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The texts of this homepage were translated from German into English by Sarah Harvey, Dorking, England.

Werner and Elsbeth Moser welcome you again to their homepage. This is a fascinating technical field and we hope the following pages will give you an insight into the world of old clocks.

Our aim is to show you a few typical examples to represent the various areas of horology. Rather than presenting the prohibitively expensive masterpieces, we prefer to bring you a little closer to the fascination of these testaments to the distant (or not so distant) past, perhaps awakening in you some small interest in this field.

The topics are:

- Pocket watches up to approx. 1850
- Pocket watches from approx. 1850
     - pocket watches: for sale
Balance-cocks and watch-keys
- Mantel and table clocks
- Art Déco mantel clocks
- Carriage clocks
- Desk clocks
- Marine chronometers and deck clocks
- Electrical clocks
- Electrical horology systems
- French wall clocks ("Morez" clocks)
- Wall clocks
- Publicity clocks
- Wristwatches general
     - Standard wristwatches
     - Chronographs
     - Early electric wristwatches
     - Electronic wristwatches
     - Special wristwatches

Please click on the group which interests you.

Some thoughts about the buying of watches and clocks by Internet:

The description of wrist watches is rarely a problem, thanks to the availability of well defined type designations, brochures and literature. Pocket watches are also relatively easy to describe. This has allowed us to sell by Internet for more than three years, to the complete satisfaction of the vast majority of our customers. However, with large clocks (mantle clocks, table clocks, wall clocks, marine chronometers, etc.) it is in most cases difficult to provide a comprehensive description and shipping them can be particularly problematic. An eventual sale could be envisaged at a prearranged meeting or at one of the events listed below.

Next meeting:

05/10/2008, 10.00 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.: International Watch Exchange, La Chaux-de-Fonds, Uhrenmuseum


If you would like to know more about one piece or another, please e-mail the following address:

mail-box mail-box

If you expect an answer, please indicate your first name, your family name and your country.

Watches and clocks are only for sale if they are marked with a price. Prices are given in Euro and should be considered as indicative. Any possible sale would be evaluated on the basis of the current exchange rate in CHF (Swiss francs).

Due to shortage of time, only mails which refer to the present homepage will be answered, like details of the shown watches and clocks, availability, dispatch possibilities, prices.

For estimates and information about the origin, age, maker, etc. of watches and clocks that you have inherited or bought at a flea-market, please consult a museum, your local watch and clock dealer or, if you think you may have a valuable item, seek the advice of an auction house.

Other interesting web-sites on the subject of "Old clocks":

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- The home of antique & electrical clocks
- Search engine and directory Antiquest
- Gabor Makszy's homepage
- - Used Watches
- Michel Viredaz Electric Clocks

We would appreciate your additional suggestions. The only condition for a reference is that the site should relate to old clocks and be predominantly informative in character, i.e. any commercial aspect should only be apparent in the background. A reference to this homepage would be a kind gesture, but is not a condition of inclusion.

If there are differences between the three language versions, the German text is valid.

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