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The WWE’s resident monster gears up to play a Phantom Zone gladiator and reveals what happened when Tom Welling punched him in the face

By Ben Morse

Posted March 20, 2007  12:45 PM

Standing 7 feet tall, weighing in at well over 300 pounds and known the world over for acts of incredible sadism, World Wrestling Entertainment superstar Kane already seems like a natural supervillain.

This Thursday night on “Smallville,” he puts that theory to the test.

Wizard checked in with the “Big Red Monster” days before he goes up against a young Clark Kent to find out more about his character Titan, how he jelled with the cast and whether Tom Welling could cut it in the WWE.

WIZARD: How did this opportunity to appear on “Smallville” come about?

KANE: WWE approached me after they had been contacted by “Smallville” to see if I would play this part. That was pretty much it from my end. They described the character I play, Titan, and that was attractive to me because it reminded me a lot of me. [Fellow WWE wrestler] Batista did a “Smallville” episode a while back, so [WWE] has a bit of a relationship with them.

So who is Titan?

KANE: He’s from the Phantom Zone. He’s basically an intergalactic cage fighter and he has a bony spike that grows out of his hand.

Who from the cast did you get to work with?
KANE: I got to work with Tom Welling and also Erica Durance, who plays Lois Lane.

How did you get along with them?

KANE: They wanted to do a lot of the physical stuff. Tom Welling got right in there during the fight scenes. He did some work with a stunt double, but he did a lot of it himself. I had some physical interaction with Erica, and she did all that herself too. I found it refreshing that they wanted to get in there and get thrown around. [Laughs] It was nice not having to stop and then wait for a stunt double. They actually wanted to do more than they were allowed to. [Laughs]

Did you do all your own stunts like you did in your movie “See No Evil”?

KANE: No. We shot on a real tight schedule and one scene was very intricate. I taped “Smackdown!” [for WWE] on Tuesday then flew up to Vancouver and shot [“Smallville”] over the weekend, so a lot of it was already set up before I got there and the stunt people had already worked it all out. Just because of the time factor, it was easier to have them do it.

What were the other differences between working on “See No Evil” and working on “Smallville”?

KANE: [“Smallville”] moved faster than “See No Evil” did. Tempo-wise, it was partway between “See No Evil” and doing a live television show like “Monday Night Raw” or “Smackdown!”

Now of course, on our live television shows, it’s hard to really compare them [to “Smallville”] because we’re almost frenzied and so fast, but “Smallville” moved a lot faster than the movie did. Instead of filming 30 seconds in a day, we were knocking scene after scene out. I don’t want to say the technical people weren’t paying attention to detail, because they were, but on a movie where everything is so detail-oriented, they’re efficient in a different way. On a television show, they’re still paying attention to detail, but they’re moving as fast as they can. Both crews I worked with were extremely professional and extremely competent, just in different ways.

How does Titan fare against Clark Kent?

KANE: Titan holds his own. Actually, Titan takes Clark Kent to the limit. From what they were telling me, he beats Clark Kent up like nobody ever has before. I’d say Titan had a good showing for himself.

How do you think Tom Welling, who plays Clark, would do in the WWE?

KANE: Well, I’ll tell you, during one of our fight scenes, Tom punched me right in the face by accident. Nothing happened, we kept on going. He knew he hit me and apologized, but I told him not to worry about it because I get hit a lot harder than that. I thought it was funny because he gave me a pretty decent shot. I don’t think Tom should try getting in a WWE ring. [Laughs]

Now, last time we spoke, you told me your favorite comic book character was Thor—who wins, Thor against Superman?

KANE: I’ve never been a big Superman fan, and the reason was because nobody could take him unless you get Kryptonite involved. I think Thor could give Superman a heck of a fight, but I don’t think he could do it in the end. I think Superman would take him. Thor’s a little limited; he doesn’t have heat vision and all the things Superman has.

He does have that hammer…

KANE: He does have the hammer. One of the best Thor stories I ever read was Thor versus the Hulk. This was when Thor still turned into Donald Blake if he lost the hammer, and what happened was at the end of the fight he lost the hammer, and Thor knew if he turned back into Donald Blake, Hulk was going to crush him like a bug, so Thor had to pull out a technical submission move and put the Hulk out. Thor might be a better fighter than Superman, like Titan is, and I wouldn’t count him out, but Thor just doesn’t have the powers that Superman does.

What’s coming up for you at WrestleMania 23?

KANE: I’ll be fighting the Great Khali.

Now that guy is huge. He’s bigger than the Big Show, who is 7 feet, 500 pounds, right?

KANE: Yeah, he’s taller than Big Show is.

How do you deal with somebody that big?

KANE: I have to change my strategy completely, because normally I can overpower people, but I’m not going to be able to overpower him. I turn into [165-pound former world champion] Rey Mysterio in this case, and I’ve got to be faster and quicker and be flying around. It will be different.

Would you consider another appearance on “Smallville”?

KANE: It was cool, so if they asked me again, yeah, for sure.

Are you looking to leave wrestling for acting full time?

KANE: No, not yet.

Catch Kane on “Smallville” this Thursday, March 22, on the CW, and keep checking WizardUniverse.com for more “Smallville” info and interviews.

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