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Infantry Carrier Vehicle (ICV)

The Infantry Carrier Vehicle (ICV) consists of four platform versions: a Company Commander; a Platoon Leader; a Rifle Squad; and a Weapons Squad.

All four platform versions appear to be identical from the exterior to prevent targeting of a specific Infantry Carrier Vehicle (ICV) variant type (e.g., Platoon Leader). The Infantry Platoon includes an ICV Platoon Leader variant; three ICV Rifle Squad variants; and an ICV Weapons Squad variant. The ICV Rifle Squad variant and ICV Weapons Squad variant each deliver 9-person infantry squads to a location from which they will conduct a close assault.

The ICV will effectively employ weapon systems and rapidly maneuver during blackout, day and night operations, inclement weather, and limited visibility periods. The ICV carries the majority of equipment freeing the individual Soldier to focus on mission. The squad will have access to Army and Joint fire delivery systems from external sources to provide extended range, networked responsive precision or volume fires on demand in support of tactical maneuvers. The ICV can move, shoot, communicate, detect threats, and protect crew and critical components under most land-surface environments. Data transfer with other components of the BCT permits constant update of the common operational picture and rapid identification of targets. The ICV features the MK44 30mm cannon as its primary armament plus a 7.62 machine gun.