Singer considering Batman Vs.Superman?
Date : July 7, 2006     Writer : Clint Morris

“Superman Returns” director Bryan Singer may have his eye on a meal ticket once belonging – in fact, he’s still pretty keen – to Wolfgang Peterson. And after what he did with “Superman Returns”, cinemagoers are likely to hand it to him.

Now that “Superman Returns” has made quite a bit of cabbage, and everyone’s interested in knowing where Kal-El goes from here, Singer said he might like a shot at directing the long-gestating “Batman Vs. Superman” project. I stress ‘might’.

Initially, director Wolfgang Peterson had planned to make the film – based on a script by “Se7en” writer Andrew Kevin Walker – but he eventually pulled out (because of numerous reasons, including the inability to find a fitting Superman and Batman) to make swords ‘n’ sandals epic, “Troy”. This was long before Warner decided to greenlight “Batman Begins” and “Superman Returns”.

Today, Singer tells MTV that he’s considering the “Batman Vs. Superman” film – but not before The Man of Steel has a couple more singly adventures.

"I've thought about it for a long time — even a longer time ago, actually," the director revealed. "But I don't know who would be the villain. I guess Batman would be the villain, but then he can't be too bad, because he is Batman”.

In Andrew Kevin Walker’s script for “Batman Vs. Superman”, Lex Luthor and The Joker are the villains. In the story, the crooks team up. Batman’s lover is killed. Channels of communication are mixed. Fingers are pointed. Bam! Suddenly Batman and Superman are duking it out.

Wolfgang Peterson said at the time that the "plot is structured in a way that these two very different sides basically of the same coin have to clash at some point because they handle situations totally differently. ... For a large portion of the thing they are at each other's throats. But then, of course, because they are both crime fighters, they join forces again and fight evil."

The script wasn’t too bad – but I don’t know that it would quite fit the current incarnations of Batman and Superman. And, judging from his comments, Singer doesn’t plan on using that script.

But anyway, as Singer stresses, it’s “…not quite yet. ... I think Superman needs to have his own movies for a little while before that happens."

Brandon Routh, the new Man of Steel, actually once tested for the planned “Batman Vs. Superman” movie. He tells the site that he’s not real keen to do the team-up movie.

“I don't think we should go toe-to-toe, unless one of us is deranged somehow by some mind-altering drug," he laughed. "We shouldn't be fighting each other; we should be combining forces."

And Routh had this word of warning for Bale: "I don't think Batman really, really wants to go and mess with Superman.”...

Personally, I don’t see the film happening anytime soon – if at all. It’s been stirring in it’s cinematic juices for too long… and Warner has no real reason to do it at the moment, especially with both “Superman Returns” and “Batman Begins” making enough money on their own. Teaming the characters up might see their profits split – no, it would see the profits split. After all, there would only be the one movie.

I see this happening when and only when both franchises have been pretty much played-out, respectively, and they need a little ‘something’ to inject back into both of them, and get cheeks on seats again. It’s something they probably should have considered back in the 80s, instead of doing that sleep inducing “Superman IV: The Quest for Peace”.

Don’t watch this space too closely.

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