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Who is the VNPA?

The VNPA is the leading voice for nature conservation in Victoria, and meets regularly with heads of government agencies and State Government ministers. Generous philanthropic support from the community gives us the capacity to make a real difference to nature conservation in Victoria.

We are currently working towards new national parks to protect the River Red Gum Forests and Wetlands of northern Victoria.

We are also part of initiatives to protect remnant native vegetation and biodiversity on a landscape scale across Victoria as the leading member of the Victoria Naturally alliance. We are also asking for greatly increased resources to ensure successful management of our national parks and reserves in the face of climate change.

We educate the community, industry and government on conservation issues by actively encouraging community involvement in conservation and appreciation of nature and national parks through community education work.

A history of success

In 1952, when the VNPA was formed, Victoria had just 13 national parks and no National Parks Act. Today, largely due to the VNPA's efforts, Victoria has 52 national parks (including 13 marine national parks), 30 state parks, three wilderness parks, and 11 marine sanctuaries protected under the National Parks Act.

In recent years the VNPA was behind the successful campaign to create a world first system of marine national parks that collectively protects 5% of Victoria's coastal waters.

The VNPA was also instrumental in achieving a series of national parks throughout the Box-Ironbark region of Central Victoria.

More recent work has resulted in the Victorian Government decision to remove licensed cattle grazing from Victoria's magnificent Alpine National Park.

Community outreach

The VNPA runs the largest bushwalking and activities program in Victoria, including walking, canoeing and cycling. We also run Walk, Talk and Gawk - rambles with an expert naturalist guide.

The Association provides services to more than 3000 members and hosts a Friends Network for more than 200 "Friends of" parks groups throughout Victoria involved in tree planting, weed control, walk track planning and other activities.

We run the NatureWatch Program, which monitors and provides input to park management and planning, and Reef Watch, a marine community monitoring program for scuba divers.

The VNPA also has a significant publishing arm that has produced many books on conservation issues in Victoria as well as the popular "in flower" field guides and "discovering our parks" guides.

Victoria's parks and unique ecosystems face threats on a number of fronts, and VNPA is at the forefront of efforts to counter these threats.

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