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Undercover Video Shows Kids Getting Access To Adult Toys

POSTED: 11:04 am EST January 31, 2008
UPDATED: 6:55 pm EST February 1, 2008

A NewsChannel5 hidden camera investigation shows young children getting access to adult toys inside Spencer's gift shops at local malls.

Parents complained to NewsChannel5 Chief Investigator Duane Pohlman that they'd seen items in Spencer's stores that were inappropriate for children.

Kelly Hearn, a mother from Medina County, said "I don't care what you've seen on TV. You have seen nothing until you walk into Spencer's because there's stuff I've never seen."


Explicit items may also be available for children to buy. NewsChannel5's undercover investigation shows a young boy buying a lollipop in the shape of a male body part.

Spencer's released the following statement in response to NewsChannel5's investigation:

Since 1947, Spencer’s has been committed to creating an exciting, entertaining and unique store experience for our core 18 to 24 year-old guests. Within our broad, eclectic mix of merchandise, a small percentage has an adult theme and has been available in Spencer’s for decades. By policy, Spencer’s management and associates have had an obligation and responsibility to the community to discourage the sale of items with an adult theme to persons under the age of majority. Spencer’s understands its obligation to maintain an environment of trust appropriate for the over one hundred million guests annually who patronize our six hundred stores nationwide. In every location, Spencer’s informs its guests, before entering that a small portion of adult-themed merchandise is on display in the rear of the store. In this way, Spencer’s will continue in its sixty-year tradition as the authentic destination for fun, humor and unique merchandise targeted to our core 18 to 24 year-old guests, while respecting the interests of all individuals who visit our stores.

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