PITTSBURGH – For a while, it looked like Chris Jericho was indeed going to save us from Randy Orton and end his days as WWE Champion at Armageddon. But it took the divine intervention of a “wrestling god” to save the Legend Killer.

The sold-out Mellon Arena groaned and the rafters rattled with thunderous discontent as SmackDown color commentator JBL stood over Jericho and surveyed his carnage. Just seconds earlier, thousands of Jerichoholics were yelling “Tap! Tap!” as Orton groaned and writhed in pain, trapped in Y2J’s Walls of Jericho. The former Undisputed WWE Champion sat down on the small of Orton’s back and twisted him into a pretzel as the Legend Killer’s face reddened and contorted in agony. Orton tried to reach for the ropes; his nails dug into the mat as he tried to inch himself to safety.

However, the ropes seemed too far away each time, and Orton’s hand began to tremble. Our fans craned their necks and their screams rose in anticipation of their salvation. Jericho was about to complete his mission and save them from Orton’s championship reign.

But one boot from JBL robbed our fans and Jericho of their crowning moment. Orton was disqualified and lost the match but he still had what he – and Jericho – wanted most: The WWE Championship.

If the self-proclaimed wrestling god is waiting for the public to genuflect, he might have to settle for a few thousand thumbs down instead. Why did JBL attack Jericho? At one point in the match, Y2J and Orton’s heated battle spilled onto the ringside table of JBL and Michael Cole and Jericho nudged the former WWE Champion out of his way.

A fuming JBL stormed out of the arena and refused to answer WWE.com's questions after the match. Was he getting revenge for what appeared to be a harmless shove? As a former in-ring competitor, JBL knows more than anyone how heated a battle for sports-entertainment’s most coveted prize can get.

Or was there something else behind the self-made millionaire’s actions tonight? From the rivalry between Rey Mysterio and Finlay to the Batista-Undertaker war to his recent one night APA reunion with Ron Simmons as hired protection for Hornswoggle, JBL has gotten physically involved lately in altercations between the Superstars. JBL has made no secret of the bitterness he has felt since Mysterio sent him into retirement more than a year and a half ago.

Is his desire to be on the grand stage, when the lights are shining the brightest, overcoming him? Is he getting the itch to compete again? Has JBL’s rage over his forced retirement begun to boil over? Why did he really lash out at Jericho? And will JBL be punished for his actions?

One thing was certain tonight: Y2J’s mission was sabotaged, thanks to JBL. And if we know Jericho well, he may not take this lying down. Will Jericho address the controversial end to his match tomorrow night on Raw? And will JBL make his presence known? Y2J’s second coming didn’t mean a second WWE Championship for Jericho tonight, but maybe – just maybe – it has foreshadowed another second coming … of a wrestling god.

May God help us all.


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