O.J. Simpson Murder Case
O.J. Simpson Murder Case

Goldman family pursues Simpson memorabilia to cover jury award
Victim Ron Goldman's family is cashing in on O.J. Simpson memorabilia in an effort to collect a $33.5 million award from a wrongful death suit.
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Simpson's friend ordered to testify in wrongful death suit
A friend of O.J. Simpson has been ordered to appear in court regarding the finances of the former football star, who was acquitted of double murder but slapped with a $33.5 million settlement to the victims' families that remains unpaid.
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Catherine Crier interviews O.J. Simpson
In one of the few interviews he agreed to on the 10th anniversary of the murders, O.J. Simpson talked with Catherine Crier about his ex-wife, his children and the infamous Bronco chase.
Transcript of the interview
Simpson: Nicole's friends were a bad influence on her
Simpson discusses the infamous white Bronco drive
Simpson jokes off camera: "Leave me alone!"

Solemn anniversary
It's been 10 years since Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend, Ronald Goldman, were brutally murdered in her California home on June 12, 1994. The murders touched off what was dubbed the "Trial of the Century" for her ex-husband, former NFL star O.J. Simpson, who was acquitted of the murders but later found liable for the deaths in a civil trial.
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Ten years later, Simpson maintains his innocence
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Victim's sister fires back at prosecutor
Denise Brown, Nicole Brown Simpson's sister, said former prosecutor Marcia Clark was "rude and arrogant" and accused her off "trashing" the Brown family in a book about the case.
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Relive the "Trial of the Century"
O.J. Simpson's 1995 murder trial captivated the country, with dramatic courtroom moments and a cast of characters that included Johnnie Cochran, Mark Fuhrman and Henry Lee. Recall the real-life courtroom drama with's week-by-week summaries.

Week 1: Lawyers spar in openings

Week 2: Friend says Simpson dreamed about killing Nicole
Week 3: Friends, neighbors begin to establish timeline
Week 4: Cops testify, first evidence introduced
Week 5: Detective tells about investigation, Fuhrman
Week 6: Rosa Lopez, the neighbors' maid (not heard by jury)
Week 7: Mark Furhman denies being a racist
Week 8: "Dream Team" crosses Furhman
Week 9: Lead investigator Phillip Vanatter and houseguest Kato Kaelin
Week 10: Testimony about Simpson's trip to Chicago on night of murder
Week 11: First forensic evidence, criminologist Dennis Fung
Week 12: Jury troubles; Fung back on stand
Week 13: Conspiracy theories
Week 14: More criminology, more conspiracy allegations
Week 15: Jurors hear about the famous bloody glove
Week 16: DNA expert Robin Cotton explains how DNA evidence works
Week 17: Expert: Simpson's DNA matches blood evidence
Week 18: More DNA, defense attacks scientific methods
Week 19: Judge Ito rules that jury can see gruesome autopsy photos
Week 20: Doctor testifies about how victims were killed
Week 21: The gloves don't fit
Week 22: Prosecutors scrap domestic violence part of case
Week 23: A split decision in fiber evidence ruling
Week 24: The prosecution rests

Week 25: Simpson's daughter: Dad distraught over news of murders
Week 26: Was O.J. fit enough to do it?
Week 27: Defense expert says blood samples contained preservative
Week 28: Debate over the "Fuhrman Tapes" heats up
Week 29: Dr. Michael Baden: Prosecution experts are wrong
Week 30: "Fuhrman Tapes" contain attacks on Judge Ito's wife
Week 31: Dr. Henry Lee testifies for the defense
Week 32: Lee bolsters defense theory of multiple attackers
Week 33: Jurors finally hear "Fuhrman Tapes"
Week 34: Defense scrambles to put Fuhrman back on stand
Week 35: Ex-cons take stand, attack lead detective

Week 36: Marcia Clark, Johnny Cochrane deliver closings

Week 37: Jury acquits Simpson of murder

    O.J. Simpson's trial for the brutal murder of his wife and her companion lasted nearly nine months and divided the country.
    Case background
Full coverage
    Trial highlights
    Kato Kaelin
The famous houseguest's June 2004 chat
Denise Brown
Nicole Brown Simpson's sister talks about her fight against domestic violence
Robert Shapiro
Simpson's defense lawyer talks about his client's acquittal and civil trial
Jeffrey Toobin
New Yorker reporter about the trial and his book on the case
Hank Goldberg
The former O.J. Simpson prosecutor fields questions
    Who's Who
    A timeline of the murder night and O.J. Simpson's activities
    Where were you when the verdict was announced?
    Bronco Transcript
Detective Tom Lange tries to talk Simpson into surrendering during the famous Bronco chase
Nicole's Letter
A letter to O.J. from wife Nicole Brown Simpson detailing her complaints about their abusive marriage
Brown Family Suit
The wrongful death suit filed by the family of Nicole Brown Simpson
Goldman Family Suit
The wrongful death suit filed by the family of Ronald Goldman
Fuhrman's Testimony
Excerpt from the testimony of Detective Mark Fuhrman

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