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President Franklin Pierce, 1853

Vice President

William King (March 24, 1853 to April 18, 1853)
None (April 18, 1853-March 4, 1857)

Inauguration Date   Friday, March 4, 1853
Location   East Portico, U.S. Capitol
Oath Administered By:   Roger B. Taney, Chief Justice
Bible Used:   Unknown
Length of Inaugural Address:   3,329 words
Attire (what the president wore):   Unknown
Weather:   Light snow and wind with heavier snow during the Inaugural address. Estimated noon temperature of 35°F.
Precedents, "firsts" or other interesting information:  

Pierce was the first President to affirm the oath of office, rather than swear it.

Pierce's Vice President did not attend the Inagural ceremonies. He was very ill and and had gone to Cuba to try to recover at the time of the Inauguration, and was sworn into office there on March 24, 1853. He died on April 18, 1853, one day after returning to his home in Alabama.

For more images of Pierce's Inauguration, visit the Senate Curator's Inaugural exhibit.



Franklin Pierce (Senate Historical Office)

Franklin Pierce (Senate Historical Office)


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