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13 Specialist

Indicted NFL star Vick building home in Suffolk

10:30 PM EDT on Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tuesday, NFL star Michael Vick was indicted in a dog fighting investigation involving his Surry County Home. Thursday, 13News learned that Vick is building a new home in North Suffolk.

It looks stunningly like his Surry County home, and his future neighbors are talking about the high profile indictment.

Construction workers are building it from the ground up at a fast pace. The house sits in exclusive Governor's Point, a brand-new subdivision with plenty of privacy.

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It's unclear if Vick will ever live in the house with a pristine view of the Nansemond River, but neighbor after neighbor told us they have no problem with him moving in, at least not yet.

“That'd be fine,” said Laura Dunleavy. “None of the charges have been finalized yet, so that'd be fine.”

Vick put his Surry County home up for sale shortly after the dog fighting investigation broke wide open, though he still owns it.

For Carole Snow, looking to build near Vick's house in Suffolk, the prospect of living next to the embattled quarterback will not affect if she moves there.

“He's been in a lot of trouble, so I'd figure he'd move out, not in,” said Snow. “But he's getting a nice piece of property.”

Vick is also developing land back in Surry County. His real estate agent says that property is designed to be the site of a hunting lodge.