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Getting to the core of the web


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With a goal to get the web browsers of today to become more interoperable, the ACID2 test has proven itself valuable. Microsoft recently claimed IE8 would correctly render ACID2, although lately there has been a bit of buzz on what that actually meant. Ian Hickson has started the work on ACID3 and with the competition for test additions being over now, I hope we'll see something more finished soon. A number of SVG tests have been added to the work-in-progress ACID3 test as a result of the competition (see tests 68 - 75).

So lets hope that ACID3 means that non-standard behavior will start to corrode away, resulting in a solid interoperable core of the web that, among other things, includes SVG.

Update: Here's the link to the submission that was made, note that the tests were partially rewritten by Hixie for the official ACID3 test.



Anonymous writes:

Well SVG support killed any chance any had of IE9 ever passing the ACID3 test P: Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see SVG in IE - but unfortunately, my realism outweighs my optimism :frown:

By anonymous user, # 29. January 2008, 20:18:14

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