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LucasArts President Ward Steps Down
LucasArts President Ward Steps Down [02.01.08] LucasArts has confirmed to Gamasutra that former president Jim Ward has resigned "for personal reasons" from the company he has overseen since 2004, and will be leaving the firm in the next couple of weeks, with Lucasfilm Licensing's Howard Roffman stepping into his position until a replacement can be found.
Emotiv To Unveil Consumer Neurosystem Headset At GDC
Emotiv To Unveil Consumer Neurosystem Headset At GDC [02.01.08] Stealth-mode technology firm Emotiv Systems has revealed, via a new invitation, its plans to unveil the Emotiv consumer headset, a "high fidelity neuro-system" controller for gaming, at an event during Game Developers Conference later this month.
Q&A: IGA's Townsend Claims In-Game Ad Future Bright
Q&A: IGA's Townsend Claims In-Game Ad Future Bright [02.01.08] As in-game ad firm IGA Worldwide pushes into Asia, CEO Justin Townsend talks in-depth to Gamasutra, agreeing with Activision's recent comments that in-game ad revenue is not unlimited, but estimating long-term possibilities to be 15-20% of game budget and $1-2 billion in industry-wide revenues.
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Understanding The Fun of Super Mario Galaxy
Understanding The Fun of Super Mario Galaxy [02.01.08] In this in-depth critique, game designer David Sirlin (Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix) analyzes Nintendo's Super Mario Galaxy, discussing what it did right - and what it could do better - in creating its 'polished, beautiful' game world.
 A History of Gaming Platforms: The Apple II
A History of Gaming Platforms: The Apple II [01.31.08] Gamasutra's 'History of Gaming Platforms' series follows up analyses of the C64 and the Vectrex by examining the history of the seminal Apple II, from its Woz-fueled genesis to classic Sierra/Origin game titles.
Analyze This: Should There Be A 'Wii Seal of Quality'?
Analyze This: Should There Be A 'Wii Seal of Quality'? [01.30.08] Gamasutra asks SimExchange, Wedbush Morgan, and Screen Digest analysts both about the prospects for Nintendo's Wii in 2008, and whether Nintendo should enforce more stringent quality standards for the current flood of third-party titles.
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Industry News

February 1, 2008

EA Reveals European Hardware Estimates

EA Reveals European Hardware Estimates As part of the company’s 2008 third quarter results, officials from Electronic Arts have gone to the unusual effort of releasing estimated hardware sales information for Europe.

Although sales information is available on a weekly and monthly basis in Japan and North America, respectively, no such data is ever released for Europe as a whole, and only very rarely by individual country.

The document (PDF) cautions that the estimates and projections were prepared by Electronic Arts only and have not been reviewed or approved by any of the three console manufacturers. The company also admits the figures are based on the “limited information currently available”, with the implication that it is not based directly on Chart-Track or GfK information.

Nevertheless, the data makes for interesting reading - with the 2006 calendar year estimates given as 0.7 million sales for the Wii, 2.0 million sales for the Xbox 360, 4.0 million sales for the PSP, 6.0 million sales for the PlayStation 2 and 6.4 million sales for the Nintendo DS. (The PlayStation 3 was not launched in Europe until 2008.)

In 2007, Electronic Arts estimates saw the Xbox 360 slipping into last place with 1.9 million unit sold. This compares to 2.8 million for the PlayStation 3, 3.1 million for the PSP, 3.8 million for the PlayStation 2, 4.8 million for the Wii and 8.7 million for the Nintendo DS.

Estimates for the 2008 calendar year see the PlayStation 3 pulling ahead in Europe, with the Xbox 360 expected to sell only between 1.5 and 2.5 million units.

The PlayStation 3 is estimated to sell between 5.0 and 6.0 million and the Wii between 6.5 million and 7.5 million. PSP sales are estimated at between 2.5 million and 3.5 million, with the Nintendo DS at between 6.5 million and 7.5 million.

Electronic Arts’ share of the European software market has remained relatively steady through the last five quarters, from a high of 22 percent in Q3 2007 to a steady 19 percent over the last three quarters.

POSTED: 05.25AM PST, 02/01/08 - David Jenkins - LINK


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