BBT #3

After many long and sleepless nights, we are proud to announce the arrival of our final issue, #3, for you reading enjoyment. It’s free, but you will find a donation button below to help assuage some of the financial pain this endevour has cost yours truly. If you have ever enjoyed an issue of BBT or found us a joy to be around on the website please use that little donate button - we’ll use the money to get out of this financial hole and into another when we start the anthologies in the winter.

 OK, enough with the fundraiser, onto the good stuff - This issue is indeed a doozy! it ways in at over 100 pages and is chock full of literary & satirical goodness:

  •  Another stunning cover by Henning Ludvigsen
  • Jesus Christ Supersize by L Christopher Delguercio
  • Poems by Greg Schwartz, Marshiela Rockwell,  & Sheley Ontis
  • Buyer Beware by Eric R Lowther
  • House Share by Graham Fielding
  • Fritz Volts Atomic Stimuli Intensifier Helmet by James M Harris
  • For Love of the Machine by Irving
  • The Most Haunted House in New York State by Gregory Adams
  • Fairy by Sara King
  • A Bright and Joyful Future by John B Rosenman
  • The Brothers Swan by C A Gardener
  • Eye of Ares by Jason Sizemore
  •  A Sit-Down Interview With A Song of Ice and Fire author George R R Martin by Kennedy Smith
  • An Interview with our final Cosplay Girl, Vera Vanguard - The Live Action Figure by Edward Brock
  • Where Ther’s Smoke, There’s Heartburn by Nicholas Ozment
  • A sit down interview with Joe Hill, author of Heart Shaped Box and 20th Century Ghosts by Lucien Spelman

Simply click on the cover image to view straight from your browser, or right-click and "save as" to download to your computer (reccomended!)





 I hope you enjoy it, and I hope you have enjoyed BBT Magazine this past year or so. Keep and eye around the website for new changes, and be sure and check back in the winter about our new anthology line!