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Anticipated Events

[edit] 2007

  • October 29-Nov 2 2007 Asia Pacific ICANN Meeting (India?)
  • June 25-29 2007 North America ICANN Meeting San Juan (Puerto Rico, USA)
  • March 26-30 2007 Europe ICANN Meeting Lisbon (Portugal)

[edit] 2006


[edit] 2005

[edit] 2004

  • Online spending reaches a record high—$117 billion in 2004, a 26% increase over 2003
  • December 1-5 - Cape Town Meeting
  • September 8 - VeriSign begins updating all 13 .com/.net authoritative name servers in near real time vs twice each day
  • July 19-23 - Kuala Lumpur Meeting
  • May - Domain name registrar GoDaddy.com is making a Super Bowl play with a $2.4 million commercial. The company gets a lot of buzz over the decision as well as some criticism from marketing experts
  • April - Internet Worm, called MyDoom or Novarg, spreads through Internet servers. About 1 in 12 email messages are infected
  • March 24 - Network Solutions begins offering 100 year domain registration
  • March 2-6 - Rome Meeting

[edit] 2003

  • October 27-31 - Carthage Meeting
  • October 4 - ICANN requests VeriSign stop the Site Finder service
  • September 15 - VeriSign deploys a wildcard service (Site Finder) into the .com and .net TLDs causing much confusion as URLs with invalid domains are redirected to a VeriSign page
  • June 22-26 - Montreal Meeting
  • June 17 - .kids.us sunrise registration begins
  • April 23 - .pro sunrise registration begins
  • Public Interest Registry (PIR) takes over management of .org domains
  • April - .se opens up its registration to individuals
  • March 27 - Paul Twomey becomes President and CEO
  • March 23-27 - Rio de Janeiro Meeting
  • January 29 - .nl registrations open up to anyone, including individuals and foreigners

[edit] 2002

  • December 14-15 - Amsterdam Meeting
  • December 11 - The FBI teams up with Lycos to disseminate virtual wanted posts across the web portal's properties
  • December 3 - A new US law creates a kids-safe "dot kids" domain (kids.us) to be implemented in 2003
  • November - Having your own blog blog becomes hip
  • October 27-31 - Shanghai Meeting
  • June 24-28 - Bucharest Meeting
  • April 26 - Federally recognized US Indian tribes become eligible to register under .gov
  • March 18 - .aero registrations begin
  • March 10-14 - Accra Meeting
  • January 30 - .coop registration begins
  • January 15 - .name begins resolving
  • January - 58.5% of the U.S. population (164.14 million people) uses the Internet. Worldwide there are 544.2 million users.

[edit] 2001

  • November 20 - .us domain operational responsibility assumed by NeuStar
  • November 12-15 - Marina Del Rey Meeting
  • November - .museum begins resolving
  • October 29 - US Department of Commerce (DOC) awards management of the .edu domain to Educause (see: Mike Roberts)
  • September 7-10 - Montevideo Meeting
  • June 1-4 - Stockholm Meeting
  • April 19 - Queens Community Board 3 passes Internet Empowerment Resolution initiating .NYC effort.
  • March 13 - Stuart Lynn becomes President and CEO of ICANN
  • March 9-13 - Melbourne Meeting

[edit] 2000

  • November 16 - ICANN selects new TLDs: aero, biz, coop, info, museum, name, pro in what was arguably a rigged beauty contest
  • November 13-16 - Marina Del Rey Meeting
  • July 13-17 - Yokohama Meeting
  • May - Several domain hijackings take place, including internet.com, bali.com and web.net
  • March 7-10 - Cairo Meeting
  • February - A massive denial of service (DOS) attack is launched against major web sites, including Yahoo, Amazon and eBay
  • Technologies of the year: ASP, Napster
  • Emerging Technologies: Wireless devices, IPv6

[edit] 1999

  • November 30 - Business.com is sold for USD$ 7.5 Million
  • November 1-4 - Los Angeles Meeting
  • August 23-26 - Santiago Meeting
  • June 7 - Register.com, the first registrar competing with NSI monopoly, comes online
  • May 25-27 - Berlin Meeting
  • April 21 - ICANN annouces the five-testbed registrars for the competitive Shared Registry System (SRS): AOL, CORE, France Telecom, MelbourneIT , Register.com
  • March - Melissa virus infects millions of computers around the world.
  • March 2-4 - Singapore Meeting
  • Top 10 TLDs by Host#: com, net, edu, jp, uk, mil, us, de ca, au
  • Technologies of the year: E-Trade, Online Banking, MP3
  • Emerging Technologies: Net-Cell Phones, Thin Computing

[edit] 1998

  • November 25 - Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Between ICANN and DOC
  • November 15 - First public ICANN Meeting held in Cambridge, MA
  • October 16 - death of Jon Postel
  • September 18 - ICANN was formed
  • June 5 - White Paper
  • May 4 - Network Solutions registers its 2 Millionth domain
  • April 1 - The fee for domain names registered at InterNIC (operated by Network Solutions) is reduced from US $100.00 for a two year registration to US $70.00 for a two-year period, and renewals are decreased to $35.00 from $50.00
  • Web size estimates range between 275 and 320 million pages for 1st quarter 1998
  • January 30 - US Depart of Commerce (DOC) releases the Green Paper outlining its plan to privatize DNS. This is followed up by a White Paper on June 5
  • Compaq pays US$ 3 million for altavista.com
  • Technologies of the year: E-Commerce, E-Auctions, Portals
  • Emerging Technologies: E-Trade, XML

[edit] Prehistory


  • First CORE meeting in Tokyo.
  • January - J.ROOT-SERVERS.NET and K.ROOT-SERVERS.NET added to root.
  • February - Final IAHC report published (proposing seven new gTLDs). It called for a meeting in Geneva (April 29-May 1) to discuss the final report.
  • February - L.ROOT-SERVERS.NET and M.ROOT-SERVERS.NET added to root.
  • May 1 - Signing of Internet Ad-hoc Committee (IAHC) IAHC-MOU which created POC, PAB and CORE. IAHC dissolves and iPOC - interim POC is formed which becomes the precursor to ICANN. The United States refused to sign-on, choosing, instead, to proceed with its Green Paper process.
  • May - K.ROOT-SERVERS.NET moved to London LINX, to be managed by RIPE/NCC
  • August - M.ROOT-SERVERS.NET moved to Japan, Managed by WIDE


  • Fall Internet Society ISOC created the Internet Ad-hoc Committee IAHC. Then they explored the possibility of creating additional gTLDs.
  • July 31 - Image Online Design goes live with its .Web registry at the direction of IANA to show the "running code" while the "rough consensus" was generated.


  • September 18 - InterNIC began charging registration fees for domain names. On this date, the InterNIC (operated under NSF contract to Network Solutions) announced that the fee for all new domain name registrations would be $100, which would include two years of registration, and that previously registered names would cost $50/year on their anniversary.
  • September 1 - ns.internic.net changes name to a.root-servers.net
  • August 4 - Introduction of ROOT-SERVERS.NET to root zone


  • May 16 - NS1.ISI.EDU added as root nameserver



  • December 31 - The NSF enters into a cooperative agreement with Network Solutions, Inc (NSI) to provide domain registration services on the NFSNET.


  • The National Science Foundation (NSF) assumes responsibility for coordinating and funding the management of the non-military portion of the Internet infrastructure. The NSF solicits competitive proposals to provide a variety of infrastructure services, including domain name registration services.
  • RFC 1261 outlines the transition of the 'interNIC' from SRI to Network Solutions by October 1st, 1991. 1261
  • NIC.NORDU.NET added to root-servers.txt, first non-us root nameserver.


  • March - Removal of non-domain style host names from NETINFO-HOSTS.TXT


  • February - Zone Serial Numbers begin to increment


  • DARPA/DCA imlpimentation of RFC 920 and RFC 921
  • Febuary 15 - First ccTLD created - .us
  • March 15 - Symbollics.com registered
  • April 1 - UCB Releases BIND
  • May 13 - One of Two .COM Zones operational, Three of Eight .EDU zones working
  • June 12 - ISIF 'JEEVES' server removed; retired to become staging/dev/test


  • May 30 - Test 'JEEVES' nameservice running on USC-ISIF (
  • July 28 - 'JEEVES' nameservice test servers on ISIB (, SRI-NIC (;
  • October - RFC's 920 and 921 published identifying Domain Requirements for COM/EDU/GOV/MIL/ORG TLDs and a revised implementation schedule, respectively.



  • August - RFC 819 introduces the concept of a hierarchical "host.domain" format in mail addresses.
  • October - RFC 830 introduces the concept of a distributed database of host names, leveraging the hierarchical nature of domain names described in RFC 819. These documents provide the basis of the DNS system in use today.


  • December - RFC 606 introduces the idea of "Host Names On-line", to resolve the problems of consistency and conflicts between different instances of HOSTS.TXT on different hosts.


  • September 20 - RFC 226 specifies "host mneumonics" (sic) that defines 20 six-character designators to standardise the naming of hosts on the Arpanet. This list becomes the basis of the HOSTS.TXT file that is used to map names to numbers.

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