Highway 12 Internet Cafe

Welcome to the homepage of Wisconsin Dells only full service Internet cafe.

Barry the Bagel* is one of our newer sysadmins. He doesn't really know how to fix anything... but he likes to wander about trying to sound smart:

You will be awarded some great honor.

We are proud to offer our customers:

Inside of the Cafe

We have refreshments as well, including fresh and rich gourmet coffees, sobe, cold beer, sandwiches, baked goods, and snacks.

Come in and see us! We're located next to KFC in Lake Delton, in a beautifully restored 1856 church building.

Outside of the Cafe

Barry the Bagel's quotes come from Debian's fortunes package,

We are not responsible for their content.
They do not represent our opinions.
They are provided for amusement purposes only.
Do not try this at home.
Call only with a parent's permission.
Warranty void on planet Earth.
No flash photography :-)