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Mine Safety Measure Passed by House

Video of George Miller's Closing Statement on the S-MINER Act
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The House passed the S-MINER Act on January 16. This mine safety and health legislation, passed by the Committee last year, would help prevent mining disasters, improve emergency response when disasters do occur, and reduce long-term health risks, such as black lung disease, facing miners. More »


Fatal Explosion Might Have Been Prevented With Better Chemical Control

Committee Chairman George Miller and Rep. Lynn Woolsey have called on OSHA to take immediate steps to improve the control of reactive chemical hazards as recommended by the Chemical Safety Board in 2002. Miller and Woolsey wrote that “compliance with the standard might have prevented the fatal explosion” at T2 Laboratories that killed four and injured dozens. Click here to read the letter from Miller and Woolsey to OSHA »


Committee Wraps Up a Year of Landmark Education & Labor Successes

With new leadership in Congress, 2007 was a year of victories for America's families. Education & Labor Committee members worked to make college more affordable & accessible, enhance early childhood education, protect workers' wages, rights, workplace safety & health coverage, protect American workers in the international economy, strengthen the economy through innovation, and revive and protect communities through education & service. More »

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Head Start Early Education Bill Signed into Law
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On December 12, legislation to strengthen and improve the Head Start early childhood education programs was signed into law. The bill was approved by the full House on November 14. More »

Committee Approves Legislation to Address Rising College Prices

College DiplomaThe House Education and Labor Committee voted unanimously to approve legislation to address the soaring price of college and remove other obstacles that make it harder for qualified students to go to college. The College Opportunity and Affordability Act of 2007 (H.R. 4137) would reform and strengthen the nation’s higher education programs to ensure that they operate in the best interests of students and families. More »


House Passes Historic Legislation to End Employment Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation

ENDA photo By a vote of 235 to 184, the House approved historic legislation to end workplace discrimination against Americans on the basis of sexual orientation. The legislation, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, would prohibit employment discrimination, preferential treatment, and retaliation on the basis of sexual orientation by employers with 15 or more employees.
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Committee Examines Child Abuse at Residential Treatment Programs

On October 10, the Committee held a hearing on cases of child abuse and neglect at residential treatment programs – including cases that resulted in death. The U.S. Government Accountability Office testified that it had found thousands of allegations of abuse in the programs from 1990 to 2007, the result of poor management, untrained staff, and reckless or negligent practices. The parents of three children who died in residential treatment programs also testified. Chairman Miller said that Congress must act to regulate the industry to prevent further abuses.
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