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National Security
Iraq, Energy, Economics and Veterans

Kissell For Congress
Friday, January 13, 2006

As outlined in my New Year's message, The Road Ahead, I have already framed the campaign along the lines of the four areas revealed to have been of most concern to voters in the last election and will be expanding on them as the campaign progresses. These concerns have not changed and our point of emphasis will be to continue to give both voice and hope to voters disappointed in the results since 2004. These concerns are national security, less government, less taxes and real family values.

When examined closely, it is scary to see how failed, incompetent and deceiving the results have actually been. Let's examine the first now.

National Security

Iraq: Out in 2006

We staged our way into Iraq in one year, there is no reason we can't stage our way out in one year. My position is out of Iraq by the end of 2006. [See "Kissell Calls for Iraq Wrap Up, Troops Ready for Next Threat" - Aug. 29, 2006]

Energy: Dedication to Independence

An obvious root cause of terrorism that warrants expansion is our nation's self-defeating addiction to oil. It's virtually impossible to consider an administration so beholden to the interests of big oil and not to regular working Americans could ever be effective in preparing us for a future without oil, especially given its insistence on taking us places we neither belong nor are welcome.

It is a given that the world's oil supply is limited and can't be renewed. Our very survival as a nation is contingent on how we plan and prepare for the inevitable. Yet concerns for oil profits over people have not yielded the kind of alternative energy progress one would expect from an administration so willing to go to the last resort of war in the name of national security.

With the majority of the oil we use being imported, serving only to increase our trade deficit while taking us to some of the least stable places on earth and covertly funding our enemies in the war on terrorism in the process, we must implement a dedicated mentality to secure our future with home grown, alternative, renewable energy sources rendering us both secure and the world leader in energy production.

Economics: Fiscal Responsibility is National Security

There is no rationale for a fiscally irresponsible $8.2 trillion debt making us safer as it's largely funded by growing sources of economic instability and threats to our solvency like China. Proponents of globalization and "free" trade may point to record corporate profit and expansion, but that's little comfort to those having lost their livelihoods as we outsource our domestic manufacturing readiness and capability in a cynical race to the bottom.

Our representative that calls himself a conservative should spend less time handing out checks this campaign season while running a tab for our children with the People's Republic of China, and more time balancing the deficit he helped create in our Republican-led "borrow and spend" Congress. Some reflection on his CAFTA reversal disemploying more of the 8th district further, while setting the stage for even greater trade deficits with Central America, would serve him well too during his final days in Congress.

Veterans: Their Sacrifice, Our Responsibility

"Supporting our troops" is more than a bumper sticker to be trotted out by an administration that neither plans for their success nor provides for their needs. Our armed forces are without question the best in the world with all credit going to them for maintaining stability in the mess this administration has spread globally. As the very life blood of our National Security then, it's our moral obligation to provide the best possible care for those having made the sacrifice. How we treat our veterans is both indicative of our nation's moral fiber and what we can expect from future generations when the call for sacrifice is made again.

My late father, a decorated World War II veteran and member of that "greatest generation" we now recall so fondly, instilled the values of community responsibility, public service and sacrifice in me that we must all adhere to when it comes to taking care of our veterans. We can do better, and will with your support.

I'm touched and humbled by the outreach from those brave veterans that have contacted our campaign with heart wrenching stories of the bureaucratic struggles many are facing. Please continue to communicate with us at 1-877-4-KISSELL and this special address we've established to give your concerns a resolute voice in Congress:

I know I can make a difference.

Larry Kissell
Candidate for U.S. House of Representatives
North Carolina, 8th District

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