Movin’ On

Just wanted to let everyone know that my last day at The Mozilla Corporation will be Oct. 12. I intend to stay involved with Thunderbird and to continue on as a module owner. I’ve enjoyed working at Mozilla a lot, and I wish Mozilla Co and the new Mail Co all the best.

- David

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  1. level Says:


    Do you mean you are also leaving Mozilla ?

  2. hansen Says:

    Thank you for the best IMAP-client! I will surely miss your work.

    Good luck to you and Mscott in the future.
    Please post future workplace or projects.

  3. Chase Says:


    It was a pleasure working with you while I was at Mozilla. It’s great to hear you plan to stay involved and best of luck with whatever you decide to do next!


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    […] the two engineering leads of Thunderbird, Scott McGregor and David Bienvenu, are leaving and the shortness of their goodbye messages is just […]

  5. Boutteau Says:

    Thanks for the good work. Sad to see U have to leave because of new NONE strategy of Mozilla “CORP” for Thunderbird …. :-(

  6. LpSolit Says:

    Could you enable the verbose mode and tell us more about the reasons you and mscott are leaving MoCo despite the creation of a company dedicated to Thunderbird (aka “MailCo”)? Why so much mystery? All this generates is rumors in the blogosphere and on IRC, and that’s probably not good.

  7. mcsmurf Says:

    I wish you all the best for the future! You and Scott have done so much for Mozilla, the Mozilla project, Thunderbird and whatnot :)

  8. Aurealiano Buendìa Says:

    Hi David.
    Thanks for you and Scott work. You think a new mail client?

  9. JoeS Says:

    Very big decision David. I’m confident it was made with the best interests
    of TB users in mind. “Good Luck” is the usual wish, but in this case I think
    that wish will not be necessary. I’m sure you and Scott will make your own.
    Thanks for taking a stand.


  10. communicator speck Says:

    Why stay as module owner in an organization that doesn’t care about mail? You and mscott should create your own open-source company:
    - Make a branch off the Moz code-base and copy it onto your own servers.
    - Open a new Bugzilla and import all the outstanding bugs.
    - Release your own products, and you are guaranteed to see all the contributors shifting towards you.

    Moz without the knowledge is just an empty shell.
    Let the Moz trunk rot and make a new branch blossom.

    But do it fast…

  11. Karsten "Mnyromyr" Düsterloh Says:

    Sad to hear that. :-(

    And it makes one wonder - both you and Scott are leaving with extremely dry announcements on very short notice - what’s going on behind the scenes?

    Anyway, many thanks for the good collaboration over the last years, and good luck for whatever you’re going to do now!

  12. Žiga Sancin Says:

    Hey David, thanks for not sending this post on the same day as Scott (because it would be the second saddest birthday present for me). ;(

    Anyway, thanks for your answers, comments, reviews, superreviews, checkins, approvals and thanks for being such a good project lead together with Scott.

    Take care,

  13. Joel Says:

    Honestly, these announcements are confirming my worst fears. The way I see it, Mozilla is spinning off Thunderbird and tossing them a safe amount of money. They’re safely removing all responsibility for the future of Thunderbird–a product that wasn’t a huge cash cow. And when MailCo flops they can shrug their shoulders and say market forces killed it or whatever–but not be on the hook to actually do anything about it. Google has been really awesome in their support, but Mozilla is mismanaged. Mozilla isn’t representing the users of its products anyway. Best of luck in your future endeavors. It is the proper time to bail and move on.

  14. Ben Goodger Says:

    Best of luck with your future endeavors David…


  15. wintogreen Says:

    Thanks very much for having given me a great email client to use over the years. Best wishes to you in whatever your next step is post-Mozilla.

  16. Howard Says:


    best of luck with your future endeavours, wanted to say thanks along with Scott McGregor for Thunderbird and making it one of the best IMAP clients.

    All the best!


  17. reviewer Says:

    Let us quote for example the creation of a new organization to not-lucrative goal on the model of the foundation to specialize on the e-mail application, but also the creation of a new entity dedicated to the development of the application, and finally the handing-over of the keys of the application to the community of contributors.

  18. Eyal Rozenberg Says:

    Wishing the best? You gotta be kidding me!

    _Tell_us_ what the hell is going on! We got a right to know!

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  20. Gary Kwong Says:

    All the best to you as well, David. Thanks for everything that you and Scott have put in for Thunderbird.

  21. Neomancer Says:

    Farewell, and thanks for all your work!!!!

  22. Manue Says:

    Just want to say THANKS FOR YOUR GREAT WORK!

  23. loris Says:

    I hope Your leaving will not prejudice the work of one of better mail client of the history.

    Regards and good lick.

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