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Give Up

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Benjamin Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie has always been a daydreamer. But on Give Up -- his first album with laptop techno whiz Jimmy Tamborello, under the name Postal Service -- Gibbard leaves behind the dreamy indie rock of his regular band in favor of a cuddly little New Wave reverie. Songs such as "Clark Gable," about making home movies with your ex, and "Nothing Better," a he-said/she-said number that may be the most touching electronica love song since Daft Punk's "Digital Love," sound charmingly modest -- until you find yourself humming them everywhere. Tamborello's delightful pings and whistles (try the pixie-dust drum-and-bass of "The District Sleeps Alone Tonight") fit Gibbard's whimsy perfectly.

(From RS 920, April 17, 2003)


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hamsandwitch writes:

4of 5 Stars

When i listen to most indie music i usually get the same visualization from it. That being me hanging out with friends from the past or present and just living out our sweet adolecent years, while giving a omnipresent joy that would not be there before hand. This album is no exception. It makes gorgous sounds from beat machines and synths, while giving it a soul that most music of it's vein dosen't have.

Apr 18, 2007 17:35:45

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Bluemask writes:

4of 5 Stars

Beautiful electro-pop from DCFC's Ben Gibarrad and Dntel's one man beat wizzard Jeremey Tamborello. Every song on here will jam in your head for days and that is most defitanly a compliment.

Jan 7, 2006 01:56:41

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