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January 05, 2006

Four Bodies Found Since Dec. 21; Katrina Death Toll Now 1,326


Baton Rouge, La. (AP) - Four bodies found in Louisiana over the past 17 days have brought the total found since hurricane Katrina to one-thousand-100, the number attributed to the storm to one-thousand-77 and total storm deaths to one-thousand-326 in five states.

The official search for bodies in Louisiana was called off October third, but fire departments and people returning to destroyed neighborhoods have continued to find the dead. The state morgue has released 40 bodies to families since December 21st, bringing the total to 601.

The Department of Health and Hospitals reports that workers at the morgue have identified 12 of those whose identity had been unknown, leaving 162 still unidentified. Another 143 bodies are ready for release, and morgue workers are trying to locate families.

Katrina killed 231 people in Mississippi, 14 in Florida, and two each in Alabama and Georgia.


Has a final number of people killed as a result of Hurricane Katrina been determined? If so, where can I locate this reference?

Author's Response: Not Yet. Keep checking here, though. I will definitely post this information as soon as it becomes available.

What's the racial breakdown?

Blogmaster's Response:

Just found an article that addresses some of the demographics...It does focus on the racial breakdown:

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