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9.2 Beta

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Thank you!

Great feedback here over the last few weeks has helped us a lot and we're happy to see 9.2 Beta going live on :hat:

In other good news, Adobe has announced Creative Suite 3 where Opera is used by several components as a rendering engine.


A short changelogApproaching 9.2



By chesss, # 28. March 2007, 12:55:15


By NoteMe, # 28. March 2007, 12:56:19

Hmmm... download link seems to redirect me to te 9.10. Looking for Linux version...

Is it the same as last Fridays?

By nodata, # 28. March 2007, 12:58:42

Nodata, if you click the UNIX build 617 link on top of this page it will download the latest version (9.20 Beta 1).

By Jeldert, # 28. March 2007, 13:00:14

What a shame... Thank you!

Also, a big thanx goes to the developers!

By nodata, # 28. March 2007, 13:01:19

Thank you again. Works beautifully!

By ar1pe, # 28. March 2007, 13:02:28

Thnx.. waiting for the Final :smile:

By rxbbx, # 28. March 2007, 13:05:43

What's the build number?

By StoB, # 28. March 2007, 13:14:29

@StoB: build 8762,
The same as the last weekly

By ytsmabeer, # 28. March 2007, 13:20:07

@borg: Thank you (the entire Opera team)! :wink:

By dAEk, # 28. March 2007, 13:33:49


By Zajec, # 28. March 2007, 13:49:15

Thaks a lot for the fix of the cross site scripting vulnérability :smile:

By Kuja IX, # 28. March 2007, 13:49:28

good news!

By Ahui886, # 28. March 2007, 14:07:13


By Tamil, # 28. March 2007, 14:14:18

Upi! New Opera! Thx :wink:

By Serpher, # 28. March 2007, 14:17:36

Great stuff!

When do we get the one with the bug-fixes to the mail client? Love speed dial, Opera and even M2 but can't wait for the rewrite. Having to manually insert blank lines on quoted text is a real drag!

By Charlie_X, # 28. March 2007, 14:24:33

Cool deal! :smile:

The preview of my bookmarks when I open a new tab is perfect! Thanks a lot!

How long will it take before other browsers copy this functionality?

By calande, # 28. March 2007, 14:37:19

Zajec, one opera you are running is a static, and the other one a shared build? And I guess the "awful" one is the static? :smile:

By csant, # 28. March 2007, 14:42:39

Huh?!? Beta already? That was (too) fast.

Still no usable search engine manager... :frown:

By grogge, # 28. March 2007, 14:55:17

After opening/closing tabs a few times, Opera becomes EXTREMELY sluggish: I need to wait about 500ms until a tab gets focused (after clicking it). I need to wait for the mail client to focus too, and for mail messages to open. (I didn't have to wait in 9.1.)

The sluggishness persists until I restart Opera. It seems that the more I open/close tabs, the slower Opera gets.

Hiding Speed Dial doesn't help.

I had to revert back to 9.1 because this problem renders 9.2 completely unusable for me.

I use Ubuntu 6.10. I installed the relevant .DEB package. My machine is very fast (Core 2 Duo).

By cybcode, # 28. March 2007, 14:56:36

@csant ahh, get it now :-) thanks

By Zajec, # 28. March 2007, 14:58:00

Is the same of 23 March 2007 ?
When I install ask me to repair not to reinstall the new version, and the build number is the same.

By SoulOfDoinel, # 28. March 2007, 15:02:27

Thanks, nice Beta. Speed dial is awesome!

By kiaM, # 28. March 2007, 15:15:13

thanks for this beta :-)

By Twilo, # 28. March 2007, 15:19:13

I'm confused. The page zoom tool doesn't work properly at _Beta_ version. Such little bug doesn't fixed at Beta version?!!! IMHO, it's terrible! :frown:

By consalt, # 28. March 2007, 15:22:36

Yes, it's a beta version. That means that there will be lots of bugs.

By haavard, # 28. March 2007, 16:01:10

Missing Portuguese (Brazil) language. Installation and localization file.

Buttons on webpages are not being pressed/released (there is some problem with those button's states animation). They are working normally for their functions however.

By RicardoB, # 28. March 2007, 16:13:02

avatar is totally broken

By rogerpe, # 28. March 2007, 16:23:46

avatar is totally broken

No it's not. Id as IE or FF.

By xErath, # 28. March 2007, 16:34:59

Adobe has announced Creative Suite 3 where Opera is used by several components as a rendering engine.
What version of Opera engine they used: 8 or 9?

By FataL, # 28. March 2007, 16:35:02

Nice :yes:

By klingoncowboy4, # 28. March 2007, 16:36:51

@FataL: 9

By borg, # 28. March 2007, 16:45:35

Is there a place where I can learn a bit more about the Adobe Creative Suite CS3 components' that use Opera?

By noizz, # 28. March 2007, 17:09:08

Speed dial is an interesting concept. I like the idea of Ctrl-# to jump to really well used sites. However, without the option to automatically open in a new tab (Target = blank), it is a non starter for me. Can this be considered for an upgrade?

By Ken45140, # 28. March 2007, 17:15:33


By illiad, # 28. March 2007, 17:22:27

illiad: Yes, this one.

By consalt, # 28. March 2007, 18:11:32

About the beta changelog. What does "Images with broken exif data now display" mean?

By Cyro, # 28. March 2007, 18:27:04

consalt: lets hope they fix it before final! - would you wear a badly-fitting shirt to see the queen??

'exif data' is special data stored in the picture, eg shutter speed, exposure, etc... and opera uses it *own* process to display graphics..

By illiad, # 28. March 2007, 18:40:12

@Cyro: guess there has been a bug regarding img info,

(to see exif-info: right click on an image and select 'image properties'. Example image at )

By cbh, # 28. March 2007, 18:49:53

@Cyro: apparently there was a bug reported on that.

@Ken45140: you could press Ctrl+T first.

@rogerpe: to help us here, please try to give more details. Like, did that site work in previous versions?

@RicardoB: no worry, pt-BR will be back in time for final. Not sure what button problem you have...

@consalt: page zoom is working fine, but the zoom widget often shows the wrong value.

@SoulOfDoinel: yes, this is the same build as the last weekly.

@cybcode: might this be related to the shared memory changes for Linux? Did you try the earlier weekly builds?

@Charlie_X: see for our roadmap.

By Rijk, # 28. March 2007, 18:51:12

Rijk: didn't work with the previous desktopteam build. I uploaded the html I got here:

By rogerpe, # 28. March 2007, 19:28:40

I found some mostly small bugs in Opera. Please look at the current list:

By vladaa, # 28. March 2007, 19:30:20

Rijk: my bugreport *did* state that zoom 'works fine', but the indicator does not... you have to move the mouse to the web page, then it will 'go back' to '100%' (while the page is obviously 200%.... )

- and peeps! :D dont just tell us, report it properly!!

By illiad, # 28. March 2007, 19:32:21

Great list, vladaa

By rogerpe, # 28. March 2007, 19:37:48

What about classic installer?

By Zybex, # 28. March 2007, 19:40:36

@rogerpe: Thank you. I hope someone from Opera developers will take a look at it.

By vladaa, # 28. March 2007, 19:45:25

Works great except for the lack of brazilian portuguese under languages.

By predatorian, # 28. March 2007, 19:49:32

@vladaa: nice list of bugs indeed! :up:
Especially I like "blackout" one (bug #247193). :D
Your bug #245113 seems very similar to this one.

By FataL, # 28. March 2007, 20:04:14


By olli, # 28. March 2007, 20:05:02

Zybex: yes, I'm using it! (Beta is *identical* to 8762 weekly)

By illiad, # 28. March 2007, 20:27:34

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