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Book projects on offer
I always have a number of my own book projects that I am trying to place. Currently on offer are:

Salai's Monna VannaMona Lisa Nude
Leonardo da Vinci painted two Mona Lisas - one clothed and one naked. The clothed one is now in the Louvre. This book will tell the story of how the nude version was painted, how it disappeared and where it is now. The one shown here is a copy painted in Leonardo's studio by his pupil Giacomo Salai around 1515. It went on show for the first in Milan in November 2000. Full synopsis available on request from nigelCawthorne@compuserve.com.

Hitler's 9/11
Hitler made plans to bomb New York during World War II. He delighted in the image of skyscrapers collapsing in flames. Only a last-minute dash by General Patton saved the Big Apple. Atomic materials and mechanisms seized from the Nazi's were then dropped on Japan, who were constructing a bomb of their own using Nazi technology. Full synopsis available on request from nigelCawthorne@compuserve.com.

How To Change Your Star Sign - A Layman's Guide to Liberation Astrology
This is self-help meets astrology. You can change your name, change your job, change your sex, change your hair style, change the colour of your skin - so why can't you change your star sign? Surely it's a constitutional right. Full synopsis available on request from nigelCawthorne@compuserve.com.

How To Be A Single Father (And Still Get Drunk And Chase Women)
Based on my own experiences as a single father who still felt the need to misbehave, this is the ultimate guide to good times for men (or women) who are single parents - and married or cohabiting parents who aspire to be single. Kick out your partner and get on with the fun. Full synopsis available on request from nigelCawthorne@compuserve.com.

The Naming of America
The true story of how America was discovered and claimed for England - and named after the High Sheriff of Bristol Richard Ameryk, who funded the expedition. The book will also explain how Christopher Columbus got the credit for political reasons. Full synopsis available on request from nigelCawthorne@compuserve.com.

The DNA Divorce Case
The story of Nanette Sexton Bailey, star of international dressage, who was married to one of the richest men in Massachusetts. Suspecting her husband was cheating on her, she took the sheets from their bed and took them to a DNA lab. She has already appeared on Oprah, ABC¹s Primetime, and NBC¹s Dateline. Full synopsis available on request from nigelCawthorne@compuserve.com.

The Queens of Martinique
Four women from the small Caribbean island of Martinique rose to the ranks of royalty ­ Napoleon's Josèphine, Josèphine¹s daughter Hortense de Beauharnais who became Queen of Holland, Madame de Maintenon, second wife of the Sun King Louise XIV, and Josèphine's cousin Aimée Dubucq de Rivery ­ a convent girl who was captured by Algerian pirates, sold into the harem, rose to become the Sultana of Constantinople and got the Turks to make peace with Russia at the key moment when Napoleon was invading because he had divorced cousin Josèphine. Full synopsis available on request from nigelCawthorne@compuserve.com.

King George's Other Revolution
Although Jane Austen gives the impression that Regency England was peaceful place full of bonnets and manicured lawns, in fact, during the second half of George III's reign there were a number of attempted armed insurrections. The most famous were "Despard's Business" in 1802 and the Cato Street Conspiracy in 1820 and a number of conspirators connect them. Karl Marx said that history repeats itself, the first time as tragedy, the second as farce. The history that was being repeated here was the American Revolution. The tragedy was the Reign of Terror that followed the French Revolution. And the abortive English Revolution definitely rates as farce. Full synopsis available on request from nigelCawthorne@compuserve.com.

The Last Conquistador
Although hailed as a liberator of the oppressed, Che Guevara was a psychopathic killer who happily shot his own men in the back of the head for minor infractions. After the Cuban revolution, he shot so many perceived enemies of the new regime – along with former allies – that Castro had to beg him to stop. Guevara started the first concentration camps on Cuba and sent underlings there for adultery, though he himself was an adulterer. He hated Indians and Black people almost as much as he hated gringos and thought that Latin America should be a single country run by Spanish-speakers like him. He was, after all, a direct descendent of the last viceroy of Peru. The Proletarian Years” mentioned in his memoirs consisted largely of writing home to his parents, telling them not to send any more money and saying that he would not be holidaying on the family’s yacht that summer. During the Cuban missile crisis, he called for a pre-emptive strike against US cities, knowing that Cuba would be wiped out in the retaliation. The Cuban people would be happy to sacrifice themselves, he said – though he had not bothered to ask them and he himself was an Argentine. By the time he was captured in Bolivia, the Cubans, the Russians, the Chinese, the Bolivian Communist Party and Communist Parties throughout the rest of Latin America had all turned against him. The only people who tried to rescue him was the CIA. But he does take a good photo. Full synopsis available on request from nigelCawthorne@compuserve.com.


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