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Character Descriptions

Lazlo -- Lazlo is an imaginative, freethinking Brazilian spider monkey who wreaks good-natured havoc on Camp Kidney.  This budding Bean Scout is a natural-born non-conformist who enthusiastically spreads mischief and wacky shenanigans throughout a camp bent on toeing the line and saluting the scouting flag. Lazlo lives in Jelly Cabin with his two bunkmates, Raj and Clam, and the three are known around camp as the “Jelly Trio.”  Lazlo uses his imagination and creativity to find a solution to any problem, but his persistent happiness and optimism annoys Scoutmaster Lumpus. 

Raj -- Born in India, Bean Scout Raj and his numerous disorders (cleaning compulsion, skin ruptures, bug and snake phobia) find a philosophical home at Camp Kidney.  This reluctant, neurotic elephant joined the Bean Scouts because his parents thought he needed some “toughening up.”  He brings to camp his extensive and dusty hi-fi record collection and a plethora of “sayings” that usually strike a point with his co-conspirators.  Raj often finds himself pulled into situation that he would rather avoid but goes along with Raj and Clam for fear of being left alone. 

Clam -- Bean Scout Clam is an eccentric musical and academic genius, but this albino pygmy rhino is often misunderstood. Luckily, he finds solace among his fellow misfits in the Jelly Cabin.  Clam is a very protective friend who loves to figure out how to work the most confusing technology and machinery and has a passion for eating cereal just to win cool prizes.  In fact, most of the possessions he brings to camp come from sending away cereal boxtops.  

Scoutmaster Lumpus -- Scoutmaster Leonard Lumpus is a frustrated, egomaniacal moose who runs Camp Kidney with the help of his assistant, Slinkman.  Scoutmaster Lumpus needs to have his world in complete order.  If things don’t go his way he might have a meltdown, during which he may scream, stomp about or break down crying.  Ever the victim, he aspires to be Head Troopmaster but is stuck in this job “in the sticks.”  Scoutmaster Lumpus’ only joy comes from courting Den Mother Jane Doe from the Squirrel Scout camp across the lake.  Her cute Minnesota accent is irresistible to Lumpus, who is always plotting ways to get close to her, unbeknownst to this darling deer. 

Slinkman -- Slinkman has a thankless job as Scoutmaster Lumpus’ assistant.  He has no social skills, but knows the Bean Scout manual cover-to-cover and can keep up with Lumpus’ busy schedule better than Lumpus himself.  Slinkman is the man (or technically, the gastropod) behind Lumpus, keeping the camp running whenever Lumpus has a meltdown.  Obedient and loyal, Slinkman, a banana slug, literally lacks enough spine to stand up for himself.


  Bean Scouts

Edward the Platypus is a stickler for rules and resents any scout who doesn’t follow them.  Edward regularly hatches devious plans to stymie the “Jelly Trio” and their freethinking ways, but they typically blow up in his bill. 

The Dung Beetles, Chip and Skip, are often confused by their role in nature and just as often enlisted to help Edward carry out his schemes.  But they cannot sneak up on anyone since a smelly dirt cloud and flies follow wherever they go. 

Samson the Guinea Pig uses his scientific smarts to fuel his paranoid sense of impending doom, so he becomes a magnet for catastrophe.  The Loon Brothers, Dave and Ping Pong, are tag-along scouts who eat a lot of bugs and are quick to point out what could go wrong with every plan. 

The Lemming Brothers, Larry, Leonard, Louie and Liniment, follow every order without question and are so connected that if one accidentally runs into a tree, the rest will inevitably follow.  


Squirrel Scouts

Just across Leakey Lake are the Bean Scouts’ natural rivals, the girls of Acorn Flats, the Squirrel Scout camp.  Jane Doe is the perky deer Den Mother, who, at times, most resembles an insecure substitute teacher.  Her colleague, Miss Mucus, will do anything to protect her scouts and affects gruff, prison guard attitude. Patsy Smiles, a chirpy mongoose, chases after her love, Lazlo, every chance she can get, but her advances are never returned with any affection.   Patsy doesn’t take rejection well, and while she might look small, she’s a Greco-Roman wrestling champion.  Gretchen, an ever-hungry alligator, just wants to eat everyone, especially happy monkeys.  A gangly, bookish giraffe, Nina Neckerly rounds out the trio with her high squeaky voice and long, long neck.  

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