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5 February 2008
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Programme Information

Network TV Week 8


BBC ONE Unplaced Week 8
The Last Enemy Ep 1/5
Day and time to be confirmed BBC ONE


Benedict Cumberbatch is Stephen Ezard
Benedict Cumberbatch is
Stephen Ezard

Benedict Cumberbatch and Robert Carlyle head an all-star cast in a dynamic new thriller about a man whose search for the truth about his brother's death catapults him into an international conspiracy – and a passionate love affair.


Authored by acclaimed screenwriter Peter Berry, the five-part contemporary drama co-stars Max Beesley, Anamaria Marinca, David Harewood and Geraldine James.


When the reclusive Stephen Ezard returns to London for the funeral of his brother Michael, an aid worker killed by a landmine, he feels like a stranger in his own country.


He finds a world that has changed subtly but significantly from the one he left – biometric ID cards are compulsory, passenger profiling at all major transport hubs is common practice, public spaces are monitored 24 hours a day by digital cameras and armed police patrol the streets.


Stephen flees to Michael's flat, but he is shocked to find a desperately sick woman there, tended to by Yasim – who introduces herself as Michael's wife. When the woman, Nadir, dies, Stephen and Yasim connect through their anger and sorrow and sleep together.


The next morning, Stephen is called to a meeting with a company called Inquirendo, who offer to fund his research in return for his public backing of their new project, TIA (Total Information Awareness), a super-database which will enable the government to perform searching background checks on suspects, trace their movements and profile citizens to detect likely future threats.


Stephen declines their offer and races back to the flat to see Yasim. However, to his horror, she has vanished and the flat is spotless.


Later, old flame and government minister Eleanor Brooke turns up in a bid to persuade Stephen to support TIA, and Stephen wonders if the database could help him find Yasim.


Someone else is interested in Stephen too – the menacing David Russell. And watching Russell are three high-level security personnel, led by Turney, with a big secret to hide.


Benedict Cumberbatch plays Stephen Ezard, Max Beesley is Michael, Anamaria Marinca is Yasim, Eva Birthistle is Eleanor, Robert Carlyle is Russell, Geraldine James is Turney and David Harewood is Nye.



Hotel Babylon Ep 1/8
Day and time to be confirmed BBC ONE


Following the departure of Babylon's General Manager, Rebecca, Deputy Manager Charlie (Max Beesley) steps into her shoes as the hit BBC drama Hotel Babylon – a tantalising and seductive insight into the sexy world of the luxury five-star hotel industry – checks in for a new series.


Just as driven and ambitious as his predecessor, Charlie is determined to make his mark and ensure the hotel's standards and profits are at an optimum. However, running a tight ship and hitting targets come at a price and Charlie soon learns that as GM his decisions aren't always going to be popular with the Babylon employees.


Charlie isn't the only one under pressure as Tony is given the task of babysitting a party of murder trial jurors sequestered to the hotel for safety reasons. It is also Tony's 40th birthday and it would appear that no one, including his family, has gone to any trouble to help him celebrate. Disillusioned, things begin to look up when an attractive female juror invites him to her room with a life-changing proposition. Will Tony take up this offer or will family loyalty win out?


Elsewhere, Anna becomes embroiled in a moral dilemma when a fashion company holds its annual shareholders' meeting at the hotel. She discovers that the company is using sweatshops in developing countries to make its clothes, and children as young as eight are being exploited in the process. She sets out to enlist a reluctant Charlie's support in exposing the company.


Meanwhile, a journalist is asking awkward questions around the hotel and the employees become suspicious when they realise they have been duped. There is more to this than meets the eye ... who is she and what is she up to?


Max Beesley plays Charlie Edwards, Dexter Fletcher plays Tony Casemore and Emma Pierson plays Anna Thornton-Wilton. Episode one's guest stars include Alexandra Moen as Emily James, Nicola Stephenson as Justine, Paula Abdul as the American guest, Jeremy Sheffield as Adam Price, Lee Sharpe as a complaining guest, Oliver Chris as David Duncan and glamour model Lucy Pinder as a hotel guest.




BBC TWO Unplaced Week 8
Freezing Ep 1/3
Day and time to be confirmed BBC TWO


Matt (Hugh Bonneville) and Leon (Tom Hollander)
Matt (Hugh Bonneville) and
Leon (Tom Hollander)

Freezing comes to BBC Two for three consecutive nights after the comedy's first episode piloted to critical acclaim in BBC Four's Tight Spot season. The urban comedy, starring Hugh Bonneville, Elizabeth McGovern and Tom Hollander, follows the lives of a couple whose careers in the cut-throat, celebrity-driven world are sadly not as hot as they'd like to be.


Forty-somethings Elizabeth and Matt are a glamorous and successful couple – or at least they would be if either of them could actually get a job. Matt has been replaced by his assistant in the publishing house where he worked for 15 years. Meanwhile, Hollywood actress Elizabeth seems to be paying the price for choosing an English husband and swapping sunny LA for suburban London. Despite being Oscar-nominated in her youth, Elizabeth is finding it hard to get an audition. Matt, in the meantime, is thrown the occasional scrap of editing by his former assistant.


In this first episode, things look as if they might improve when Elizabeth is offered an exciting new art-house movie, and Matt discovers an "astro-cool" new sci-fi writer. Okay, so Elizabeth might have to perform one or two sexually explicit scenes in her movie, and Matt might not totally understand what his writer's novel is actually about, but they just need to keep their cool and stick together.


Luckily, Elizabeth's agent, Leon Blakely, is one of the most powerful men in the business and capable of bullying anyone into anything. Perhaps unluckily, Elizabeth and Matt are also Leon's best friends, a situation that should help Elizabeth's cause though frequently doesn't.


All three are desperate to cling on to their credibility – as well as each other – while discovering the hard way how cold life can be when you're no longer considered "hot".


Freezing is written by James Wood and boasts a stellar cast including Hugh Bonneville as Matt, Elizabeth McGovern as Elizabeth and Tom Hollander as Leon. In episode one, Ben Miles plays Stephen, Matt's former boss, with Joely Richardson as Rachel. The executive producers are Simon Curtis (Cranford, Five Days) and Kenton Allen.



Freezing Ep 2/3
Day and time to be confirmed BBC TWO


Matt and Elizabeth continue battling to stay afloat in the fickle world of showbiz as the critically acclaimed comedy continues. Matt attempts to woo the latest overpaid TV historian, Bamber Jones, in the hope of editing his new book. To Elizabeth's horror, Matt invites Bamber, a renowned food snob, to dinner, claiming that she's the best chef in East Chiswick. To add to the pressure of the evening, Leon, who's moved in with the couple while he figures out how to get rid of a violent stalker, decides to gatecrash the Bamber dinner with a potential new client, the latest teenage It Girl, Alison Fennel.


Matt rushes to brush up on his American history ready for the big night and Elizabeth frantically struggles to perfect her pasta malfatti, but will it be enough to impress the great Bamber Jones?


Freezing is written by James Wood and stars Hugh Bonneville as Matt, Elizabeth McGovern as Elizabeth, Tom Hollander as Leon, Ruth Wilson as Alison, Tim McInnerny as Bamber and Ben Miles as publisher Stephen. There are guest appearances from Anthony Head and award-winning theatre director Lindsay Posner.



Freezing Ep 3/3
Day and time to be confirmed BBC TWO


Leon manages to get Elizabeth an insultingly small role as a servant in a costume drama, as the comedy continues. It's the final straw for Elizabeth, and she decides to move agents. Having made the decision however, it's an entirely different matter breaking the news to the volatile Leon.


Matt, meanwhile, sneaks off to meet his ex-girlfriend, Heidi Webster. Heidi has written an ultra-violent, torture-porn, endurance-horror novel and Matt's old boss, Stephen, has convinced Matt to sign her. Her novel, Stephen insists, is far from being, as Matt believes, a pile of rubbish; it's got potential to be the next big thing. But what will Elizabeth say when she finds out Matt's been colluding with his ex?


Freezing is written by James Wood and stars Hugh Bonneville as Matt, Elizabeth McGovern as Elizabeth and Tom Hollander as Leon. Fenella Woolgar plays Heidi and Ben Miles plays publisher Stephen. There are guest appearances from James Woods, Alex Kingston and award-winning film director Stephen Frears.



That Mitchell And Webb Look
Day and time to be confirmed BBC TWO


David Mitchell and Robert Webb are back with a second series of their distinctively daft Bafta-winning comedy. In the first episode, viewers are introduced to The Helivets – a pair of pink jump-suit clad heroes who claim they can save any pet in peril. There's also a director whose art mimics life and whose credits include The Man Who Has A Cough And It's Just A Cough And It's Fine.


Other sketches and characters featured in this opening episode include The Carry On Hospital, in which a young doctor finds himself working in a bawdy Seventies hospital but can't quite master innuendo; and Bigfeet and Redbeard, two Stone-Age workers put out by the thought of having to attend a "Bronze" orientation day.


There's also a clip from a documentary sensitively entitled The Boy With An Arse For A Face; the ultimate football trail; and a thrilling new action movie based on the world-famous Numberwang game show.




BBC THREE Unplaced Week 8
Being Human
Day and time to be confirmed BBC THREE
(Schedule addition 1 February)


A new, one-off drama, Being Human is an extraordinary look at the friendship between three, twenty-something outsiders trying to find their way in an enticing but complicated world, starring Guy Flanagan, Russell Tovey, Andrea Riseborough and Adrian Lester.


Mitchell and George are two hospital workers who, like any of their peers, would love to spend their evenings hitting the town and pulling girls. Mitchell's good looking, laid back and a hit with the ladies but he's also a blood-sucking vampire. George is an awkward but loveable geek who, at every full moon, sprouts a snout, grows a very hairy back and transforms into a werewolf.


In an attempt to indulge in a "normal" life, they decide to get a flat together, but things don't go as smoothly as planned...


When they move into their new abode, they come across Annie, a rather unusual, and uninvited, ghostly guest. Annie's a tad territorial and attempts to scare them out of "her" home, but despite smearing blood on the walls and moving things around, her attempts are scuppered when Mitchell and George refuse to budge.


George, meanwhile, has another problem. Having woken up stark naked in the middle of a forest, he decides that it's time to find a safe place to "transform" – a place where he can't harm himself or others. By a stroke of luck, Mitchell finds a disused vault in the basement of the hospital where he can safely lock George away from the world.


When George's ex, Julia, is admitted to the hospital, he tries to keep his distance. However, on the eve of a full moon, she inadvertently locks them in the vault with no means of escape. She's desperate for an explanation as to why he left her and he's desperate to get her out of the room before he transforms and kills her. But Mitchell's not answering his phone. He's at a vampire gathering hosted by Herrick, a vampire on a mission to eliminate the human race. George's only option is to attempt to convince agoraphobic Annie into leaving the house to save Julia's life...


Mitchell is played by Guy Flanagan, George by Russell Tovey, Annie by Andrea Riseborough, Julia by Claire Foy and Herrick by Adrian Lester.



Marc Wootton Exposed Ep 6/6
Day and time to be confirmed BBC THREE


Larger-than-life comedienne Candy, just one of the characters in the final episode of Marc Wootton's BBC Three comedy series, treats her audience to her own brand of improv.


Other deluded characters in tonight's episode include: demonic schoolboy Ian, who explains how he accompanied his friend, Jimmy, to the fair, but lost him in a bonfire; posh rapper Rufus, who records a hip-hop music video as a stark warning to unwelcome visitors; desperate housewife Prudence, who, still oblivious to the demise of her marriage, makes a disturbing discovery about the Mexican boy she has taken to the bosom of her family; Paul, whose transformation from human to vampire is finally complete – but, as luck would have it, he failed to capture the moment on camera; and controversial childcare expert Stu, who advises parents on some unorthodox ways of dealing with picky eaters.





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