Identity Thief Is Often Found Close to Home. New York Times.
[Posted November 13, 2006]

NSA Program Further Blurs Line on Privacy. Washington Post.
[Posted May 13, 2006]

FTC Commissioner: Anti-spyware legislation could do more harm than good. Government Computer News.
[Posted December 12, 2004]

Federal spyware crackdown continues. But relief for consumers may be slow in coming. MSNBC
[Posted October 12, 2004]

Consumer Survey on Trusted Companies for Privacy
Internet companies, banks and health care organizations were seen as the most trustworthy ... Reuters
[Posted June 10, 2004]

New software, laws push some spammers to log out
As more consumers and companies use sophisticated software to thwart unwanted e-mail, and anti-spam lawsuits mount, spammers are ditching the business. USA Today
[Posted May 6, 2004]

New Web Privacy Sweep Shows Continued Improvement
Progress & Freedom Foundation (PFF) report details improvement in Web site privacy disclosures and practices. SJ Mercury News, Reuters, Washington Post

  • PFF Press Release
  • PFF Report
    [Posted March 27, 2002]

    OPA comments on Children's Privacy Rule Support Extension of Sliding Scale Approach to Parental Consent.

  • OPA Comments
  • Text of FTC's Proposal in Federal Register
  • FTC's News Release
    [Posted November 28, 2001]

    FTC Chair Urges Enforcement, Not New Privacy Laws
    New FTC Chief says he would not support new privacy legislation but instead emphasize enforcement of existing laws.

  • Online Privacy Alliance Applauds FTC's Plan To Devote More Resources To Enforcing Existing Privacy Laws Full Release
    [Posted October 4, 2001]

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