Sunday, January 20, 2008

Face front, true believer!

1) Activision hopes you like Spider-Man, the company is producing two further web-slinging titles in addition to this fall's ultimate Red vs. Black, one follows our wall-crawling friend as he teams up with Wolverine for amazing some reason and the other I don't know about but has to be spectacular. Originality! Excelsior!
2) Raven Software is working on some action-RPG sequel set in the Marvel universe. Originality! Excelsior!
3) Treyarch's second non-franchise, non-license title since being acquired by Activision, a very cool epic and unique PS360 action-adventure affair titled Black Lotus that was about two years away, has been canceled like Treyarch's first non-franchise, non-license title since being acquired by Activision, which was the original and very cool Dead Rush. Originality! Excelsior!
4) Infinity Ward has begun working on Call of Duty 6. Originality! Excelsior!
5) Crytek is overseeing, but not developing the console versions of Crysis.
6) What can one expect from Ubidays?
Darkworks' Alive (which I have heard described as "extraordinary"), AC2 confirmation, GRAW3, Ancel, Raynal, the new Prince of Persia, casual stuff, Heroes, a few other things, and possibly Soma.
7) 2 Days to Vegas looks really bad, the premise of Eight Days with the gameplay of The Getaway (the gameplay was certainly not the reason I played through that), except with inferior versions of both.

UPDATE: Bonjour encore amis Francais, nous avons des temps d'amusement.


Anonymous said...

So...Ubisoft is serious about their French E3?

Anonymous said...

Did I just read what I think I read? surfer girl, apparent EA PR shill, praises a game from Ubisoft! Wow!

Anonymous said...

When is Ubisoft going to unveil that Heroes game?

surfer girl said...

anonymous one: Yes.

anonymous two: Alive is being published by Ubisoft. I hear good things about Ancel's project, Raynal's project, the new PoP, and Soma. All of which I am excited for.

anonymous three: There will be growth in the spring.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to bother you about this Gears of War 2 thing, but I was just on and I searched up Gears of War and it showed all the voice actors for the game.

Under their credentials, it says they're not working on Gears of War 2. :( What gives? :(

Anonymous said...

Is the leaked Smash Brothers roster of 35 on NeoGAF the real deal?

Anonymous said...

Wait, is there going to be new information of getaway 3, and eight days soon. And are these games going to have a winter 2008 release, date or coming out in 2009? I'm really hyped for eight days, and am wondering is it by Cambridge studio, or London? Thanks. And how is the gameplay, and does the game look graphically as pleasing as it did in the e3 06 trailer.

Anonymous said...

You heard good things about Ancel's project, but it t going to be Beyond Good? Because if its not that is just gonna be Evil & I really looking forward 2 another game from Ancel, especially if it comes out on the Wii.

Koopa said...

Do you know anything new about the Sadness game for the Wii from Nibris ?

Will a new trailer for Sadness be released this year ?

Thank you

Anonymous said...

hey surfergirl, i heard that getaway was put on hold and team soho were working on a FPS, is it true??

any idea on what MGS4's opening movie is like??

nitro said...

Hey, I've some questions.

1) How will PSP third party support be in 2008?

2) How many unannounced projects does Square Enix have in store for the PSP?

3) Of these companies, which one will have the best support for the DS in 2008? - Capcom, Square Enix, Konami, or Namco?

Anonymous said...

Does Ubisoft still plan to release the second PoP in summer 09? Nine months for a game like that seems kind of impossible.

Mike said...

Is Zoe Mode going to do anything with the Crush franchise? The first one was absolutely brilliant, despite a hokey, psychonauts-wannabe premise. I'd love to see another one on PSP with a better art style.

Does Sony have any plans to bring their new PS3 franchises to PSP? I'm especially interested in Resistance, Uncharted, and Heavenly Sword.

enbob89 said...

will ubisoft have anything for wii that doesn't suck? (and will prince of persia make it to wii?)

OnE3nD said...

I said I wasn't gonna ask you about Power Stone again but I promise this is my last post on your blog until Febuary. Do you know when Power Stone 3 might be announced?

PSWii said...

When will we start hearing about Wii's Fall/Winter schedule?

Any updates on PS Home? When do we see the public beta?


Someone Not From NeoGAF said...

Forget self-serving interests that all other posts show.

1. What 2008 game has you most excited?

2. Do you think piracy will kill the PSP?

3. What 2008 game do you think will be rushed and won't live up to the hype?

Anonymous said...

What are your thoughts on MGS4?

Is Alan Wake looking as good as people want it to be? LBP? Killzone 2?

Anonymous said...

Surfergirl why do I find it very hard to fully believe that you are an insider. I have speculated about half the things you do also.
And it seems like you claim an awful lot of games are cancelled, that you have said are in developement.

surfer girl said...

anonymous one: I do not know the roster, I just know that there is 35-40 characters in the game.

anonymous two: The Getaway may or may not have been canceled. Eight Days is going along fine, it could be compared to Uncharted in terms of gameplay.

anonymous three: I address Ancel's new project in a previous blog post.

Koopa: I have seen no evidence to suggest that Sadness is in development, so there is no reason to believe the game will ever see release.

anonymous four: I have heard the same thing, I am doubting it less and less. No.

nitro: Nothing exciting. RPGs. I don't know, I don't care.

anonymous five: It is an insane deadline that could obviously never be met with a quality product, I think that the more senior persons gave in and agreed to delay the title to fall.

Mike: There is interest in a sequel. Ideas for a Resistance PSP title have been thrown around, but none of the others are likely to appear on the portable screen.

enbob89: Quality is subjective. There's an alternate PoP release for the Wii.

OnE3nD: Not a clue.

PSWii: Spring. Quite soon.

Someone Not from NeoGAF: Brutal Legend, no, not announced yet.

anonymous six: I don't care about MGS4 or K2. LBP and AW I am excited for.

anonymous seven: If a high number of games getting canceled every year is not plausible to you, you know very little about the interactive entertainment industry.

Napoleon Edward Orson Gerald Anderson Frederick said...

Borys really wants to know where the PC information you promised is.

Anonymous said...

So, is the Raven Marvel game another Ultimate Alliance, another X-Men Legends, or something else?

IM Really Borys said...

Im so sad SurferGirl please give me my Pc news i neeeeed uuuu.

luke skywalker said...

hi surfer girl,
can you tell us more about call of duty 6, will it be still modern combat, still situated in near east? originality and excelsior? :)

Rupert said...

Is Microsoft going to announce some third party exclusives, like they did with Bioshock?

Mike said...

Can you describe the relationship of Ready at Dawn, High Impact Games, and Slant 6 to Sony Computer Entertainment?

All three of these companies seemed to become known within about 6 months of eachother, and they all have the distinction of taking on PSP versions of well-known Sony franchises.

Are they likely to be owned by Sony at some point?

Anonymous said...

Hi Surfer girl

1.Is there a PS3-Version of The Crossing.

2.What you think about Heavy Rain and the Pics with the face Animation is this In-game? And do you know what the story is about?

3.You said that getaway 3 is maybe cancled do you konw it or is this speculation?

Samuel said...

I wasn't impressed by any title developed in Ubisoft's big offices lately: Rainbow Six, Assassin's Creed and GRAW are all abyssal deceptions.

Any news on White Knight Story and Haze?

Ben said...

Originality! Excelsior!

Dammit, now you've got me saying it.

Miguelaxas said...

5) Crytek is overseeing, but not developing the console versions of Crysis.

Very well... who is? :)

Anonymous said...

What is your opinion about crysis going to console will the PS3\Xbox be able to handle that game or would they just get it as close as possible to the graphics in the PC version and if crytek is only overseeing the game who's really working on it for the console version?

globox said...

Hey Surfer Girl...

So will the new "Red vs. Black" Spider-Man game be released on PS3 and 360?

And one more question I would really like answered is when will Skate 2 be announced? Have you heard anything or know any information?

Thank you

Mangasage said...

Hey Surfer Girl, awesome blog. Anyway, have you heard anything on Capcom developing a Dead Rising 2 or new Megaman Legends? In general, anything cool and original coming to the PS360 courtesy of Capcom? To the Wii?

Thanks for everything!

d_wing said...

hello again!

Just wanted to thank you for that very swift response and say that I remembered Eternal Sonata for the PS3, for example. Looks like it won't be such a drought year in terms of rpg's for the system like 2007 was. Keep up with this very entertaining blog, even tough it probably pisses the hell out of a lot of people lol

Anonymous said...

is Infiniti Ward abndon the PC
and call of duty 6 will be console only?

Snoop Kitty Cat said...

Hey surfer girl!

About that PS360 Konami game with suda51 involved, is it snatcher? Or is that still planned for the wii?

Also the Mega-Man game for wii, what form do you think it will take - 3D platformer?

One more thing - MOTHER - (you have me so hyped about this one) Is there a new game in the works? or just ports?

Anonymous said...

Hi Surfer Girl

Some information about ZOE 3 for Next-Gen?

Incis1on said...

Hey surfer girl do you know where Call of duty 4 will be set at. WWII or the future?

sionus said...

Are Sony or MS planning on price cuts on the PS3/360 before the release of GTA4 this spring? Is an Xbox 360 at $199 on the radar for this year?

Also, regarding Lucas Art's older PC titles (Sam n Max, Monkey Island, TIE Fighter), is there any chance we'll see some of these games hit XBLA/PSN/WiiWare in the future? I really miss TIE Fighter :(

Greekman said...

surfer girl you said about GRAW3.What happened with the expansion of GRAW2 that ubisoft had announced for November 2007?
Please answer me!

Anonymous said...

Anything interesting coming along for PC gamers that isn't already known about?

Anonymous said...

Didn't Ubisoft already announce AC2 because AC is going to be a trilogy?

REAL Globox said...

"Globox" from above, why are you using my user name?
I always ask questions under "Globox" name? Couldn't you be little more original than stealing user name?

CuriousOne said...

Hi Surfer Girl.

1. Do you think Epic will give UT3 on PC the same kind of treatment of releasing a new package with new game modes and new maps like they did to UT2003 with UT2004 a year later?

2. Will we see an Expansion to Crysis on PC?

3. When can we expect to see Mass Effect on PC?

4. Is Call of Duty 6 by Infinity Ward also being developed by PC?

5. Is that new game Retro is working on a resurrection of Raven Blade?

Anonymous said...

Fantastc blog, congratulations!

Only one question.
There is a big graphic leap between Gears of war 1 and 2 or it's a another UE3-epic-game??

thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

Do you have any information about Battlefield Heroes?

Alexandre said...

Ma Chère Fille De Surfer,
Please include at least some French in all future blog entries. I get tingly just imagining your voice reading your posts in general, but in French?! Sacrebleu!

Merci et au revoir,

Anonymous said...

Has Monolith taken over the Dirty Harry game?

Anonymous said...

Surfer girl,in a previous post you said that the development of Starfox Wii is handled by an external development team.Can you tell us which team is?Namco,Treasure or the Starfox Command team?
Thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

Is Hulk going to in the Iron Man game and vice versa in a manner akin to the films?

Ben said...

Isn't Alive in the first-person perspective?

Anonymous said...

Do you know if any more companies are going to get consolidated?

More precisely do you know if Midway or Eidos are going to close their doors soon? They seem to be on the brink.

Anonymous said...

You may know this, is Freedom Fighters a satire? IO-Interactive's denial seems to be dishonest.

Anonymous said...

Any idea, when can we expect any official news from UBI about BG&E2?

Anonymous said...

What's GRIN Barcelona's sci-fi movie tie-in?

Anonymous said...

DO you know if the RPG game from sony: Angel Rings, is still in existence?

Billy Bob said...

Hey Surfer Girl, got some questions for your lovely (I'm assuming) ears.

1. Any news on Golden Sun Wii that you mentioned awhile back?

2. GRAW 3, will it tie into the upcoming END WAR?

3. Any other details about CoD 5 or 6

4. Is nintendo cooking up a new Zelda yet?

5. know anything about Half life 2 Ep3?

6. Is microsoft publishing Mass Effect 2?

7. what do you think of Too Human?

Thanks alot gal.

Van Der Star said...

Hey Surfer Girl, any news about MK8 or any game related about the Mortal Kombat Universe?

Thanks ;)

AznSniper said...

Could you name all of the game titles that Sony will be showing off at GDC?

What type of gameplay will Ready At Dawn's PS3 game have?

What platforms will Hideo Kojima's 3 projects be on?

How is the main WipeOut installment for PS3 looking? SOCOM PS3?

Is Eat, Sleep, Play currently working on a PSN Twisted Metal or is it something else?

Thank you for answering all my questions.

Anonymous said...

Hey, cool blog. I was just wondering if the new Prince of Persia would be revealed via a magazine cover story before Ubidays? Also, will we see this Prince of Persia Wii game at Ubidays, too? Is the Wii game a totally different game than the PS360 versions or kind of an altered version with the same story?

surfer girl said...

Napoleon Edward Orson Gerald Anderson Frederick: I'll have one in the next update.

anonymous one: It is more or less a sequel to Ultimate Alliance, but if I remember correctly it's not called Ultimate Alliance II.

luke skywalker: It's modern times.

rupert: I do not know.

mike: Quite amicable. It's possible.

anonymous two:
1) Not that I know of.
2) Read the blog, yes.
3) I've heard it from a few sources.

Samuel: No.

miguel/anonymous three: Another German studio.

globox: Yes. Relatively soon.

mangasage: DR is on track for next year I believe. Dark Void. No.

anonymous three: From what I hear, there is a PC version, but there will be no physical release for it.

snoop kitty cat: I can't say anything about the Grasshopper title, sorry. Shovelware. Mother IV is currently never going to happen.

anonymous four: No.

Incis1on: CoD4 is set in modern times.

sionus: I am not the person to ask about that. No.

greekman: Wasn't that already released?

anonymous five: No.

anonymous six: You would be surprised how often publishers pretend that these statements were never made.

1) Epic Poland has to be doing something.
2) Possible.
3) Sooner than one may expect.
4) See above.
5) No.

anonymous seven: One could say the game's improvements are not in the story department.

anonymous eight: It looks very cool, it is a quality title, not one of those terrible throwaways of a free game.

alexandre: Thanks, it is good to know that I did not screw up my French.

anonymous nine: Someone has, I know that the game now has an outlandish art style ala Killer 7.

anonymous ten: I know very little about the game other than it exists and EAD is not working on it.

anonymous eleven: Something like that.

ben: Yes.

anonymous twelve: Yes. Eidos and Midway are as likely to close up shop in the next few months as SquareEnix.

anonymous thirteen: Of course it is.

anonymous fourteen: This year.

anonymous fifteen: Something called Star Trek.

anonymous sixteen: No.

billy bob:
1) No.
2) Do other Tom Clancy games tie into each other. If so, yes.
3) No.
4) Of course.
5) It will be out this fall.
6) A deal between MS and EA has been worked out.
7) Interesting.

van der star: It's a re-invention of the franchise, even more drastic than SFIV.

aznsniper: No. It's an action title. DS/PS3/something. Like the other Wipeouts. Like the other SOCOMs. Something else.

anonymous seventeen: Unlikely. Probably not. Totally different.

Anonymous said...

In regards to Snoop Kitty Cat's MegaMan Wii comment what is shovelware?

surfer girl said...

anonymous: Shovelware is a derogatory computer jargon term that refers to software noted more for the quantity of what is included than for the quality or usefulness. The metaphor implies that the creators chose the content material indiscriminately, as if with a shovel, rather than hand-picking quality works.

Bszelda said...

Will there ever be a Fire Emblem game for the DS any time soon?

nitro said...

bszelda: to save surfer girl some trouble, there's already a Fire Emblem game in development for the DS, but it's a remake and not a new game.

a fan said...

Are you going to write for Vince Broady's new site? I hope this is so.

Anonymous said...

Is it true you do not own a PS3?

Anonymous said...

I love how no one notices you comments on the business practices of Activision.

sionus said...

Dead Rising 2 is in the works? A sequel to my second most favourite 360 game of all time (recently deposed by Mass Effect) is currently in production??? *squeals*

If you have any news revolving around the project (location, is Inafune leading the project, platforms etc) I'd love to hear about them in your blog at some point.

Keep up the good work Surfer Girl. I really appreciate all the things you report here and how you take the time to answer so many questions. Quite simply; You. Rock.

Joe said...

Is "The Crossing" coming out for the PS3?

Asking said...

so,the PC version of Call Of Duty 6
will published only by the internet?

Anonymous said...

Do NeoGAF posters piss you off?

Is this blog getting out of hand?

metal_dawn said...

Surfergirl: I have to ask... Is Square Enix actually close to going belly up? I would find that highly surprising.

Julius said...

Hi Surfer Girl. I've got a few questions

1. Is the Ogre Battle series dead? and if not where will we see it resurrected?

2. Will there be some AAA third party exclusives being announced for Wii this year? how many do you expect?

3. The DS title you mentioned from Kojima. Is it a MGS title or something for non-gamers?

4.Is the PSP seen as a lost cause by devs?

Jocke said...

Your source on Raynal better be solid or... I might cry.

No but seriously, that is some awesome news as Little Big Adventure and the original Alone in the Dark are a couple of my favourite games. Excellent because of the game design. Shame you mentioned it's a horror game though. Not likely to be a cute LBA style game :(

Miguelaxas said...

metal_dawn: I believe Surfer Girl was being ironic. In fact, I'd say that if you're reading this moderated message... i'm right :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Surfer girl

Is there a PC Version of GTA4?

Anonymous said...

Hey surfer girl, I have 4 things too ask you!
1.What is going to be announced at e3
(like the highlights)?
2. What other new sonic games besides zero gravity and chronicles are coming out this year (I'm a big fan.)?
3. Is there going to be another halo fps or Halo 4?
4. When is Halo Wars coming out and will it include online play?
Thanks for answering my questions. :)

surfer girl said...

a fan: No.

anonymous one: Yes.

asking: Yes.

anonymous two: No. Probably.

metal_dawn: No, they are not, neither is Midway or Eidos in the next few months.

julius: No clue. Yes, a couple dozen. Not MGS. Somewhat.

anonymous three: Eventually.

anonymous four: E3 is long away. Yes. Yes. Fall, yes.
Also recommended is visiting my other, dissimilar blog such things that never was