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City Council

The City Council is the elected representative body of the citizens of Dresden.

At the local government elections on 13 June 2004, the people of Dresden elected a new City Council with 70 members.
In accordance with the Saxon local government stipulations, the Mayor is at the same time Chairman of the City Council.

Constitution of the City Council

Party Number of seats
CDU 21 seats
Linksfraktion.PDS 10 seats
Alliance 90/The Greens 9 seats
SPD 7 seats
DIE LINKE. 7 seats
FDP 6 seats
Citizen's Faction 6 seats
without faction 4 seats

The City Council defines the principles for the administration of the City of Dresden and decides on all matters concerning the city, insofar as the Mayor is not empowered to make decisions either by law or on the basis of a mandate issued by the City Council.

The City Council is entitled to pass resolutions issuing orders to the Mayor, as head of the City Administration, and establishes municipal legislation with its passing of articles and regulations.
Meetings of the City Council are generally held every three weeks.


City of Dresden
Mayor's Office
Dept. for City Council Affairs

Postfach 12 00 20
D-01001 Dresden
City Hall
Dr.-Külz-Ring 19
D-01067 Dresden
2nd floor, room 14
City map