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Discovery of Timbuktu Manuscripts

Discovery of Timbuktu Manuscripts puts an end to Western "Songs and Dance Theory" of African People. Greatest Find Since Dead-Sea Scrolls On the Verge of being lost.

‘The Timbuktu manuscripts’ are a symbolic representation of the impact and influence of the early schools and universities ( XII-XVIth century) that existed in West Africa ( Timbuktu-Gao-Djenné-Kano). However, the manuscripts that remain in Timbuktu are only part of the intellectual heritage of West Africa. Many other manuscripts can be found in other locations in West Africa.

How you can help save the endangered manuscripts of Timbuktu ?

All those of you who care and appreciate an African intellectual legacy, an Islamic legacy, an academic legacy and a spiritual legacy help save the endangered manuscripts of Timbuktu. There are 700,000 manuscripts in Timbuktu and surroundings that are on the verge of being lost if the appropriate action is not taken. These manuscripts represent a turning point in the history of Africa and its people. The translation and publication of the manuscripts of Timbuktu will restore self-respect, pride, honor and dignity to the people of Africa and those descended from Africa; it will also obliterate the stereo-typical images of Tarzan and primitive savages as true representation of Africa and its civilization.

The manuscripts of Timbuktu are a living testimony of the highly advanced and refined civilization in Sub-Sahara Africa. Before the European Renaissance, Timbuktu flourished as the greatest academic and commercial center in Africa. Great empires such as Ghana, Mali, and Songhai were proofs of the talents, creativity and ingenuity of the African people. The University of Timbuktu produced both Black African scholars and leaders of the highest rank, character and nobility.

The manuscripts of Timbuktu cover diverse subjects such as mathematics, chemistry, physics, optics, astronomy, medicine, Islamic sciences, history, geography, the traditions of The Prophet peace be upon him, government legislation and treaties, jurisprudence and much more.

Today, this entire African intellectual legacy is on the verge of being lost. The brittle condition of the manuscripts i.e. pages disintegrate easily like ashes, the termites, insects, weather, piracy of the manuscripts, and the selling of these treasures to tourists for food money pose a serious threat to the future of the manuscripts of Timbuktu.

Timbuktu Educational Foundation, the legal custodian and caretaker of the manuscripts, urges you to act today, at this very moment by sponsoring at least one manuscript. Based on the 700,000 manuscripts the Foundation wants to restore, preserve, translate and publish, we estimated that if 700,000 concerned people sponsor each a manuscript for $100 dollars we will secure the funds needed to allow the Foundation to undertake its activities and programs, thus rewrite the history of Africa and its people. No contribution is too small. Please take the initiative to save at least one manuscript by mailing your tax-deductible offering to:

Timbuktu Educational Foundation
P.O.Box 222, Alameda, California

Call us at (510) 748-9033
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We thank you for your important and generous contribution.




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