Happy Valentine's Day!

Poems & Songs

A Valentine Is . . .
Tune: My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean

A valentine is very special.
A valentine is very sweet.
A valentine is very friendly.
A true valentine can't be beat.

Will you, will you,
Oh, will you be my valentine? Be mine!
Will you, will you,
Oh, will you be my valentine?

Tune: B-I-N-G-O

To show you like your special friends,
Just give them each a heart.
Each heart says I like you!

Tune: Row Your Boat

Love, love, it's all around,
It will grow with you.
Show it, tell it,
Feel it, share it.
Make it part of you!

A Special Package

I'm going to wrap
myself in paper
I'm going to dab
myself with glue
Put some stamps on
top of my head
I'm going to mail myself to you!

I'm a Little Valentine
Tune: I'm a Little Teapot

I'm a little valentine
Red and white,
With ribbons and lace
I'm a beautiful sight.

I can say "I love you,"
On Valentine's Day.
Just put me in an envelope
And give me away!

Valentines are Made to Share
Tune: Mary Had a Little Lamb

Valentines are made to share,
Made to share,
Made to share.
Valentines are made to share
With my friends at school.
I made you a valentine,
Valentine, Valentine
I made you a Valentine
That says " I love you".

Five Pretty Valentines

Five pretty valentines
With lace galore,
I gave one to__________,
(insert student's name)
And then there were four.
Four pretty valentines
So lovely to see,
I gave one to __________,
And then there were three.
Three pretty valentines,
Just made for each of you
I gave one to ___________,
And then there were two.
Two pretty valentines
Having so much fun,
I gave one to____________,
And then there was one.
One little valentine
Waiting for a special someone,
I gave it to____________,
And then there were none.

I'm a Valentine for You
Tune: She'll Be Coming Round the Mountain

I'm a teeny tiny
valentine for you,
(Use a tiny, squeaky voice)
I'm a teeny tiny
valentine for you,
I'm a teeny tiny valentine,
I'm always your,
will you be mine?
I'm a teeny tiny
valentine for you.
I'm a medium-sized
valentine for you,
(Use medium voice)
I'm a medium-sized
valentine for you,
I'm a medium-sized valentine,
I'm not too big and
that's just fine
I'm a medium-sized
valentine for you.
I'm a great big
valentine for you.
(Use loud voice)
I'm a great big
valentine for you.
I'm a great big valentine,
And I will love you all the time.
I'm a great big
valentine for you.




Language Activities

Valentine Post Office

At this time of the year it is fun to turn your writing center into a "Valentine's Post Office"! Add envelopes, stamps, pastel colored paper, heart shaped paper, valentines, metallic valentine pencils, etc. I use a plastic shoe organizer with enough pockets for everyone as our mailboxes. Just label each pocket with a child's name and hang it on the pocket chart. Your children will LOVE this center!!

Conversation Heart Writing

Place a small bowl of conversation hearts in your writing center. Also place a worksheet with several heart shapes on it in the center. Have child copy the words onto a sheet of hearts.

Heart Book

This is first taught as a song to the tune of the familiar, "One Potato, Two Potato".

One heart
Two hearts
Three hearts
Five hearts
Six hearts
Seven hearts

Use a variety of hearts to stick to each page to match the text . . . heart stickers, doily hearts, foil hearts, heart stamps, construction paper hearts, heart shaped pasta, hearts cut with fancy edged scissors, hand drawn hearts.

I Love You Bingo

Cut out several heart-shaped bingo cards. Write the words "I Love You" on each one. Use letter cards to call the letters. Use candy hearts to cover each letter that is called. The winner yells "Happy Valentine's Day!"

ABC Heart Puzzles

Use 26 sheets of a Carson Dellosa Heart notepad. Laminate. Cut them in half using different cuts or using fancy edged scissors. After cutting, write an uppercase letter on one half of the heart and the lowercase letter on the other half. To play the children match each uppercase letter to the correct lowercase letter.

Alphabet Heart Partners

Make a necklace for each child by cutting a heart shape out of posterboard, punching a hole in the top and tying on a loop of yarn. Divide the heart necklaces into pairs. On each pair print an upper-case letter and a matching lower-case letter. Give each child a necklace to put on. Help the children identify the letters on their necklaces. Then let them walk around to find their " alphabet heart partner."

Write matching numerals on the pairs
Draw on matching shapes such as circles, squares and triangles.
Write matching sight words.

Class Book

Make a class big book about love! Write I LOVE.... on the cover and on each page, children illustrate and add their own words.

Pocketchart Game

The valentine is red.
The valentine is blue.
_____ drops it in the mailbox
And mails it to you.

Fill in the blank with a child's name.

You could also have them place a red heart on the first line, a blue heart on the second line, then add a name card in the third line and the student's picture at the end of the line.

Math Activities

Candy Heart Patterns

Use a bag of candy conversation hearts, tag board strips and glue. Make up patterns for the children to try to copy. After they have matched your patterns allow them to create their own patterns for other children to copy.

Sorting and Counting Conversation Hearts

Program a worksheet with several heart shapes on it (1 heart for each color conversation heart in a bag). Give each child a small scoop of hearts. Allow the children to sort the hearts by color by placing them in the heart pictures. Next have them count each group and write the amount inside the heart. They can also color each heart appropriately - my students also like to write the color word on each heart. Have the children share with the class which color they had the most / least of. And now the best part . . . eating them!
Click here for a workmat and graph.

Heart Shape Match Up

Click the link above to print out a file folder matching game from www.preschoolprintables.com

Valentine Counting

Cut sentence strips in half to make cards. On each of the cards, place a different number of colorful valentine stickers. To correspond with each of the cards, glue a numbered heart cutout to the closed end of a spring-type clothespin. A child selects a card, finds a "heartpin" with a corresponding numeral, then clips that heartpin to the card. If desired, program the backs of the cards for self-checking. Store all of the cards and heartpins in a Ziploc bag.

Candy Counting

Empty a box of chocolates, but keep the paper candy liners and the heart shaped box. Place a red dot sticker programmed with a number on each candy liner. Have the students count out that many candy hearts into each candy liner. When they've completed the activity allow them to eat their candy!

Art Activities

Heart Project

Paint both hands with red or pink paint Have child put all fingers together, with hands overlapping to form a heart. Add the poem below:

A piece of me I give to you.
I painted the heart to say, " I love you!"
The heart is you, the hands are me,
To show we are friends the best there can be.
I hope you will save it and look back some day,
At the heart I made for you on this special day.

Heart People

Provide each student with a large heart shape tracer (trace once) and a small heart tracer (trace 4 times). Provide them with red, pink, or purple construction paper to trace onto. The large heart is the body/head and the small hearts are the hands and feet. When the large heart is cut out add facial features with markers or crayons, and/or wiggly eyes. Then, accordion fold four strips of paper and glue on for arms and legs. Glue the small hearts to the end of each.

Valentine Magnets

Empty a box of Conversation Hearts that come in the individual boxes. Insert a child's picture in the heart-shaped "window" on the front of the box. Hot glue a magnet to the back of the box.


Valentine's Day sticker chart.

Valentine's Day name plate.

Valentine Bear name plate.

Valentine's Day borders.

Cute Valentine's Day color pages.

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