The Chinchilla
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The Chinchilla

The international trade in chinchilla fur goes back to the 1500's. Chinchilla lanigera originate in the Andes Mountains of South America where they inhabit rock crevices.The origin of wild chinchillas is in the gigantic mountains of the Andes; in Chile, Peru, Bolivia, and Argentina chinchillas are at home. In this barren area, chinchillas live in crevices and caves, under extreme climatic conditions. They are subjected to considerable variations in temperature, long droughts as well as low humidity. They live on so-called puyas, among other things. Puya is a sort of plant which also serves as a source for water and nutrients and offers protection. Other bushes and grass plants serve as food as well.

The Spanish gave the chinchillas their name, after the native inhabitants of the area, the Chinchas Indians. The Indians highly valued these animals as their fur served them as a sheet to lie on for sleep, the sheared hair was used for weaving and the meat was tasty. The Chinchilla fur is considered the softest in the world and is thirty times softer than human hair.

Chinchilla facts:

Life expectancy:

9 - 16 years, sometimes up to 23 years!

Tail length:

15 - 20 cm


400 - 800g

Hair length:

1,8 - 3,5 cm

Ear length:

4 - 6,5 cm

Sexual maturity:

with 4 - 5 months

Heart rate:

100 - 150 times per minute


95 - 170 times per minute

Body temperature:

37 - 39 degrees Celsius


25 – app. 35 cm

Gestation period:

app. 111 days

Number of young in a litter:

1 – 6 (2 is the most usual)

Number of litters per year:

up to 3 litters

Pregnancy lasts about 111 days. During this time, the chinchilla couple lives together in harmony. While pregnant, the female needs an especially great deal of rest. In the last weeks of pregnancy the female often sleeps on her side. Practised chinchilla lovers are able to recognise a pregnancy from looking at the belly of the female alone. Otherwise the weight gives information about a pregnancy. Female chinchillas only gain weight from the 6th week after mating. It is obvious that the breeder has to devote his special attention to his females who are well advanced in pregnancy. If the birth goes off normal, he won’t have to take measures.

Merely fresh drinking water has to be provided because the females will be very thirsty after a birth! You may offer the mother animal a piece of fresh apple as well; it stimulates the production of milk.

SEX determination from Chinchilla

Determining the sex of a chinchilla is very simple and can be determined right from the moment it is born. The hardest part is just getting a good look at that area. The best way to gain control of your chinchilla is to hold it with its front feet resting on your arm or leg.

At first glance, the genitals of both sexes look quite identical.

In the female, the anus and the urethral cone lie quite close together. In between, there is, nearly not visible, the vagina with a transverse opening. The buck shows a small space between the anus and the penis, app. 1 cm.

Picture Serie 1 – female 8 months :

Chinchilla female 8 month - Female in heat
Female not in heat - vagina is not open

Female In heat – vagina is open


Picture Serie 2 – male 8 months :

Chinchilla Bock 8 Monate Alt
Anus and Penis

Penis and Anus,
you can see a small space between the anus and the penis, app. 1 cm.

For comparison both side by side :

A female’s urethral cone is often mistaken for a male penis

Adult Male and Baby Male






The Chinchilla species

There are short-tailed chinchilla and long-tailed chinchilla. These two species are further divided into subspecies.

Chinchilla Lanigera is distinguished by a more pointy face, a longer tail, and a more slender body, while the Chinchilla brevicaudata is thicker in the neck and shoulders and has a shorter tail. Visually the C. lanigeria looks larger, but the stockier C. brevicaudata is actually a bigger Chinchilla. It is mostly thought that the pets are of the C. lanigera species.

The genus chinchilla is divided into three species:


(Chinchilla species like lanigera, brevicaudata, king chinchilla and subspecies)

Chinchilla lanigera
Chinchilla lanigera
Body length of the chinchilla lanigera is 26 cm and corresponds app. our squirrel. Its head is pointed, when seen from the side regularly domed from ears to nose. The big thickly haired ears of 6 cm length seem to be very broad and become narrower to the rounded end. They seem to be rather long then broad. The whiskers are 10 cm of length, tail length is 14 cm, the fur is thin and soft. The colour on the upper side is light grey with darker spots. The underside and feet are of a dirty white. Hair length is 2,5 cm. The single hair is dark slate-grey at the bottom, slightly lighter in the last quarter, and darker again at the top. The overall colour of the chinchilla lanigera seems a bluish grey, the tail hairs are shaggy and app. 4 cm, partly even 7 cm long. The lanigera has 3 pairs of teats, which also holds for the brevicaudata and the king chinchilla.





Chinchilla brevicaudata (in German “Berg-Chinchilla”)
Chinchilla brevicaudata
Brevicaudata Chinchilla - The brevicaudata has a body length of about 32 cm. Its tail is 10 cm long and consists of shaggy up to 4 cm long hairs. The head is in contrast to that of the lanigera considerably shorter. The ears are particularly rounded and have a length of 4 cm. the whiskers are a good 13 cm of length, the fur is very thin. It is longer than that of the lanigera. The back is light grey with dark spots, the underside is of a light colour. The lengths of the hairs vary between 2,5 and 3 cm. Because of this irregularity the fur is unsuitable for trade. The single hair is blue-grey at the bottom, then lighter, and at the top, e.g. on the back of the chinchilla, dark coloured again. The ends are bluish, very often also with a brownish tinge, and the lighter part is light grey and yellowish coloured.





King chinchilla

King Chinchilla - The king chinchilla is the biggest among the three species. It has a body length of about 38 to 40 cm. The ears seem a bit rounded and are app. 4 cm long. The tail length is about 7 cm but because of the covering with hair it seems longer. Its fur is exceptionally soft, light blue with a white underside. On the back it seems silvery mixed with slate-grey. The underside and feet are white. The hairs of the back are dark grey at the bottom and have a white girdle underneath the grey-black end. The lighter part of the hair seems sheer white. The darker part is of a rich blue-grey, which can partly merge into blue. The king chinchilla is regarded as extinct. A stuffed specimen is on display in the Senckenberg-Museum in Frankfurt am Main.

Allegedly, the Swede Martin Nilsson had possessed such a king chinchilla-breeding pair that brought him offspring within 2 years. Because of wrong keeping and feeding these animals died. Since scientists never got access to them, one has to assume that they were indeed not king chinchillas.

Further subspecies are:

La Plata type
Chinchilla La Plata Art
La Plata Chinchilla Typ
(The La Plata type has the strongest muscles and bone structure. It has also a very beefy and round form.

Costina type
Chinchilla Costina Art
Costina Chinchilla Typ

If you compare the Costina with the La Plata type on the pictures, you can clearly see the differences. The body seems slim and “pointed”, the ears are longer and the animals seem not stocky at all.

Raton type
Chinchilla Raton Art
Raton Chinchilla Typ

All wild forms of the chinchilla are nearly extinct because of excessive hunting. The colour of wild chinchillas ranges from light grey to dark grey and anthracite-coloured grey. The undersides of these chinchillas are considerably lighter, nearly white.

Sources ( literature and pictures ) :
“Das große Handbuch der Chinchillazucht” von Dipl.-chem. Harry Eckard (1972)
Verlag Harry Eckardt
2. edition
679 pages
( German Chinchilla Book )

JANIN, Paris 1965
250 pages


Chinchilla Colors

Standard - Standart mutation - Black Velvet - Brown Velvet - Ebony - Hetero Ebony - White Mosaic - Silver - Beige - Hetero Beige - Homo Pink White - Pink White - Wilson White - T.O.V. Ebony - Goldbar - Violet - Violet Velvet - Ebony Violet - Deutsch Violet - Afro Violet - Sapphire - Sapphire Velvet - Beige/Sapphire - Charcoal - Tan - Royal Blue - Blue Diamond  at

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Wilson White Chinchilla
Wilson White Chinchilla


I breed folling chinchilla colors:

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