[23:00] <StellaLVX> re 93's
[23:00] #thelema: mode change '+o StellaLVX ' by Ebony137!charlesree@1Cust119.t
[23:00] <Ebony137> hi stella
[23:01] <StellaLVX> hi Ebony :) thank you
[23:04] MoZoD (mike-deb@p37-max12.akl.ihug.co.nz) joined #thelema.
[23:04] #thelema: mode change '+o MoZoD ' by W!cservice@undernet.org
[23:04] Ellegua (Rodney@pro.steinberg.de) joined #Thelema.
[23:05] <SkmfnAnpu> re Ellegua
[23:05] <MoZoD> 93  All
[23:05] #thelema: mode change '+o Ellegua ' by MoZoD!mike-deb@p37-max12.akl.ihu
[23:05] <StellaLVX> Love is the law, love under will, MoZoD :)
[23:06] <Mearlin> do what thou wilt
[23:06] <_Zontar_> ask again later
[23:06] Action: Mearlin notices he is the ONLY non op
[23:06] <StellaLVX> re 93 Ellegua
[23:06] <Mearlin> 8 ball, hook me up man
[23:06] <Mearlin> :P~
[23:07] <Mearlin> bbl :)
[23:07] Mearlin (Ta^Ryn@ppp-206-170-210-173.lsan03.pacbell.net) left #thelema.
[23:07] <SkmfnAnpu> Rodney are you still here or are you back home?
[23:07] Ellegua (Rodney@pro.steinberg.de) left irc: Ping timeout for Ellegua[pr
[23:08] <Ebony137> he's back, but jetlagged to beat all hell.
[23:09] <Ebony137> Great pentagram altar on friday13th the series.
[23:10] <SkmfnAnpu> Fri13th is on right now Eb?
[23:11] <Ebony137> scifi channel
[23:11] <SkmfnAnpu> brb hehe
[23:13] <SkmfnAnpu> re
[23:14] <SkmfnAnpu> Man past f days have kicked my ass. I should crash soon.
[23:14] <SkmfnAnpu> 4 dayz
[23:14] <SkmfnAnpu> Ruff weekend.
[23:15] ^horus^ (un@x2-41.mtl.Generation.NET) joined #Thelema.
[23:15] <^horus^> thelema
[23:16] <StellaLVX> Love is the law, love under will, ^horus^ :)
[23:16] <AShTON_V> into the realm of sleep....
[23:16] <AShTON_V> 93 93/93
[23:17] AShTON_V (Helikron@ left #thelema.
[23:17] <Haddo> I feel something special everytime I see the words spelled out.
[23:17] Nephthys^ (Nephthys@gp-23.budget.net) joined #Thelema.
[23:18] <SkmfnAnpu> Welcome to Hell.
[23:18] <Nephthys^> re
[23:18] <Haddo> I might enjoy it here
[23:18] <SkmfnAnpu> My I show you to the HOT TUB.
[23:18] <SkmfnAnpu> Hehehe
[23:18] <Nephthys^> wow, hell has a tour guide?
[23:18] snaporaz (PacoDoc@dynip49.efn.org) joined #Thelema.
[23:19] <StellaLVX> goodnight or day everyone. Love is the law, love under will
. :)
[23:19] StellaLVX (thelema@sjt8-122.ppp.iadfw.net) left #thelema.
[23:19] #thelema: mode change '+oo Nephthys^ snaporaz ' by MoZoD!mike-deb@p37-m
[23:19] #thelema: mode change '+o ^horus^ ' by MoZoD!mike-deb@p37-max12.akl.ihu
[23:20] <Nephthys^> thanks MoZoD
[23:20] <SkmfnAnpu> Well tour guide hmmm... Yes 'pose I could show U 'round.
[23:20] <MoZoD> youre welcome :c)
[23:20] <^horus^> mm, and I thought that magick was action of ones Will.... I'm
 far away from the topic
[23:21] <^horus^> thanks mozod
[23:21] CTCP PING: 925884755 from `Zephyr (zephyr@ip78.frederick.md.pub-ip.psi.
net) to #Thelema
[23:22] <Haddo> Magick is Will
[23:23] <^horus^> an ice cream cone too ?
[23:23] <Haddo> (Oh, another one of those truths, again)
[23:23] <Haddo> just speaking to myself
[23:24] <^horus^> it's ok...usual around
[23:24] <SkmfnAnpu> But we all heard it.
[23:24] <SkmfnAnpu> ;)
[23:24] <SkmfnAnpu> On last cig for me, folx.
[23:25] <SkmfnAnpu> Good to see you all again. :)
[23:26] <SkmfnAnpu> "Arit-a mert-a septa emma Ankhiu."
[23:27] <Haddo> I just baught me a new pack... hehe I have lots left
[23:27] <Haddo> Bauta, bauta
[23:28] Topic changed on #thelema by ^horus^!un@x2-41.mtl.Generation.NET: Magic
k is to get it all together and get it riding
[23:29] SkmfnAnpu (SkmfnAnpu@ra-ramos.HIP.Berkeley.EDU) left irc: Read error to
 SkmfnAnpu[ra-ramos.HIP.Berkeley.EDU]: Connection reset by peer
[23:30] <Haddo> Wich is not that easy... riding that white horse...
[23:30] <Haddo> hehe
[23:30] <Haddo> hmm
[23:30] <Haddo> joke
[23:32] Mu-sleep (Musick@max9-35.stc.net) left irc: Ping timeout for Mu-sleep[m
[23:32] <^horus^> getting it all together is the worst, actually
[23:32] <Haddo> It is almost impossible
[23:33] <Haddo> And I mean all of the references, 777, etc
[23:33] Nephthys^ (Nephthys@gp-23.budget.net) left irc: Read error to Nephthys^
[gp-23.budget.net]: Connection reset by peer
[23:33] <Haddo> But... for what is it worth
[23:35] <Haddo> I feel that, that is not so important, only a thing to train yo
ur mind on....
[23:35] <MoZoD> Dinner calls   93 all
[23:35] MoZoD (mike-deb@p37-max12.akl.ihug.co.nz) left #thelema.
[23:35] <Haddo> Or maybe... to sort thaughts that you do not need....
[23:36] <Haddo> no... that cannot be it
[23:36] <^horus^> 777 is a symbolic dictionary.... tomorow is life
[23:36] <^horus^> yepyepyep
[23:37] <Haddo> Today is life
[23:38] <^horus^> today was done and past quite fast
[23:39] <Haddo> But some of today stick, but that is done
[23:39] <^horus^> sorry... but i'm more of a sailor than a bureaucrat
[23:39] Action: Haddo quote: " Remember all ye that existence is pure joy; that
 all the sorrows are but as shaddows; they pass & are done; but there is that w
ich remains."
[23:40] <Haddo> I wish I was a sailor
[23:40] <Haddo> All of my fore-fathers were sailors or worked at the dock...
[23:40] <Haddo> They were real men
[23:41] <Haddo> To bad none of them are alive today
[23:42] <Haddo> to tell the tale of brave men and more braver women
[23:42] <Haddo> Well
[23:42] <Haddo> You know what I mean
[23:42] <Haddo> do you?
[23:42] <Haddo> I dont
[23:42] <_Zontar_> better not tell you now
[23:42] <Haddo> ok
[23:44] <snaporaz> more braver?
[23:44] <snaporaz> sounds like something i would missspellle?
[23:45] <Ebony137> OK I am away to sequence the Hexagram the way I did the pent
agram, bbl... eveyone send pain releaving spirts wheeeeeeew.
[23:45] <^horus^> lol
[23:45] <Ebony137> dman damn damn....
[23:46] <Ebony137> "hey sister morpine...
[23:46] <Ebony137> damn.
[23:47] Ebony137 (charlesree@1Cust119.tnt2.sfo2.da.uu.net) left irc: Leaving
[23:47] <^horus^> ¸hey, that's the stones, man
[23:48] <Haddo> "You fooled all the people with magic" is the worst phraze in M
r Crowley. Ruins the song
[23:48] <snaporaz> i am not stoned!
[23:48] <snaporaz> oh..
[23:48] <snaporaz> nevermind
[23:49] Slutcd (slave4u2@nic-c48-137.mw.mediaone.net) joined #Thelema.
[23:49] <Slutcd> hi all
[23:49] <^horus^> but it is the work of the magus
[23:50] <Haddo> Liber I
[23:51] Slutcd (slave4u2@nic-c48-137.mw.mediaone.net) left #Thelema.
[23:51] <^horus^> to play with the mater of the world ;)
[23:52] <Haddo> Liber II is also nice and short
[23:54] <Haddo> Much better
[23:56] <gbryal> Well, Mr. Crowley grates on me because Ozzy can't pronounce th
e name.
[23:56] <Haddo> My "Aleister explains everything" is gone, why did I lend it to
 that strange intelligent person...
[23:57] <Haddo> You are very right
[23:57] <Haddo> Where did all the crows go
[23:57] <Haddo> and Ozzy, being from england and all... hmm
[23:58] <^horus^> I, II, III,IV... Her namae is suzi
[23:58] <^horus^> duh mary-suzy
[23:58] <^horus^> she has a pussy
[23:59] <Haddo> My first girl, (the one who took my virginity on a tuesday) was
 named Sussie
[23:59] <^horus^> an ouzzzzzzzy pussy
[23:59] <gbryal> I am all happy cuz I ripped an 8k 6264 out of an old ethernet
card and used it to upgrade my Tandy Model 102
[23:59] <^horus^> rides around,
[23:59] <Haddo> Isnt it easier to by new... :)
[23:59] <_Zontar_> don't count on it
[00:00] <gbryal> No
[00:00] <gbryal> That chip isn't available cheaply in single quantities
[00:00] <gbryal> You need to order a few hundred
[00:00] <^horus^> hoozzzzzzzy baby , yeah
[00:00] snaporaz (PacoDoc@dynip49.efn.org) left irc: Leaving
[00:00] <Haddo> ok
[00:02] Pirwzm (fraiwass@rtr1.bci.net.pl) joined #Thelema.
[00:02] <Pirwzm> 93 all
[00:03] (Pirwzm!fraiwass@rtr1.bci.net.pl) !Aiwass! OP
[00:03] #thelema: mode change '+o Pirwzm ' by Nuit!nuit@pagans.org
[00:04] fand{MB} (primadonna@ireland8.demon.co.uk) joined #Thelema.
[00:05] #thelema: mode change '+o fand{MB} ' by Pirwzm!fraiwass@rtr1.bci.net.pl
[00:05] <Pirwzm> hi fand
[00:05] <fand{MB}> yo pirxwn
[00:05] <fand{MB}> hello thre
[00:06] <^horus^> allo, fand
[00:06] <fand{MB}> yo horus
[00:08] Nick change: Pirwzm -> YAWN
[00:08] Nick change: YAWN -> Pirwzm
[00:10] <^horus^> mmmm.... shit
[00:10] <Pirwzm> agreed
[00:11] <^horus^> I'm trying to type but my dick is in the way
[00:11] <fand{MB}> nice
[00:11] <fand{MB}> anyone getting the benefit?
[00:11] <^horus^> down boy, down
[00:12] <fand{MB}> its alright I like dogs jumping up at me, dont know about yo
u lot
[00:12] <^horus^> must be fand to effect my typing that way
[00:14] ^horus^ (un@x2-41.mtl.Generation.NET) got netsplit.
[00:14] <fand{MB}> I wonder what he has gone for
[00:14] <_Zontar_> don't count on it
[00:17] <Pirwzm> gotta get me some coffee a hah
[00:17] Nick change: Pirwzm -> PirBRB
[00:20] ^horus^ (un@x2-41.mtl.Generation.NET) got lost in the net-split.
[00:21] Nick change: PirBRB -> Pirwzm
[00:21] Nick change: Pirwzm -> PirSMOKE
[00:21] ^horus^ (un@x2-41.mtl.Generation.NET) joined #thelema.
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[00:21] ^horus^ (un@x2-41.mtl.Generation.NET) joined #Thelema.
[00:23] <fand{MB}> wb
[00:23] <^horus^> re fand
[00:23] #thelema: mode change '+o ^horus^ ' by fand{MB}!primadonna@ireland8.dem
[00:26] Nick change: PirSMOKE -> Pirwzm
[00:28] <fand{MB}> glad you put hte fire out, Pir
[00:28] JeZeBeLe (jezebele@ts003d19.eug-or.concentric.net) joined #Thelema.
[00:28] <Pirwzm> :)
[00:28] #thelema: mode change '+o JeZeBeLe ' by Pirwzm!fraiwass@rtr1.bci.net.pl
[00:29] <JeZeBeLe> 93
[00:29] <Pirwzm> 93 Jez
[00:29] <JeZeBeLe> :) Hiyah Pirwzm Thanks 93
[00:29] <Pirwzm> anytime
[00:29] <fand{MB}> ciao all
[00:29] fand{MB} (primadonna@ireland8.demon.co.uk) left irc: >> God in fact is
Male, supremely so, and compared to Him, everyone else is a woman. So, it is no
t sexist at all.
[00:32] <JeZeBeLe> im sliding into sleep
[00:32] <Pirwzm> im desperately fihgting sleep
[00:33] <JeZeBeLe> man this sucks. ill bbl in the a.m, maybe after resh *Hugs*
93 93/93
[00:33] <Pirwzm> agape Jez, sleep well
[00:33] <JeZeBeLe> *Kiss*
[00:33] JeZeBeLe (jezebele@ts003d19.eug-or.concentric.net) left #Thelema.
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[00:46] Topic changed on #thelema by ^horus^!un@x2-41.mtl.Generation.NET: Will
is one thing, Love an other...let me lick that yoni until your toes curl in joy
 and laughter
[00:47] CTCP PING: 925889956 from _Zontar_ (zontar@gamera.creepy.net) to #Thele
[00:47] Ellegua (Rodney@pro.steinberg.de) joined #Thelema.
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[00:55] Ebony137 (charlesree@ip64.san-francisco25.ca.pub-ip.psi.net) joined #Th
[00:55] #thelema: mode change '+o Ebony137 ' by Pirwzm!fraiwass@rtr1.bci.net.pl
[00:55] <Pirwzm> Thelema Ebony
[00:56] <Ebony137> HEY ALL, oh excuse the yelling. Pain meds finaly came on.
[00:56] <Ebony137> I pedanticaly finished the Hexagram sequence.
[00:56] <Ebony137> took my mind off waiting.
[00:57] <Ebony137> I hope this time is no mistake, I think I checked it a dozen
  times as it went.
[00:58] <Ebony137> If anyone wants to check my logic and dyslexia the can get i
t e-mail or DCC. Now all I have to do is include it in the book and an explanat
ion of how come  I did it that way.
[00:58] <_Zontar_> very doubtful
[00:58] <Ebony137> hahaha
[00:59] <Pirwzm> is it on your site ?
[00:59] <_Zontar_> outlook good!
[00:59] <Haddo> Will
[00:59] <_Zontar_> without a doubt
[00:59] <Ebony137> no Pir these are patron papers.
[00:59] <Haddo> yes I saw that film
[01:00] <Haddo> Ebony and Ivory, live together in perfect harmony
[01:00] <Ebony137> After the patrons, my bosses, get through editing, asking fo
r explanations and expansions, check my logic, ect we will have to put up a PDF
[01:01] |-Horus-| (Horus@ joined #thelema.
[01:01] <|-Horus-|> 93's
[01:01] #thelema: mode change '+o |-Horus-| ' by Pirwzm!fraiwass@rtr1.bci.net.p
[01:01] <Pirwzm> 93 Horus
[01:01] <|-Horus-|> thanks Pirwzm
[01:01] Mercutio^ (yyy@cs22023.central.susx.ac.uk) joined #Thelema.
[01:01] <Mercutio^> hulllllo
[01:01] #thelema: mode change '+o Mercutio^ ' by Pirwzm!fraiwass@rtr1.bci.net.p
[01:02] <Pirwzm> np Horus
[01:02] <Mercutio^> ;)
[01:04] <^horus^> kia,zos....you fuck head. How are you ? :)
[01:04] <Mercutio^> I am very well how are you Horse arse
[01:04] Action: Mercutio^ laugs
[01:04] <Mercutio^> hmmm
[01:04] Action: Mercutio^ laugs
[01:04] Action: Mercutio^ laughs
[01:04] <^horus^> still scratching...hehehe
[01:06] DeadFish (deke@gamera.creepy.net) joined #Thelema.
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[01:06] Caduceus (teekoon@lv3-10.transport.com) joined #Thelema.
[01:08] Topic changed on #thelema by Mercutio^!yyy@cs22023.central.susx.ac.uk:
I can call you Betty and Betty when you call me you can call me AL
[01:08] Action: Mercutio^ laughs in his usual Bad taste at his own joke while e
veryone else wonders how such a repugnant individual can produce such works of
supreme beauty
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[01:19] Ebony137 (charlesree@ip64.san-francisco25.ca.pub-ip.psi.net) got netspl
[01:20] [Mercutio^!yyy@cs22023.central.susx.ac.uk] hello there
[01:20] [Mercutio^!yyy@cs22023.central.susx.ac.uk] are you ever going to conver
se with me out Lady of Babalon etc etc
[01:21] Ebony137 (charlesree@ip64.san-francisco25.ca.pub-ip.psi.net) returned t
o #thelema.
[01:21] #thelema: mode change '+o Ebony137' by McLean.VA.us.undernet.org
[01:21] Sch-afk (schabe@elohim.dogma.org) got netsplit.
[01:21] <Mercutio^> Hello all
[01:21] <Haddo> More music
[01:22] <Mercutio^> bring out the drums
[01:22] <Haddo> And the things wich you beat on the drums with
[01:22] <Haddo> :)
[01:22] <Mercutio^> my large rod
[01:22] <Mercutio^> HAY HAY HAY
[01:22] <Mercutio^> something funny
[01:22] <Mercutio^> for ALL of you fucekrs
[01:22] <Haddo> Bring out lapis lazuli
[01:23] <Haddo> eh
[01:23] <Mercutio^> Jesus is to old
[01:23] <Mercutio^> Clinton should have paid more attention to the bible
[01:23] <Haddo> Jesus is not with us any more
[01:23] <Mercutio^> especially the bit that says
[01:23] <Mercutio^> "Thou shalt not comfort thy rod with thy staff"
[01:24] <Haddo> And the corpse pick out his eyes
[01:24] <Haddo> or was it some other thing
[01:24] <Haddo> hehe
[01:24] <Mercutio^> with my hawks head I peck etc etc
[01:24] <Haddo> Sorry I mean the raven raveth at the corpse of christ
[01:24] Sch-afk (schabe@elohim.dogma.org) returned to #Thelema.
[01:25] Vedfoln|r (Mythos@cr645183-a.poco1.bc.wave.home.com) joined #Thelema.
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[01:25] <Haddo> And I rave to the music of Beethoven
[01:26] <Haddo> But what about Mary... that is also nice
[01:26] <Haddo> :)
[01:27] Pirwzm (fraiwass@rtr1.bci.net.pl) joined #Thelema.
[01:27] <Pirwzm> re
[01:27] <Mercutio^> DO not be a clockwork orange
[01:27] <_Zontar_> my reply is no
[01:27] #thelema: mode change '+ooo Caduceus Pirwzm Sch-afk ' by Mercutio^!yyy@
[01:27] <^horus^> I rave with a cool long heated up girl for myself
[01:27] <Pirwzm> thanks Merc
[01:27] Action: Haddo can't help but give you another quote: " Find thou thysel
f in every star! Achieve thou every possibility!"
[01:27] <Haddo> Exceed!
[01:27] <Haddo> hihi
[01:28] <Pirwzm> Find thou thyself in every Volvo
[01:28] <Pirwzm> ;)
[01:31] <Haddo> As long as you feel safe in your Will
[01:31] <Haddo> ;)
[01:32] Pirwzm (fraiwass@rtr1.bci.net.pl) left irc: Ping timeout for Pirwzm[rtr
[01:33] <Haddo> Maryjanes last dance is also nice
[01:34] Pirwzm (fraiwass@rtr1.bci.net.pl) joined #Thelema.
[01:35] <Pirwzm> damn
[01:35] <Pirwzm> re
[01:35] (Pirwzm!fraiwass@rtr1.bci.net.pl) !Aiwass! OP
[01:35] #thelema: mode change '+o Pirwzm ' by Nuit!nuit@pagans.org
[01:36] <Mercutio^> Do you raise your sword pen against this creation ?
[01:36] <_Zontar_> signs point to "yes"
[01:38] <Mercutio^> ?req eq leotard
[01:38] <Mercutio^> ?calc eq leotard
[01:38] <Ped-Xing> Mercutio^: the English word `leotard' equals 77.
[01:39] <Mercutio^> ?req eq leotard
[01:39] Betty` (Heavenly@ip212.ts4.phx.inficad.com) joined #Thelema.
[01:39] Pirwzm (fraiwass@rtr1.bci.net.pl) left irc: Read error to Pirwzm[rtr1.b
ci.net.pl]: Connection reset by peer
[01:39] <Mercutio^> lol
[01:39] <Betty`> AL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[01:39] Betty`!Heavenly@ip212.ts4.phx.inficad.com kicked from #thelema by Mercu
tio^!yyy@cs22023.central.susx.ac.uk: Betty`
[01:39] #thelema: mode change '+b *!*@ip212.ts4.phx.inficad.com ' by Mercutio^!
[01:39] Pirwzm (fraiwass@rtr1.bci.net.pl) joined #Thelema.
[01:39] #thelema: mode change '+oo Pirwzm Vedfoln|r ' by Mercutio^!yyy@cs22023.
[01:39] <Pirwzm> thanks
[01:41] Ozongon (nyx@warande3234.warande.uu.nl) joined #Thelema.
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[01:42] Betty`` (nike@usr1-95.interlinks.net) joined #Thelema.
[01:42] Bunsha (Chin@cisco1000-57.clic.nl) joined #Thelema.
[01:42] <Betty``> AL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[01:43] <Bunsha> heh
[01:43] <Bunsha> they collect ops here?
[01:43] <Betty``> BUNSHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[01:43] Ozongon (nyx@warande3234.warande.uu.nl) left #Thelema.
[01:44] <Haddo> hmmm
[01:44] <Haddo> I start my old qustion
[01:45] (#thelema) Channel ban on *!*@ip212.ts4.phx.inficad.com expired.
[01:45] #thelema: mode change '-b *!*@ip212.ts4.phx.inficad.com ' by Nuit!nuit@
[01:45] <Haddo> What about the eight and ninety rules of art.... concerning dri
[01:45] <Pirwzm> din gamla svar ?
[01:45] <Haddo> min gamla fråga!
[01:45] <Pirwzm> oops, unskyld
[01:45] <gbryal> I never recieved a copy of those rules.
[01:45] <Bunsha> ehr..
[01:45] <Haddo> It i a quote from Liber AL
[01:45] Betty` (Heavenly@ip212.ts4.phx.inficad.com) joined #Thelema.
[01:46] <Bunsha> ooooooohhhhhhhhh
[01:46] <gbryal> perhaps it is.
[01:46] <Betty`> aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh
[01:46] <Bunsha> mon petite Betty`!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
[01:46] <Betty`> where did al go ?
[01:46] <Bunsha> :P
[01:46] <gbryal> the fact remains that i don't have even one of those rules of
[01:46] <Betty`> LOL
[01:46] <Betty`> teach me french
[01:46] <Betty`> lol
[01:47] <Haddo> Gabriel, I havent any one of them either
[01:47] <gbryal> Well, that just sucks.
[01:47] <^horus^> tu veux parler français?
[01:47] <Haddo> no
[01:48] <Betty`> you all seem to be dead tonight
[01:48] CrAzYRuss (CrAzYRuss@207-172-35-183.s183.tnt9.brd.va.dialup.rcn.com) jo
ined #Thelema.
[01:48] <Betty``> RUSS!!!
[01:48] <gbryal> it could be that it is 3:45 am
[01:48] <Bunsha> nederlands dan?
[01:48] <Haddo> I quote the whole verse:
[01:48] <Haddo> If thou drink, drink by the eight and ninety rules of art: if t
hou love, exceed by delicacy; and if thou do aught joyous, let there be subtlet
y therein!
[01:48] <Haddo> <Haddo> with special concern on th first phrase of course
[01:48] <_Zontar_> most likely
[01:49] <gbryal> i wonder what the eight and ninety rules are.
[01:49] <_Zontar_> it is certain
[01:49] <Haddo> gbryal... I have wondered for about, well very lon anyway... :)
[01:50] <^horus^> well, there is a good world wine selection to begin with
[01:50] Betty` (Heavenly@ip212.ts4.phx.inficad.com) left #thelema.
[01:51] <Haddo> Lets start there... maybe we find the rules after about 97 bott
les! :)
[01:51] <CrAzYRuss> 1,1 1,2 1,3 1,4 1,5 1,6 1,7 1,8 1,9 1,10 1,11 1,12 1,13 1,1
4 1,15 1,17 1,18 8,1 1,1 1,2 1,3 1,4 1,5 1,6 1,7 1,8 1,9 1,10 1,11 1,12 1,13 1,
14 1,15 1,17 1,18 1,19
[01:51] <CrAzYRuss> 1,1 1,2 1,3 1,4 1,5 1,6 1,7 1,8 1,9 1,10 1,11 1,12 1,13 1,1
4 1,15 1,17 1,18 8,1 1,1 1,2 1,3 1,4 1,5 1,6 1,7 1,8 1,9 1,10 1,11 1,12 1,13 1,
14 1,15 1,17 1,18 1,19
[01:51] <CrAzYRuss> 1,1 1,2 1,3 1,4 1,5 1,6 1,7 1,8 1,9 1,10 1,11 1,12 1,13 1,1
4 1,15 1,17 1,18 8,1 1,1 1,2 1,3 1,4 1,5 1,6 1,7 1,8 1,9 1,10 1,11 1,12 1,13 1,
14 1,15 1,17 1,18 1,19
[01:51] <CrAzYRuss> 1,1 1,2 1,3 1,4 1,5 1,6 1,7 1,8 1,9 1,10 1,11 1,12 1,13 1,1
4 1,15 1,17 1,18 8,1 1,1 1,2 1,3 1,4 1,5 1,6 1,7 1,8 1,9 1,10 1,11 1,12 1,13 1,
14 1,15 1,17 1,18 1,19
[01:51] CrAzYRuss (CrAzYRuss@207-172-35-183.s183.tnt9.brd.va.dialup.rcn.com) le
ft irc: Excess Flood
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ft #Thelema.
[01:51] <Pirwzm> the sort of alcohol only matters while first half a liter
[01:52] <Haddo> maybe... only the taste that is
[01:52] <Bunsha> ohhh! Mon ange, récupèrent ici mon ange!
[01:52] <Bunsha> :P
[01:53] <Haddo> But if you drink rum, the taste dissapear just like that after
4 cl.
[01:53] <^horus^> T uveux que je te prenne par devant, ou par derrière?
[01:54] <^horus^> haddo, depends on the rum you drink
[01:54] Bunsha (Chin@cisco1000-57.clic.nl) left #Thelema.
[01:54] <^horus^> smooth old rum is great
[01:55] <Haddo> Last I drank was Bacardis dark rum.... best rumm I ever have ha
ve drinken drank, been drunk on
[01:55] Pirwzm (fraiwass@rtr1.bci.net.pl) left irc: Ping timeout for Pirwzm[rtr
[01:55] <^horus^> and you can still proceed with wine and enjoy a good meal
[01:56] Pirwzm (fraiwass@rtr1.bci.net.pl) joined #Thelema.
[01:56] <Haddo> But, as I pointed out earlier, without any taste whatsoever
[01:56] (Pirwzm!fraiwass@rtr1.bci.net.pl) !Aiwass! OP
[01:56] #thelema: mode change '+o Pirwzm ' by Nuit!nuit@pagans.org
[01:56] (Pirwzm!fraiwass@rtr1.bci.net.pl) !Aiwass! OP
[01:58] <^horus^> hmmm... try some good "appleton estate" for a change.... buen
o caca
[01:58] <Haddo> well
[01:58] <Haddo> anyway
[01:59] <Haddo> Bacradis dark rum is the only liquour I can drink straight
[01:59] <Haddo> Without being sick
[01:59] <Haddo> :)
[01:59] <Ebony137> now all I have to go is come out with the pamplet that goes
with these sigilizers.
[02:00] <^horus^> you'll be amazed with an "appleton state" old dark.... it's v
ery good
[02:01] <Ebony137> nobody else here asked for them and I forgot is there?
[02:03] <Ebony137> oh good I am getting relly spacy, I may put off editing the
book til tomorrow.
[02:04] <Haddo> ok, horus
[02:04] <Haddo> Ill try that
[02:04] <Haddo> but not now...
[02:04] <^horus^> lol
[02:05] Pirwzm (fraiwass@rtr1.bci.net.pl) left irc: Ping timeout for Pirwzm[rtr
[02:05] <^horus^> to who were you talking ebony?
[02:07] fand{MB} (primadonna@ireland8.demon.co.uk) joined #Thelema.
[02:07] <Haddo> What is the book your editing? If you dont mind me asking
[02:07] <fand{MB}> lo all
[02:07] #thelema: mode change '+o fand{MB} ' by ^horus^!un@x2-41.mtl.Generation
[02:07] <fand{MB}> ta chuck
[02:07] <Ebony137> WEll a bunch of people wanted the pentagram and hexagram sig
il generators. I just sent out the corredted ones, one of my  Patrons/bosses po
inted out errors in the attributions.
[02:08] <Ebony137> IT is a recent book for Patrons, called the pentagram and He
xagram sigilisers.
[02:09] <Ebony137> but i had such a dyslexic time of it. Course I am in a lot o
f pain, and pain meds, and a bleeping nebuliser, but those are ownly excuses. t
hey wanted me to fix it and to expplain the process.  So ...
[02:10] <Ebony137> t love!
[02:10] <Ebony137> ta love i mean, if you ment me.
[02:10] Pirwzm (fraiwass@rtr1.bci.net.pl) joined #Thelema.
[02:10] (Pirwzm!fraiwass@rtr1.bci.net.pl) !Aiwass! OP
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[02:12] ^horus^ (un@x2-41.mtl.Generation.NET) left irc: Leaving
[02:15] <fand{MB}> when did gabe leave?
[02:18] <Haddo> Ebony, whope it goes well, I have (just as a hobbie) translated
 some of the books by crowley to swedish, it is not easy, but fun...
[02:18] <Haddo> Hope it goes well!
[02:19] <Haddo> :) me and my english disappears in the drain after a few bottle
s of foaming wine
[02:19] Pirwzm (fraiwass@rtr1.bci.net.pl) left irc: Ping timeout for Pirwzm[rtr
[02:19] Pirwzm (fraiwass@rtr1.bci.net.pl) joined #Thelema.
[02:20] <Pirwzm> .msg nuit op hoxha93
[02:21] (Pirwzm!fraiwass@rtr1.bci.net.pl) !Aiwass! PASS...
[02:21] (Pirwzm!fraiwass@rtr1.bci.net.pl) !Aiwass! OP
[02:21] #thelema: mode change '+o Pirwzm ' by Nuit!nuit@pagans.org
[02:23] <Ebony137> OK got the list fixed of patrons, and comps, and got the fil
es out,  revised edition of the book will follow if I can still keep working  t
hrough the pain, or if I don't bleeping  croak.
[02:24] Pirwzm (fraiwass@rtr1.bci.net.pl) left irc: Ping timeout for Pirwzm[rtr
[02:24] <Ebony137> whew, when the deities want ya to do something, they more th
an hint, or I didn't catch the hint till they hit me upside the head.
[02:25] <Ebony137> I'm begining  to think this bug is viral, though the antibio
ics seemed to  be working for a couple of days.
[02:26] <Ebony137> I have to get in touch with my dr, this is too much for codi
ene to deal with, I need some oromorph 40's for this one.
[02:28] <Ebony137> shit I am the only one talking, verbose ain't I :(
[02:29] <Ebony137> Hi fand!!!
[02:29] <fand{MB}> heya Ebony
[02:29] CTCP PING: 925896135 from fand{MB} (primadonna@ireland8.demon.co.uk) to
[02:30] <fand{MB}> did gabe say if he was coming back?
[02:30] <_Zontar_> it is certain
[02:30] <Ebony137> heyya, just hadda get someone into a dialog, fuck I hurt, pl
easure and pain is the same the same pleasure and pain the same, I keep repeati
ng my Jones mantra...
[02:31] <Ebony137> Whats up  with you?
[02:31] <Ebony137> hey you are only here tonight.
[02:33] <Ebony137> probably working though...
[02:33] <fand{MB}> who is working?
[02:34] <Ebony137> oh I thought you were at work, you are in the UK right?
[02:34] <Ebony137> You are 9 hrs fast on us.
[02:35] <Ebony137> so it's about 10:30 AM there  right?
[02:35] <fand{MB}> I am indeed
[02:35] <Haddo> hehe
[02:35] <Ebony137> ahh kewl
[02:35] <fand{MB}> yes it is 1030
[02:35] <fand{MB}> but Im not working
[02:35] <fand{MB}> are you in CA?
[02:35] <_Zontar_> reply hazy. try again.
[02:35] <fand{MB}> Im about to go and decorate
[02:35] <Haddo> I am not at work but i got 11.25
[02:36] <Haddo> I am so happy no work!
[02:36] <fand{MB}> you are in Sweden, Haddo?
[02:36] <Ebony137> Yep, 2:30 AM here, tired as hell but can't sleep, hurt too b
[02:36] <Haddo> yes
[02:36] <Ebony137> kewl fand!
[02:36] <fand{MB}> sweden sounds seriously  cool
[02:36] <Ebony137> and of course Haddo.
[02:37] <Ebony137> I have never been accross the big  water.
[02:38] <Ebony137> I like the crowd at this time of night, but am inevitably fu
cked up in some way when I am up this late.
[02:39] <Ebony137> shit shit shit, I need some bleeping morphine, or demerol, t
his is stupid.
[02:40] <fand{MB}> I think I had better go and do my decorating rather than was
te money
[02:40] <fand{MB}> bye bye all
[02:40] <fand{MB}> I hope you get better Ebony
[02:40] <fand{MB}> ciao Haddo
[02:40] <fand{MB}> farvel even
[02:40] fand{MB} (primadonna@ireland8.demon.co.uk) left irc: >> God in fact is
Male, supremely so, and compared to Him, everyone else is a woman. So, it is no
t sexist at all.
[02:40] Haddo (cool@dialup160-4-9.swipnet.se) got netsplit.
[02:40] <Ebony137> poof!
[02:40] <Ebony137> is anyone else still here  that is not simply lurkign?
[02:41] <_Zontar_> outlook good!
[02:42] Haddo (cool@dialup160-4-9.swipnet.se) returned to #thelema.
[02:42] #thelema: mode change '+o Haddo' by Gothenburg.SE.EU.Undernet.org
[02:43] <Ebony137> wb
[02:43] <Ebony137> What are ya into Haddo?
[02:46] <Ebony137> ...
[02:47] <Haddo> Music
[02:47] <Haddo> And you Ebony?
[02:49] <Ebony137> Ditto, thuogh I haven't had anything on the radio since  the
 early 70;s.
[02:50] <Ebony137> what kind  do you like?
[02:52] <Haddo> I, when I was on the radio, (hehe, did a little pirate-radio sh
ow on a station called Radio Snake in th 80's) liked most funk and disco......
Now I allmost only listen to classical music
[02:54] <Ebony137> kewl I love Bach the fuges mostly the best.
[02:54] <Haddo> I like to play piano, by some strange law, hehe, so I only play
 piano... hmm
[02:54] <Haddo> I am the one for you, talking fugues to me! :)
[02:55] <Haddo> I love fugues
[02:55] <Ebony137> kewl keybordists rule, I play guitar and sing.
[02:56] <Haddo> Ok, I try to sing also, but anlo some of my frinds like when I
sing :)
[02:56] <Ebony137> Church hire this organ tuner to write something that would t
otaly aww the pesants when they went ont the cathedrals, I'd say that does it,
expecially on a large pipe organ,
[02:57] <Ebony137> Back on a pipe organ in a fugue is psychedelic! WAY.
[02:57] <Ebony137> Bach that is
[02:57] Belial (Hell@ joined #Thelema.
[02:58] <Belial> ni14ne15ty-t14hr1ee
[02:58] <Ebony137> brb warm milk time...tums...
[02:58] <Haddo>  I am not much for organ, but I know the bach organ  especially
 the thing, prelude or what it is, that he is most well-knowned for
[02:59] <Haddo> It is mighty
[02:59] <Belial> in that respect it rather resembles my libido
[03:00] AHA93 (norbert.li@pec-55.au1.hl.uunet.de) joined #Thelema.
[03:00] Action: Belial searches for the faintest trace of belief in the faces o
f his companions.....finding none.....he changes the subject
[03:00] <Haddo> And in respect of that I know I am in the right channel
[03:00] <Ebony137> I love his harpsicord work too!
[03:01] <Haddo> :)
[03:01] <Haddo> I have played almost all of Bachs keybord music on piano... :)
[03:01] <Ebony137> fuck how much of this stuff do I have to take to get the ble
eping pain to back off. DAMN.
[03:01] <Haddo> Not good, but I have played through it
[03:01] AHA93 (norbert.li@pec-55.au1.hl.uunet.de) left #Thelema.
[03:01] <Haddo> :)
[03:02] <Belial> I once played through a thicket......mind you by the time I re
ached the eighteenth hole I was really pooped
[03:03] <Belial> do you get Red Dwarf in America?
[03:03] <_Zontar_> it is decidedly so
[03:03] <Haddo> Get over here and I massage your shoulders
[03:03] <Haddo> :
[03:03] <Ebony137> yep we do, on the public tv stations.
[03:03] Action: Belial goes over to Haddo......
[03:03] <Haddo> ok
[03:03] <Belial> oh its just at the moment we have a marathon of it on the BBC
[03:03] <Ebony137> next!
[03:03] <Haddo> Did you see the episode where they disturbed the murder of Kenn
[03:04] <_Zontar_> cannot predict now
[03:04] <Belial> yeah......lol
[03:04] <Ebony137> must have missed that one. drat, well it will be back around
[03:04] <Belial> they got Kennedy to be the gunman on the grassy knoll
[03:04] <Haddo> that was great, intelligent humor at its best
[03:04] <Belial> is that how you spell 'knoll'?
[03:04] <_Zontar_> as i see it, yes.
[03:04] <Ebony137> yep
[03:05] <Ebony137> shit there has got to be better on my cable than the stupid
[03:06] <Belial> the guitar theme song is really cool........
[03:06] <Ebony137> m-tv not to bad,  nice surround sound through the computer.
[03:06] <Belial> hey anyone see the new Jamirouquai single?.......its about the
 only thing on MTV that I can stand
[03:07] <Haddo> Ebony, is there any favourite of the Wholtemperirte klavier you
 got! ? hehe (got to get into the very specialized things)
[03:07] <Ebony137> damn it ventolator again. Talk amongs ya selves....
[03:07] <Belial> hahahahaha.....the titles really cool
[03:07] <Belial> I love that video with Chevy Chase........
[03:08] <Ebony137> bad with remembering titles, I used to love a classical inst
rument called the serpent, but yuo don't here it much now.
[03:08] <Belial> .....the bass guitar run at the end of the song is really groo
[03:08] <Belial> (talking about the title of the channel)
[03:08] <Haddo> Chevy Chase, One of my idols, why do I allways look like him wh
e I make a mistake
[03:10] <Haddo> But it is almost impossible to look like him.. Have you seen th
e one when he is in Las Vegas and is about to get more money from the money-mac
[03:10] <Belial> nope.
[03:11] <Belial> bah.......me gotta gooo.........
[03:11] <Belial> ninety-t14hree nine15ty-three/ni14net1y-three
[03:11] Belial (Hell@ left irc: Read error to Belial[212.56.130.
191]: EOF from client
[03:11] <Haddo> It is great though... I thaught I saw myself going for more mon
ey to play on the Black Jack... It was that glance in the eyes
[03:12] <Haddo> anyway, enough chevy
[03:13] <Ebony137> into Magick Haddo?
[03:24] <Haddo> well
[03:24] <Haddo> some
[03:24] <Haddo> I only do it for house purpose
[03:24] <Haddo> heh
[03:25] <Haddo> Ebony are you in to mating?  :)
[03:26] <Haddo> hehe
[03:26] <Haddo> Just hit me hard somewhere
[03:27] <Ebony137> mateing as into raising progeny, or like being friends?
[03:30] <Ebony137> ;;;
[03:33] <Ebony137> ...
[03:36] <Ebony137> ..
[03:38] skoomoo (Fumitive@PPPa65-Tampa2-2R770.saturn.bbn.com) joined #Thelema.
[03:38] skoomoo (Fumitive@PPPa65-Tampa2-2R770.saturn.bbn.com) left irc: lah
[03:39] <Ebony137> .
[03:40] <Ebony137> wrong subject?
[03:41] Abik (s_e_t@ joined #Thelema.
[03:41] Abik (s_e_t@ left #Thelema.
[03:42] <Haddo> Sorry, I am discussing Beethoven Sonatas... I hope anyway: as i
n friends
[03:43] <Ebony137> kewl, sad  about his hearing, I am partialy down in my right
[03:46] Tao (TheWay@98A61818.ipt.aol.com) joined #Thelema.
[03:46] <Tao> atman!
[03:47] <Haddo> ok
[03:47] <Caduceus> brahman!
[03:47] <Caduceus>  hi Tao
[03:47] <Tao> hi caduceus
[03:48] <Tao> [05:29] «ø» [#thelema] users- 12 ops (92.31%) - 1 nonop (7.69%)
[03:48] <Haddo> That wasnt any fun for him  I guess... I was in the Beethoven-H
aus in Bonn.. there were many big earphones (or what one now would call it)
[03:48] <Haddo> on display there
[03:49] Tao (TheWay@98A61818.ipt.aol.com) left #thelema.
[03:59] Caduceus (teekoon@lv3-10.transport.com) left irc: Ping timeout for Cadu
[04:00] <Ebony137> well I can't stand the pain anymore so to bed and the rockin
g fetal position for me, already took as much as I dare.
[04:00] <Ebony137> 93, 93/93
[04:00] Ebony137 (charlesree@ip64.san-francisco25.ca.pub-ip.psi.net) left irc:
[04:02] Caduceus (teekoon@lv3-28.transport.com) joined #Thelema.
[04:02] <Caduceus> i hate getting d/c
[04:08] Haddo (cool@dialup160-4-9.swipnet.se) left irc: Read error to Haddo[dia
lup160-4-9.swipnet.se]: Connection reset by peer
[04:10] Haddo (cool@dialup160-4-9.swipnet.se) joined #Thelema.
[04:15] <Haddo> oh
[04:22] Action: Haddo qoute: "let the god ones be purged by the prophet! Then s
hall this knowledge go aright."
[04:23] <Haddo> hehe
[04:23] <Haddo> hmm
[04:32] zyllah (and@port204.aixdialin.siu.edu) joined #Thelema.
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[04:55] fand{MB} (primadonna@ireland8.demon.co.uk) joined #Thelema.
[04:55] <fand{MB}> yo
[04:55] zyllah (and@port204.aixdialin.siu.edu) joined #Thelema.
[04:55] <fand{MB}> yo zyllah
[04:55] <zyllah> lo
[05:01] Caduceus (teekoon@lv3-28.transport.com) left irc: Leaving
[05:09] zyllah (and@port204.aixdialin.siu.edu) left irc: Leaving
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[05:16] [alineas] (pyramid@ca-bdx-0-153.abo.wanadoo.fr) joined #Thelema.
[05:16] <coffee^> Greetings.
[05:16] <fand{MB}> yo coffee
[05:16] <fand{MB}> yo alineas
[05:16] <[alineas]> hi
[05:20] <Haddo> yoo beer
[05:24] <fand{MB}> bye bye all
[05:24] `Zephyr (zephyr@ip72.frederick.md.pub-ip.psi.net) joined #Thelema.
[05:24] fand{MB} (primadonna@ireland8.demon.co.uk) left irc: >> God in fact is
Male, supremely so, and compared to Him, everyone else is a woman. So, it is no
t sexist at all.
[05:24] CTCP PING: 925906518 from `Zephyr (zephyr@ip72.frederick.md.pub-ip.psi.
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[05:24] Nick change: `Zephyr -> Widowson
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[05:34] Pirwzm (fraiwass@rtr1.bci.net.pl) joined #Thelema.
[05:34] <Nefer> whoa ... 93 atman
[05:34] <Pirwzm> re
[05:35] <Nefer> 93 all
[05:35] <coffee^> Nefer: Hello!
[05:35] (Pirwzm!fraiwass@rtr1.bci.net.pl) !Aiwass! OP
[05:35] #thelema: mode change '+o Pirwzm ' by Nuit!nuit@pagans.org
[05:35] <Nefer> hi and 93 coffee
[05:35] Action: coffee^ takes a huge can of fresh coffee and passes it to Nefer
 and Pirwzm
[05:35] #thelema: mode change '+ooo coffee^ Haddo Nefer ' by Pirwzm!fraiwass@rt
[05:35] #thelema: mode change '+o Widowson ' by Pirwzm!fraiwass@rtr1.bci.net.pl
[05:35] <coffee^> Pirwzm : Thanks!
[05:36] <Nefer> thx pirwzm
[05:36] <Pirwzm> kyne problayme
[05:38] [alineas] (pyramid@ca-bdx-0-153.abo.wanadoo.fr) left irc: Bye
[05:39] Pirwzm (fraiwass@rtr1.bci.net.pl) left irc: Read error to Pirwzm[rtr1.b
ci.net.pl]: Connection reset by peer
[05:39] Pirwzm (fraiwass@rtr1.bci.net.pl) joined #Thelema.
[05:39] <Pirwzm> re
[05:39] (Pirwzm!fraiwass@rtr1.bci.net.pl) !Aiwass! OP
[05:39] #thelema: mode change '+o Pirwzm ' by Nuit!nuit@pagans.org
[05:42] <coffee^> Pirwzm: Welcome back!
[05:42] Haddo (cool@dialup160-4-9.swipnet.se) left irc: Ping timeout for Haddo[
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[05:43] Cthuldead (frater@ left irc: It's not your fault that yo
u're always wrong. The weak ones are there to justify the strong.
[05:43] Ba`al (baal@209-63-112-54.pdx.jps.net) joined #Thelema.
[05:44] #thelema: mode change '+o Ba`al ' by coffee^!hofmanaa@rotmilan.ims.uni-
[05:45] zyllah (and@port204.aixdialin.siu.edu) joined #Thelema.
[05:45] <zyllah> lo
[05:46] #thelema: mode change '+o zyllah ' by Ba`al!baal@209-63-112-54.pdx.jps.
[05:46] <zyllah> ty baal
[05:49] <Widowson> mornin' zylls
[05:49] <zyllah> morning wson
[05:51] Haddo (cool@dialup207-1-41.swipnet.se) joined #Thelema.
[05:51] <Haddo> yo
[05:51] <Haddo> hehe
[05:51] <Haddo> Do what thou (or any other person) wilt shall be the whole of t
he Law
[05:51] <_Zontar_> as i see it, yes.
[05:52] <Haddo> as long as he dont disturb the one and only will
[05:53] <Haddo> You ( might (just by chance) can feel) in a moment of true will
 and love...
[05:56] <Haddo> well, if you understand that Haddo guy.... tell me
[05:57] Ba`al (baal@209-63-112-54.pdx.jps.net) left irc: Leaving
[06:02] Frater117 (Frater117@user-37kb564.dialup.mindspring.com) joined #Thelem
[06:02] <Frater117> 93
[06:03] Frater117 (Frater117@user-37kb564.dialup.mindspring.com) left irc: Read
 error to Frater117[user-37kb564.dialup.mindspring.com]: Connection reset by pe
[06:08] zyllah (and@port204.aixdialin.siu.edu) left irc: Leaving
[06:11] Wolfcry` (929868@ joined #Thelema.
[06:12] <Wolfcry`> 93
[06:13] <Haddo> 92
[06:13] <Haddo> whops
[06:14] <Haddo> did i do that
[06:14] <_Zontar_> ask again later
[06:14] <Haddo> ok
[06:14] <Haddo> hmm hehe
[06:23] DeadHead (Deadhead@xcomp74.fiam.net) joined #Thelema.
[06:23] <DeadHead> 93!!
[06:24] <Wolfcry`> 93 DeadHead
[06:29] Geburah (purrrr@dialup02.cybrtyme.com) joined #Thelema.
[06:29] #thelema: mode change '+o Geburah ' by W!cservice@undernet.org
[06:29] <Geburah> 93
[06:30] <Haddo> 9 3
[06:30] <Wolfcry`> 93 Geb
[06:31] <Geburah> hola!
[06:31] <Haddo> ah, bambino
[06:31] DeadHead (Deadhead@xcomp74.fiam.net) left irc: connection reset by a cu
te blonde queer!
[06:32] <Haddo> Amigo
[06:33] <Haddo> Ill try it all
[06:33] Nefer (samantha_b@52.chicago-06-07rs.il.dial-access.att.net) left irc:
[06:39] zire (nvithadt@host-209-214-169-9.sdf.bellsouth.net) joined #Thelema.
[06:39] <zire> morning.
[06:39] <Wolfcry`> Hiya zire
[06:39] <zire> 'lo Wolfie
[06:39] <Wolfcry`> How you doing?
[06:40] AShTON_V (Helikron@ joined #Thelema.
[06:40] <AShTON_V> 93
[06:41] <zire> i'm good.. :)
[06:41] <zire> how are you?
[06:41] <Widowson> mornin zire, aston
[06:41] <Widowson> ashton
[06:41] <zire> 93 ASh
[06:42] <Wolfcry`> Can't complain, just crawled out of bed and having a morning
 cup of java.
[06:42] <_Zontar_> most likely
[06:42] <Wolfcry`> 93 AShTON_V
[06:44] Abramelin (ionb@nepal.rio.com.br) joined #Thelema.
[06:44] <Abramelin> hummm
[06:44] <Abramelin> gay topic
[06:44] <Abramelin> hhhehe
[06:44] Mockery (solitude@ joined #Thelema.
[06:46] CTCP PING: 925911340 from Mockery (solitude@ to #Thelema
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[06:50] #thelema: mode change '+o zire ' by Widowson!zephyr@ip72.frederick.md.p
[06:50] #thelema: mode change '+oo Abramelin Wolfcry` ' by Mockery!solitude@38.
[06:50] vergil (vergil@blooblah.creepy.net) joined #Thelema.
[06:51] <zire> vergi!
[06:51] <vergil> Hey.
[06:51] <vergil> I'm getting on the bus in a few.
[06:51] <Abramelin> mockery
[06:51] Action: vergil is away -- off to the grind -- messages will be saved.
[06:52] #thelema: mode change '+o Haddo ' by Wolfcry`!929868@
[06:52] #thelema: mode change '+o vergil ' by Wolfcry`!929868@
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[07:03] Meduza (Light_Lux@ns.aub.dk) joined #Thelema.
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[07:07] Widowson (zephyr@ip72.frederick.md.pub-ip.psi.net) left irc: www.thelem
[07:08] Action: Abramelin dancing
[07:10] <Abramelin> w
[07:13] Widowson (zephyr@ip72.frederick.md.pub-ip.psi.net) joined #Thelema.
[07:13] CTCP PING: 925913061 from Widowson (zephyr@ip72.frederick.md.pub-ip.psi
.net) to #Thelema
[07:13] <Widowson> re
[07:14] Whysperz (whysperca@ joined #Thelema.
[07:15] <Whysperz> 93, Life is Good and all is well with the World (sorry for e
[07:15] <Geburah> 93
[07:15] #thelema: mode change '+oo Whysperz Widowson ' by Geburah!purrrr@dialup
[07:16] <Whysperz> thank you Geb
[07:18] windy_ (clevy@garcia.efn.org) joined #Thelema.
[07:18] <windy_> 93 all
[07:20] <Wolfcry`> 93 windy ;)
[07:20] #thelema: mode change '+o windy_ ' by Wolfcry`!929868@
[07:20] Mercutio^ (rudetoask@cs23003.central.susx.ac.uk) joined #Thelema.
[07:20] <Mercutio^> Helo there
[07:21] [Mercutio^!rudetoask@cs23003.central.susx.ac.uk] hi there
[07:22] <Mockery> afk
[07:24] <Mercutio^> does anyone here have a looby
[07:24] <_Zontar_> outlook not so good
[07:24] <Mercutio^> or a booby to thee
[07:24] Frater117 (Frater117@user-37kb56v.dialup.mindspring.com) joined #Thelem
[07:24] <Frater117> morning
[07:24] <Mercutio^> or a balissius ruby to god maybe....
[07:25] <Mercutio^> what is a balissius ruby
[07:25] #thelema: mode change '+oo Mercutio^ Frater117 ' by Abramelin!ionb@nepa
[07:25] <Frater117> thanks eh!
[07:25] Action: Mercutio^ bows
[07:26] CTCP PING: 925913693 from Mockery (solitude@ to #Thelema
[07:29] <AShTON_V> 93 93/93
[07:29] AShTON_V (Helikron@ left #thelema.
[07:31] Action: coffee^ has got to go now and says goodbye!
[07:31] coffee^ (hofmanaa@rotmilan.ims.uni-stuttgart.de) left irc: Leaving
[07:31] Mercutio^ (rudetoask@cs23003.central.susx.ac.uk) got netsplit.
[07:35] snaporaz (PacoDoc@dynip115.efn.org) joined #Thelema.
[07:35] <Whysperz> SNAP!!!!
[07:36] #thelema: mode change '+o snaporaz ' by Whysperz!whysperca@
[07:36] <snaporaz> *smile*
[07:36] <snaporaz> hi
[07:36] <Whysperz> *grin*
[07:37] Mercutio^ (rudetoask@cs23003.central.susx.ac.uk) got lost in the net-sp
[07:38] Action: vergil is back
[07:38] Action: snaporaz shakes a stick at vergil
[07:39] <vergil> What the fuck is it with that Mercutio^ shite head?
[07:39] <Frater117> what do you mean?
[07:41] <vergil> Just keeps harassing me.
[07:41] <vergil> *Mercutio^* you not about msg logged ? <Wed May  5 09:13:51 19
[07:41] <vergil> much more of hte same.
[07:42] <vergil> s/ht/th
[07:42] <snaporaz> that's because you are so much fun to harassss vergil
[07:42] <Geburah> "it" did same to me vergil
[07:42] <Geburah> i just ignore "it"
[07:44] <vergil> Yeah. Ignore is up now, but it's hard to put an ignore up when
 you're on the bus.
[07:51] Geburah (purrrr@dialup02.cybrtyme.com) left #thelema.
[07:53] Whysperz (whysperca@ left irc: Read error to Whysperz[198
.240.76.80]: Connection reset by peer
[07:55] <vergil> Got your chikenz
[07:55] Action: vergil is away -- smokin nanners -- messages will be saved.
[07:55] Bkwyrm (bkwyrm@move.willo.nunet.net) joined #Thelema.
[07:55] (Bkwyrm!bkwyrm@move.willo.nunet.net) !Bkwyrm! OP
[07:55] #thelema: mode change '+o Bkwyrm ' by Nuit!nuit@pagans.org
[07:56] CTCP PING: 925915639 from Bkwyrm (bkwyrm@move.willo.nunet.net) to #Thel
[07:56] Nick change: Vedfoln|r -> Andrew
[08:00] Baph (Baphomet93@207-172-41-149.s149.tnt10.brd.va.dialup.rcn.com) joine
d #Thelema.
[08:00] <Baph> 93
[08:01] tiffy (t8@xanther.digitald.uk.com) joined #Thelema.
[08:03] <tiffy> 93 so here is the (in?) famous zontar (legend as it seems)<:)
[08:03] <Bkwyrm> This Zontar is an 8-ball bot.
[08:05] Action: Baph hates bots
[08:06] <Bkwyrm> As bots go, the three we have are fairly innocuous.
[08:06] Mockery (solitude@ left irc: don't be fooled, don't be fl
attered, it's not like you ever mattered
[08:06] <Bkwyrm> ?ret num 93
[08:06] <Ped-Xing> Bkwyrm: holy-wisdom, load-of-crap, breeds, food-chain, cicer
o, camelot, hi-tech, workweek, vacation, isolated, analytic, cia-cult, landscap
e, romance, stitch, andromeda, knotty, repast, sequel, astralbody, leather, ast
ral-body, beaches, archives, firey, nightly, assurance, islanders, salamanders,
 dominus, instill, fearful, bodiless, circular, gender, relaxed, subtle, abolis
hed, elastic, nucleus, realise, maxims, founded, dislike, erosion, granted, van
[08:06] <Ped-Xing> atching, nutshell, mobius, engaged, unjust, advantage, tomor
row, advisable, sanskrit, deity, being, unstop, original, ending, coiling, fort
una, unity, nature, shameless, rodents, divide, masters, circles, apparel, pour
ed, soften, thyself, churches, fourty, teens, invokes, Tahuti, imagica, illusio
n, OTO-Path, xybots, hillbilly, process, tampon, scheme, /dev/zero, scorpio, Ch
oronozon, dynamic, default, aredrose, crossofgold, christos, wrathofgod, loveof
[08:06] <Ped-Xing> virgin, murder, corpses, graveyard, coffin, goaright, myriam
, mother, penis,  = 93
[08:07] <Bkwyrm> Heavens. Someone has gone into overdrive with the Gematria bot
[08:09] <vergil> People seem to forget that ?calc is better to use for casual s
tuff than ?rec
[08:09] <Bkwyrm> Rather than doing what I'm supposed to today, I'd much prefer
writing a short story that uses each word in that record.
[08:10] Baggio^ (italia.com@pc-110-036.stu.qmw.ac.uk) joined #Thelema.
[08:10] <vergil> Do it in order.
[08:10] <vergil> No switchy
[08:10] <_Zontar_> without a doubt
[08:10] <Baggio^> 93 peoples!
[08:10] <windy_> 93 93/93
[08:10] windy_ (clevy@garcia.efn.org) left irc: Leaving
[08:11] <Frater117> 93
[08:11] Frater117 (Frater117@user-37kb56v.dialup.mindspring.com) left irc: Read
 error to Frater117[user-37kb56v.dialup.mindspring.com]: Connection reset by pe
[08:11] <tiffy> ciao baggio buon maggio
[08:12] <Bkwyrm> Unfortunately, the DePaul University Libraries have this incre
dibly complex form of encoding that they've applied to their database, and I've
 got to get everything unencoded before they send in their final data pull on J
[08:12] <Bkwyrm> And I've already got over 40 decoder tables. The programmer is
 going to stop talking to me.
[08:12] <Bkwyrm> Not that that's a bad thing.
[08:12] <atman> re
[08:12] <Baggio^> ok tiffy
[08:12] Baph (Baphomet93@207-172-41-149.s149.tnt10.brd.va.dialup.rcn.com) left
irc: Leaving
[08:13] Topic changed on #thelema by Bkwyrm!bkwyrm@move.willo.nunet.net: Where
nearly everything equals 93.
[08:19] Sabeltann (gud@donald.mogul.no) joined #Thelema.
[08:19] <Sabeltann> 93
[08:19] nickboyOR (name@d99-173.uoregon.edu) joined #Thelema.
[08:19] nickboyOR (name@d99-173.uoregon.edu) left #Thelema.
[08:20] <snaporaz> humm
[08:20] <Bkwyrm> Laaaa
[08:21] #thelema: mode change '+o Sabeltann ' by Bkwyrm!bkwyrm@move.willo.nunet
[08:21] <Bkwyrm> *ahem*
[08:21] Action: tiffy is away: (Auto-Away after 10 mins) [BX-MsgLog On]
[08:21] Action: Bkwyrm begins to decorate Widowson with colored lights.
[08:22] <Widowson> heya bkkie and snap
[08:22] <snaporaz> hi
[08:23] nickboyOR (name@d99-173.uoregon.edu) joined #Thelema.
[08:23] <nickboyOR> So, what's
[08:23] <nickboyOR> thelema?
[08:24] <Bkwyrm> C'mon, Thelemites. Explain. Otherwise I'm going to say it's a
hacker death cult.
[08:24] <nickboyOR> lol
[08:24] <Wolfcry`> www.webcrawler.com, search for Thelema.  It should give you
a few pages that will address your question.
[08:25] <nickboyOR> that's what I thought....."go look it up" :)
[08:25] <Bkwyrm> Hacker death cult.
[08:25] <Bkwyrm> Only with sex.
[08:25] <tiffy> www.askjeeves.com and search
[08:25] <atman> thelema is why the world is as weird as it is.
[08:25] Action: atman speaks with a perfectly straight face.
[08:26] <Bkwyrm> Thelema is the Greek word for Will. Thelemites believe in the
Law of Thelema, which is "Do what thou Wilt shall be the whole of the Law."
[08:26] <atman> thelemite is totally different, however. Thelemite is the core
of the dying planet from whence came the Ubermensch at the dawn of time. pieces
 of thelemite are the only thing that can prevent the Ubermensch from manifesti
ng his superpowers.
[08:26] ^LAW^ (TG-01@bdsl58.clsp.uswest.net) joined #Thelema.
[08:27] <^LAW^> Good morning and 93.
[08:27] <Bkwyrm> Damn. Atman is doing a better job than I was at making it look
[08:27] <tiffy> there was a series of books on that, and later a certain crowle
y wrote some bookies (2 or 3) on that word
[08:27] Nick change: ^LAW^ -> LAW
[08:27] <nickboyOR> hmmm
[08:28] <Wolfcry`> nickboy: if this is making little sense to you then don't de
spair, take two aspirins and repeat a mantra for about 3 hours and the dull hea
dache will all go away.
[08:29] Mockery (solitude@ joined #Thelema.
[08:29] <tiffy> suggest a mantra?
[08:29] <atman> thelema is a great way to get laid in certain circles. "hey bab
y, wanna take thy fill of sweeeeet loooooove?"
[08:29] <nickboyOR> hehe
[08:29] <tiffy> aspirin stands for aspirant, allright? am i missing something o
ccult here?
[08:30] <Wolfcry`> Yeah, that it.
[08:30] <atman> ?calc eng aspirin
[08:30] #thelema: mode change '+o LAW ' by Wolfcry`!929868@
[08:30] #thelema: mode change '+o Mockery ' by Wolfcry`!929868@
[08:30] <tiffy> is that like 'mojo working'?
[08:30] <Bkwyrm> take two aspirants and repeat a mantra...
[08:30] <Bkwyrm> hmm.
[08:30] <_Zontar_> you may rely on it
[08:30] <Bkwyrm> Sounds interesting.
[08:30] <atman> well, there's the connection to the fifth chakra through 'aspir
ate'.....and the cognates 'spirit' and 'spiral'....
[08:31] <atman> we may be onto something here.
[08:31] <nickboyOR> so what's the 93 about?
[08:31] <tiffy> and demon la-risp the subspirator
[08:31] Abramelin (ionb@nepal.rio.com.br) left irc: BitchX: your way, right awa
[08:31] <tiffy> i wonder: is it risky _enough_?
[08:31] <_Zontar_> don't count on it
[08:31] <atman> now, see, I have no truck w/ goetia. so that's all you. I'm all
 lilly-white and shit.
[08:32] <tiffy> they say atman is indigo, hummmm...
[08:32] <atman> the 93?
[08:32] <atman> that was the year the WWW was prototyped.
[08:32] <atman> creepy, huh?
[08:33] <nickboyOR> what does 93 have to do with Thelema?
[08:33] <tiffy> vvv or VVV is viaovic 47
[08:33] <Bkwyrm> The gematric value of the word "thelema" is 93.
[08:33] <snaporaz> it's just a number they made up
[08:33] attara (marchiones@ip166.dallas13.tx.pub-ip.psi.net) joined #Thelema.
[08:33] <atman> and the word "agape", as in "standing w/ mouth agape."
[08:33] <tiffy> are they good guys?
[08:33] <attara> 93 everyone
[08:33] <attara> :)
[08:34] <_Zontar_> you may rely on it
[08:34] <snaporaz> attara
[08:34] <atman> which isn't recommended, but is better than 'standing w/ mouth
[08:34] <snaporaz> *smile*
[08:35] <tiffy> is zontar a subgenius?
[08:35] <_Zontar_> very doubtful
[08:35] <snaporaz> is zontar god?
[08:35] <_Zontar_> my reply is no
[08:35] <snaporaz> am i god?
[08:35] <Bkwyrm> Much as I dislike Marilyn Manson, he did do a good job remixin
g these Rasputina tunes.
[08:35] <tiffy> www.askjeeves.com married for money?
[08:36] <Bkwyrm> And they're doing a marvelous job of keeping people out of my
[08:36] <atman> Bkwyrm: really? are .mp3s available?
[08:36] <tiffy> rasputin was a thelemite?
[08:36] #thelema: mode change '+o attara ' by snaporaz!PacoDoc@dynip115.efn.org
[08:36] <atman> I don't much like Manson, bur Rasputina surely does not suck.
[08:36] nickboyOR (name@d99-173.uoregon.edu) left #Thelema.
[08:36] Action: attara grins
[08:36] <attara> thank you snaporaz
[08:36] <snaporaz> sure
[08:36] <Bkwyrm> I haven't the faintest clue, atman. The CD is called "Transylv
anian Regurgitations" and has six tracks.
[08:36] <atman> tiffy: rasputin was a pre-thelemite. kind of like a pre-Raphael
ite, and for much the same reason.
[08:36] <atman> right on.
[08:37] <tiffy> 311 atmana
[08:37] <tiffy> mungo mungo (thanx)   (*:B  1008
[08:38] <atman> man, being on an actual, public IRC channel is an odd feeling.
I'm used to being on a single-server IRC 'network', where if you *know* the pla
ce exists, you're probably supposed to be there.
[08:38] <atman> you don't get very many nicboyOR incidents.
[08:39] <tiffy> godog and i used to guard the # and people were scared to enter
 or ask anything: this onee was a hero
[08:40] <Bkwyrm> Well, we've pretty much confused the hell out of him.
[08:41] Topic changed on #thelema by Bkwyrm!bkwyrm@move.willo.nunet.net: Hero e
xplorer confused; film at 11.
[08:41] <tiffy> http://www.hip97.nl/
[08:41] <snaporaz> nickboyor lives here in eugene, going to the UofO....
[08:41] <snaporaz> we've been talking a little, he just wondered what it was ab
[08:42] <Bkwyrm> I tried.
[08:44] <tiffy> any end of the world aug 11th?
[08:44] <Bkwyrm> Of which year?
[08:44] <atman> hey, he seemed like a nice enough fella. I was hoping, in my di
scordian-sympathizing way, to confuse him the *right* way to get him looking in
to more of it, if he's a neophile.
[08:44] <Bkwyrm> neophite.
[08:44] <tiffy> 1999
[08:45] <atman> no, neophile :>
[08:45] <atman> he's clearly a neophyte. I meant, "antonym of neophobe"
[08:45] <tiffy> i mean any 93 gossip ra-hoor-khuit, any survivors?
[08:47] <Bkwyrm> Hell, I don't even know what you're talking about. You're stil
l away, by the way.
[08:49] <tiffy> any webpage lex? mine is puck.dhs.org to serve you
[08:49] <tiffy> lex is another bot? sorry ...
[08:50] <Bkwyrm> tiffy, you're confusing me.
[08:51] <Wolfcry`> I was lost about 12 lines ago, I just assumed it was this co
ffee I was drinking.
[08:51] <tiffy> discordian-sympathizing way, to confuse him the *right* way to
[08:52] <tiffy> <:) i'm not serious, but simulate a possible newbie: we are wai
ting for newbies, don't we?
[08:52] <tiffy> coffeee
[08:54] Mockery (solitude@ left #Thelema.
[08:55] <Bkwyrm> I'm not waiting for newbies.
[08:55] Action: attara pokes vergil to see if he is still breathing or if he is
 into some sort of deep trance state
[08:55] <Bkwyrm> I'm waiting for Godot.
[08:55] <Bkwyrm> Dammit.
[08:55] <attara> LOL
[08:55] Action: attara hugs Bk
[08:55] <Bkwyrm> Hi, attara. How're you?
[08:56] <attara> doing good, dear one, doing good
[08:56] <tiffy> :|:::|   i am waiting 4godog
[08:56] Action: attara is planning like mad cos she is going to England ( at lo
ooong last ) in July for 6 weeks
[08:56] zyllah (and@port152.aixdialin.siu.edu) joined #Thelema.
[08:57] zyllah (and@port152.aixdialin.siu.edu) left irc: Leaving
[08:57] <Bkwyrm> Nifty. That sounds like fun. I think the furthest I'm going th
is summer is downstate to Normal, Illinois.
[08:57] <Bkwyrm> Helloooo, cows.
[08:58] <attara> i am going to the International Goddess Convention in Glastonb
ury and attending the Solar eclipse Ritual at Stonehenge Aug 11th
[08:58] Action: attara is also hoping to do some OTO digree work in London
[08:58] <Wolfcry`> That sounds awesome attara.
[08:58] <attara> nodnodnod
[08:59] AdSinistr (wbehun@dept180.las2.depaul.edu) joined #Thelema.
[08:59] <attara> I signed up for and paid for the Mists of Avalon Tour for 13 d
ays, the St Johns and St Margaret ley lines, we will be doing a Lammas Ritual i
n Cornwall near Tintagel
[09:00] Action: attara will just have to get used to travelling with a bunch of
 vegetarian women, but what the hell, fish and chips are sold durn near everywh
ere, and attara can sneak off to gorge on fishees if she gets meat starved
[09:01] Samaelfr (cbuhot@ joined #Thelema.
[09:01] <tiffy> hare krsna?
[09:02] <attara> nope
[09:02] <attara> wores
[09:02] <Bkwyrm> krsna krsna...
[09:02] <attara> worse
[09:02] <attara> wiccans
[09:02] <AdSinistr> hare hare
[09:02] <Bkwyrm> Aren't we just so ecumenical it makes you sick.
[09:02] <attara> yup
[09:02] jackhandE (Delta-9@ts35p43.fda.net) joined #thelema.
[09:03] <attara> well, i plan on taking handy dandy copies of Uncle Al just in
case the tree hugging gets too intense
[09:03] <jackhandE> uncle al was a tree hugger
[09:03] <jackhandE> and thats not all he hugged
[09:03] <Bkwyrm> S'okay. I'm moderating a Satanic Witch mailing list while lurk
ing on Hollyfeld's chaos-l and participating in the Illinois Pagan mailing list
[09:03] <Bkwyrm> No one knows just what to make of me.
[09:03] <attara> did they ever????
[09:03] <_Zontar_> don't count on it
[09:03] <attara> *giggles*
[09:04] <Bkwyrm> Well, not really. The justification for the CoS guy making me
moderator was "You've read all the goddamned books and you're not easily offend
[09:04] <snaporaz> ahhh bk.. our own little occult voyer
[09:04] <Bkwyrm> Yep.
[09:04] <snaporaz> ur.. voyeur...
[09:05] <Bkwyrm> I was on a Thelemic list for a while, but it generated too muc
h mail involving things I didn't care about.
[09:05] <Bkwyrm> So now I'm just on the local camp announcement list.
[09:05] <jackhandE> all lists are like that
[09:05] <jackhandE> too much bullshit
[09:05] <jackhandE> trivial shit
[09:05] <tiffy> my list is like that
[09:05] <AdSinistr> Which of course I never use, Bkwyrm.
[09:05] <Samaelfr> 93
[09:05] <Bkwyrm> replace "lists" with "lives" and you have a whole outlook wrap
ped up in three sentences.
[09:06] <attara> rtflol
[09:06] <Bkwyrm> I live in hope, AdSin.
[09:06] <attara> in this world of change, it is sure nice to know a few things
remain the same, and Bk's wit hasnt changed..
[09:06] Mockery (solitude@ joined #Thelema.
[09:06] CTCP PING: 925919745 from Mockery (solitude@ to #Thelema
[09:06] <snaporaz> it only gets sharper attara
[09:07] Action: Mockery looks at AdSinistr.
[09:07] <attara> huzzah!
[09:07] <Bkwyrm> On the other hand, I DID go to Sweden and become the first ele
ctive hermaphrodite.
[09:07] <tiffy>
[09:07] <snaporaz> lol
[09:07] #thelema: mode change '+o Mockery ' by Bkwyrm!bkwyrm@move.willo.nunet.n
[09:07] jackhandE (Delta-9@ts35p43.fda.net) left #thelema.
[09:07] Samaelfr (cbuhot@ left irc: another day passed...but, and
 live is still beautifull !
[09:08] tiffy (t8@xanther.digitald.uk.com) left irc: tiffy has no reason
[09:09] Action: AdSinistr looks back at Mockery.
[09:09] <Bkwyrm> Hey.
[09:09] <Bkwyrm> It's time for a break in the neverending monotony of these god
damned DePaul decoder tables.
[09:09] <Bkwyrm> bbl
[09:09] Bkwyrm (bkwyrm@move.willo.nunet.net) left irc: Leaving
[09:11] <Mockery> hmph.
[09:12] Mel100 (emason@ joined #Thelema.
[09:12] Mel100 (emason@ left #Thelema.
[09:13] Action: attara looks around and wonders how many ppl on the list are re
ally in the room and then decides...who cares..
[09:13] <attara> <WEG>
[09:15] #thelema: mode change '+o AdSinistr ' by attara!marchiones@ip166.dallas
[09:15] #thelema: mode change '-o AdSinistr ' by zire!nvithadt@host-209-214-169
[09:15] <AdSinistr> thanks zire.
[09:16] <attara> hmmmm...apparently a tactless blunder there, sorry AdSinister
[09:18] <atman> attara: I qualify as 'sorta'.
[09:18] <Mockery> <-- in letter only.
[09:18] Action: attara smiles
[09:19] <attara> well, i was beginning to wonder if the slight chill i feel in
here is because of me, or if its just been so long since i was last here that i
 am imagining it
[09:19] <Wolfcry`> Off like a herd of turtles.  93 93/93
[09:19] Wolfcry` (929868@ left #Thelema.
[09:19] tiffy (t8@xanther.digitald.uk.com) joined #Thelema.
[09:20] AdSinistr (wbehun@dept180.las2.depaul.edu) left irc: Read error to AdSi
nistr[dept180.las2.depaul.edu]: Connection reset by peer
[09:21] Action: snaporaz sits eating grapes
[09:21] AdSinistr (wbehun@dept180.las2.depaul.edu) joined #Thelema.
[09:23] <AdSinistr> re, all.  and Health.
[09:24] Mockery (solitude@ left irc: don't be fooled, don't be fl
attered, it's not like you ever mattered
[09:26] #thelema: mode change '+o-o AdSinistr AdSinistr ' by sekretz!me@darc.oc
[09:27] #thelema: mode change '+o-o AdSinistr AdSinistr ' by sekretz!me@darc.oc
[09:28] Action: snaporaz chokes on a grape
[09:29] Action: tiffy is away: (Auto-Away after 10 mins) [BX-MsgLog On]
[09:32] Action: attara decides that the groove in here is a new one, and decide
s to just sit back and figure out which way the wind is blowing
[09:33] Action: atman blows piney, skunky green-smoke scented wind in the gener
al direction of attara.
[09:33] <tiffy> sit back and wait
[09:33] snaporaz (PacoDoc@dynip115.efn.org) left irc: Leaving
[09:33] <vergil> buh.
[09:34] <attara> VIRGIL???
[09:34] <attara> you are alive?????
[09:34] <AdSinistr> vergil is a bot.
[09:34] <vergil> Who you talking to?
[09:34] <vergil> There's no virgil here.
[09:34] <AdSinistr> I am alone.
[09:34] <AdSinistr> There is no vergil where I am.
[09:34] <vergil> Thank goodness for that.
[09:34] <attara> there is no god where i am, so we are all alone
[09:34] <vergil> Last time I couldn't walk for days.
[09:35] <attara> wergilll???
[09:35] <zire> lol
[09:35] <tiffy> no wonder honest neophites avoid this place
[09:35] <AdSinistr> Because we crush their youthful enthusiasm like so many pes
ky bugs?
[09:36] <attara> honest? neophites? is that not a contradiction of terms???
[09:36] <tiffy> <:)
[09:36] <tiffy> talking about virgil...
[09:37] mrkva (hehe@al5-p34-zg.tel.hr) joined #Thelema.
[09:37] <attara> that lying treacherous little bag of cat crunchies???
[09:37] <tiffy> carrot
[09:37] <tiffy> carota mrkva
[09:37] <mrkva> correct
[09:37] <tiffy> you have weird initiatic names for neophites: carrot (mrkwa)
[09:38] <tiffy> yup93mrkva
[09:38] <vergil> Gah.
[09:38] <vergil> fucking phone.
[09:38] <attara> a mrkwa is a carrot?
[09:38] <mrkva> yes
[09:38] <attara> kewl
[09:38] <tiffy> phony fuck
[09:38] Action: attara was so dumb she thought it was mr kiva, some sort of nat
ive American thing
[09:39] Baph (Baphomet93@207-172-41-149.s149.tnt10.brd.va.dialup.rcn.com) joine
d #Thelema.
[09:39] <Baph> 93
[09:39] <mrkva> how did you know its a carrot?
[09:39] <attara> Baph!!!
[09:39] <attara> :)))))))))
[09:39] <tiffy> vergil is a phucking fone?
[09:39] <attara> nod
[09:40] <attara> he does phone sex for a living
[09:40] <attara> didnt you know?
[09:40] <tiffy> dictionary of thelema (gematria bot called zontar the mrkwah)
[09:40] <_Zontar_> reply hazy. try again.
[09:40] <tiffy> you are welcome
[09:41] <tiffy> in the wake of zontar , part III
[09:41] Andross (andross@net-1-115.campuscommonsapts.com) joined #Thelema.
[09:41] Action: Andross bows
[09:42] <tiffy> we were discussing native things,,...
[09:42] Action: attara hands tiffy an advert from a very underground paper that
 has a HUGE ad that reads: call for hot phone sex..dial vergil at 1-900-DialaGe
[09:42] <Andross> t8?
[09:42] <tiffy> yup dear root! <:)
[09:42] <Andross> not here yet...
[09:43] <Andross> ahhh
[09:43] Nick change: zire -> zire-afk
[09:43] <Andross> icu 'ircname'
[09:43] <Andross> have a few minutes... have to go to work soon
[09:43] <_Zontar_> my sources say yes
[09:44] <tiffy> [t8@ghettoBOX public_html]$ mail andross<irc.trash
[09:44] <Andross> nod...
[09:44] <AdSinistr> that's truly annoying, tiffy.
[09:44] -AdSinistr (wbehun@dept180.las2.depaul.edu)- DCC Chat (
[09:44] <tiffy> lock the door!
[09:44] <tiffy> married yet?
[09:44] <Baph> attara :)
[09:44] <Baph> 93
[09:45] <Andross> yup... tho not officially... the priestess didn't want to be
ULC ordained... so justice of the peace will do..
[09:45] <tiffy> sorry AdSinistr
[09:45] Action: attara smiles warmly at her dear old friend Baph and wonders ho
w life in the fastest lane is doing these days
[09:45] Action: mrkva offers everybody a copy of the Reinheitsgebot of 1516, re
ad it, memorize it and drink by it
[09:45] Aleister (Aleister@ joined #Thelema.
[09:46] <Baph> fastest lane? me? never LOL
[09:46] <Baph> things are well :)
[09:46] <attara> glad to hear it, luv
[09:46] Action: attara has been gone from #thelema for so long that birds have
nested on her chair
[09:46] <Andross> tiffy... is your icq 37112918?
[09:47] <AdSinistr> no, actually attara, I sprinkled your chair with birdseed.
[09:47] <attara> oh
[09:47] <attara> well, thank goodness it wasnt salt
[09:47] <Andross> i got message from that uin... info returned strageness...
[09:47] <attara> <G>
[09:47] <Andross> ahh
[09:48] <tiffy> micq sent
[09:48] <Andross> wierd... do you register those #'s or pirate unused ones?
[09:49] <mrkva> 7,7 SEE YOU!
[09:49] <mrkva> 4,7 SEE YOU7,7!1,1!
[09:49] <mrkva> 7,7 SEE YOU7,7!1,1!
[09:49] <mrkva> 0,0 1,1 SEE YOU!
[09:49] mrkva (hehe@al5-p34-zg.tel.hr) left #Thelema.
[09:49] <tiffy> cu mrvka
[09:49] <vergil> ugh.
[09:49] <tiffy> when you get there
[09:52] fand{MB} (primadonna@ireland8.demon.co.uk) joined #Thelema.
[09:53] Geburah (purrrr@dialup30.cybrtyme.com) joined #Thelema.
[09:53] <Geburah> 93
[09:53] <attara> Geb!!!!!
[09:53] <Geburah> atty????????
[09:54] <attara> :)))))))
[09:54] <attara> nodnodnod
[09:54] <Geburah> well fuck me with a armadillo!
[09:54] <attara> ok
[09:54] <Geburah> hugs
[09:54] <attara> bend over
[09:54] <Geburah> no way :)
[09:54] <attara> well, you asked....
[09:54] <Geburah> you have to buy me diner first :P
[09:54] <attara> ok
[09:54] <AdSinistr> buy you a diner?
[09:54] <attara> weenies and beans and macaroni salad
[09:54] <Geburah> how ya been
[09:54] <Geburah> not you !
[09:54] <Geburah> dinner diner eh......
[09:54] <attara> oh
[09:55] <AdSinistr> how about the melrose, Geb?
[09:55] <Geburah> a nice 50s chrome and neon diner <G>
[09:55] <Geburah> hell ya!
[09:55] Action: attara grabs Geb and durn near squeezes him blue
[09:55] <Geburah> heya adsin how is the baby?
[09:55] <Geburah> hugs to you too !
[09:55] <AdSinistr> He's fantastic, Geb...
[09:55] <Geburah> how are you?????
[09:55] <AdSinistr> thanks for asking.
[09:55] <Geburah> thats great!
[09:55] <Geburah> np bro
[09:55] <Geburah> amber says congrats!
[09:55] <AdSinistr> amber?
[09:55] Sabeltann (gud@donald.mogul.no) left irc: Leaving
[09:55] <Geburah> my fiancee
[09:55] <AdSinistr> Oh dear.
[09:56] <AdSinistr> Poor woman.
[09:56] <Geburah> wedding is in sept
[09:56] <AdSinistr> Thank her for me.
[09:56] <attara> what???????
[09:56] <AdSinistr> and on behalf of his Imperial Majesty the Crown Prince.
[09:56] Action: attara grins and thinks that is great news
[09:56] <Geburah> she is 23yrs old ....a second generation thelemic priestess..
..daughter of jayne and donald correll :)
[09:56] <vergil> Yeah. Geb and I are getting hitched.
[09:57] <Geburah>    Eumelos: yep
[09:57] <Geburah>  Starshyne: Gematria instructs that differing words equaling
the same number point to a single phenomenon. Thelema is 'Do what thou wilt sha
ll be the whole of the Law'; Agape is 'Love is the Law, Love under Will'; Aiwas
s is the Angel of Thelema (the New Law of Will & Love). Hence Thelema equates t
o 93 93/93!
[09:57] <Geburah> darn
[09:57] Action: attara grins and thinks Geb has decided to raise his own priest
[09:57] Action: AdSinistr smakcs the hell outta Geburah
[09:57] <AdSinistr> you're lucky I didn't smack you.
[09:57] Action: attara wish he had
[09:58] <attara> *giggles*
[09:58] Action: AdSinistr smacks the hell outta Geburah.
[09:58] <Geburah> sorry
[09:58] <AdSinistr> happy?
[09:58] <Geburah> raise her????
[09:58] <attara> nodnodnod
[09:58] Action: Andross is away: (Auto-Away after 10 mins) [BX-MsgLog On]
[09:58] <AdSinistr> You mean make her a Master Mason?
[09:58] <Geburah> holy shit she was doing deacon in mass at 11
[09:58] Nick change: zire-afk -> zire
[09:58] <Geburah> she teaches me :)
[09:59] <AdSinistr> Re munchkin!!!
[09:59] <Geburah> having two bishops as in laws is pretty wild too
[09:59] <zire> hey daddy!!!!!
[09:59] Action: zire hugs Geb
[09:59] <Geburah> hugs!
[09:59] Action: AdSinistr smiles and hugs his little girl.
[09:59] #thelema: mode change '+ooo Baph fand{MB} Geburah ' by zire!nvithadt@ho
[09:59] Action: Geburah smiles and hugs his "niece"
[09:59] <zire> good grief
[09:59] Action: zire hides
[09:59] <zire> lol
[10:00] Action: AdSinistr frowns.
[10:00] <zire> so when is the wedding supposed to be Geb, I missed that
[10:00] <AdSinistr> September.
[10:00] <Geburah> sept 17th
[10:00] <fand{MB}> ta zire
[10:01] Action: Geburah wants zire for a flower girl
[10:01] <zire> awwwww
[10:01] <Baggio^> where has atman gon???
[10:02] Baph (Baphomet93@207-172-41-149.s149.tnt10.brd.va.dialup.rcn.com) left
irc: Leaving
[10:03] <tiffy> eli eli atanazami
[10:03] <zire> really Gebbie?
[10:03] <zire> you better ask amber first :)
[10:06] <fand{MB}> I wonder if there is such a thing as an unattractive archaeo
[10:06] <_Zontar_> outlook not so good
[10:07] <Geburah> for real
[10:07] <Geburah> amber is one that set the date zire :)
[10:07] LAW-afk (TG-01@bdsl46.clsp.uswest.net) joined #Thelema.
[10:08] LAW-afk (TG-01@bdsl46.clsp.uswest.net) left #thelema.
[10:13] Widowson (zephyr@ip72.frederick.md.pub-ip.psi.net) left irc: Ping timeo
ut for Widowson[ip72.frederick.md.pub-ip.psi.net]
[10:17] Action: Andross will return... off to work...
[10:17] Andross (andross@net-1-115.campuscommonsapts.com) left irc: Andross has
 no reason
[10:17] starbird (doid@acidrbn.tor.ec.gc.ca) joined #Thelema.
[10:19] <vergil> Jeezus christ.
[10:20] <vergil> I'm at work people... I'm not going to answer a message in a s
plit second.
[10:22] Nephthys^ (Nephthys@gp-10.budget.net) joined #Thelema.
[10:22] <Nephthys^> good morning all
[10:22] (Nephthys^!Nephthys@gp-10.budget.net) !Nephthys! OP
[10:22] #thelema: mode change '+o Nephthys^ ' by Nuit!nuit@pagans.org
[10:22] #thelema: mode change '+o Aleister ' by Nephthys^!Nephthys@gp-10.budget
[10:22] <fand{MB}> yo Aleister
[10:25] Mercutio^ (roger@cs0602.central.susx.ac.uk) joined #Thelema.
[10:25] <Mercutio^> jello
[10:25] <fand{MB}> heya Merc
[10:25] t8 (t8@net-1-115.campuscommonsapts.com) joined #Thelema.
[10:27] <vergil> monkey!
[10:28] <Nephthys^> monkey?
[10:28] <Geburah> monkey?
[10:28] <Geburah> does your monkey have a permit ?
[10:28] <_Zontar_> My sources say no
[10:29] <Nephthys^> oh no!
[10:29] #thelema: mode change '+o AdSinistr ' by Aleister!Aleister@
[10:29] <Nephthys^> no monkey permit?
[10:29] <Nephthys^> uh oh
[10:29] #thelema: mode change '-o AdSinistr ' by AdSinistr!wbehun@dept180.las2.
[10:29] <vergil> Gah.
[10:29] <Geburah> i am not begging
[10:29] <Geburah> i play the music
[10:29] <vergil> You know better than to op AdSinistr Aleister.
[10:30] <Geburah> the monkey gets the money
[10:30] <vergil> My little organ grinder Gebby
[10:30] <Geburah> pink panther flashbacks
[10:32] <Mercutio^> is he a submissive
[10:32] <_Zontar_> outlook good!
[10:32] <Mercutio^> can I beat him
[10:32] <_Zontar_> don't count on it
[10:32] #bovington# info...
[10:33] <zire> huh???
[10:34] <vergil> I wuv u
[10:34] <Geburah> i wuv u too
[10:34] Yggdras|l (yggy@ joined #Thelema.
[10:34] Action: vergil makes cuddlebunnies with Geb
[10:34] <Yggdras|l> Wheeeeeeeeee.........
[10:34] #thelema: mode change '+o Yggdras|l ' by Andrew!Mythos@cr645183-a.poco1
[10:34] <Yggdras|l> I got the job in frisco
[10:34] starbird (doid@acidrbn.tor.ec.gc.ca) left irc: Read error to starbird[a
cidrbn.tor.ec.gc.ca]: Connection reset by peer
[10:34] <tiffy> /quit
[10:34] <Yggdras|l> tanks kloneboi
[10:34] #thelema: mode change '+b *!*@cr645183-a.poco1.bc.wave.home.com ' by Yg
[10:34] Andrew!Mythos@cr645183-a.poco1.bc.wave.home.com kicked from #thelema by
 Nuit!nuit@pagans.org: banned
[10:34] #thelema: mode change '-b *!*@cr645183-a.poco1.bc.wave.home.com ' by Yg
[10:34] <Mercutio^> ouch!
[10:35] tiffy (t8@xanther.digitald.uk.com) left irc: Read error to tiffy[xanthe
r.digitald.uk.com]: EOF from client
[10:35] <Yggdras|l> wheeee.....
[10:35] Ellegua (Rodney@pro.steinberg.de) joined #Thelema.
[10:35] <Mercutio^> whats going dahnnn
[10:35] <Geburah> 93 rodney
[10:35] <zire> hey rodman
[10:35] #thelema: mode change '+o Ellegua ' by Nephthys^!Nephthys@gp-10.budget.
[10:35] <Geburah> greetings from amber
[10:35] <Yggdras|l> just booting my home pop
[10:35] Nick change: t8 -> tiffy
[10:35] <Nephthys^> 93 Rodney
[10:35] <Yggdras|l> I'll invite him back when I leave work
[10:35] <Ellegua> 93 folks
[10:35] <Mercutio^> 92 dude
[10:35] <tiffy> gruesgott.rodney!
[10:36] Ellegua (Rodney@pro.steinberg.de) left #Thelema.
[10:36] <Mercutio^> ?calc Hebrew ChIARROGHN
[10:38] <Mercutio^> hmmm
[10:38] <Mercutio^> ?calc Hebrew ChIARROGHN
[10:38] <Mercutio^> ?calc Hebw ChIARROGHN
[10:38] <Mercutio^> ?calc Hebw ChIARROGHN
[10:38] <Mercutio^> ?calc Heb ChIARROGHN
[10:38] <Ped-Xing> Mercutio^: the Hebrew word `ChIARROGHN' equals 547.
[10:39] <attara> well, real life in the form of hungry cats is calling...93 all
[10:39] attara (marchiones@ip166.dallas13.tx.pub-ip.psi.net) left irc: Once the
 mind has accepted the concept of a Master, the soul is set free to grown and b
lossom, guided by a firm but loving hand...thank you Master, for offering
[10:40] <Geburah> 93 93/93
[10:40] Geburah (purrrr@dialup30.cybrtyme.com) left #thelema.
[10:41] ^LAW-afk^ (TG-01@bdsl46.clsp.uswest.net) joined #Thelema.
[10:41] ^LAW-afk^ (TG-01@bdsl46.clsp.uswest.net) left #Thelema.
[10:42] #AdSinistr# who
[10:42] zire (nvithadt@host-209-214-169-9.sdf.bellsouth.net) left #thelema.
[10:43] #AdSinistr# console +pj
[10:43] <AdSinistr> Silenus, when forced to answer what was best for mankind sa
id, "What is best is never to have been born.  Next best is to die soon."
[10:43] Action: AdSinistr wishes you all the second best.
[10:43] AdSinistr (wbehun@dept180.las2.depaul.edu) left #thelema.
[10:44] ankh418 (einar_9@ joined #Thelema.
[10:44] ankh418 (einar_9@ left irc: Read error to ankh418[212.14
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[10:45] <Nephthys^> agape all
[10:45] Nephthys^ (Nephthys@gp-10.budget.net) left irc: Read error to Nephthys^
[gp-10.budget.net]: Connection reset by peer
[10:46] <tiffy> 93,333
[10:52] <Aleister> sounds like silenus could have benefitted from modern antide
[10:52] Wolfcry` (929868@ppp-186.m4-1.ssm.ican.net) joined #Thelema.
[10:52] <Wolfcry`> 93 all.
[10:52] ttt_ (claudio@RIGHI.DF.UNIBO.IT) joined #Thelema.
[10:52] tiffy (t8@net-1-115.campuscommonsapts.com) left irc: tiffy has no reaso
[10:54] <Baggio^> where has Mercutio^ gone?
[10:56] <fand{MB}> he escaped
[10:56] <Baggio^> you wont though!
[10:56] <fand{MB}> all hatches are bolted now
[10:57] <Baggio^> wait till i meet you fand...ill bolt your hatch!
[10:59] <fand{MB}> ha
[11:00] ttt_ (claudio@RIGHI.DF.UNIBO.IT) left irc: ircII2.8.2-EPIC3.004 --- Blo
atware at its finest.
[11:00] MBrutus (mbrutus@ip202.9.blca.blazenet.net) joined #Thelema.
[11:00] #thelema: mode change '+o MBrutus ' by fand{MB}!primadonna@ireland8.dem
[11:01] #thelema: mode change '+o Baggio^ ' by fand{MB}!primadonna@ireland8.dem
[11:01] #thelema: mode change '+o Mercutio^ ' by fand{MB}!primadonna@ireland8.d
[11:01] gabriel_ (gabriel@cs9337-230.austin.rr.com) joined #thelema.
[11:01] #thelema: mode change '+o Wolfcry` ' by fand{MB}!primadonna@ireland8.de
[11:01] #thelema: mode change '+o gabriel_ ' by fand{MB}!primadonna@ireland8.de
[11:01] <fand{MB}> hello gabriel
[11:01] <MBrutus> fand is an opping dervish
[11:01] Nick change: gabriel_ -> gbryal
[11:01] <Baggio^> thanks fand...u SEXY beast of a woman...when i get u i'll eat
[11:01] Action: Baggio^ is fand{MB}'s on-screen lover
[11:02] <gbryal> hello, fand.
[11:02] <fand{MB}> in Baggio's dreams
[11:02] Action: MBrutus looks at fand
[11:02] <Baggio^> its a joke!
[11:03] <MBrutus> but aggrees that she is indeed a sexy beast of a woman....a l
ot of woman...laughing
[11:03] <Baggio^> really?
[11:04] <MBrutus> really
[11:04] <Baggio^> lucky guy
[11:06] M-Brutus (mbrutus@ip202.9.blca.blazenet.net) joined #Thelema.
[11:06] MBrutus (mbrutus@ip202.9.blca.blazenet.net) left irc: Read error to MBr
utus[ip202.9.blca.blazenet.net]: Connection reset by peer
[11:06] <Baggio^> good!
[11:06] <Baggio^> hehehe
[11:06] <Baggio^> now thats mind magick!!!!
[11:07] #thelema: mode change '+o M-Brutus ' by Baggio^!italia.com@pc-110-036.s
[11:07] <Baggio^> i prefer this M-Brutus
[11:07] <Baggio^> to the other one
[11:07] <M-Brutus> Thank you Baggio
[11:07] <Baggio^> i love the '-' in the middle...wonderful work!!!
[11:07] Keith35 (hahahahah.@port8.ok.hypersurf.com) joined #Thelema.
[11:08] <fand{MB}> yo Keith
[11:09] <Keith35> hello
[11:09] Widowson (zephyr@ip203.frederick.md.pub-ip.psi.net) joined #Thelema.
[11:10] <Widowson> re
[11:11] <Aleister> did anybody watch the senate hearings on youth violence yest
erday, and notice that
[11:11] <Aleister> orrin hatch can't tell the difference between 'basketball di
aries' and teen slasher films?
[11:11] <_Zontar_> reply hazy. try again.
[11:11] Orion1 (hahahahah.@port35.ok.hypersurf.com) joined #Thelema.
[11:12] <Mercutio^> I know..... this is so fucked Aleister it really pisses me
[11:12] <Orion1> 93 all
[11:12] Keith35 (hahahahah.@port8.ok.hypersurf.com) left irc: Ping timeout for
[11:13] <Mercutio^> 100 million they got sued for, for a film that is a brutal
honest portrayl of life where does it stop
[11:13] Mockery (solitude@ joined #Thelema.
[11:13] <fand{MB}> yo Mockery
[11:13] <Widowson> mey mags
[11:13] magistr8 (a@css26.cahe.wsu.edu) joined #Thelema.
[11:14] Action: magistr8 bows
[11:14] <Mockery> mey wson
[11:14] #thelema: mode change '+o Mockery ' by fand{MB}!primadonna@ireland8.dem
[11:14] #thelema: mode change '+o Widowson ' by fand{MB}!primadonna@ireland8.de
[11:14] <Mockery> thx fand
[11:14] Nick change: magistr8 -> _andross_
[11:15] <vergil> burp
[11:15] Baph (Baphomet93@207-172-41-149.s149.tnt10.brd.va.dialup.rcn.com) joine
d #Thelema.
[11:15] <Baph> 93
[11:15] M-Brutus (mbrutus@ip202.9.blca.blazenet.net) left irc: Leaving
[11:16] Orion1 (hahahahah.@port35.ok.hypersurf.com) left irc: Leaving
[11:16] Topic changed on #thelema by Mercutio^!roger@cs0602.central.susx.ac.uk:
 To Bill Clinton ( from the bible ) > thy shall not comfort thy rod with thy st
[11:17] Mercutio^ (roger@cs0602.central.susx.ac.uk) left irc: Leaving
[11:17] #thelema: mode change '+o Baph ' by Wolfcry`!929868@ppp-186.m4-1.ssm.ic
[11:18] Topic changed on #thelema by Baggio^!italia.com@pc-110-036.stu.qmw.ac.u
k: what a weirdo!
[11:18] Topic changed on #thelema by fand{MB}!primadonna@ireland8.demon.co.uk:
every man and woman is a weirdo
[11:18] <Baggio^> anyway... i am off now...take care all
[11:18] <Baggio^> 93 93/93
[11:18] CTCP PING: 925927659 from Mockery (solitude@ to #Thelema
[11:19] <fand{MB}> ciao Baggio
[11:19] <Baggio^> ciao sweets
[11:19] Baggio^ (italia.com@pc-110-036.stu.qmw.ac.uk) left irc: Leaving
[11:22] <fand{MB}> ciao all
[11:22] fand{MB} (primadonna@ireland8.demon.co.uk) left irc: >> God in fact is
Male, supremely so, and compared to Him, everyone else is a woman. So, it is no
t sexist at all.
[11:28] Whysperz (whysperca@ joined #Thelema.
[11:28] <Whysperz> 93 all
[11:29] #thelema: mode change '+o Whysperz ' by Wolfcry`!929868@ppp-186.m4-1.ss
[11:29] <Wolfcry`> 93 Whysperz
[11:30] <Whysperz> 93 Wolfy...thanks
[11:31] <Wolfcry`> No probs.
[11:32] Caduceus (teekoon@lv5-6.transport.com) joined #Thelema.
[11:33] JoyfulGrl (VertiGoat@1Cust136.tnt8.everett2.wa.da.uu.net) joined #Thele
[11:36] SinAngel (scarlet@a112.COMCAT.COM) joined #Thelema.
[11:36] Action: SinAngel waves
[11:37] <Wolfcry`> Hiya Sin
[11:37] <SinAngel> hey Wolfy
[11:37] #thelema: mode change '+o SinAngel ' by Aleister!Aleister@
[11:37] <SinAngel> danke
[11:37] <Widowson> hey SA
[11:38] <SinAngel> hey Widow;)
[11:41] <<SinAngel>> !SinAngel! !seen ba`al
[11:48] thorun (thorun@a1as01-p98.stg.tli.de) joined #Thelema.
[11:48] <thorun> 93 to thee!
[11:48] <Wolfcry`> 93 thorun.
[11:49] Vedfoln|r (Mythos@cr645183-a.poco1.bc.wave.home.com) joined #Thelema.
[11:49] #thelema: mode change '+o Vedfoln|r ' by Yggdras|l!yggy@
[11:50] zire (nvithadt@host-209-214-169-9.sdf.bellsouth.net) joined #Thelema.
[11:50] #thelema: mode change '+o zire ' by Baph!Baphomet93@207-172-41-149.s149
[11:50] -zire (nvithadt@host-209-214-169-9.sdf.bellsouth.net)- DCC Chat (209.21
[11:50] <zire> 93
[11:51] <Wolfcry`> 93 zire.
[11:53] #zire# who
[11:54] Nephthys^ (Nephthys@gp-10.budget.net) joined #Thelema.
[11:54] <Nephthys^> 93
[11:55] #thelema: mode change '+o Nephthys^ ' by SinAngel!scarlet@a112.COMCAT.C
[11:55] <SinAngel> hey Neph
[11:55] <Nephthys^> howdy
[11:58] Wolfcry` (929868@ppp-186.m4-1.ssm.ican.net) left irc: (.)
[11:59] Nick change: Yggdras|l -> Andrew
[11:59] <Andrew> loa Nepth...
[11:59] <Andrew> I got the job
[11:59] <Nephthys^> whoo hoo!
[12:00] <Nephthys^> good for you! that's great
[12:00] <Andrew> now just have to see how hard it is to get the h-1b visa
[12:00] <Andrew> otherwise I'm slumming through europe
[12:00] <Andrew> :D
[12:00] <Nephthys^> :-) slumming through europe could be fun
[12:00] drwygg (_@p5n207167115063.inetworld.net) joined #thelema.
[12:00] #thelema: mode change '+o drwygg ' by Nephthys^!Nephthys@gp-10.budget.n
[12:01] <Andrew> oh yeah
[12:01] #thelema: mode change '+o Caduceus ' by drwygg!_@p5n207167115063.inetwo
[12:01] <Andrew> especially as I know there is work there for me too
[12:01] <SinAngel> 93 dr
[12:01] <Aleister> watch out, i heard the place is full of europeans.
[12:01] <drwygg> hey all
[12:01] <Nephthys^> lol
[12:01] <Andrew> hey... I resemble that...
[12:01] <Andrew> :D :: laughs :
[12:02] <Caduceus> hey drwygg :)
[12:06] godog (kreese@port-1-179.adsl.one.net) joined #Thelema.
[12:06] idiotchld (VertiGoat@1Cust136.tnt8.everett2.wa.da.uu.net) joined #Thele
[12:06] <godog> 93
[12:06] <gbryal> from europe
[12:06] <gbryal> they are the worst kind of europeans
[12:06] bard44m (stonefeath@pm2-103.lns.infi.net) joined #Thelema.
[12:07] bard44m (stonefeath@pm2-103.lns.infi.net) left #Thelema.
[12:08] JoyfulGrl (VertiGoat@1Cust136.tnt8.everett2.wa.da.uu.net) got netsplit.
[12:09] JeZeBeLe (jezebele@ts001d21.eug-or.concentric.net) joined #Thelema.
[12:09] #thelema: mode change '+o JeZeBeLe ' by Nephthys^!Nephthys@gp-10.budget
[12:09] <JeZeBeLe> 93
[12:09] <Nephthys^> Jezzy *hugs*
[12:09] Nick change: idiotchld -> JoyfulGrl
[12:09] Possible future nick collision: JoyfulGrl
[12:10] <JeZeBeLe> hi Nephthys :) *Hugs*
[12:10] <JeZeBeLe> Good Morning everyone
[12:11] <Aleister> {{{{{{{ JeZeBeLe }}}}}}}
[12:11] <SinAngel> hey Jez
[12:11] <JeZeBeLe> 93 Aleister *Squishes*
[12:11] <JeZeBeLe> hey Sin *Squeezes*
[12:11] <SinAngel> hehe
[12:11] <SinAngel> good mood;)
[12:11] <gbryal> spleerb
[12:11] <SinAngel> fleeb
[12:12] <Nephthys^> bleerf
[12:12] <JeZeBeLe> Friek
[12:13] Whysperz (whysperca@ left irc: Sarchasm: the gulf between
 the author of sarcastic wit and the recipient who doesnt get it.
[12:14] Aleister (Aleister@ left irc: Read error to Aleister[129.
109.24.71]: Connection reset by peer
[12:14] #zire# who
[12:14] #zire# seen adsinistr
[12:14] Action: Nephthys^ bounces up and down happily
[12:15] <Mockery> uh oh, she's bouncing.
[12:15] Action: SinAngel watches
[12:15] <Mockery> quick, someone get a 2x4, we'll take her out at the kneecaps
& rid ourselves of this imposter once & for all.
[12:16] zire (nvithadt@host-209-214-169-9.sdf.bellsouth.net) left irc: Leaving
[12:16] <SinAngel> cha cha cha
[12:16] ^horus^ (un@x2-501.mtl.Generation.NET) joined #Thelema.
[12:17] <^horus^> 93
[12:17] <SinAngel> 93 hor
[12:17] Wolfcry` (929868@ppp-087.m2-3.ssm.ican.net) joined #Thelema.
[12:17] <Wolfcry`> Re.
[12:17] <gbryal> re indeed.
[12:17] #thelema: mode change '+ooo ^horus^ godog Wolfcry` ' by SinAngel!scarle
[12:17] <SinAngel> tard
[12:17] <^horus^> thanks sin
[12:18] <SinAngel> sure
[12:18] <^horus^> 93 wolf, hows life?
[12:18] <Wolfcry`> 93 horus, can't complain.  How you doing?
[12:18] <Wolfcry`> Danke Sin
[12:19] illuminat (getout@463.hiper02.shef.dialup.force9.net) joined #Thelema.
[12:19] <illuminat> 93 y'all
[12:19] <Nephthys^> oh, this is fun!
[12:19] #thelema: mode change '+o illuminat ' by Nephthys^!Nephthys@gp-10.budge
[12:19] <SinAngel> heh
[12:19] <illuminat> tar
[12:19] <SinAngel> I sense SARCASM
[12:19] <^horus^> same here... preparing for a lobster feast this evening
[12:19] <Nephthys^> no, actually not
[12:19] <Wolfcry`> Enjoy
[12:19] <Nephthys^> I think I'm gonna get my way in the argument I'm having
[12:19] <SinAngel> why is such a good mood, Neph?
[12:19] <SinAngel> oh
[12:19] <SinAngel> hehe
[12:20] <SinAngel> in not is
[12:20] DizAnk (burly@cr691741-a.poco1.bc.wave.home.com) joined #Thelema.
[12:20] DizAnk (burly@cr691741-a.poco1.bc.wave.home.com) left #Thelema.
[12:21] <Nephthys^> or not...
[12:21] <Nephthys^> grrr, men are so stubborn
[12:22] <SinAngel> *chuckle*
[12:22] <SinAngel> no shit
[12:22] <^horus^> gee, neph, I never realized my ex wife was male :)
[12:22] <JeZeBeLe> I love men even though theyre stubborn. Dont know what it is
 about them.
[12:22] <Nephthys^> well, hmm, looks like all I'm gonna get is a compromise
[12:22] Action: godog is NOT stubborn, so there
[12:22] <JeZeBeLe> Im really curious about them too. Theyre wierd :)~
[12:23] <Nephthys^> lol
[12:23] <JeZeBeLe> Think about it.
[12:23] <Nephthys^> horus, well, it explains alot, doesn't it?
[12:23] Action: gbryal thinks about it
[12:23] <JeZeBeLe> I mean Women and men's plumming are made up so differently I
m super curious as to how it feels to be a man in orgasm.
[12:24] <^horus^> I'll be very careful next time
[12:24] <gbryal> sneezing is still better in my opinion
[12:24] <JeZeBeLe> backrubs
[12:24] <Wolfcry`> Feels good.
[12:24] <Nephthys^> lol wolf
[12:24] <SinAngel> hahahahaha Gabe
[12:24] <gbryal> an orgasm feels like a penis sneeze
[12:24] <JeZeBeLe> `YES
[12:25] <gbryal> like shoving eight pounds of ick through a very small aperture
[12:25] <JeZeBeLe> Well gb you have spread some enlightment on me lol.
[12:25] <gbryal> in an instant
[12:25] <gbryal> it itches, then it doesn't.
[12:25] <Wolfcry`> Well in that case, I hope my penis goes on a huge sneezing f
[12:25] <JeZeBeLe> wow.
[12:25] <JeZeBeLe> Doesnt it tickle too?
[12:25] <_Zontar_> My sources say no
[12:25] <gbryal> not the orgasm
[12:25] <JeZeBeLe> Woo zontar  Rofl.
[12:25] <Caduceus> i wish my penis was allergic
[12:25] <gbryal> the mouth on my glans afterwards does.
[12:26] <JeZeBeLe> hehe
[12:26] <SinAngel> Does Gabe even know what an orgasm is, Zontar?
[12:26] <_Zontar_> outlook not so good
[12:26] <gbryal> but that can be annoyingly intense
[12:26] <gbryal> of course i do
[12:26] <gbryal> i give myself at least 4 a day
[12:26] <SinAngel> then you must be doing something wrong
[12:26] <JeZeBeLe> Im lucky if i get one.. hehehe.
[12:26] <gbryal> expert on the male orgasm, sinangel?
[12:26] <Nephthys^> oh shite, he let me win...after I agreed to compromise...I
have to let him win the next arguement now.
[12:26] <Nephthys^> dammit
[12:27] <Widowson> i don't find them nearly worth that much time
[12:27] <SinAngel> well I'd wager that it's better than a sneeze, Gabe... or el
se you wouldn't be doing it 4 times a day
[12:27] <gbryal> i sneeze at least 8
[12:27] <Nephthys^> heh
[12:27] zyllah (and@port200.aixdialin.siu.edu) joined #Thelema.
[12:27] <godog> actually it involves your whole being to the exclusion of anyth
ing else, all hot and cold, ice and fire and a timdess flash and then...its ove
[12:27] <gbryal> the best part of a sneeze is that it is unexpected
[12:27] <gbryal> and no work
[12:28] <Nephthys^> lol
[12:28] #thelema: mode change '+o zyllah ' by Nephthys^!Nephthys@gp-10.budget.n
[12:28] <SinAngel> well.. maybe a visit to the doctor for some allergy pills an
d viagra might do the trick
[12:28] <gbryal> i am usually quite lucid while in orgasm
[12:28] <gbryal> i can think normally, i can even talk through it.
[12:28] <Widowson> likewise
[12:28] <JeZeBeLe> you think the kink of sneezing can make you orgasm?
[12:28] <zyllah> gabe just take the pills
[12:28] <JeZeBeLe> Im curious can a guy just cum without giving pleasure to his
[12:28] <gbryal> i don't think my sneezer is linked with my cummer
[12:29] <JeZeBeLe> :)
[12:29] <Widowson> jez: yes
[12:29] <gbryal> i have cum before without genital stimulation.
[12:29] <Caduceus> later
[12:29] Caduceus (teekoon@lv5-6.transport.com) left irc: Leaving
[12:29] <gbryal> a girl just put her hand on my thigh
[12:29] <SinAngel> yes Jez
[12:29] <gbryal> that was all; she was just talking to me.
[12:29] <JeZeBeLe> never seen it happen without pleasure.
[12:29] <gbryal> about getting lunch.
[12:29] <godog> JeZeBeLe, yup, if you mean physicaly
[12:29] <JeZeBeLe> yeah i do.
[12:29] <gbryal> i was on the verge of orgasm for years until i started masturb
[12:29] <gbryal> i always was afraid i'd explode in my trousers
[12:30] <zyllah> oh my gabe
[12:30] <gbryal> now that doesn't happen anymore.
[12:30] Action: godog is kind of loud
[12:30] Widowson (zephyr@ip203.frederick.md.pub-ip.psi.net) left irc: Read erro
r to Widowson[ip203.frederick.md.pub-ip.psi.net]: Connection reset by peer
[12:30] Widowson (zephyr@ip203.frederick.md.pub-ip.psi.net) joined #Thelema.
[12:30] <gbryal> those were the days
[12:30] <Widowson> but i'm a chronic depressive, and i think that modifies how
i function
[12:30] <gbryal> i started masturbating, actually, so that I would stop having
nocturnal emissions
[12:31] <gbryal> i was 19...
[12:31] <gbryal> yee.
[12:31] #thelema: mode change '+o Widowson ' by SinAngel!scarlet@a112.COMCAT.CO
[12:31] <Widowson> i can also do large quantities of strong opiates without pal
pable pleasure
[12:31] <SinAngel> you didn't jack off until you were 19?
[12:31] <gbryal> when i do opiates, i just itch all over.
[12:31] <JeZeBeLe> i love opiates.
[12:31] <gbryal> especially my nose and in between my fingers
[12:31] <gbryal> sinangel: indeed.
[12:31] <JeZeBeLe> but i know ill get hooked so i just smoke them once in a whi
le ;)
[12:31] <SinAngel> I know a lot of guys who never have and never plan to.. quit
e abnormal
[12:31] <Nephthys^> what's an opiate?
[12:32] <Widowson> gabe: if it was smack, then it was cut with niacin
[12:32] <gbryal> it was morphine
[12:32] <JeZeBeLe> morphine, Herion, Opium
[12:32] Action: godog disagrees
[12:32] <gbryal> i get a similar effect from robe.
[12:32] <JeZeBeLe> I never did herion.
[12:32] <JeZeBeLe> Gb ROFL your so funny
[12:32] <Widowson> they're nice, but i don't get the rush off them that other p
eople do
[12:33] <JeZeBeLe> thanks for sharing guys. I really am clueless as to Mens's e
motional anatomy.
[12:33] <godog> clean dope makes many people itch
[12:33] <JeZeBeLe> Question #2 ya think guys PMS? (Without menstration) :)
[12:33] <Widowson> i think i have a depleated endorphin receptor bank
[12:33] <Nephthys^> yes they do JeZ
[12:33] <Nephthys^> no question
[12:33] <SinAngel> hahahahaha Widow
[12:33] <gbryal> no...
[12:33] <Widowson> that's how i know dope is 100% pure. no skin sensation
[12:34] <thorun> another point of view: http://www.inet.co.yu
[12:34] <godog> jez, sympatheticly
[12:34] <SinAngel> *snicker*
[12:34] <gbryal> you are mistaking that for us getting annoyed because you don'
t know when to leave us alone
[12:34] <zyllah> i could say the same gabe
[12:34] <gbryal> you should
[12:34] <Widowson> i always act like i have pms, so it's hardly cyclical
[12:34] <gbryal> communication would be something to strive for
[12:34] Action: godog has itched on pharmacuticals, trust me on this one
[12:35] Topic changed on #thelema by drwygg!_@p5n207167115063.inetworld.net: wh
ere the l33t junkies hang
[12:35] <JeZeBeLe> :)
[12:35] <JeZeBeLe> hey godog Was it you who talked about salvia?
[12:35] <godog> godog has itched on o he collected himself
[12:35] <godog> yup
[12:36] <JeZeBeLe> a frater is starting a business online. Hey You ever hear of
 a group of thelemites that have a shop called horus something via the net Virt
ual Psycoldellic supplies?
[12:36] <godog> JeZeBeLe,ive been through a few pregnancys, guess who got morni
ng sickness the most?
[12:36] <godog> nope
[12:36] <JeZeBeLe> you huh
[12:36] <SinAngel> awe
[12:36] <SinAngel> that's so sweet
[12:37] <JeZeBeLe> thats like mike. he got sick and had labor pains when LadyAn
kh had her baby.
[12:40] CTCP PING: 925907131 from Nephthys^ (Nephthys@gp-10.budget.net) to #The
[12:41] <Nephthys^> that was a conversation stopper Jez
[12:41] <SinAngel> hehehe
[12:41] <JeZeBeLe> I dunno men can tune into that kind of stuff.
[12:41] <SinAngel> have a nice day everyone.
[12:41] <JeZeBeLe> me and my roomate had a convo last night about Prescavous.
[12:41] <SinAngel> Agape
[12:41] <_Zontar_> outlook not so good
[12:41] <JeZeBeLe> Ya ever hear that term?
[12:41] <Nephthys^> nope
[12:42] SinAngel (scarlet@a112.COMCAT.COM) left irc: Huge penises! Huge penises
 all of you! . . . carry on.
[12:42] <Widowson> with women they love? of course
[12:42] <JeZeBeLe> its like dejavu
[12:42] <JeZeBeLe> but its when you pre know what the persons going to say.
[12:42] <JeZeBeLe> that type of thing. kinda like asking before asking. wierd.
[12:42] <Widowson> men aren't as emotionally dense as you think ;p
[12:42] <JeZeBeLe> :)
[12:43] <Widowson> well, *some* of them are
[12:43] <Nephthys^> lol
[12:43] <Widowson> but i've met plenty of women who weren't real prizes on that
 front, either
[12:43] <^horus^> Yeah, I knew for instance that when she called me it was for
asking for money...déjà vu
[12:45] <Nephthys^> heh
[12:46] Aine (ainers@lon1-245.netrover.com) joined #Thelema.
[12:46] <Aine> 93
[12:46] #thelema: mode change '+o Aine ' by Nephthys^!Nephthys@gp-10.budget.net
[12:46] <Aine> thanks
[12:46] <Wolfcry`> 93 Aine
[12:46] <JeZeBeLe> Ainers :)
[12:46] <Aine> heya jez, wolfie
[12:47] <JeZeBeLe> *SmoochieKoochies*
[12:47] <JeZeBeLe> Good to see ya Aine :)
[12:47] <Aine> whats up jez?
[12:47] <JeZeBeLe> you going to the convention Aine?
[12:47] <JeZeBeLe> Just kicking back. :)
[12:47] <JeZeBeLe> Thinking of cleaning mass is next weekend initiations this w
[12:47] <JeZeBeLe> and in two weekends its initiations again busy busy.
[12:48] <JeZeBeLe> working on the daughter of sunset series preiestess gowns. a
nd stuff for the convention too.
[12:48] <JeZeBeLe> You goin?
[12:50] <JeZeBeLe> i think theres going to be two merchant booths.
[12:50] <Aine> i cant afford food right now
[12:50] <Aine> let alone anothing else
[12:50] <JeZeBeLe> Sorror truattrice and frater gallahad are doing a booth too.
[12:50] <JeZeBeLe> Then windy Ceri Ox and I are.
[12:50] <JeZeBeLe> Were thinking of raffling off the ritual robe thats going to
 be on display
[12:50] <_Zontar_> yes, definately
[12:50] CTCP PING: 925933384 from _Zontar_ (zontar@gamera.creepy.net) to #Thele
[12:51] <JeZeBeLe> because the robes are made to order. because they are tailor
[12:51] <JeZeBeLe> Imagine abramelin bath salts woo.
[12:51] <Nephthys^> agape
[12:51] Nephthys^ (Nephthys@gp-10.budget.net) left irc: Read error to Nephthys^
[gp-10.budget.net]: Connection reset by peer
[12:52] Antman (purr@ joined #Thelema.
[12:52] <JeZeBeLe> imagine the membranes reacting to the abramelin (Woo) hehe.
[12:53] Nick change: Antman -> C^THULHU
[12:55] <JeZeBeLe> 93 C^THULHU
[12:57] <Wolfcry`> Question:  Anything on the net that gives a description of t
he 22 paths of the Tree of Life?  Most of the stuff I've read only deals with t
he sephiroth themselves, and rarily discusses the paths themselves.
[12:58] <godog> well, theres pleanty of tarot oriented material on the paths
[12:59] <JeZeBeLe> Rob just made a copy of the tree of life with Tetragramitron
 and the 4 worlds and tarot representation
[12:59] <JeZeBeLe> he blew it up its on our bathroom wall.
[12:59] <JeZeBeLe> were going to paint one on our vaulted ceiling.
[12:59] <_Zontar_> concentrate and ask again
[13:00] <Wolfcry`> godog: This is true.  Any helpful urls that you know about?
[13:00] <Wolfcry`> Sounds cool Jez ;)
[13:01] Aine (ainers@lon1-245.netrover.com) left irc: Leaving
[13:01] illuminat (getout@463.hiper02.shef.dialup.force9.net) left irc: Leaving
[13:01] <JeZeBeLe> My roomate is going to paint the hebrew lettering
[13:02] <JeZeBeLe> were going to have a sigil day here too. and paint sigils al
l over the house.
[13:02] <_Zontar_> outlook good!
[13:02] Action: Baph slaps _Zontar_ around a bit with a large trout
[13:02] illuminat (getin@463.hiper02.shef.dialup.force9.net) joined #Thelema.
[13:02] <illuminat> 93 y'all
[13:03] <JeZeBeLe> 93 illuminat :)
[13:03] <godog> Wolfcry, ill see , brb
[13:03] Topic changed on #thelema by JeZeBeLe!jezebele@ts001d21.eug-or.concentr
ic.net: Ti Quero Cinco De Mayo.. "Now wheres that Special Sauce?" Viva Olestra.
[13:04] ^horus^ (un@x2-501.mtl.Generation.NET) left irc: Leaving
[13:04] <Wolfcry`> Thanks godog.
[13:04] illuminat (getin@463.hiper02.shef.dialup.force9.net) left irc: Leaving
[13:04] undine (undine@ts1-A16.iconnect.net) joined #Thelema.
[13:05] <JeZeBeLe> undine *Kisses*
[13:05] <JeZeBeLe> Robs going to be home in 10 mins ill be afk when he gets her
[13:05] <undine> 93
[13:05] <Widowson> .'. undine
[13:06] <C^THULHU> 93 all
[13:06] <undine> hey widowson
[13:08] <JeZeBeLe> im going to make a resume today too
[13:08] <JeZeBeLe> to work at perma graphics to make stickers and stuff.
[13:08] <JeZeBeLe> and also Cascade candle company
[13:08] <JeZeBeLe> Tired of working corporate computer fucking world political
back stabbing bullshit :)
[13:09] _andross_ (a@css26.cahe.wsu.edu) left irc: Leaving
[13:10] ankh418 (einar_9@ joined #Thelema.
[13:10] Bkwyrm (bkwyrm@move.willo.nunet.net) joined #Thelema.
[13:10] (Bkwyrm!bkwyrm@move.willo.nunet.net) !Bkwyrm! OP
[13:10] #thelema: mode change '+o Bkwyrm ' by Nuit!nuit@pagans.org
[13:10] ankh418 (einar_9@ left #thelema.
[13:11] <JeZeBeLe> Bkwyrmie :) 93
[13:11] <JeZeBeLe> hey ankh418
[13:11] <Bkwyrm> Good afternoon.
[13:12] <Andrew> having that much fun eh jez...
[13:12] zyllah (and@port200.aixdialin.siu.edu) left irc: Leaving
[13:12] <Andrew> and I'm about to jump into that world myself
[13:12] <JeZeBeLe> Sure andrew come over :) make it more fun ;)~
[13:12] <Andrew> I'm on my way down
[13:12] <JeZeBeLe> YES
[13:12] <Andrew> I got the job I was after
[13:12] <JeZeBeLe> Where ya moving?
[13:12] <Andrew> just have to make sure I get the visa
[13:12] <Andrew> frisco
[13:12] <JeZeBeLe> oh *Nod*
[13:12] <JeZeBeLe> Kickass :)
[13:13] <JeZeBeLe> i was born there.
[13:13] <Andrew> but if I don't get the h-1b
[13:13] <Andrew> I'm off to europe instead
[13:13] <JeZeBeLe> oh woo cool :)
[13:13] <Andrew> I have to escape this evil country
[13:13] <JeZeBeLe> i think robs here.
[13:13] <Andrew> canada sucks major
[13:13] <Andrew> I need to be somewhere my X's lawyer can't find me
[13:14] <Andrew> and the bay area is a good start
[13:14] <JeZeBeLe> beachcomb in hawaii
[13:14] <Andrew> oh yeah
[13:14] <Andrew> so now I'm just waiting to hear back from them regarding money
[13:14] <JeZeBeLe> yuk.
[13:14] <Andrew> but I could handle slumming in the riviera
[13:15] <JeZeBeLe> Yeah. that sucks. I have to do my taxes way back to 96
[13:15] <Andrew> or north africa even
[13:15] <Andrew> get to giza
[13:15] <JeZeBeLe> if i get them done i can re apply to refinance the propertie
s. then start all over.
[13:15] <_Zontar_> it is certain
[13:15] <JeZeBeLe> my brother in law is in South africa
[13:15] <Andrew> I figure they'll offer me something in the 55K range
[13:15] <Andrew> be good for a start
[13:15] <Andrew> :D
[13:16] <JeZeBeLe> hes a political journalist for national geographic and the C
apetown universities Professor of Geography.
[13:16] <Andrew> nice
[13:16] <JeZeBeLe> He won an award for doing a scholastic thesis for Univ of ca
lif Berkley.
[13:16] <JeZeBeLe> about the Ussr and transformation today.
[13:17] <JeZeBeLe> he did a thesis of the alabaskan tribes along the north west
[13:17] CTCP PING: 925934775 from Mockery (solitude@ to #Thelema
[13:17] <JeZeBeLe> i want to ask him to send me some african handdrums They are
 So cool :)
[13:18] <Andrew> yup
[13:18] <JeZeBeLe> This guy made a drum for the lodge. and threadded the string
s in hexagrams..
[13:18] <JeZeBeLe> its kicakss.
[13:18] <Andrew> if I end up in europe
[13:18] <_Zontar_> as i see it, yes.
[13:18] <Andrew> I'm planning on doing the pilgrimage trail from france to spai
[13:18] <JeZeBeLe> Oooo
[13:19] <Andrew> one cathedral to another
[13:19] <JeZeBeLe> Andrew *Nod* i hear riding the nighttrain makes the costs so
 low.. and using public showers.
[13:19] <Andrew> yes
[13:19] <Andrew> but I'll probably buy myself a bike over there
[13:19] <JeZeBeLe> india too.
[13:19] <Andrew> and pedal
[13:20] <JeZeBeLe> awesome
[13:20] <Andrew> not like I'll be ina hurry to get anywhere
[13:20] <Andrew> but I do know I have a lot of job opportunities in europe
[13:20] <Andrew> and my boss is heading over in a few months himself
[13:20] <Andrew> so I'll have to keep in touch
[13:20] Action: Baph slaps Mockery around a bit with a large trout
[13:21] <JeZeBeLe> I bet abramelin is having a blast today :)
[13:22] <JeZeBeLe> Does anyone here do any metal crafting.
[13:22] <_Zontar_> outlook good!
[13:22] <godog> i little
[13:22] <JeZeBeLe> Im curious as to getting one piece of copper to stick to ano
ther piece of copper
[13:22] <Wolfcry`> Not I.
[13:22] <JeZeBeLe> making headbands.
[13:22] Action: vergil is away -- bleh -- messages will be saved.
[13:22] <Bkwyrm> Nope.
[13:23] <JeZeBeLe> punching holes into it and having strands of scarves hang fr
om them and bead the sides of the scarves.
[13:23] <godog> use "easy" silver solder
[13:23] <JeZeBeLe> thinking of a snake headdress as well for the priest in mass
. would be cool to have lots of solar infuence on that headdress. and like inco
rporate fleur de lays in it.
[13:24] <JeZeBeLe> silver?
[13:24] <JeZeBeLe> will it break away easy?
[13:24] <_Zontar_> yes, definately
[13:24] <godog> propain torch, fit and clesan the joint PERFECTLY. boric acid f
[13:24] <JeZeBeLe> okay.
[13:24] <godog> no, the metal will fail first
[13:24] <JeZeBeLe> I seen a propane torch at the hawk shop for ten bucks.
[13:25] <JeZeBeLe> fail. how long can a piece like that last?
[13:25] <Bkwyrm> Yow. Thelemites with propane torches.
[13:25] <JeZeBeLe> I just got a sautering gun. i have the copper.
[13:25] <godog> if you can pick, get one that cann handle "mapp gas"
[13:25] <JeZeBeLe> where do i get the other supplies at a lapidary store?
[13:25] <_Zontar_> my sources say yes
[13:26] <Andrew> yeah... mapp burns hotter than propane
[13:26] <godog> boric acid is found pure and cheap at drugstores
[13:26] <Andrew> and is good for brazing
[13:26] <JeZeBeLe> Im making this red dress folk mediteranian. and a headdress
with it would be nice :) woo this weekend Ill sell teh set for $80 :)
[13:27] <JeZeBeLe> okay.
[13:27] <JeZeBeLe> Thats where i get my saltpetre is at a drugstore.
[13:27] <godog> what you want is "easy" hard solder, any rock shop
[13:27] <JeZeBeLe> okay.
[13:27] <JeZeBeLe> I just went to one. yesterday ill go back today.
[13:28] Action: godog just finished a set of 9 tiny copper farming tools
[13:29] <JeZeBeLe> :)
[13:29] <JeZeBeLe> Godog you ever turn stones?
[13:29] LainieP (lainie@ joined #Thelema.
[13:29] <JeZeBeLe> im also making rawhyde rattles and irish bones.
[13:29] <godog> sure do
[13:29] <LainieP> Greetings
[13:29] #thelema: mode change '+o LainieP ' by Bkwyrm!bkwyrm@move.willo.nunet.n
[13:29] <Bkwyrm> Lainie!
[13:30] <LainieP> Hi!
[13:30] <JeZeBeLe> Thats So cool. I always wanted to do that right on.
[13:30] Action: LainieP waves furiously.
[13:30] <Bkwyrm> Furiously?
[13:30] <LainieP> vigourously.
[13:30] <Widowson> hey lainie
[13:31] <LainieP> Hey Wid!
[13:31] <LainieP> How are you doing?
[13:31] <godog> bones as in percussion ?
[13:31] <vergil> Hey!@
[13:31] <Widowson> pretty damn well
[13:31] <vergil> It's that lainie chick.
[13:31] <LainieP> Glad to hear it.
[13:31] <JeZeBeLe> yeah :)
[13:31] <LainieP> Marriage is treating me well.
[13:31] Action: LainieP hugs Vergil
[13:31] <JeZeBeLe> Bones are so cool in a drum circle.
[13:32] <JeZeBeLe> Dancing round a bon fire.. Drum circle going. Man thats just
 Kickass :)~
[13:32] ^horus^ (un@x2-792.mtl.Generation.NET) joined #Thelema.
[13:33] <vergil> do be do...
[13:33] <_Zontar_> it is certain
[13:33] #thelema: mode change '+o ^horus^ ' by Wolfcry`!929868@ppp-087.m2-3.ssm
[13:33] Topic changed on #thelema by vergil!vergil@blooblah.creepy.net: <vergil
> do be do... <_Zontar_> it is certain
[13:33] CTCP PING: 925936011 643927 from vergil (vergil@blooblah.creepy.net) to
[13:34] undine (undine@ts1-A16.iconnect.net) left #thelema.
[13:36] skoomoo (Fumitive@PPPa27-Tampa11-2R772.saturn.bbn.com) joined #Thelema.
[13:37] <JeZeBeLe> Lots of Love... Ooodles of it 93 93/93lessings *Kiss*
[13:37] JeZeBeLe (jezebele@ts001d21.eug-or.concentric.net) left #Thelema.
[13:38] CTCP PING: 925936193 from Bkwyrm (bkwyrm@move.willo.nunet.net) to #Thel
[13:39] skoomoo (Fumitive@PPPa27-Tampa11-2R772.saturn.bbn.com) left irc: ich bi
n ein schule du frikst mein ashlocke mit gelt.
[13:40] <gbryal> on moshe, on hiram, on schlomoe
[13:42] Bkwyrm (bkwyrm@move.willo.nunet.net) left irc: Leaving
[13:43] ^horus^ (un@x2-792.mtl.Generation.NET) left irc: Leaving
[13:46] <gbryal> gabriel's occult show.... now playing.  http://brillig.dhip.or
g:8000/ in your favourite mp3 player/streamer
[13:46] Wolfcry` (929868@ppp-087.m2-3.ssm.ican.net) left #Thelema.
[13:51] Topic changed on #thelema by gbryal!gabriel@cs9337-230.austin.rr.com: h
ttp://brillig.dhip.org:8000/ in your mp3 player/streamer... gabriel's sporadic
occult show
[13:52] ^horus^ (un@x2-287.mtl.Generation.NET) joined #Thelema.
[13:54] Baph (Baphomet93@207-172-41-149.s149.tnt10.brd.va.dialup.rcn.com) left
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[13:55] Topic changed on #thelema by gbryal!gabriel@cs9337-230.austin.rr.com: h
ttp://brillig.dhis.org:8000/ in your mp3 player/streamer... gabriel's sporadic
occult show
[13:55] <gbryal> oops.
[13:55] <gbryal> dhis.org
[13:55] <gbryal> heh.
[13:55] <gbryal> yeee.
[13:55] JoyfulGrl (VertiGoat@1Cust136.tnt8.everett2.wa.da.uu.net) left #thelema
[13:59] <gbryal> yep.
[13:59] Eeyore^ (tiamat@pm1-1.lan2wan.com) joined #Thelema.
[13:59] <Eeyore^> 93
[13:59] <gbryal> 93
[14:00] Ebony137 (charlesree@ip4.san-francisco25.ca.pub-ip.psi.net) joined #The
[14:00] <gbryal> 93 ebony
[14:00] <Eeyore^> 93 eb! how you feeling?
[14:00] <Ebony137> 93
[14:00] <Ebony137> not good, may have to go to hospital, haveing big argument w
ith dr. I don't want to go.
[14:01] <gbryal> gah
[14:01] C^THULHU (purr@ left #Thelema.
[14:01] <Eeyore^> eb go. its best thing for you
[14:01] <gbryal> anything you'd like us to do, ebony?
[14:02] <Eeyore^> eb you don't want to be caught at home should you lose your b
reath, they could give you oxygen in that case. its not worth the risk
[14:02] <Ebony137> well I just wanted ya'al to know that I am probably gonna be
 ok, It's just that I may not be here for awhile.
[14:02] <Eeyore^> thats my opinion
[14:02] <Eeyore^> eb thats okay, you'll be missed while your gone, but we'll wa
it, hun
[14:03] Action: godog will do athing for you , eb, with the saints
[14:03] #thelema: mode change '+ooo Ebony137 Eeyore^ thorun ' by godog!kreese@p
[14:04] #thelema: mode change '+o ^horus^ ' by godog!kreese@port-1-179.adsl.one
[14:04] <thorun> thanx godog!
[14:04] <godog> np
[14:04] Action: Eeyore^ lived near baltimore for years, she can call people hun
[14:05] zire (nvithadt@host-209-214-169-9.sdf.bellsouth.net) joined #Thelema.
[14:08] EbonyAnpu (charlesree@ip4.san-francisco25.ca.pub-ip.psi.net) joined #Th
[14:08] <Eeyore^> re eb
[14:08] <EbonyAnpu> re
[14:09] <gbryal> does a streaming mp3 occult talk/eclectic music show interest
anyone, or am I just spinning my wheels?
[14:09] <_Zontar_> outlook not so good
[14:09] Vedfoln|r (Mythos@cr645183-a.poco1.bc.wave.home.com) left irc: Ping tim
eout for Vedfoln|r[cr645183-a.poco1.bc.wave.home.com]
[14:09] <EbonyAnpu> If it wasn't that I was so week  I wouldn't even contemplat
e going
[14:09] <drwygg> re ebo
[14:09] <_Zontar_> my reply is no
[14:09] #thelema: mode change '+o EbonyAnpu ' by ^horus^!un@x2-287.mtl.Generati
[14:09] Ebony137 (charlesree@ip4.san-francisco25.ca.pub-ip.psi.net) got netspli
[14:09] #thelema: mode change '+o zire ' by drwygg!_@p5n207167115063.inetworld.
[14:10] <Eeyore^> eb just go. flirt with nurses.
[14:10] <gbryal> there is something to be said for nurses.
[14:10] <gbryal> they are like waitresses but they touch you and you don't tip
[14:10] <Eeyore^> gbryal I'd be interested, if it worked on my machine
[14:10] <gbryal> your machine can't do mp3's, eh wot?
[14:11] Mockery (solitude@ left irc: don't be fooled, don't be fl
attered, it's not like you ever mattered
[14:11] <Eeyore^> it can. just nt your mp3's apparently
[14:11] <gbryal> odd.
[14:11] <gbryal> and you are using winamp?
[14:12] <gbryal> that is a strange, strange thing.
[14:12] <Eeyore^> gbryal yeah.
[14:12] <gbryal> maybe it was solar flares last time you tried.
[14:12] <gbryal> those pesky solar flares.
[14:13] <Eeyore^> yeah solar flares
[14:13] ankh418 (einar_9@host62-172-63-88.btinternet.com) joined #Thelema.
[14:13] <gbryal> well, i'd do the show just for you
[14:13] <gbryal> right now i am playing cowboy junkies for no one
[14:13] <ankh418> has anyone seen whyspers recently?
[14:14] <Eeyore^> I like cowboy junkies.
[14:14] <_Zontar_> don't count on it
[14:14] <Eeyore^> they do a nice remake of 'femme fatale'.
[14:14] <gbryal> i love playing that song
[14:14] <gbryal> i play it on guitar whenever people are around
[14:15] Ebony137 (charlesree@ip4.san-francisco25.ca.pub-ip.psi.net) got lost in
 the net-split.
[14:15] <Eeyore^> whats that url again? I'm going to fool around with it to see
 if I can't force it to work
[14:15] <gbryal> it's in the topic
[14:15] <gbryal> http://brillig.dhis.org:8000/
[14:15] <Eeyore^> oh.
[14:15] <gbryal> ctrl-l from winamp
[14:16] <gbryal> was that you just now?
[14:16] <_Zontar_> my reply is no
[14:16] <Eeyore^> gbry yeah, attempting. its not working still.
[14:16] <gbryal> gah.
[14:16] <gbryal> what happens, anyway?
[14:18] <godog> i liked nico
[14:18] <Eeyore^> unable to open file for viewing. unable to make temp file. fu
cking sucks.
[14:18] Bkwyrm (bkwyrm@move.willo.nunet.net) joined #Thelema.
[14:18] (Bkwyrm!bkwyrm@move.willo.nunet.net) !Bkwyrm! OP
[14:18] #thelema: mode change '+o Bkwyrm ' by Nuit!nuit@pagans.org
[14:18] el-Moso (daffy@ joined #Thelema.
[14:18] <Bkwyrm> Hello again.
[14:18] #thelema: mode change '+o el-Moso ' by ^horus^!un@x2-287.mtl.Generation
[14:18] <Bkwyrm> I hate surprise conference calls.
[14:18] <gbryal> you are doing this from winamp, right, not netscape or ie...
[14:18] <Eeyore^> hey bk
[14:18] <gbryal> do you have a c:\temp and c:\windows\temp directory?
[14:18] <_Zontar_> concentrate and ask again
[14:19] <Eeyore^> gbryal yes
[14:19] fand{MB} (primadonna@ireland8.demon.co.uk) joined #Thelema.
[14:19] <fand{MB}> heya thre
[14:19] <fand{MB}> yay!
[14:19] <Eeyore^> I'd think so.. this isn't my puter though
[14:19] #thelema: mode change '+o fand{MB} ' by ^horus^!un@x2-287.mtl.Generatio
[14:19] <gbryal> ah
[14:19] <gbryal> ok
[14:19] <gbryal> maybe 8000 is firewalled
[14:19] <Eeyore^> yeah
[14:19] <fand{MB}> ta horus
[14:19] <Eeyore^> theres a temp directory