Australian Rugby League Nicknames

PersonNickname(s)Personal Details
Greg Alexander Brandy former player
Marcus Bai George player (Storm)
Gary Belcher Badge former player, commentator
Martin Bella Munster, Squirrel Gripper* former player
Danny Buderus Bedsy player (Knights)
Preston Campbell Apricot, Mini Me player (Sharks)
Dane Carlaw Tarzan/Jane player (Broncos)
Mark Carroll Spud former player
Noel Cleal Crusher, Blossom former player
Chris Close Choppy former player, Qld team manager
Craig Coleman Tugger former player, former coach
Greg Conescu Turtle former player
Laurie Daley Lozza former player (Raiders)
Jason Death Doctor player (Rabittohs)
Greg Dowling Dish-head former player
Brad Drew Oompaloompa, Mini Me player (Raiders)
Steve Ella Zip Zip former player
Hazem El Masri Magic player (Bulldogs)
Andrew Etinghausen ET former player (Sharks)
David Fairleigh Daisy former player
Mario Fenech Muzza, Falcon* former player, commentator
John Ferguson Chicka former player
Brett Finch Snags player (Raiders)
Brad Fittler Freddie player (Roosters)
Chris Flannery Hitman player (Roosters)
Gary Freeman Whizzer/Wiz former player, commentator
Bob Fulton Bozo former player, former coach
Mark Geyer MG player (Penrith)
Matt Geyer Boofa player (Melbourne)
David Gillespie Cement former player
Trevor Gillmeister Rubble, The Axe* former player, commentator
Barry Gomersall Grasshopper former referee
Phil Gould Gus commentator, former player, former coach
Craig Gower Pig, Helicopter** player (Penrith)
Nick Graham Juicer player (Sharks)
Craig Greenhill Knuckles former player (Penrith)
Eric Grothe Guru former player
Daryl Halligan The Rock, Superboot, Chook(?) former player (Bulldogs)
Michael Hancock Hank former player (Broncos)
Paul Harragon Chief former player, commentator
Ian Herron Chook former player
Matt Hilder Waltzing player (Sharks)
Rodney Howe Beast player (Melbourne)
Brett Howland Whippet player (Sharks)
Andrew Johns Joey, Donkey, Blade player (Newcastle)
Brett Kenny Bert former player
Brett Kimmorley Noddy player (Sharks)
Terry Lamb Baa former player, coach (Wests Tigers)
Martin Lang Bam Bam player (Panthers)
Allan Langer Alf player (Broncos)
Gary Larson Larry, Whispering Death (?) former player
Glenn Lazarus The Brick* former player
Phillip Lee Philthy, Bing player (Broncos)
Wally Lewis King former player
Jamie Lyon Killer player (Eels)
Adam MacDougall Mad Dog player (Knights)
Willie Mason Bitch player (Bulldogs)
Jarrod McCracken Crackers former player (Parramatta)
Mark McGaw Sparkles former player
Paul McGregor Mary former player (St George Illawarra)
Casey McGuire Gerry player (Broncos)
Chris McKenna Hymie player (Sharks)
Mark McLinden Mirrors (?), Marty player (Raiders)
Mal Meninga Big Mal former player
Steve Menzies Beaver player (Sea Eagles)
Gene Miles Big Unit former player
Steve Morris Slippery former player
Steve Mortimer Turvey former player
Adam Muir Hurtsy former player
Anthony Mundine Choc, The Man former player, boxer
Mark Murray Muppet former player, coach
Tawera Nikau T player (UK club?)
Danny Nutley Spider player
Robbie O'Davis Poodle player (Knights)
Martin Offiah Chariots, Great Balls former player
Mark O'Meley Shrek, Ogre player (Bulldogs)
Matt Parsons Snowz player (Knights)
Luke Patten General, Clarence player (Bulldogs)
Wayne Pearce Junior former player, coach
Josh Perry Teddy player (Knights)
Willie Peters Seagull player (Dragons)
Matt Petersen Sideshow Bob player (Eels)
Luke Phillips Diamond player (Roosters)
Steven Price Ray player (Bulldogs)
Tommy Raudonikis Ridiculous former player, coach
Steve Renouf Pearl player (UK)
Steve Roach Blocker former player, commentator
Ian Roberts Chimp former player
Mat Rogers The Rat former player (Sharks)
Robbie Ross Boo Boo player (Storm)
Andrew Ryan Bobcat player (Eels)
Justin Ryder Easy, Rough, Night player (Knights)
Scott Sattler Scooter player (Panthers)
Clinton Schifcofske Choka, Jock, Brains player (Raiders)
Jeremy Schloss The Shoe** player (Qld state league)
Darren Senter Hollywood player (Wests Tigers)
Dale Shearer Rowdy former player
Phil Sigsworth Wodsapakita former player
Willie Talau Loaf player (Bulldogs)
Gorden Tallis Raging Bull* player (Broncos)
Jason Taylor Ferris former player
Darren Treacy Cyclone, Skeletor former player (St George Illawarra)
Darrell Trindall Tricky former player
Paul Vautin Fatty former player, commentator
Michael Vella Tranny player (Eels)
Richard Villasanti Villa the Gorilla player (Warriors)
Chris Walker Milkman, Texas player (Roosters)
Steve Walters Boxhead/Box, Slippery former player
Ray Warren Rabbits/Rabs commentator
* indicates that the nickname may only be used in the media (ie. not by other players)
** indicates that the nickname may not be long-term

My award for the best nickname in Australian Rugby League goes to Spud (Mark Carroll). Congratulations to the person who thought it up. And congratulations to Spud for being one of Rugby League's memorable characters.

This site lists the nicknames of the better known Rugby League identities or lesser-known players with particularly good nicknames. It does not list nicknames that are predictable variations of surnames or firstnames (eg. Smithy, Sterlo, etc). No pre-1980 players will be listed unless they are current commentators/coaches etc.

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