Weapons Guide

Important Note: Although there are 17 different weapons, there are only 10 weapon slots available. When there are no more slots available, you must drop a weapon (the DELETE key is the default) before you can pick up the new weapon.

Conventional Weapons

Melee weapons are used in close combat only. They generally don't do a lot of damage, and don't require too much strength  to use, however player's with higher strength will have a higher rate of fire and do more damage. The melee weapons are ritualistic knives, tailored to each "Chosen" member separately. In addition to being quiet weapons they become more powerful the more they are used. 

Regular Fire: Quick slashes doing a moderate amount of damage (15-25 units).  

Alt Fire: A slow, but more powerful slash (35-60 units).  

Uses: Ideal for use against civilians, crates, and Soul Drudges, but not much else. A few braves souls have reported that the alt fire is useful for dealing with Shikari, but I'm not quite that brave. 

Should I drop it?: You can't.

9mm Automatic Pistol
The pistol has a good rate of fire, medium range and accuracy, and low damage. This is an introductory weapon that is light enough that anyone can use it. This weapon can be fired dual-handed if the player has a high enough strength value. 

Regular Fire: While not very powerful (8-12), it is accurate; and because it's semi-automatic, you can fire it pretty rapidly.  

Alt Fire: Fires the gun gansta style, which is slightly more powerful (10-20), but much less accurate. Seeing as how the alt fire is disabled with Akimbo mode, you won't be using it very often. 

Uses: While not an incredibly useful weapon, it will serve you well on the early levels against Cultists and Fanatics, especially when firing it in Akimbo mode. 

Should I drop it?: Most definitely. Once you pick up the Assault Rifle, you'll never use it again.

Mac-10 Sub Machine Gun
The Mac-10 has a much higher firing rate than the pistol since it can go full auto, but is very inaccurate. It can be fired dual-handed. The alt fire in single-handed mode allows the player to fire short, three-round bursts with increased accuracy by using the arm stock. There is no dual-handed alt fire. 

Regular Fire: While it does have a nice rate of fire and does a decent amount of damage (8-12 units), it is extremely inaccurate. 

Alt Fire: It fires accurate, three-shot bursts doing respectable damage (10-20), but the setup animation makes it tricky to use effectively. 

Uses: It's only really useful in dealing with a handful of Fanatics in the early levels, since ammo is still fairly scarce. The alt fire is preferable in these situation (even with the setup animation), so you'll have to remember to drop the second Mac-10 before using it. 

Should I drop it?: Most definitely, since it is rendered completely obsolete by the Assault Rifle. You might want to hang on to it for a little while, because you won't be able to strip ammo from other Mac-10s unless you're carrying one, but ditch it whenever you have no other bad weapons to drop.

Sawed-Off Shotgun
The Sawed-off Shotgun packs a big punch but at a short range. Its rate of fire is slow. Its primary fire mode is one barrel at a time, while its alternate fire mode is both barrels at once. 

Regular Fire: This sends out 16 pellets in a wide pattern doing 4-6 units of damage each. In Akimbo Mode the number of pellets doubles, which effectively gives you two double barrel discharges between each reload. 

Alt Fire: The alt fire is actually preferred by some to the Akimbo mode, since it fires out 16 pellets doing 8-12 units of damage. Since the fire pattern is not as wide, it can actually do more damage with fewer rounds of ammunition. 

Uses: It's one of the best weapons to use against the Shikari, but can also be used effectively against the Drudge Lords at close range. It's also an instant kill weapon against most of your human opponents, so long as you are at point blank range.  

Should I drop it?: Absolutely not. At close range it has the potential of being the most powerful weapon in the game.

.50 BMG Sniper Rifle
This high-caliber weapon is ideal for hitting targets at long range. Aided by the scope this weapon can hit targets at an extreme range for good damage. The damage this weapon does is very dependent on where it hits. Hitting the head or torso does major damage, whereas nicking the torso or hitting a limb does less damage. 

Regular Fire: This fires a high-powered round with incredible accuracy and devastating power (100-125). 

Alt Fire: This toggles the scope on and off. 

Uses: Definitely one of the most useful weapons in the game. Ideal for taking out Fanatics at long range. Great for taking out Bone Leeches, Thieves, and Hands before they can get too close. And a great weapon to use on Drudge Lords, Drudge Priests, & Shikari because of the amount of damage it can deal out. It's also the weapon of choice in dealing with the ghostly Death Shroud. 

Should I drop it?: Absolutely not. The Sniper Rifle is one of the most powerful weapons in the game, and by far the most versatile.

M16 Assault Rifle
This long range, fast-firing and extremely damaging weapon is the ideal choice for heavy machine guns. It is equipped with an under-barrel grenade launcher.  

Regular Fire: This weapon makes both the pistols and the Mac-10 completely obsolete with it high rate of fire, and with its more damaging attack (10-16 units). 

Alt Fire: Shoots out a grenade (5 Die-Bug-Die cells), which is quite powerful (100-140 units) and has a fair amount of splash damage. As is the case with most grenades in video games (as opposed to all reality), it explodes on contact with an enemy or after a set amount of time. You can shoot it around corners, but it is extremely difficult to do this effectively. It's much more effective to shoot it at an enemy. 

Uses: The regular fire is ideal for dealing with Cultists, Fanatics, and Prophets; and can be used in a pinch against the Shikari, although I wouldn't recommend it. The alt fire is useful for clearing out small rooms and when dealing with some of the tougher enemies. 

Should I drop it?: Not unless you're brain-dead. The Assault Rifle uses the most plentiful ammunition source, and the alt fire gives you a quick response against more powerful enemies; so it's the ultimate cruising weapon.

This weapon is basically a portable artillery piece. It fires a large shell at a slow rate of fire that is instantaneous and does massive damage. This weapon requires extreme strength to use. 

Regular Fire: Shoots off one shell doing a fair amount of damage (about 50 units), which can't be dodged, and has a fair amount of splash damage. 

Alt Fire: After a short warm-up, it shoots off 5 shells, each doing slightly less damage than the regular fire. 

Uses: Disappointingly, not much. It doesn't do nearly as much damage as the Sniper Rifle or the Death Ray, it doesn't have the splash damage of the Napalm Launcher, and the ammunition isn't plentiful enough to offset this. You'll only find yourself using it when other type of ammunition is low, and only against fairly low-powered enemies. 

Should I drop it?: You might as well hang on to it for a fair amount of time, since it does use it's own type of ammunition, which will come in handy every now and again; but when push comes to shove, you'll find yourself dropping it.

Potentially the most powerful weapon in the game, this gun combines an insanely high rate of fire with great range, and great damage. 

Regular Fire: After a short warm-up, it let's loose bullets at an insane rate of fire, doing very respectable damage (10-20), but isn't very accurate. 

Alt Fire: None 

Uses: It's great for taking out powerful foes in a very short period of time. Extremely useful for dealing with bosses, and any other enemy which you want to make short work of. 

Should I drop it?: I'd say no. Although it's not a weapon that you'll find yourself using very often, it really comes in handy against the last couple of bosses.


Demolitions: Explosive and Flame Weapons

Napalm Launcher
Large, heavy, and exceptionally brutal, this weapon fires flaming blasts of incendiary napalm. Activating the alt fire releases a cascading series of bouncing explosions lovingly referred to by those in the business as "rolling thunder." Make sure you don't set this baby off in close quarters, or you'll end up the main course in your own private weenie roast. 

Regular Fire: Shoots off a slow moving projectile when does a respectably amount of damage (60-80) with an incredibly amount of splash damage. 

Alt Fire: Shoots off 10 rounds (rolling thunder) each doing 30-40 units of damage. 

Uses: The insane amount of splash damage makes this a very useful weapon, even though it's not that powerful. It's a great weapon to use on Fanatics or Prophets when it would be too dangerous to get a proper aim on them. And it's also useful for taking care of Shikaris and Drudge Lords lurking around a corner. 

Should I drop it?: I'd say no. Although it's not as powerful as it should be (3 direct hits to kill a Fanatic on the Suicide mode), the splash damage more than makes up for it.

Flare Gun
The flare gun is a special weapon that fires flare-like projectiles that stick into targets and burn them over time. It has a medium rate of fire, and it projectiles move fairly quickly. The alt fire shoots a flare that bursts into a star pattern. The star flares explode on contact with objects, assigning burn tim to anything they hit. 

Regular Fire: Shoots out one flare, which will stick to your victim causing burning damage or will explode on contact with walls. 

Alt Fire: Shoots out 8 flares in a star pattern, which will stick in your victim, or explode on contact with walls. 

Uses: Don't underestimate the power of this little weapon. It's the absolute best way for dealing with teleporting enemies like the Zealot. It's also quite useful against several other enemies including Shikari and Soul Drudges, although it takes quite a number of flares to kill these creatures, this should be a problem because Flares are extremely plentiful in the game. 

Should I drop it?: I would say no, since it is the most effective weapon against Zealots, and is also useful in your first duel with Gideon.

Proximity Bomb
Proximity bombs are small motion detectors connected to a wad of plastique. The player uses it by first selecting it with the hotkey/inventory use key, and then throwing it by holding the fire key, or dropping it by pressing the alt fire key. It will arm a few seconds later an then stay armed until someone approaches it, at which point it will explode. The player can carry up to 10 Proximity Bombs. 

Regular Fire: Hold down the fire button to throw the bomb. The longer you hold it down, the farther it will be thrown. After a few moments, it will arm, and will explode whenever anyone comes near it. 

Alt Fire: Drops the bomb at your feet. 

Uses: Not a whole lot of uses for it, since it sticks to the first surface it comes in contact with. It's useful when dealing with Bone Leeches in a few locations, and it's marginally useful against enemies just around a corner, but it's extremely difficult to use this weapon effective. 

Should I drop it?: It's an inventory item, so you don't need to drop it.

Remote Bomb
Remote Bombs are similar to Proximity Bombs, but the player detonates them remotely. Selecting it from the inventory brings up the bomb and the detonator. The player can throw a bomb by holding down and releasing the regular fire button, and drop a selected boom by hitting the alt fire key. Press the detonate key (default is 'D') to detonate the bombs. The player can carry up to 10 Remote Bombs. 

Regular Fire: Hold down the fire button to throw the bomb. The longer you hold it down, the farther it will be thrown. Press the detonate key ('D' is the default) to detonate the bomb. 

Alt Fire: Drops the bomb at your feet. 

Uses: Not a whole lot of uses for it, since it sticks to the first surface it comes in contact with. It's useful when dealing with Bone Leeches in a few locations, and it's marginally useful against enemies just around a corner, but it's extremely difficult to use this weapon effective. 

Should I drop it?: It's an inventory item, so you don't need to drop it.

Time Bomb
The Time Bomb is similar to the Remote and Proximity Bomb, except that it is equipped with a timer. Selecting it brings up, push and hold down the regular fire to throw it, and press the alt fire to drop it. The player can carry up to 10 Time Bombs. 

Regular Fire: Hold down the fire button to throw the bomb. The longer you hold it down, the farther it will be thrown. the bomb will explode after 5 seconds. 

Alt Fire: Drops the bomb at your feet. 

Uses: Not a whole lot of uses for it, since it sticks to the first surface it comes in contact with. It's useful when dealing with Bone Leeches in a few locations, and it's marginally useful against enemies just around a corner, but it's extremely difficult to use this weapon effective. 

Should I drop it?: It's an inventory item, so you don't need to drop it.


Energy Weapons

TW-X59 Tesla Cannon
Cabalco has finally solved the mystery of ball lightning and put its power to good use in one of the world's most deadly anti-personel weapons. Activate the alt fire to create an electrical explosion that will flash fry ANYTHING within its range...including you! Cabalco never rests on its laurels; you used to have to go to prison for a good electrocution -- now you can have one anywhere! 

Regular Fire: Fires a slow-moving ball of electricity which does a fair amount of damage (30-50 units) at the cost of 2 Chemical Batteries per shot. 

Alt Fire: After a short warm-up, it will shoot off a powerful blast (100-150) at the cost of 60 Chemical Batteries. 

Uses: The regular fire makes for a respectable weapon, but it eats through ammunition. The splash damage makes it great for shooting at Fanatics who attempt to hide behind something, and it's fair against some of the tougher opponents like Shikari and Drudge Lords. The alt fire is a bit too costly in terms of ammunition, takes too long to warm-up, and is about as powerful as the Sniper Rifle; so there's not a whole of reason to use it. 

Should I drop it?: Some people really love it, but I don't. It eats up ammunition, and it's just not powerful enough. Also the splash damage makes it risky to use from cover.

Death Ray
From the Cabalco's advanced weapons division comes the next step in urban warfare, the Cabalco Death Ray. This weapon delivers on its promise, firing beams of pure energy that  reflect off of most surfaces so you can get that 'around the corner' kill. 

Regular Fire: Fires off a fairly powerful laser beam (50-60 units) that can bounce off of most surfaces. 

Alt Fire: At the cost of two Chemical Batteries, and after a short warm-up, it will shoot out a conical energy blast that is fairly powerful (50-75 units). 

Uses: Because of the rapid fire of this weapon, it rivals the Sniper Rifle in terms of power, although the bouncing beams make it a bit dangerous to use. An excellent weapon against almost any enemy. Because of the warm-up time, the alt fire really isn't that useful IMO. 

Should I drop it?: This one is a keeper. The ammunition is plentiful, and it's as powerful as the Napalm Launcher.

Representing the finest tool in the modern exterminating arsenal. The Insect-A-Cutioner uses Cabalco brand "Die, Bug, Die!" industrial bug spray. This spray is extremely toxic, and should not be exposed to skin. In the event of skin exposure, consult a mortician. It is also extremely flammable, and should be kept at room temperature at all times. 

Regular Fire: Shoots out a stream of toxic bug spray which does a fair amount of damage (40-80). 

Alt Fire: Flips the Insect-A-Cutioner around, and ignites the spray with a zippo lighter to do more damage (60-80) 

Uses: It's a fairly powerful weapon, but you need to use it at close range. You're much better off using the shotgun if you're that close, and save the Die-Bug-Die cells for the Assault Rifle's grenades. 

Should I drop it?: After the novelty of the weapon wears off, you'll find yourself dropping it.

Singularity Generator
A highly experimental weapon currently under development by Cabalco Industries, the Singularity Generator is designed to create a small, localized singularity, or black hole. This black hole will suck in and destroy almost anything in its vicinity. This incredibly powerful weapon remains in the prototyping stages due to problems with maintaining the fabric of reality when it is used, but as they say, you must break a few eggs to make an omelette. 

Regular Fire: At the cost of 50 Chemical Batteries, it will open up a small vortex which will pull your enemies to its center. 

Alt Fire: None 

Uses: Because the center of the vortex doesn't do any damage, you have to shoot it at someone standing next to the enemy you wish to use it on. It is quite devastating, but it's very difficult to use properly. 

Should I drop it?: Most likely. Because of the strange way it works and the large amount of ammunition it uses, this isn't a weapon that you'll find yourself using a whole lot. 


Dark Magic

Voodoo Doll
The Voodoo doll is a vector-based weapon that does damage specific to where it hits on the doll. When the player uses the primary fire it will randomly stick the pin in several places all over the doll. These places include the eyes, chest, arms, legs, and groin. Each different hit location has a different effect. 

Regular Fire: Strikes the doll in random places causing damage to your victim. It uses 2 units of manna, and if there is no target, it will harm you. 

Alt Fire: Costing 100 units of manna, it will do 50-75 units of damage to your victim. 

Uses: Aside from Soul Drudges and civilians, it's next to useless. 

Should I drop it?: As soon as the novelty wears off, you'll find yourself discarding it. Might be useful in Blood Baths, because it can blind the victim.

The Orb
The Cabal's nasty take on the In-the-Egg-Scrambler seeks out enemy skulls and drills straight to their deepest thoughts. Accuracy isn't all important since the Orb detects motion and can even give chase if enemies see it coming. The alt fire gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "Be the ball." Switch in to Orb's-eye view to hunt down your enemies personally. Just remember that your own carcass sits vulnerable where you left it, so don't be surprised if you're dead when you get back. 

Regular Fire: At the cost of 20 units of manna, it will launch toward the head of the person in your sights. 

Alt Fire: At the cost of 200 units of manna, it allows you to control the movement of the ball. Not available for Caleb or Gabby in the Single Player game. 

Uses: It's lots of fun to use on Fanatics, since you can fire it and forget it. It's still a novelty weapon, but a fairly useful one. Unfortunately, the alt fire is really hard to control, so it's really not worth it. 

Should I drop it?: Possibly. There are more useful weapons, but this is probably the most fun to use. If you absolutely can't part with any other weapons, this would be the one to ditch.

Life Leech
The Life Leech projects wide bursts of life-stealing Eldritch Fire that can sear the flesh of your enemies from great distance. Striking the staff on the ground activates this weapon's alt fire, radiating a mystical shockwave that violently hurls opponents back. The Life Leech is the ultimate in arcane "crowd control" but using it near high ledges or acid pools may prove unsafe (wink-wink) for your enemies. The Life Leech is fueld by user focus, so characters with an aptitude for the dark arts will find that it serves them well. 

Regular Fire: At the cost of 2 units of manna, it will fire off small, mildly explosive fireballs which do a fair amount of damage (20-40 units). Hitting any living target will also boost your Health. 

Alt Fire: Hitting the floor with the Life Leech will result in a shock wave doing damage on par with the Sniper Rifle at the cost of 100 units of manna. 

Uses: Oh, baby, I'm in love. This weapon is great against almost any enemy, although you might have to wait for it to recharge. Plus, it will restore your health. Be careful going up against Fanatics or Prophets though, their weapons can negate any health benefit you might gain from using this weapon on them. 

Should I drop it?: Are you out of your mind? You should make the Life Leech your new god.

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