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Pre-registered list


2008 Skyrunning European Championship.

May 25, 2008,  VII ZEGAMA AIZKORRI Mountain Marathon.

The pre-registration period for the Seventh ZEGAMA-AIZKORRI MOUNTAIN MARATHON will be opened on January 14, 2008 and closed on January 25, 2008 They may registrate all those runners, federal or otherwise, wishing to compete in the marathon, if they comply with the requirements set out in it
For the edition 2008, the organization has established a limit of 400 participants, as in the previous edition. Of the total score of 400 participants the Organization shall reserve 100 ridges to cover all commitments associated with this evidence as being the
2008 Skyrunning European Championship.

The organization set aside another 125 places to enable the participation of all those runners who have competed in the six previous editions and also want to do in this 7 th edition, as well as ensure the participation of runners who recorded the fastest times in the last two editions [ 2006 and 2007].
The remaining 175 places, to cover a maximum of 400 participants will be drawn from all those runners and runners who have pre-registered within this period, excluding the draw who have obtained a place for the cases referred to in the preceding two paragraphs

The only way to pre-register will be filling in the pre-registration form on our website. www.zegama-aizkorri.com. They will not be accepted by telephone or by email.

The draw, which will be public, will take place at City Hall, Zegama the day on February 15, 2008 at 18:00 pm.

The list of graceful ones including the outcome of the game as well as the name of runners have dorsal good time for the last two editions and participation in all editions will be placed on the web site the day after the drawing, in the day on February 16, 2008.

All those runners who have obtained dorsal for the same reasons outlined in the preceding paragraph, and thus appearing on this list as gracefuls, must make the entry of the corresponding share in the bank.
KUTXA Account number; 2101 0032 88 0011326659
The fee is 40 € for federated whose card federal coverage available to run for mountain and 50 € for non-federal and federal who do not have such coverage. The entry must occur in the following current account payer as indicating only the name and 2 surname of the runner.

After making the entry should be sent by FAX to number 943 800073:

- Copies of proof of income banking.

- Copies of the card federal mountain this year (in the case of being federated).

No runner will be admitted into evidence until you make the matching entry and faxed proof of income and card federal mountain (in the case of being federated).

The maximum time limit for making payments, will be March 31, 2008.

(The runners who live out of spain, can pay here when they take a number)

All those runners who successfully completed all the requirements of registration will be notified on the website and will receive a confirmation letter in April.

All those runners for any injury or for some other reason unable to take part in the test shall promptly notify the organization through this email address: zegama-aizkorri@zegama-aizkorri.com. If the notification is made with low earlier than the 15 days of the conclusion of the marathon will be returned the deposit amount.

The amount of registration entitles the holder to participate in the race, liability insurance and accident, make use of all the services established by the organization for participants, as well as various gifts.

Insofar as places that are released, both for stocks not covered by disclaimers that could produce between runners selected, the organization is committed to pull list respecting the outcome of the game of the day on February 15, seized, in addition, direct contact with the newly selected.

In any case, once you draw closed and published the list of those selected, the final registration to obtain the dorsal and ensure participation in the race of the day on May 25, 2008 will not be effective until each runner credited meet the requirements of the Regulations and having to pay the fees.

The final list of 400 participants will be published in the website www.zegama-aizkorri.com and in the Diario Vasco Journal of the week before the race.







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