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1969: MSR® was founded by Larry Penberthy to research the safety and integrity of climbing equipment.

1970: The Eagle Ice Axe™, the first production ice axe with aluminum shafts, is introduced.

1973: As a result of MSR's investigation into the causes of Acute Mountain Sickness, the company invents the Model 9™ stove—the first remote-burner component backpacking/mountaineering stove.

1973: MSR introduces its first tent—the Mountain Tent™—which is used for years by expeditions and search and rescue operations all over the world.

1974: The MSR Frame Pack is the first panel-load backpack.

1975: MSR pioneers the first consumer use of long-lasting lithium batteries. MSR headlamps were the first product to feature these batteries.

1975: MSR is the first to sell a multi-fuel stove. The Model MF stove quickly became popular with climbers in Nepal and Peru as it burned kerosene, Stoddard Solvent, stove oil, diesel, JP-4, Blazo, and white gas.

1976: A revolution in outerwear ventilation is born. MSR incorporates the first zippered underarm vents (a.k.a. "pit zips") in its rain jackets and parkas.

1984: MSR introduces the WhisperLite™ stove, which subsequently set the standard for lightweight backpacking stoves.

1986: The WhisperLite™ wins a Product Design Award from Backpacker Magazine.

1986: MSR develops the XPD Cookset and Heat Exchanger. In combination, they improve the heating efficiency of the stoves up to 25%.

1987: MSR invents Coyote Snow Pickets™, designed with 20% more holding power than traditional pickets, are introduced.

1989: MSR develops the RapidFire Stove, which outperforms other canister stoves in wind, colder temperatures and higher elevations.

1991: The WaterWorks® Filter— the most reliable water treatment device on the market—is introduced. In 1994, it was the first filter to incorporate both carbon and ceramic technologies for superior performance.

1992: Carabiner industry accepts MSR's 3 Sigma testing standards for carabiner quality control.

1993: Moss HeptaWing wins Editors' Choice Award from Backpacker magazine.

1994: Introduces I-Biner carabiner, the strongest of its kind.

1994: WhisperLite Internationale™ 600 wins Editors' Choice Award from Backpacker magazine.

1995: MSR pioneers the injection-molded plastic snowshoe design with the release of the Denali™.

1997: The Denali™ snowshoes wins a Backpacker Editors' Choice Award.

1998: Continuing its tradition of innovative stove design, MSR develops the DragonFly™ stove, the first liquid-fuel stove with true simmering capabilities. The same year it wins the European Product of the Year Award.

1998: Alpine Kitchen Set wins a Backpacker Editors' Choice Award.

1998: MSR launches EcoCuisine—now known as Mountain Gourmet™—the only complete line of organic, vegetarian, gourmet backpacking food.

1998: The SuperFly™ stove—the first Multi-Mount™ canister stove—is introduced. In 2000, the Ascent™ Titanium Hanging Kit transforms the SuperFly into the lightest hanging stove system available.

2000: MSR develops the PocketRocket™ —an ultralight, pocket-sized canister stove.

2000: Mountain Gourmet foods receive an Editors' Choice Award from Backpacker magazine.

2000: Backpacker magazine gives an Editors' Choice Award to the Walrus Trekker Tarp.

2001: MSR launches a new line of tents that feature the same durability and detailing that all MSR products are known for.

2005: Backpacker magazine honors the Hubba Hubba™ tent with 2005 Editors' Choice Award.