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British Columbia

11/4/07 After some glitches with the old webboard, and the site being migrated over to new servers with our ISP I've decided to switch the webboard a newer better format. This will allow us to better serve you. Our webboard now supports file attachments so you'll be able to upload your pictures! The direct link to the new webborad is http://www.nwhotsprings.net/phpbb/index.php Please change your bookmarks! Enjoy

6/6/06 Well the site is back up, and the way it was before I hope.  I ended up rebuilding the site from scratch.  If you find any missing links or pictures that don't show up let me know and I'll fix them.  The site is now backed up on a local system no so even if my webserver crashes I can have the site back up quickly. Thank you all for your patience!!

6/2/06 *** Due to a server problem the navigation structure of the website was lost. Unfortunately this is going to take me awhile to get back together. If you know anyone that has experience working with Frontpage XP or Frontpage 2003 and can help me resolve this issue please have them contact me at webmaster@nwhotsprings.net any help would be appreciated. All the webpages and content are there, just no nav menus are working right now. No messages were lost in the web board, and I have placed a link at the top of this page to make it easier to get to for those that don't have it bookmarked already. Thank you for your patients while we fix this issue.

   The webmaster of this site takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information contained within this site. While efforts are taken to keep the information on the website as current as possible, sometimes that's just not possible or feasible.
     A suggestion to all users of hotsprings posted on this site or elsewhere do some research ahead of time prior to visiting a hotsprings making sure they are open, the road to them is passable, or it's a hike you're willing to make. A good place to start is the discussion area of this website and other discussion areas located on other sites such as soak.net. You will often times find the most current information pertaining to road conditions, site conditions, or if a hotsprings is even open in the discussion areas.
A little research and planning ahead of time can save yourself the hassle of showing up to a hotsprings, to find they've been closed. 

For anyone who would like to  donate to the cause of keeping this site up. I have been the sole support for this site since 1998.  Your help would be greatly appreciated. Please take a moment and donate a few bucks to help keep the site up! Thanks

Please donate!
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5/6/04 - Added 2 more hotsprings in BC. Updated the directions for Sloquet in BC. If you have any additions, or modifications, please submit them to webmaster@nwhotsprings.net. Thanks

12/19/03 - Added 1 hotsprings in BC. Lussier. Information and write-up was provided by a user of the site. If you have any info on any hotsprings not listed on this site, provide me the info and I'll be happy to include it on the website! Please do follow the format that the other pages are done, and I'll get it added. Thanks for all your support and encouragement. We here at nwhotsprings.net wish you and all yours a happy and safe holiday season!!!

6/3/03 - Added 1 hotsprings in Idaho, Maple Grove Hot Springs. It is a a commercial HS but does look nice. Any reviews of this HS would be welcome, and added to the site.

5/18/02 - Added 3 hotsprings to the site in Alaska, and Idaho. Also removed the old discussion area. It was a pain to maintain, and the new one is much better.

4/11/02 - Well today we just implemented our new web discussion area. It has a slicker front end, and has a lot more features than the old one. I would like everybody to take a look at it, and register as a user there.  It also has the ability for the users of it to send messages to one another. Just click the second link from the left "New Disc. Area" to get to it.

4/3/02 - Pictures added to pages for Baker, and Olympic Hotsprings in Washington, and Umpqua Hotsprings in Oregon. If you have any pictures of hotsprings, you'd like to contribute to this site, please feel free to email them to webmaster@nwhotsprings.net please include your name so you get properly credited for your contribution. Thanks

Welcome to the new and improved look of nwhotsprings.net. I hope you enjoy it. The main reason for the new look is for easy page updates, to make things look a little nicer, and easier to navigate. Let me know what you think..

Well after several calls to my isp's techsupport I have finally gotten things working the way they should! I hope you all enjoy, look for more updates in the days to some.

Honestly I'm not as illiterate as it may seem reading these last two paragraphs, it was late I was tired, and frustrated with how my site was working at the time.

This web page is for those of us that enjoy being out in nature, and enjoying a good soak in a natural hot tub! I hope you enjoy this site, if you have any information regarding natural hot springs, pictures, directions, additions, please feel free to email me at the address below. I hope to add, and update this page often, so keep an eye out for more hot springs, and pictures! I try to visit all the springs before I put them on this page, and I take lots of pictures so look for them here!

The author of this page would like to give credit to the authors of the book "Umbrella Guide to Northwest Natural Hot Springs" by Tom Stockley & B. G. Olson. Without which I wouldn't have been able to put together this homepage! If you are interested in purchasing this book it can be found at most major book stores for $10.95. Click here to see what the cover looks like.

Enjoy this site!

Happy Hot Springing!

Scott Janssen

This is a live picture from North Shore O'ahu
Where I live now...




  Pictures around O'ahu where I live now

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