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Mounted Combat System (MCS)

The Mounted Combat System (MCS) provides Line-of-Sight (LOS) and Beyond-Line-of-Sight (BLOS) offensive firepower capability allowing BCTs to close with and destroy enemy forces. The MCS delivers precision fires at a rapid rate to destroy multiple targets at standoff ranges quickly and complements the fires of other systems in the BCT.

It is highly mobile and maneuvers out of contact to positions of advantage. It is capable of providing direct support to the dismounted infantry in an assault, defeating bunkers, and breaching walls during the tactical assault.

When employing the Mid-Range Munition (MRM), the MCS also provides BLOS fires to destroy point targets through the integrated sensor network. This capability enhances SoS lethality and significantly increases the options available to the BCT commander for the destruction of point targets through the integrated fires network.

MCS shares a common chassis with the other FCS Manned Ground Vehicles and consists of Light Weight (LW) 120mm Cannon and an Ammunition Handling System.