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mxBB Portal is a fully modular portal and content management system (CMS) for phpBB released under the GNU General Public License version 2 (GNU GPL v2). It features dynamic pages, blocks, themes, and more, all configurable by a central, powerful, yet flexible control panel. It runs without touching phpBB by using integrated features and functions. (This true modularity has many benefits.) mxBB Portal requires phpBB to run and currently supports the mySQL and postgreSQL databases, with planned support for other database management systems (DBMSs) such as MS-SQL. mxBB Portal is the classic phpBB addon, improved and enhanced for every phpBB version released since 2001. Further details can be found here.

Jon and AI, Project Leads
and the rest of the mxBB Project Team


With the release of MXBB Portal 2.8.1 GOLD the team now concludes its development of MXBB as a purely phpBB reliant CMS tool, now work has begun on the further flexibility of MXBB to work with phpBB3 (Olympus), of course there might be some future small bug fix's for 2.8.1 but only minor fixes, its GOLD now and mainly closed for development.

Summarising the 2.8.x branch of MXBB has led the team through some extensive discussions regarding our roadmap for 2008 and we'll soon be releasing futher information on our new strategy for an evolved MXBB...


Current news: mxBB 2.8.1 GOLD has been released!

 Latest Release information and Download The main part of the mxBB Portal is called the Core. Even on its own, the core is a powerful tool. You can also add modules to expand the possibilities and functionality of mxBB. Further information can be found here.
 Official Modules Modules are individual add-ons for mxBB-Portal that provide greater functionality. mxBB-Portal contains a number of official modules which are downloaded distributed separately from the core. There is also a number of unofficial modules which may be found in our forums.
 Support Forums and Knowledge Base Visit our forums and discover more about mxBB-Portal, including more modules, as well as in-depth insight and support from other users (including our own teams). Please utilize our search function, as well as taking a look at at least our Core Support Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), before posting, as your question may have already been asked and solved. For general inquiries, or just for information-seeking, try our Knowledge Base, which is updated often.
 Join the mxBB-News Mailing List This is a very low traffic list we'll use to post Important News and Release Announcements only. Your subscriptions must be confirmed via e-mail, so please use a valid and reachable e-mail address. Don't use one you rarely read or which is spam filtered. If you do so, please make sure e-mails coming from mxbb-news-admin[at] are allowed.
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