interactive media festival scheduled for Feb. 9 through 12 in Cannes, France, has announced the nominees for its Milia d'Or Awards, the winners of which will be announced at the festival.

Organizers for the festival say that a panel of judges whittled 525 entries from 29 countries down to four nominees in each category.

Nominees include:

Action: Colony Wars Vengeance and Tekken 3 for the PlayStation and Conflict Free Space and Wargasm for the PC.

There is also an in-depth review of Silent Threatat The Adrenaline Vault. Find out why Chris Harding says "[FreeSpace is] a game that still resides on my hard drive today, and word of more Freespace was a welcome announcement."

1.15.99 1:51 PM - The Meeting
After receiving several complaints about its score awards, the recently-validated mission "The Meeting" (filename "UM-02.FSM") has been removed from the validation database. Even though this mission will still be marked as validated in your mission lists, it will NOT advance anyone's PXO statistics when played.

We have no plans to alter the Player Rankings, as we don't believe any significant exploiting occurred. We will be changing this mission and re-validating the new version sometime soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.

If you wish to have this mission display correctly in your mission lists, simply delete your \FreeSpace\data\mvalid.cfg file.

1.13.99 11:10 AM - Praise, Missions and a Rear Admiral
Chris Harding mentions FreeSpace as the "year's best space combat simulation" in an Adrenaline Vault preview of Descent 3.

Validated missions for FreeSpace are now available for download. You can grab any/all validated user-made campaigns and missions for FreeSpace. Remember that any mission can be played over PXO, but in order for PXO Pilot stats to advance, it must be a validated mission.

Congratulations once again to Rear Admiral Dracon! Dracon recently was promoted to Rear Admiral status on the FreeSpace Player Rankings Chart.

1.4.99 4:49 PM - FreeSpace Nominated by Intelligamer
Intelligamer recently nominated Descent: FreeSpace - The Great War for Intelligamer 1998 Simulation Game of the Year! Voting will be held January 1st through January 25th. Other nominees in the Simulation Game of the Year Balloting are:
  • Combat Flight Simulator (Microsoft)
  • Descent: FreeSpace (Volition)
  • Independence War (Particle Systems)
  • Jane's F-15 (Jane's Combat Simulations)
If you enjoyed FreeSpace, you can spam the ballot box at: http://www.intelligamer.com/features/igoy98/igoy98.html

12.31.98 11:58 AM - FreeSpace 1.06 Released
The 1.06 update for FreeSpace has been posted for all releases of the game.

If you have the US/North American or UK releases, you can hit "Update FreeSpace" in your FS Launcher to receive & apply the update. Downloadable updaters for all releases are also available on our FreeSpace Downloads page.

The following items are addressed in 1.06:

  • Added checksum to weapons.tbl
  • Fixed Standalone bug that would cause debriefing reset
  • Fixed Mission Simulator crash when no missions present
  • Improved framerate on all processors
  • Main Hall displays "3DNow!" if such processor (e.g. K6-2) has been detected
  • Significantly improved framerate on 3DNow! processors
  • Improved lighting code
  • Fixed traitor.tbl bug (German version only)
We intend for this to be the last update for FreeSpace. Please continue to report problems, however. We will do further updates if serious problems arise.

12.16.98 5:49 PM - Freespace: A Top Pick for 1998
Freespace has recently been heralded as one of the best games of 1998. If you're not playing FreeSpace right now, be sure to check out the following articles:
  • Detroit Free Press - 11.25.1998 - Section F:
    "This is the must-have purchase of the year."
  • PC Gamer - December 1998 - p.81:
    "..taut, breathtaking gameplay. Add in addictive multi-player options and a built-in mission editor, and you've got the best option available for all wannabe space jocks."
  • Newsweek Extra: Computers & the Family - Winter 1998 - p.72:
    "It's this year's most compelling and epic space-combat simulation."
  • USA Today - 12.16.1998 - p.5D:
    "...so play for action, not strategy."

12.14.98 9:40 AM - New Website Launch
Volition is proud to announce the launch of its new site format. As always, this is the place to get the greatest info on our titles, as well as the latest scoops on our upcoming games.

In the new site design you'll notice subpages devoted to FreeSpace and Silent Threat, our recently released titles. In addition, we're happy to have sections devoted to our three games-in-development: FreeSpace 2, Descent 4, and our currently featured game, Summoner.

We'll be adding more sections, screenshots, and other content on a regular basis, so visit often!

11.25.98 11:45 AM - New Creative Drivers
Creative has released new drivers for their PCI64/PCI128 sound cards that support full duplex play/record in DirectSound.

We received a lot of support email from SB PCI card owners voicing concerns about real-time voice. Download the drivers at:

11.12.98 3:40 PM - FreeSpace Frenzy!
Check out all the information at Planet Freespace about the upcoming FS Frenzy! This will be the first of many organized events on PXO. Thanks to all the Webmasters of the FreeSpace community for organizing this event.

Date: Sunday November 15th
Time: 3:00pm est until 9:00pm est
Place: The PXO chat which is available through FreeSpace multiplayer

11.5.98 3:00 AM - IRC Chat & 60th Web Ring Member
Adam Pletcher and several other members of the Volition staff will be available for questions this Friday, November 6th during an IRC Chat session. This is your chance to speak directly with the people who made FreeSpace! If you're a fan of Freespace, be sure to leave your friday night open. Thanks goes out once again to the staff of Planet FreeSpace for organizing and scheduling this event.

Date: Friday November 6th
Time: 10:00pm est (9:00pm Volition Time)
Place: #freespace-chat on DALnet
Recommended Server: spider.dal.net; port: 6667

The FreeSpace WebRing recently added its 60th member! Thanks to everyone who has played a role in developing the FreeSpace community.

11.2.98 4:00 PM - Commodores
Congratulations to FreeSpace Pilots Dracon and Nova who have been engaged in a heated battle for the top position on the Pilot Rankings Charts. As of this morning, both pilots reached the rank of Commodore!

For those who haven't seen the charts before, they reflect the current Top 100 FreeSpace pilots of over seven thousand pilots on Parallax Online. The charts are automatically updated every 30 minutes.

10.30.98 3:00 PM - 1.05 News Update
If you have Silent Threat installed, you should get the 1.05 version for the international release type shown on the UPC/Bar code on the bottom of the Silent Threat box. For example, if you have a German version of FreeSpace and the US version of Silent Threat installed, you should update using the US version of the 1.05 patch.

There has been a problem reported with the German 1.05 updater. This is currently being fixed and should be back online in a couple of hours

Some people are reporting a command-prompt error when using the auto-update feature under Windows 98. The error asks them to enter "Abort", "Retry", or "Fail". If you receive this error message, you should simply click "Fail" or "Abort". The patching process should complete normally, and you do not need to re-update. New update files are being created which will fix this problem completely.

As always, please report any problems to support@interplay.com (for single-player problems), or to support@parallaxonline.com (for multiplayer problems).

10.29.98 9:00 AM - FreeSpace 1.05 Released
FreeSpace 1.05 has been posted for all domestic and overseas releases. If you have the US or UK releases of the game, your Launcher can automatically download the update by hitting the "Update FreeSpace" button. All other users can visit our Updates Page to download the manual updaters.

Version 1.05 is mostly minor fixes, including (among others):
Fixed music track ordering in interface screens
Fixes for minor Silent Threat mission problems
Fixed skill scaling bug for PXO missions
Minor changes to PXO scoring balance
Prevented weapons cheat from carrying over to multiplayer pilots