Landing among the stars never sounded so good.

Switchfoot - Oh! Gravity.
Posted by Rachel Lux on 31-May-07 @ 12:16 PM

[3.5/5] San Diego's Switchfoot are one of the most under-appreciated pop bands around, a quintet whose unbridled optimism and reach-for-the-moon lyrics separate them from their peers. But after a string of gems (especially the keyboard-speckled single "This Is Your Life"), the spiritual group slipped a bit on 2005's uneven, bland Nothing Is Sound. Thankfully, the band rediscovered their pop chops on Oh! Gravity., a sparkling, focused album bursting at the seams with giant hooks and even bigger ideas. In fact, Gravity is Switchfoot's most diverse disc to date: The title track sounds like a rag-tag slice of Britpop, "4:12" is a brisk, twangy bounce, and effervescent guitars and vocalist Jon Foreman's manic enthusiasm drive "American Dream." Even the album's quieter moments carry more weight-especially "Yesterday," a sparse, lovely piano ballad about longing and loss that could be a Coldplay outtake. (COLUMBIA) Annie Zaleski