Murder In The Hamptons: The Jailhouse Interview

Pelosi Claims Proof Of Innocence In Long Island Creek

Danny Pelosi: Revisited

DANNEMORA, N.Y. (CBS) ― Danny Pelosi was once at the center of the love triangle that rocked the Hamptons. High society. Sex, money and murder.

For nearly four years, Pelosi has been behind bars. Now, in a jailhouse interview with CBS 2 HD that you won't see anywhere else, Pelosi reveals what he knows about the murder plot, the cover up and why he thinks he can get a new trial.

"I could be you. This could happen to you. If you're a working slob; and you hook up with a rich person …," Pelosi said.

Pelosi, as he said, was just "just a working slob" when he hooked up with a rich person who happened to be somebody else's wife.

"And God forbid something goes wrong: you become the target," Pelosi said.

Something went very wrong. Ted Ammon, a Wall Street "master of the universe" was his lover's wealthy husband. He was found beaten to death in his Hamptons estate on Oct. 22, 2001.

When asked if he thought he would walk, even with his lover's husband dead, Pelosi said, "Why not? I didn't do anything."

Now the guy who once worked for the rich and for a while lived the life, thanks to Generosa Ammon, the rich man's wife, is doing 25 to life in Dannemora, hard time.

* CBS 2 HD: "Look where you are now."

* Pelosi: "I never saw this coming. I never saw this in a zillion years."

Pelosi is now willing to say more about the night Ted Ammon was killed than he ever has, because he's trying to get a new trial on appeal. And now Pelosi will tell his version of who did it.

* Pelosi: "I don't see the actual murder, but I see the people go into the house. I see the people leave the house."

* CBS 2 HD: "You didn't recognize them?"

* Pelosi: "Oh, I recognized them. I recognized them."

Pelosi claims the Ammon murder was really a beating that got out of hand. It was orchestrated by his lover, he says. She was trying to scare Ammon into a bigger divorce settlement.

* CBS 2 HD: "Could you have killed Ted Ammon for Generosa?"

* Pelosi: "I woulda never killed Ted Ammon."

* CBS 2 HD: "Never?"

* Pelosi: "Never."

* CBS 2 HD: "But you were willing to do so much for money; why wouldn't you do that?"

* Pelosi: "There's boundaries in life. There's boundaries. I gotta answer to my maker when I get outta here."

* CBS 2 HD: "Danny, think of all the things you've done, though, that you've got to answer to your maker for."

* Pelosi: "All the things I've done? Like what? DWI?"

* CBS 2 HD: "When you took up with Generosa, weren't you married to somebody else?"

* Pelosi: "Oh, OK. So you got me on adultery. I'll talk to God about that."

Pelosi says Generosa went into Ammon's house that night with two men, and Pelosi's one-time friend Chris Parrino, who gave Pelosi up and got a six-month sentence in return.

* CBS 2 HD: "He resisted rolling on you for a long time."

* Pelosi: "There was nothin' to roll on! You can't roll on me! I didn't do nothin'! You went out there with her! And you tuned him up! You tell me it was an accident gone bad and then you have the audacity to say that you drove me out there?!"

Pelosi admits he watched the four people go into Ted Ammon's house that night through a remote surveillance system Pelosi, himself, secretly installed in the house. But instead of going to the police he says he threw the system's hard drive into a creek.

"I kept my mouth shut," Pelosi said. "I backed up her. 'Your alibi. I'm your alibi.'"

Generosa Ammon died nearly two years after the murder. Seven months later, Pelosi was charged. Now, Pelosi claims Generosa and her lawyer, Michael Dowd, who is still the executor of her estate, set him up.

Over the phone, Dowd told CBS 2 HD that Pelosi's story is "baloney."

Pelosi said there was money involved

* CBS 2 HD: "So at some point, you thought you were going to get yours?"

* Pelosi: "No, I cut a deal with the devil. I said 'I'll keep my yap shut and I'd go the distance.'

"I said, 'What's the distance gonna entail for me?' 'Well, if they lock ya up for murder, Danny, you're probably gonna have to sit in jail for like two years.' Where can I make $2 million in two years?

"And slowly, I'm gonna take every brick off until the truth comes out. And that's what I'm doing."

Pelosi has already been behind bars since March 2004. If his appeal fails he will probably remain in prison for life.

Pelosi says that the evidence that could clear him -- the hard drive he removed from Ted Ammon's house the night he was killed -- is sitting in a creek in Long Island.

The Suffolk County District Attorney's Office had no comment.'s Most Popular Pages

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