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04 Jul 2000
Five Power Defence Meeting

Five Power Defence Meeting


The Minister for Defence, John Moore, today attended the Singapore meeting of Ministers in the Five Power Defence Arrangements.

The Ministers reaffirmed their commitment to the FPDA and its ongoing relevance to member countries and regional security. They ratified the trend towards more joint exercises of the air, naval and land forces, which has already been occurring by consensus among the five members. The Ministers also called on the Malaysian Prime Minister Mahatir and Singapore Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong.

They also agreed on the importance of taking further steps to improve the operational capability and interoperability of member nations’ forces.

"These outcomes are seen as positive by Australia," Mr Moore said. "The FPDA has succeeded for almost 30 years, because of its proven flexibility and ability to adapt to changes in regional and national circumstances. Today, it has shown that it continues to be a vigorous and evolving organisation.

"As an established multilateral security framework, the FPDA has a unique role in Asia. It is of strategic benefit to all member nations and, in Australia’s view, to the wider Asia Pacific region," said Mr Moore.

"Australia commits considerable resources to the FPDA’s activities. Our involvement is a practical demonstration of our commitment to the security of Singapore and Malaysia. The FPDA is a key element of our very close bilateral defence ties with both those nations."

The Five Power Defence Arrangements were adopted in 1971. The member nations (Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, the United Kingdom and New Zealand) agreed to consult on what steps to take in the event of any external threat to Malaysia or Singapore. In peacetime, the parties exercise their forces together and undertake other training activities. Since 1991, the Defence Ministers have met every three years.

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